930in716 July 10, 2017 Russian collusion delusion?

Monday, July 10th

A deep-dive into the Russian collusion investigation.


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It's 930. In 716. I'm hoping for my opportunities to clear my name in my family name. And put put a wide pool watch some collusion. Delusion. That's Michael cook food though political strategist in WB EN contributor and talker. More from him in a few minutes but on the podcast today a deep dive into what Michael calls the Russian collusion delusion. And what others call the Russian connection. The theories and research into what if any connection there may be between Washington the trump administration and the Russian government and Vladimir Putin. Continues to dominate headlines. We begin with Gloria. Rivera ABC news learning why president trounced inner circle says they ended up inning meeting with a Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin. At a critical time in the presidential campaign. I was asked to have a meeting by an acquaintance the president's oldest son Donald junior saying in a statement who I was told might have information helpful to the campaign. Donald junior then agreeing to that meeting asking the president's son and my Jerry commissioner and former campaign manager Paul Mann of port to join him. That meeting taking place in June 2016. Two weeks after Donald Trump clinched his party's nomination Don junior says he wasn't told the name of the Russian lawyer in advance and when they met she quote. Stated that she had information that individuals connected to Russia. Where supporting mrs. Clinton. But he maintains no details were provided in the conversation quickly turned to Russian adoptions and policy. And when he realized those claims of potentially helpful information we're just a pretext. He says he interrupted her and the meeting ended president Donald drugs outside legal team saying the president did not attend the meeting and was not aware of it. This all comes as president trump is back at the White House. Facing questions about what happened behind closed doors in high stakes face to face. I strongly pressed President Putin twice about Russian meddling in our election the president tweeting he vehemently denied it. Says the two then talked about working together to fight cyber threats. Clinton and I discussed forming an impenetrable cyber security unit backlash even from members of the president's own party about teaming up with the very man. The US intelligence community said ordered that hacking senator Marco Rubio tweeting it would be akin to partnering with a sign on a chemical weapons unit. In a live press conference couldn't getting his own account of what happened saying president truck except in his denial of any Russian interference. The White House reacting with mixed messages. It's the meeting between president trump and Russian President Putin was the focus of all the Sunday shows. ABC's this week no different included in the roundtable hosted by George Stephanopoulos. Chain of medical editor publisher of the nation Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley senior fellow at the Manhattan institute Republican congressman Tom Cole of Oklahoma democratic congressman Eric Small while he serves on the House Intelligence Committee from California. And Chile began we've Uranus and for the from the present this morning his tweets about the media we've heard from Vladimir Putin we've heard from Steve nation. If you sort through everybody is saying it appears that they've basically said let's agree to disagree about what happened to the election. On perhaps even more important. There was a dialogue established at a time of deteriorating US Russian relations I think it is in the net America's national interest to have a working partnership with. Russian and they. Proposed to cease fire we've seen cease fire is still in Syria but. Dozens of lives may be saved and the destabilizing refugee flows in Europe which were subjected to G-20 may be halted. I think you need a working partnership to hold nuclear escalation nuclear proliferation. To combat terrorism so I stepped back. The nation is at Philly it's all just in the nation leads a resistance against trump. I don't see this in the context of the two men a seat in America's national interest to have this working partnership that makes sense that their soul the price is soft pedaling Russian meddling. I think the president missed an opportunity to tell part of a prudent. We know that you did it it won't be tolerated as a price to pay. And that you can't do it again and instead he still can't definitively say that it was solely in Russia that attacked us and as we go into another election regardless what happens. But the collusion investigation. We have a responsibility to secure the ballot box I don't think Americans have insurance. I too wish the president and more forthright in calling. Who now on this but I also think this is not the sum of trumps dealing with Russia I think on policy. He's been much stronger here I mean against. Russia's objections he supported. Montenegro's entry into NATO. Over the objections of Russia were putting Marines on the grounds and Bulgaria to defend against Russian aggression Eastern Europe. We're unleashing oil and gas production. Russia does not like this they need high energy prices and the president did call out rushing in the worst us. I think that was the highlight of the week Gaza every senator crews on that I mean that is dramatic place to do it given the history between Poland and Russia. To have mentioned the Ukraine to reinforce article five inside NATO country it's actually meeting its 2%. And frankly it is their fault without Sam multiple fronts. I think that was very very powerful thing to do them and to me much more substantive I think that the prudent meeting was was more about the two people understanding one another taking at initial. Position and hopefully developing a working relationship I agree very much with what entries sent out that. Word risk of military conflict an accidental conflict in regions around it and no one wants it Cold War I think one of the big questions is though we acquiescing. 