930in716 January 9, 2018 The Scajaquada Halt

Tuesday, January 9th

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It's 930. In 716. Go back and forth on this kid Jack put up. The New York State DOT. Backs off from its plans. Unfortunately the plan that was offered by the DOT. Did not have large communities support really from any part of our community. And a sigh of relief from many in the community who were fighting those DOT plans. Many people opera you know whoever put extra straight through. Where our parks and first. Distinct public transportation. Should work shoot to bring together that you had the Kirk. I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. The debate over what to do with this could Jack could expressway has been a passionate one. Since the speed limit was ordered reduced to thirty miles an hour by Governor Cuomo following a deadly accident. There have been different schools of thought on how to proceed with the expressway or parkway and Delaware park in general. The DOT has cited lack of consensus in its abrupt decision Monday to halt its plans for the expressway. Certainly you're not moving toward this planet is it bittersweet. We like to get something done on the it Jack what do. Assemblyman Sean Ryan has been a vocal and involved leader in the sky Jack put a battle. But unfortunately the plan that was offered by the DOT. Did not have large. Communities support our relief from any part of our community. Are you RD circuit that the beauty with the trinity. We wish they viewed it complicate a better choir. So do you think that the parties involved. Will agree on anything I mean could this become the new peace bridge and never get done. Well they're all really optimistic that he ordered it to reach that. Part of the problem with the cool design planned it would. The the physical areas that did the study was set back in 1999. It was just a small part of this could Jack. So the community really want something done on the area in front of teachers are mainstream. The real back. He can be in the industry it all comes together. But that wasn't part of the plan community want a little broader plan. That really sells some of the obvious problem on the one mediate. As we move forward now to see their being any wiggle room on the speed limit because still today. Were getting people saying where that highway is elevated in those areas that are not by the park. There's no reason why it shouldn't be 55 or at the very least 45 might that be revisited. Such a confusing remotely told him Els the whole harder. In the traffic engineers will you won't work over here. Obviously he can't have a hard rule. Back to the side all the bottles. On the that lead to lead to confusion. About some lecture what what can happen on and and that aspect. Reaction now from a couple of major stakeholders in this issue the Olmstead parks conservancy has been concerned with the DOT plans and is pleased with the DOT's decision according to Stephanie Crockett. We're hoping that this is a sock factory that planning process that is gone on for about that two years. The we have a lot of history background data that we can pull from as we take and you evidence. Going forward. Now we've had so many comments this morning saying that this could end up being the new peace efforts that because it's so hard to get. Everybody to agree among plan. May be nothing ever gets done are you pessimistic like that or do you think something will happen soon. No actually I was in my opposite think that got into the act coal is Brian Dawkins are planning and I efficacy director. He has been involved and that this game lineup that shop in them and let him into eclectic as young adult with a. You know we feel that we've got a really strong. Community. Organizations community group collectively working together really to get something. Our purpose progressively down and out on the on the project we've been coordinating. And we hope that we've got to clear vision for the goal we want to achieve and it's really just about get to the table with the DOT in making that happen. What are the speed limit on the 198 is that going to be revisited. I don't believe. The governor has. That's that thirty mile an hour and that is how we are looking at Bill Clinton parameters within the federal highway authority regulation. Now is there room for I guess wiggle room there because they're still part a lot of people even people who live in that areas say in the thirty might not make sense do you see that may be changing or. Once this redesign is done might make more sense that it's thirty instead of where it stands right now. I bet that exactly it's really about I'm redesigning the roadway to steal appropriate at that speed basically all he's done. In these interim measures visit the beauty made the rose paper with our guard rails. And narrowing of the couple the lanes but just in terms of the speed to just change the science we really need to. Get to the table and work on that design that's gonna make the road feel appropriate at the speed of thirty mile an hour. And those who use buffalo roadways and parts for recreation exercise and even nine vehicle transportation. Have been vocal in the fight as well. Well I think it's been pretty clear for. Last couple years that a mutiny has a vision for that court order really restores old son's legacy. Justin boot heads up go bite buffalo. And the major metric that was used for the current quarter or interest initial offering. Some blues. Suppose solely grow good in traffic and traffic congestion and so we look forward. With our culture is changed and future. To your Rican incorporated. Not ordered couldn't spears in. But for the corporate trust positions Cole oh. You know traffic air and how arkan. Apply which you almost interest situations you go on forever that's for. Just in the DOT had public hearings in the months leading up to. Today's announcement really but the public overwhelmingly. Was against. This proposed project so in your words what does it mean that the public can now. Basically rallied against this idea and then the DOT backed down. Well I wanna do you agree one our scrutiny of current or think you know having occurred help democracy and civic engagement and cook you know people can out there and you know certainly wanted wanted more in this project. Many people spoke or you know we should never put extra straight through from one of approximate first. And so are our league really when we are and transportation also critical post and to be. On here what atmospherics are importing this project back there and you know it look forward. And we all look forward to being open our paper balls conversation there really. I'm as grounded in the sort of after that beaten and just aren't enough vision for. Or should into the future. Look to restore rule so that vision. And recruits a great project where we can call. Get behind and support. Jesse talk about working with the DOT to come up with a projects and in a perfect world if you had a year away. A what would you like to see that 190 area become in the future. Our home. I would multiplicity. That core or all fall back into the caricature which also a commercial designed in a connecting you collapse of the park together. Are really focusing on our minimizing the impact of vehicles on her space and really focusing I don't think people to record or. I pedestrians were original or policy bicycle facilities. Are more of a better actress she's public transit. On one of ovals or did you liars like real aspirations. Only Nazi war and is humble this incredibly difficult people you either walk or bike there. On some you know having better access to public transit and he could coincidence I think all those two combined. Column we can really recover were really well. Mirren is indeed a process for our. Every once. Thoughts and ideas of where most of their record or in oak and ultimately are the future mark sponsored system. Are we looked out through the screwed up you know what we're going to be in the future and are some of the future. Cultures situation. Options changed for current. This course will there be you know the introduction of march air. And Rupert Brooke. Mercury rule tunes you know and genius with little on most vehicles like cart abruptly. Interests or pink via our aperture you trust to. Brewery you know per torture there ever a city has written and focus on goalie opened. Agriculture guest mentions. Home building or apartments in writing marketable aperture when people. Are really pick a proper proper clustered group. Arm and really you could Java computing citizens in our process are just giving a lot richer to chew. To weather report is consistent. Sort from I think that is what I would like to see most. Most of all those in engaged in the process. Or who else. No going back to the announcement today that the plans are moving forward did you expect that at all or did you have an instance of you know here re our work fight against this idea we fought the good fight they're still gonna go along within it were you surprised though that they backed down. For. I don't yes put the surprise. And I'm excited gap that you need to try and you know for a salt injury. So. Our own you know that being said. You know this has been. This is doing a process that's going on right now and aren't. We averaged wouldn't vision back and check out our. On Google partners and was ordered or the last ten years. I recovered think that we kind of are. To bring this approach a new and current general course. I think you'd be calling for all of us to get back to continue to work if you cheat get to this could profit to be here and go consensus around. You know we've the current project which student are all the workers stopped and spoke about. You know not where the stops work sinker for all of us it's a picture of a final project that we will be probably and she built in the near future. Will stand by for the next steps and we're back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WPA and buffalo.