930in716 January 8, 2018 Bills cleaning out the lockers

Monday, January 8th

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Her kids 930. In 716. It was remarkable. What hundreds of fans were chanting at the airport Sunday night as the Buffalo Bills came home from Jacksonville. Back. Thank you think you just imagine. How warm that welcome would have been headed in a win. But they did break the drought here for certain end the drought is special we. Or goals and into the year how about you tray white eight we had a greater I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. With the bills back in the 716 it was time to look forward and there's a spirit of optimism for sure in the fan base and inside the locker room the players cleaned out their lockers on the day after the loss. Let's go around the room shall we WBE and microphones were there. What's on the Rand so Alexander's mind. The organizations that make a decision on what that they wanna keep me and you know once that happened after armor like Beckham thing. But to go out in March the US adults often become appear gate treatment working now. To start him myself off season. Where does he refuses to even knowing it made some strides and there's your life you made your outlook continue to be a problem of the jobs that they shot in the group that we adhere to issued a great job of like change the culture of secret in the seventy year drought with huge force. We have a lot of core pieces here. That help do that but obviously you know an NFL it's a lot of term each and every year the draft free agency was trying to add pieces to that puzzle. We can enhance your teen in take it to the next level. And I met that's gonna happen around here so there will be some faces that change but hopefully a lot of guys that are part of this group well we'll still be an acute kinda. Could you care and torture gets wanna be your confidence that they John talked about getting the right players you know the difference right yeah as of right yes. There'll be more the right players what that's what he's done so for ourselves to what it was stray away from their plan on looking guys like my guy to employers. And just to draft when they brought in last year. I think when you think about high care to people think that your sacrificing talent but knows case I I think that they got the best of both worlds. And if you wanna go to a great team sustainable team but definitely team hasn't won a lot talent did this year at the time you get to bring in here and loved to work. On that over achieve in you know inspire others to be great as well. There. It yeah. You know that your but these two there on the home enough that we can build on that we have to come back here put this thing I've worked enough malware has fallen. Breaking the drought in Indian OK with that now that they have over yet to come back in you know. Really five to melt the Connolly yeah on this Altman won a championship and in my mind that didn't buy into to our coaching in the news about the economy. And does that sort of the rookies understand that this doesn't happen if you can make it to the playoffs and continue the ballot I would first playoff game twelve years and he's gonna miss them I've left of them I'll never know that's why you have to take it a year. Being grateful with the block it who have been. Judy B is wide how about you. That we get long. He had a great Iran. Disintegration and and we used to come it's close to having young guys on this team first year coach he says this standard when. Like Purdue. Great I had a great year. Some say that's it was a moment. Great store in the night you know for years these teams it's going to be. You have. The hill for the rest of the what you. Personal. Mean does this person needs this note that would deploy this so throughout the season the way you know that I had a must have been related I came weeks and we you know we. They'll have in the short term memory it's bounced back from some of those two so. As for the team it just shows in those type type cast we. Good about it these guys into their sentiment we have great guys great news for. But I you know we had especially when you're. And media opportunity to view an NFL. Offseason program and that. For a draft program or doing. But it is now you can actually. It was it was definitely out of this pretty much. Oil for a year and a month a year and a half straight you know just from working out for content is gonna come. They going to see them. It'll be good to you know give them the rest of those who well about a month or so and then just try to. Crime victim is slowly and see how my body but just for the pianist then also about. We obviously got caught thoughtful of you individually and it. Came up short yesterday you can hold them to an appointment of your overall feeling coming out of. You know anytime you do that he uses these days is that it's a bad feeling to know you know as a team known fossil or. And played a great game but you know we came out you know not only mean so this at this point and it just. After like you know this team you know we we we had a special group in we did a great job which as you know. Oh Comair adversity the whole year and go to of these guys' names and addresses. The weapon. Throughout and I think he realized he healed but