930in716 July 11, 2017 Andrew Cuomo vs. Donald Trump in 2020?

Tuesday, July 11th

An in-depth look at the possibility of an Andrew Cuomo vs. Donald Trump race in 2020.


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It's 933716. All about Andrew Cuomo he's aspirations for 20/20. Kenny do it. Virtually every major Democrat in New York State hate to Andrew Cuomo Andrew Cuomo is not popular within his own party in that affect his chances for Tory Tory. More from Fred Dicker is interesting take on the podcast in a moment first we start at the beginning of sorts. Politicos gave Friedlander wrote about Andrew Cuomo in Politico and surmise as he could could beat. Donald Trump in a race in 22 money. House so Friedlander admits there are some significant hurdles. But they're certainly eighty vocal sake you know the Democratic Party really seem to can't stand guys. Even if he's not trump the. Get a few sort of and head do they come around I mean I think all that. I think it's hard to predict that but I Kyoto also questioned how we get there and you and you become the nominee your party without adding you know the enthusiasm. Today certainly the second good. Talk more about that why don't they like them what has he done to. Alienate them. Why curious that I think it's actually sort of one of them kind of more seriously out of politics. Right now it anyways U call a bit of fairly liberal an effective governor rightly key. There's a new minimum wage losses due to secretly leave lost creek colleges that fracking gay marriages. Gun control laws but this sort of vocal section of the lap especially. You know a lot of it aware of the Cadillac intelligentsia I mean they wanted to sort of purity. And they want a purity of purpose. And they want a kind of you know won't claw and I hit pretty and it global economy. You're you're saying he's now Bernie Sanders. In some regards. He's good that he didn't like getting stuff done and and navigating the believers how are. I think you could and to some degree the article does make the argument. That he's kind of reactive after losing just couple parts of upstate New York to Carl Paladino. Booed the time he ran back in 2010. He comes out as a bit of its fiscal conservative and showers a lot of tension on upstate New York specifically the area around buffalo. After almost losing the primary four years later choose effort teach out. He comes out a little book more as a liberal is that and after analysis would you say. That's right you know I don't way. I've not with that I deleted the defending pole but but you in his that to me that's sort of in a way what you. Block your alternate should be in a way which is where they they are where the voters. It is not a topic of conviction Berkshire. But it is moving his agenda forward. Well the reason that raises because we have a long way before 20/20. Mean that's a lot of time for more triangulation. If the premise of your pieces. He needs to win over the left is he got a lot of time to do that. There are portions of the last that really like them union members. For example members of the lack in in age you know outside of New York City really liked but I think they're they are very. Vocal contingent. On the lacked that that is active in democratic politics but doesn't like my sense that the date probably won't be swayed. And you also make the point that if he runs the big roadblock there is that the energy right now on the Democratic Party really does kinda come from the left. Also you know what the look like it into a three years and I think it's it could be an speak that the wait is that them the moment where you're speaking is always going to be in the future. In the coming weeks months maybe even the next year. Do you picture Andrew Cuomo bashing Elizabeth Warren to eliminate her as a possible candidate or do you see him embracing her. As someone who can be his gateway into the into the left. They recognize there are critical certainly for the next year and any Google is gonna focus on. Will be reelected. 820 cookie and I get he's an active move. And to present context of that because I really will be taking anybody want a walker you know quite some time. So the pit it won't happen until after the reelection bid assuming that he went. Well. Other voices now on this whole Cuomo V trump match up to talk about. Jacob nine hi easily as a UB political expert in perplexed his over the Cuomo 20/20 concept. In a few days ago I would not realistic. Almost generally thought to be too far left. You two run the national outlook. Wolf well things like cut education plan he along. There's been thought to be calculated that that sort of kick holder the Bernie Sanders contention of the Democratic Party. But with folks out there happier child right now you know the state news cycle this sort of thing at least representational where. Folks vote for one extreme and then don't like that extreme and so instead of going back that'll pick Joseph even harder to the other direction so. The possibility. Ticket at trump did not hand of the Republican base and got elected does Cuomo knew the democratic base. The same question so that we saw with Hillary Clinton and and Bernie Sanders. The Democratic Party organizationally is a lot more restrictive. In terms. Howell outsiders and can come. A prominent place in the party. Actually Republican Party can light beer assume the rule changes internally that they had actually look what we orders you give rise to some electrons. Depending on what the Democrats view internally and others this election who are governed. You've got a shot being the outsider might be able to. Something have a chance here. From and outsider's perspective on the democratic side it looks like they don't really have a clear direction on exactly where they're going especially. When you look as far forward is 20/20. How would you agree with that and how long might you think it take. Four that's out settled at pictured it come into focus. I think that that might be correct that the bill. Really have a clear direction I mean they're certainly from luminaries you have more choice now may be used to certainly. Iron 2016. Bernie Sanders is the look probably for the party. Even though he only caucuses with a party not only part of the party pollute the war and all that more prominent position. And the slope or eastern calculated as sort of a natural. And I don't think they're counting on the fact that well worked for Republicans they really have to have a clear. Articulation of ideals that they're going that's a hole or what they're what you after all future. They're anti Obama and I think. In this kind of polar environments that might work the same language being attacked trump might work. Now we regularly talk politics with Dave Leventhal. At the Center for Public Integrity he has some. Brief thinking on this matter. Having emanates major party candidates running from New York again after or Clinton Donald Trump's scenes that to be a little lot a lot of people out. Elect Andrew Cuomo has something that you absolutely need to have ethnic candidate days that a big. They're big state governor key at the ability to raise money. I used then Gary Experian end of the known commodity in the Democratic Party. But in a way that is his biggest obstacle. The bottom line whatever almost a left wing of the Democratic