930in716 July 17, 2017 Mr. Caputo's whirlwind weekend

Monday, July 17th

Michael Caputo details his whirlwind weekend in Washington talking Russia.


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It's 930. In 716. Mr. Caputo goes to Washington and we are all about it. On the podcast because I know Donald trough the Donald Trump campaign had nothing to do with Russia it was a lengthy afternoon testimony Friday for political strategist and WB and contributor Michael cook who go. He left the WB and studios Thursday admits that horrible rain storm I dropped him at the airport he hit Washington for its Friday hearing before a congressional committee. Looking into Russian intervention or collusion in the US election. Also any relationship between president trump his administration. And Russia. Approve those work for trumpets a campaign advisor and his relationship for years with mr. trump drew much attention. The Russian hacking story the investigation. And Caputo the subject of Sunday night with Megyn Kelly. It happened on June 9 of last year right have there and that's when he fifth floor of trump tower that meeting I was standing right below it right there. Covering a campaign that I learned prided itself. Undefined the rules. Tonight people with firsthand knowledge of this unconventional campaign. Of Russian spy crafts and on the strong inside and tell us why that meeting might have happened at all and why the Russians. Might have wanted it to you. Is attendance at the now infamous meeting we're Donald Trump's son John junior his son in law Jared Kushner and campaign chairman Paul man before. They were meeting with the Russian lawyer who'd done junior had been told by email was coming to present damaging information about Hillary Clinton. OSHA junior said he was interested in getting information from the Russian government should that have raised a red flag. Through an experience campaign operative yet should've raised a red flag for a family member for first time I candidate for president I estates and a whirlwind like we ran. I'm not surprised. Michael cook Bhutto had a front row seat to Donald Trump's presidential effort the veteran political operative has been an associate of charms for decades. And was brought in to help instill discipline on the campaign. So there wasn't campaign structure in 26 team in June point six feet and it was very frustrating. And organize an orthodox operation. Where you couldn't get things approved whether any notice. Any red lines anything you were not supposed to do. Thumb their wasn't handbook of their one instructions on a blackboard. People operated with their own ethics and and rules of the road was an unusual to have unplanned meetings with unnamed people don't know that is. There were gore absolutely. That place was pal Mel. Could Bhutto describes Dunn junior as a loyal son who like his siblings had gradually taken a bigger role in his father's campaign. No question in my mind that. That the dysfunction led the kids to get more deeply involved. Which could explain dungeon years enthusiastic reaction when he received that email offering dirt on Hillary Clinton. He was solid responding if it's what you say I love you think this is evidence of collusion now I don't. Donald junior. Made a mistake and he'd do something into wouldn't entirely differently via Robertson use say he made a mistake but does it not show that he was open to the idea of coordinating with Russia to get certain Hillary Clinton's I don't know about that I I do know that it should it shows that I I love it I get that I get them but I think it shows more. That the night details his first experience and a little campaign. Thank you journalist and biographer Tim O'Brien doesn't mind that. A long time trump critic Keith finds the meeting easy to explain. He says it proves Don junior doesn't fall far from this father's tree. He's it as in judicious. And as reckless as his father. Donald Trump senior had a long career in which he bent and sometimes broke business rules and I think you see a lot of Donald Trump senior reflected in the children particularly in Donald Trump junior. O'Brien says the chaos of the campaign is only one factor in Don junior's decision to take that meeting. Character counts too. I think like his father he wants to win and I think ethics and right and wrong. Can frequently take a backseat. To that question do you think he wanted to be the opposition research guy to beat the guy who had the silver bullet that would knock out. His dad's opponent. I suspect knowing what I know about him is he relish that role I think he's like that as a person you know he's aggressive and enthusiastic when it comes to. Joining the battle. O'Brien says the meeting highlights another characteristic of the drums the odd and questionable relationships they cultivate. British publicist rob Goldstone was one of them. It was also a move first approached Don junior a bounce in meeting and said the dirt about Hillary Clinton. Was being offered by another child family friend. Russian pop singer and an angle Laura. And ends father ARRIS is a Russian oligarchs close to the Kremlin. Theory is that Donald Trump's miss universe pageant in Moscow. We're trump also joined a celebration for paris' birthday. When Don junior responded to the offers information on Hillary Clinton. That's just what the Russians won it according