it's still feel its successors still feel really good. Pollen though man I'm a competitor and our way each and every game I wanted to be in the last once you know any time. Come out you know do bad news is that this one you know just. This have been competitive that I am what I would say you know step in that sense do your job it was a big step. And then now we lay the foundation in them you know what to expect you to come. Career includes getting the monkey off their back was the key here for certain end the drought is special we. One of our goals and into the year you know once we got in the dance it's obviously disappointing that we didn't. Make it big of a game you know was very winnable this. So that hurts one. You know looking back reflecting ending the drought fueled great. I'm just so well have to answer so what's different this year it was Howard and the drug this year you know now it's okay. You know we got a foundation to build on. Let's keep improving and we'll scooter it was a rule when it comes through. And obviously. We'll have much. What needs to happen this year that it. You know Hamas and usher. All. The coaches and staff handle that but. It ought. I think we have a lot of great pieces are often so. What do file its form there are questions vote it was giving him. Wouldn't. Going forward in her. Yeah. You know I've I don't know enough about it you know. Whatever we think in the and all of compete with that guy. He lives on the line for us this preparation as work ethic is second and and so. You know mama keeps our offense that the government that knows of the years. There. If you. You know later go. On court coaching search. Have stability there and and we finishes so he's Simone. Obviously yesterday problem one of what there's there's a lot to build on economic when he beat. A I. The it's it's great to get them on your upper back and last week. That celebration in come back to buffalo fans at the airport and or awkward scene that was about as much on the any moment in my life especially play football so that was. A special number I'll never forget but. Now some build off it and and use the foundation said the here. The success in the we we. Yeah for sure you know it's it's disappointing in all 32 teams throw away miserably here and so. You know it's kind of a mixed bag of yet we fulfilled its own goals and and obviously. Left some out there well. And all eyes on Kyle Williams and he's not yet ready or able to say what his future holds. You know I'm grateful and I'm probably gonna feel more you know until this point from yesterday and wish it could've gone a different light and felt like it in house. It was right there so to come up short this is still tough but you know I have said yes I am I'm grateful for the guys in the locker room and and that you're that we had an opportunity to work with the unemployment. Your little more. Maybe some others. All for sure mania you get you get more. More accomplishment you you're you're more fulfilled you get off and get the playoffs and play. You know even when Indians roughly in you know used figure out how to get better from there. It is standard instead. With him. Yeah you know with this team that you know that you know as we all know teams are always changing. You're glad you guys in. It'll be something that you know he'd hawk hill have building blocks of all just have to continue to build. Yeah as the pieces that you have. I. A long look at that time frame deciding her future and what it I don't I don't have one I don't have one we'll. You'll meet with that the people who need to be met with and discuss it and and we'll see where we go. Yes you feel like you. I think I got enough to get there. It. And you can appreciate how hard it is to get well. It is big time well I hope for the good guys that are now only because I have no idea what. What and let people in the right feet. I think him and what we tell them about. And now. And I think they realize it's not easy even a young guys you know what whether your former rookies are checking your guys are here this year to have an opportunity yet to accomplish I get to the playoffs. You see how this season can ebb and flow. You know I would go through. Hot start. You know we hit the bottle you know we work our way out of it you know that's that's what you know and if so NFL season looks like obviously want to minimize your bottle. You know maybe that's only one game in there maybe two at the worst. But I think guys got a pretty good view of what what this league is about and what this. Haven't success in this league takes. Appreciate you. My. A as one of the things that your wing. The opportunity to go out at least on a high note in the sense that you finally were part of a commitment immediately. We'll I don't know I mean you know you. Waited none of us really ever get confused when when we may or may not be done you know I love to play the game and I love being a part of this football team and I guess you know I've said before you know it is hard for me to go down that road because you know I don't I haven't really sat back and thought about it. So I guess it will what is wolf will figure it all out as well as we move forward. Alright guys yeah yeah yeah. On to the draft against. That term that's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.