Party. Really panicky Andrew Cuomo and I don't want to see him become president and that's pretty anarchy in the Democratic Party is right now it's not coming from the centrists. In the moderate to coming from the people who supported Bernie Sanders sale Andrew Cuomo is that going to be are really tough ask her bird bath outside of the Democratic Party. Probably want to see somebody more alike got a little bit or not. In quite funny but and I got to bases and the fact that we're even talking about when he when he kind of probably makes everyone has. That Fred Dicker covered Albany for years and now is it home and talk radio in this state capital here's threat. Andrew Cuomo obviously is a national name because of who his father Mario Cuomo is. So bottom line sure he keeps his options open he'd love to do it in my view I think it's actually so that he's mainly focus now. I'm getting reelected next year. He may have some problems there and to the extent that he's talked about it as president does a possible presidential contender might help them prepare for running for reelection. Is that might we not see the real hints of 22 money until after next year and his reelection. Assuming he is reelected he could lose you're actually right. Again it depends on how well he does if he's reelected remembering 2014 when he ran in the democratic primary did pretty poorly. He won of course but he did poorly against unknown opponent and then in the general election he was beaten outside of New York City. By Iraq master Reno do you underfunded Republican candidates so you didn't have a stellar record. Finally I would note that virtually every major Democrat in New York State hate to Andrew Cuomo with maybe one or two exceptions but whether it's cleared the Bellagio and New York City. Or error action items in the attorney general Tom and happily you name them Andrew Cuomo is not popular within his own party in that affect his chances for Torre Tony. Pull who's thinking of challenging him for governor. Well personal and nobody is admitting it. There waiting to see it happen with the Oprah cocoa trial there are other things out there pending that they're waiting to see what will happen. But there is no doubt that Eric Schneider many attorney general is sort of the someone. Seriously considering and on an apple in the state controller possibility pre Ferraro the former US attorney for the southern district. So there are possibilities out there and even if none of the high profile people run against him in a primary. Somebody like his effort teacher out who ran into when he fourteen we'll do it again next year. And that could embarrass Cuomo be good even everywhere in the primary if he does as poorly as he did in 2014 or even worse. That would affect his chances for Tory Tory. On a national stage how much of a black cloud is that buffalo billion investigation that's not hit the governor but surrounded him how much does that hang over. It's this huge black cloud because that have to be tied into. The group Cuomo's decision to get rid of that Moreland commission that was investigating scandals in state government. Cuomo's own failure to deliver on so called ethics reforms in the legislature. This year and last Cuomo's ties to. Silver and yellows the two legislative leaders are convicted of corruption. It's a very significant factor Andrew Cuomo really does I have the most scandal scarred administration in modern New York history. Well if it does happen if he does end up running for the White House in 20/20 what would it trump Cuomo matchup. Be like. Well if he can get the democratic nomination which is very doubtful. But if he didn't get the democratic nomination I think he'd be a great opponent for Donald Trump benefiting trump. Because they're you Cuomo in a way is the essence of all the things that critics have said. Let's do it Hillary Clinton's defeat have led to the marginalization. Of the Democratic Party is being a party at the east and West Coast elites. Lacking transcendent appeal in this Al than agricultural areas. Keep in mind Cuomo's statement about conservatives not being welcome in New York is reportedly. So called sync back his support of forced unionization of farm laborers these are things that across America aren't necessarily a broad appeal. Finally the person right by Cuomo side dashing across the state and representing him day in and day out. It's Buffalo's own lieutenant governor Kathy hope cool Mike beggar man catches up with her on this. Last week there was an article that was written by Politico that said that. Governor Cuomo could beat Donald Trump when it comes suit the presidency but he needs to win over at the laugh first. Did you get a chance to read that article and do you think there's any merit to. They don't pay attention articles like that. We're very preoccupied with running the state of new York and we all kinds of conjecture from here to the end of the day. And it doesn't matter because we're focused on making sure we continue to bring back jobs invests in infrastructure like never before. Bring back the upstate economy and I can't tell you how many ribbon cuttings and groundbreaking if I go to a synthetic governor. Seeing that there's new life being built in cities solidly from Elmira trust legal I was last week so those stories the other writers enjoy writing them. We don't pay attention what is governor Cuomo's relationship with the left in the state New York. His relationship with the entire state is what I focus we're not trying to focus on individual groups I believed that even very progressive state we have very progressive values. Those are shared by many. If you consider supporting health care for all of progressive value. Yes I think it's shared by more than just special interest groups I think it's a universal right and universal expectation that the government provide them. We also want to make sure that we had marriage equality something that we thought was just an issue of equal justice and it considers people to say that left well I think people on the right also have. Feeling members. Members of the LG BT community profoundly filling the part of the New York family. On immigration issues. We're very concerned that the door is going to be slammed shut we look at rye was last night riding my bike to LaSalle park. It is an amazingly diverse beautiful community it's people from Burma. Thailand Ethiopia all congregating rebuilding the new buffalo and it's different in the president's policy slammed the door and that. Buffalo not be the great city has poised to become so there's a lot of policies and I want to find in his left writer in different. The policies that are good for the people state of New York Mets with folks were focused on. Here are and 2017. You know when he Tony is so long away and there's been so much speculation that Cuomo is going to be the guy who's gonna run against president from. Do you get annoyed about that you constantly hear all that covered. It doesn't matter you know we we are laser focused on the state of new York and people conjecture only want to I think most people have. Election fatigued still from 2016 summer actually trying to enjoy the fact that there's no campaigns going on actively. And are gonna keep doing work and people. That's 930 game 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.