22 too much Russian aggression of the points or bring up right there is you look at the G-20 meeting. No statement. Condemning the North Korean missile tests likely because China and Russia had objected. Sure right. I indeed these are strong men that understand action on I think policy wise that is what trumpet showing again. Striking. Military bases in Syria. Russia's ally in this Assad regime is not something Russia appreciate send trump is doing that it. Trump's. Critique of his predecessor was that America is not projecting strength bop abroad. And the bad guys noticing trying to take advantage of that little to stop us from. For the last decade though. This summit has been an opportunity for. America to demonstrate exceptional isn't on the economy and national security on the environment the G-20 summit is yes and we didn't win see that the president opportunity to work with other leaders to show people at home that he's four. Their jobs and their health care and also when it comes to. As secure and our democracy it was really alarming that has struck an agreement on cyber sharing with Russia. When the French or just attacked worth summit and the Germans have an upcoming election we're at the summit you with us that's we wish of different. Finally today Michael Caputo as promised he'll testify before a congressional hearing looking into the Russian connection Friday. It's a closed door hearing not the open door session he requested. And as the testimony draws nearer CNN is following them around including here to the studios of WB ENN. Where he's hosting for sandy beach this week. You know I wanted to open testimony at all on camera. They gave me and stood close testimony and in the classified and are still. There's you know for me to try to get. You know the record cleared up about me and my family. And and to prove why the Democrats. Friday afternoon than a good time for me to do it. You know the years nobody's watching TV afterward you know what apple beat them. Are hard for me to get my message out story in a discussion with him and I agreed to let them call me around this week. I've debater spending a couple of cameras and producers to eat all artist I'm that they were. Of course I've been the first part of my day to day night to do and tempers can't be beat so they'll be there with me. Say you're really welcoming them. Absolutely no question I have zero absolutely zero. Legal exposure here. I don't believe there is any Russian collusion at all on the campaign but I absolutely. Had nothing to do with a just because I have a passport my travel internationally work internationally the Democrats have found it convenient target. In fact they brought me up and alive. Are hearing on March 20 for the entire world to see they even are represented objective the year you've been smeared my wife. So I'm looking for my opportunities to clear my name or my family name. And put put a wide poll question collusion. Delusion. In at bat means CNN com and probably would ever. Are in the lead up to our. To be hearing you bet on that. Or when exactly can we expect to see this on TV. I guess everything's coming on Friday with my appearance Friday. In front of the committee. So probably Friday are mature I don't know what you know and we're doing. Whip whip and other spending a lot of time sitting there are producers and as governor pop art camera people so I'm gonna look reports that in the talk some time with them today in studio you know from my perspective. I'm gonna spend my time on the air this week or impersonating which is Monday Tuesday and Thursday. Nine and 200 spend my time listening to the people of buffalo and find out what our listeners think. I should be saying the United States congress on Friday. Now the president has made it pretty clear he doesn't trust CNN but you do. I don't. I don't you love. I don't blame you but you trust me though right and that's. I've been in the U thirty years immediately on your side the politics side and I who are notre truck load a truck. You know and sometimes you aptly. And I aren't happy with the start with a poke over you know work all the story. I know there's a lot of destructive the White House and among our orders on CNN in the mainstream media in general. But I don't have a lot of tools to work with that dual life. Other of the committees are seen fit to me. Are on a Friday when I can't get any media covered this seems fit to put me in a closed hearing where there won't be any and work. And our CNN has shown genuine interest and and I've gone through the vetting process prevented what they have with me and this is a mutual truck situation. Hurry Michael rushes back on the front burner again and missed Don trump junior meeting. Is being described as a bombshell. That the meeting with the Russian lawyer is it. In your opinion. Well and this is the 29. Bombshell that was went on to the presidency. A bit desserts and other. Mainstream media hit job on the White House was right I would go with the campaign would not be out I was in. In Cleveland running the operations there are for the president. But. I can pay about the atmosphere around the presidential. Bid you'll art that matter with a strong or. Or Clinton. Or any other person running for president if somebody called up and says I am on the smoking gun that going to put away your opponent. And I can give it to you just are needed number are. You're gonna have that meeting in the matter where that where that person come. And in June 2016. Our June 9 to get from the beating happened there was really no talk of Russia being some kind of a are bad worse than that the department that part of the following month. So I can understand that there aren't junior and well the campaign. We've being approached over and over and over and over again bright people claiming to have information. And let me play something that Hillary Clinton got that call. From the same Russian attorneys and and instead of abatement she had everything needed to end the battle of Hillary Clinton would have been terrible bit on the phone with them league be split. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.