to some intelligence professionals we spoke to. In our world that's clearly a trap your truly setting someone up so you can. Determine whether they bite like Jon cypher is a 28 year CIA veteran a former station chief who was once posted to Moscow. He says the Russian intelligence services Mike and exploiting information they already had about its drops it probably had a good sense that Donald Trump junior was someone that that might be willing to play more weight might be willing to sort of cross a line. And that offer of dirt on Hillary Clinton was tempting bait if. I send you something that blatant and you bite. I have a lot of information what I might do to use next time I know that if you're willing to step over the line I can and push a little further is this Russian lawyer and dangle. We've heard that term tossed around a lot very likely now. Personally I think she's probably tied the Kremlin that she probably was co opted and winning at what she was doing but this is like human fishing they're putting bait out there to see if you're willing to swallow it and the trump campaign team. Swallowed whole. Adding to this theory that this was an intelligence operation is the fact that we're not mock election. Believed to be a former Soviet counter intelligence officer. Was also in the meeting. But their first ever TV interview with NBC's cure Simmons last week or the Russian lawyer that Italian vessel that's kinda said she had no connection to the Kremlin. And that the meeting was a waste of time I also technically yes if I had to use one word to describe the meeting I'd say I felt. Disappointed. Don't junior said the meeting was Abbas to but it might not have been for Russia's president. What potentially did couldn't learn about Don junior if he didn't get anything from it. He learned that. That mr. trump is willing to compromise himself to make a choice that puts him in awkward and potentially vulnerable state. The president himself denies knowing about the need it but last year just days after his email exchange setting it up. He alluded to big revelation to kind. We're going to be discussing all things that have taken place with the clintons think you're gonna find it very informative. Many find the timing suspicious. Three days after that teens WikiLeaks announced it had emails related to Hillary Clinton. Emails that US intelligence says were at the hearts of Putin's efforts to help Donald Trump would visit when sense of timing. Are absolutely coolest time. I act and why are you so confident because I know Donald Trump the Donald Trump campaign had nothing to do with Russia there was no collusion do you think that place was organized enough. To collude with the lunch counter across the street. It just wasn't. It just wasn't and yet they won. The gradual. He's mr. He may have won but congressional committees and a special counsel will ultimately decide if conclude it is right. About Donald Trump and the Russians. On power. Owns Sunday political show hardline with Dave Devo. Could Prudhoe spoke with us from the set of ABC this week where he was part of a panel discussing the Russian investigation. It's not going away he says. And neither is he. I think you're not have a proper I'm by the way off in the last I'm called to testify before a congressional committee I'm pretty sure. That is just beginning for me and my family. And the Democrats who are trying to make it happen. Law is already off the ball. And today are in the green room waiting to go along this week here at C. And ever partnership with the minority leader of the House Intelligence Committee Rivera alternate reality is over people and inspect the bar. I talk compliment. I said I hope I never see you. But we all laughed about it but I think we're gonna be sever them. He was one of those who questioned you on Friday right and he certainly no shrinking violet out of the ago. You know I you know people have told me a bit then there's the trip as a jerk. And the ship is our panel is you know someone that you. I would never be able to tolerate he read more here we interact. And got a call army if questions. Were appointed but he treated me with respect. He greeted me and adore what you get in the home they are repackaged ego. And it went port I was pleased with the way I was treated our I just wish it was a lack army or the sorry. What was the toughest question you're asked during the proceedings. Well I mean the aptly the problem I had to remove them they're popular well so we were in there for three hours dirty. The problem I have is they kept that McCourt the same question Oakland go over. And eventually got to Morocco Marc attorney. Our our pull them they have the proper erecting a bit different people on the Democrats aren't rap thing or over over. I think it made it longer by 45 minute programs. Sort of got a copy from me where it would not be answered by needed that your there was the question of correcting. In how it really truly seemed like a addition. Or trying to be overweight mothers and from my perspective they don't know their corrections and the investigation. Months ago. You mentioned fishing and I'll get sends its second what was the question or. What were they trying to get that by repeating the same thing over and over again obviously not pleased with your answer but your answer about what. All right for example. I thought how awfully beat