930in716 January 5, 2018 Wild Card Weekend is HERE!

Friday, January 5th

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Her kids 930. In 716. This is it bill's wild card weekend. You gonna play shady who will say Wilson are warming promises well this city's behind you. We have been partying like it's 1999. And these bills beat her is at an all arm. The broadcast team is behind you. When you work first order so our goal and then you're able to achieve that goal it is they get it try to cut arises that team and and it creates memories they'll last a lifetime. And fans are throwing around a lot effect till it's you know one. Statistic that we're not hearing a lot of I wanna play out in 42 year. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast this wild card weekend powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Volcker. Who knows these days are better. Some big gains of Congo that are. Since its all lies on LeSean McCoy is he heals from the injury suffered in the dolphins game. Yeah I was compass to point the house felons almost paying them for you. On my goodness a similar situation. Loan certainly in my school. Good thing is wasn't as bad as thought. And in this entry and it went and got back from the game. Homes are better you mop the blue. Men are more program and the pain. Supplies. To you by the progress is his name to this point. Off floor room wonderfully. Happy how things were not so far you know there are a lot more room for improvement you know fast rule them via you know on the Mumbai and so. Wrong. You know Christmas is the way out plays more Clinton room. So wrong. It's concerned about it. So yeah. There. On this wanna do this at the cart. Well enough where. For are a lot of pain cut. Down on the a levee holds. And thus as far as uncensored and it. What title game like this mean they've got a little long. Can you sentinels market and locker room effective enough. You know do so with the city. That is movable. We yourself. Most possible also. Contested though. In many games and that you know please and there's this doesn't sound. Progress. As they have since Sunday night. Are you confident that you'll be a ticket at least give it ago. Who will say we will see our own making promises. Who Obama team is in this insane questions. My own alliance and this. If you would and only known you out there with. While this wasn't just before. Here in. Played on on the bed and who's been a fluke. Accident entering. I do well. Kind of hurts you know essentially. When the trees that come back negative. We all came back negative or try to. I'd go to the pain I was in America really more foot at all so it was evident that everything's negative. Rose will no doubt be quiet Sunday afternoon is bill's fans are glued to the game in Jacksonville. And lots will be listening to the call on WGR by John Murphy and mark Kelso. And I've tried you know channel John McDermott and truck to my regular process and done that is first preparation watching video and speak in my spot and boards and think ingredient much the camp about the F jaguars put it and I would be lying if there's so there was a little popped up this game I'm really excited. Did John I even talking with fans all week on your show and at the atmosphere around buffalo lot IA can't remember another week. Like this say in all my years is a bills then I knew what was the last time you felt this type of excitement. Well that belonged in the seventeen season playoff drought certainly there was not an American this became quote current playoff with. Like this I mean. I don't like him a little less than I was like to simulate it. In the world changed that the that the bill through the playoffs in the ideas than in the movement like the Indy don't fundraising thing which which is absolutely floored me. You know an adult that would happen to these leaders quickly insisted that this week you know there were seventeen you're you're just. Don't think the social media in the way I ideas jumper on the world so it is a little bit different this time. And then turned volatile and things and ideas and you know palatable to build them prepped protester a pretty quick we don't get ready and that that was exactly like this. It'll mark people like Brian who are under thirty are relishing this week and hoping for new memories as a bills fans you know is that it's a form of player as a former bill do you think it's time for it's a new memories too. Well yeah that definitely is an and I think this this step in this team wants to talk about that as well they want to honor that tradition but they don't let in the past that and and it was. Amid the excitement was that was outstanding last week in in Miami in the locker room and in accord with the return trip almanac and I was. I for one was really really happy to see those guys be able to experience that I mean that create a bond amongst ourselves and amongst the organization. And the people who work in your organization and the people who play and it seemed to create a bond that. But you cannot create any other way but when you. When you work purse for such a goal and then you're able to achieve that goal it is they get it try to calm arises that team and and it creates memories they'll last like Simon and and it gives you an opportunity I think to play even better as a unit and understand that. They collectively you're better than you are individually it's it was just. It was just really really want to close it in the other experts. Am Marco we recognize the little bit earlier this week the 25 anniversary. Of the comeback game and the I have to admit as somebody who is three years old when that game happened. I got a little tired of hearing it over while you know I want is something new to be excited for. I did you get that feeling you know maybe this time around that's you know instead of being asked so much about what happened in the past year being asked more about what's going on moving forward. Yes yeah without question and in you have to move forward again and yet uttered the tradition honored that. And those are great memories and and and I mean the fan base is just fantastic they've continued to be cute. The course of my career and and even through this seventeen year player out the main event at that he's been tremendous sport event. And and it gives those guys that they though it is it yet faced a lot. This what fan bases like you want to. Communities like an amount of op and as people that it looked up all like Mike but most people would give you sure they're back freezing cold day like today and just. What happened with the any development in Jordan built in foundation and and doesn't have the support that they've received from the buffalo community has just at that because other. There's other groups that think it has received some some. Funding from the from fans who just really excited about it but it just. It's a wonderful way I mean I think that bank football. It at all levels and it particularly depressed level as community unifier in and that just makes that. Much more poignant when when your it would make the playoffs and see the reaction of the fans and and they live it just like those players you know. Hey John will you be channeling Dan Miller on Sunday. Chirp I do every game we do our thing I think about and then I grew up. You don't have to collect and learn from him a numb you know how he wouldn't be able to ensure they do that every game. All week long it's been bills' playoff talk and fans moving. Well with a bounce in their step. Play our beepers that we're warming up slope. Buffalo mayor Byron brown called in to Susan and Brian on WB EN. But he pretty cold outside of just what remind people to trust in the players should dress warm it is going to be critically call this weekend. Are what people would check on our elderly there were members elderly papers. Be mindful of not keeping pets out too long in this bitter cold what people that have a great we cannot say we can't. Certainly going to be any bills. Winning weekend and we just what people would be safe as they enjoyed. They were glad to hear that you know Susan mentioned the bills busting rally that the mayor Jacksonville's having you know with the city of good neighbors here we need to up put down the other team and more of a pep rally today at City Hall. Yeah we have a pep rally two days in City Hall. Are you know we're we're gonna go to Jacksonville with a lot last week a lot of swagger. You know we're gonna win but we're gonna win in a way that's very classy women gonna passionately that gonna put him down with it up at. A rally and send our team are into a glorious victory in Jackson. Mayor how you gonna take in the game on Sunday Neiman. Making plans. Definitely making plans have a lot of our invitations. To different homes. Some invitations to different establishments. Determined. Which played some that are being made it's going to be multiple where they can gain but certainly going to be great. Our been nonstop. Partying in buffalo since bills. The the ravens. As I say. During my inauguration. We have been partying like it's 1999. And these bills fever is at all R&R. It isn't that the hardest part of this week deciding where you're gonna watch the game you know I said earlier I feel like I wanna watch this bill's game with everyone who I've ever watched the game with. Over the last seventeen seasons are you feeling the same way. You don't I definitely feel it. Word art or Google Earth here. I watched the bills let a we're routine this call whether he wrote down all the people that. You know suffered for being senior week. Back into the playoff which certainly like it would be what a lot of those people and it seems like our fourth this can mean coming up. Everybody wants to do something everybody wants to watch gain even people who are not normal build stairs. Wanted to do something one at our parties want to watch the game. So the options that watched this game in buffalo and Western New York. Our our great return I have ever. Bill's fans by the thousands will be in Jacksonville for the game some live there are many making travel plans to the big game. Among them WB EN contributor and Center for Public Integrity east Dave Leventhal. I got the first flight out of DC on Sunday morning because I hear it every certain three year old any. You're watching in turn on Saturday and they get to Jacksonville and hopefully meet up what all budget strands that were also coming depth in the game from a slow and not other orange farther away and I get a get the last flight out of Jackson already with any luck out local did a solid and today very adaptable cartel. You live right on the edge there aren't today. An upward from Robert. Here. That's one way to look at it you know lots of flights mind you don't watch in the flight board because. We're seeing kind of all along the East Coast there are a few issues. There there are at the wac in the weather report very closely isn't churn up inside app and as well and you know what that locker I think I'm I'm so they're going to. Bottle little bit here in DC which is paid balmy twelve right now I know that nothing compared what was going through but. I think we'll get out of here in Jacksonville supposed to be luckily our ideas about like around sixty. Six BQ what I'm seeing and so what will they got to work. That sounds so warm right now. Hearing enough in buffalo where at certain one degree and nice 21 when she'll. Out well you know I I I think you know the warm but the fact that the built during the playoffs for the first time about eighteen years since. It looked to you know one statistic that we're not hearing a lot of won a playoff 42 years and you know I was there at the Jacksonville Jaguars a look though I opt in 1996. December 20 the date that will be burned in my brains for. What can Kelly get. Carted off in its final game out at electric a whole lot of history that we got to make your. Yeah absolutely yeah I met points I mean how much are you looking forward to this game and sued booked this flight and this trip. Right after the bills made the playoffs and imagine you're just like the rest of us where you know seventeen seasons without making a trip there. You have to make this one special. All of that let the gulf of more than quote parter. Mohammed Atta and other people tickets are. Balkans glory years senator in the eighties and and he went to college here is that. You know every game whether PD it's C championship game play out and come back game. It's rhetoric it's that her we were called airport in the stance there I kinda felt like it it wouldn't be. Right with my soul not let her go out of our way to little that's not what this country to acts of bell. You would like to. So when it comes to fans who bleed red white and blue. We can put 111000 that category. Well I'd I'd I'd like to think by. I'm Dave I think I'm on the ticket it's still out on her page that got me out and they got me yet that would not are. All right Dave are really cool to hear that you're heading down there we we can't let you go without talking just a little bit of politics I saw you up tweeting. Last night about this book release that happened way ahead of schedule and some. Book dealers and no Washington DC staying up past midnight for the release and it's like Harry Potter all over again. It was and and that's what everyone here indeed he was saying well Harry Potter and lock the world but here EC book about that. Internal intrigue beat Donald Trump White House is the thing that keeps books that local bookstore open until 1 AM in this case since. There's that wonderful book or particular called Cramer books they've got a great coffee shop where a lot of people hang out that. The doors open so 1 AM money is very very frigid night and from all accounts a whole lot of people showed up to get their hands on this I'm so we'll fox now. A lot to post page entering this morning trying to figure out in totality what this looks set. Maybe then the furious White House is only adding to the demand of people to recess right. Yeah well I you know about the politics but that deal with Donald Trump these days that's breaking new ground is that of the people that Q. Let's hope the podcast is all about heading to New England Monday. We'll talk. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.