you talk with our historical who are known for 25 years thirty years. You know are what motivate their relationship at all mean apple. They're clearly I mean it is I feel like you're pretty Michael witness in the situation goes haven't what are. Of what they're trying to gather information from me you know probably happy for document. My communication with people that are looking at. Are there to dig deeper tomorrow relationship without. But characterizing it went right if somebody wants my email to Rodgers now on the back for democratic. And the balance of patent rockers don't admire very Qualls. And I'm happy to produce. Equipment and Olympic might dictate what our party was. I'd invite in art ago rent apart our department of. All right Dennis (%expletive) are you spoke of earlier he was your attorney in this matter. And he used similar words after the meeting on Friday at some level. This devolved into fishing expedition. Now I want to play a mica a quote from ABC's political director Rick Klein he talked. They even before your testimony talked about the direction he thought it was going to and kind of alluded to the same thing. To put gold to me is more of a peripheral player on it I don't think he's directly relevant to to what they're getting at ample CPU provide information is close to a number of the players all Matta for Rodgers found that the news names have come up and it could find themselves and more. Hot water. They look I don't know why I think every time it seems like there's the dead and something else being happens every cell every company gets blown open. There's that there's a way to this have to explain it away. I don't know where that I mean we have several led to this we have we have obviously congressional investigations multiple as well as smaller investigation. We have the underlying chartered Russian interference we also have potential option just that. I just don't know where last. So Michael to the degree that you have worked with Roger Stone and Paul man afford. Isn't it logical that they would want to at least talk to you. I think total immunity backed by live and rostrum and went to work of the Arctic are relevant. And I volunteers Akron that the coming after represented objective here. Write my wife into polite hearing on live television and and tip it into it a paper. We're we're now in here into our regular apt. You know I wanted to set the record I wanted to be an open hearing that the people. Who were out there he's you know to pull my weapon and trying should talk on the democratic campaign opera there. Our art at a greater environment. People walk there arm bands in and shoot up a baseball game you know. I mean and in my mind there are what we have a are here in particular fly it you know. When every reporter that workers ball was on the way to beat. But about as close it could possibly be mapped what you see you know the beauty or airport is much I wanna be home when my wife and my world. In buffalo could have easily caught ugly quick call Washington DC if I'm trying to be transparent I'm trying to block. And defend my family and defend my wife who was unfairly brought. And it is very difficult to do when they stick you on Friday afternoon. As a partisan who has a case that he wants to make and as a PR guy. I can't think that the media appearances are too good thing for you now. Well I'll tell you that and are not going to walk. I'm not a celebrity with a new movie. In all the costs me money you know I have to hire attorneys. I happen are hired my own PR but if I campy. Me in my own public relations. Not quite a lawyer representing an alternate pool sipping go to public relations. Carping I am the dearly I've I've had to liquidate my children colleges aren't. That's not going to be enough or happened different at my numbers are probably. And then we'll get that money back page. I don't think anybody and acumen that money back what I wanted to do a pretty partners or replace my retirement and make my children don't have to do it the community college. You know our and it is presenting a challenge that we're not at apparently going to be a what do you look a look at this unfortunately. I don't think I get up at any problems. Well the solution is simple just two more highly paid talks us here at WB in. I did notice this morning and we'll get calls right after this I did notice this morning that while it's certainly not financial support. You did get a little bit of a pat on the back this morning from the commander in chief of easings tweet. I did get in our time I was happy to see that aren't being very careful very. They away from the White House and what my family brought him. I don't need to be in there they're there callers don't need to be in their email and don't need to be. Are on their regular market mean that someone who is under. But my stroke at the congressional inquiries and perhaps buy him at the department purposes well. And I can it hurt my duty to keep the bill White House there are ways pothole repair. You know great field or pre the president uncle are happy you know regrettable. Motto this morning before I went on television. But I'll buy you that I would give packed week and all the publicity department shop go home Michael. Could Prudhoe continues to cover for sandy beach this week I'm WB ia and were back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.