930in716 January 4, 2018 Bannon, COLD and Playoff Fever!

Thursday, January 4th

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Her it's 930. In 716. President trumpet and Steve Bannon friends no more. Thanks to the author of a new book. It always were eighteen month ever since he's been on this story. It slamming Fisher Robert right up the president backed off. The dangers of the bitter bitter cold upon us some burning tingling. And then went to sect to get to some numbness than you really have some significant problems frostbite can cause things almost like burns and the talking in buffalo and Jacksonville. Is all about wild card weekend. You know there's some. Our dealings between the buffalo fan base and Doug Barack. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. We begin the trumpet administration is quote furious and disgusted. Over statements and a new White House tell all book from former strategist Steve Bannon. President saying that band and not only lost his job he lost his mind. Senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has the latest. White House chief strategist Steve Bannon out with bombshell accusations about that now infamous trump tower meeting. Donald Trump junior Jared Kushner campaign chairman Paul Mann a fork and a Russian lawyer whom they were told had dirt on Hillary Clinton. In an explosive new book and then call the sit down treasonous. Unpatriotic. And he says team trump quote. Should've called the FBI immediately. Don junior has downplayed the meeting at his father has defended him. I think from a practical standpoint. Most people would have taken that me. It's called opposition research oriented research into your opponent. The president insists he was not aware of the meeting during the campaign. But Bannon says there's no wait that's true. Saying that chance that Donald Trump junior didn't walk the attendees right up to his father's office after the meeting and did was quote zero. And he warns they're going to crack Don junior likened Egon national TV. Just months ago the president lavished praise on his former chief strategist. I have a very good relationship as you know we see Ben and Steve's been a friend of mine for a long time like Steve a lot but an unprecedented. Public rebuke the president saying in a statement quote. Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind. The president accuses Bennett of leaking to reporters and exaggerating his role. Adding Steve is learning that winning isn't dizzy easy as I make it look the bombshell book fire in theory is due out next week. ABC news obtained an advanced copy. Veteran journalist Michael Wolf obtaining extraordinary access to the west wing. He reports that many on team trump including the candidate himself thought they would lose. And that campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was actively interviewing for a TV job wolf says First Lady Milan it's from did not want her husband to win. And was in tears when he did he also writes that daughter of aka discussed with her husband the possibility of running for president herself one day. The White House dismissing it all as trashy tabloid fiction. Perspective now from political strategist and WDN contributor Michael Caputo. He spent Thursday morning on FOX & Friends and WB yen. And had I known that Michael Wolff author of this book was our given unprecedented access to the White House for eighteen months. Arbiters said he would you nick you're you're gonna get richer. In a what you what you signed up for a Michael Walt was prepared Gator is one of those writers out here in journalism and in the long form book. Our publishing are better better known for a orbit quoting people or. Or taking. There are stretching out a bit too far to try to make the point. And who knows how much of the book is true and how much of the ball. Bill no bill cut it up and we're you know we're all up into a balk true market in the end. But it looked like it caught an important friendship. Between the president and the ban. Well do you know Michael Wolf. And why did he have so much access to the west wing. It's interesting I know Michael Wolfe says through my professional ties were not friend and dark. I believe our I've worked on stories that he's worked on him. And if you look at our Michael war. Record in the kind of person the crowd of reporters that he is any of one of our listeners who go to Michael Walsh. Our Twitter feed and gold backed eighteen months. And walk and look at everything that he said and you'll see that he was actually staying very Croat trump thing. During the entire eighteen months he's been roaming the White House years are. An equivalent word. And Andy is always or eighteen month ever since he's been on this story. Been planning Fisher Robert right up the president's backside. As you can tell that he was doing that at some whipping you respect last year under a year ago argue was ridiculed by Carlo. Our writers and reporters were saying that. Porter should be just report repeating what the president says and stop editorializing and this book. In the end turned turned out to be one of the most. You know damaging our and there are post election period. And at that period when the book coming out. When I'm Donald Trump of got you looking carefully at the very overpaid for example but nondisclosure agreement and Margaret spared an agreement. They had people in the war. Hey the president said Steve Bannon has lost his mind do you agree. No I don't he pretty well at. I'm right PM I'm in Washington I like the dialogue I. You know he has a mountain power wherever yet beset the bank it be dead arm and he's got a lot of our ground to make up with the president. I think the president is why we raised about their it is spam after all. And the comments that were made if in fact the rate of about the Russia meeting in our power in June of 2016. If if he impacted all of that treatment and unpatriotic. And intimate and that he bit bungee you're probably walked those people are who we are was offered you know those. Those kind of comments are damaging to the president not to the president. And I understand why the president hit back so hard the one thing it's if it's important to know. It at that has not quite. That's the enemy is not putting back these comments were made by the last. October and and even back in all these interviews on the week. So are what we're gonna be here is the president. Being in a pretty upset and the band and probably pretty quiet and hopefully our government are. Note they had a non disclosure agreement right. Not to make disparaging remarks many who work. Would you have bet too. Yet byte did and and it's not the first time the president has it Arab and set up beaten desist letter if someone who signed that agreement. I don't I think that there have been abandoned Britain not had because of that letter because you haven't stepped in the European that in fact it. Maybe bank. Are you won't beep and a bit but it won't have anything to do with. With the latter still have a lot more to do it effectively relieved that ordered the critically hurt they are guy who he considered as Brandon. All right on to much more fun items now how about a dose of bills playoffs and wild card fever talk. Susan Rosen Brian has around ski connected with Mike Dempsey co hosted jaguars today for a little perspective for. Our perspective. I think probably not as bigoted as your perspective we understand it Doug or own. Story up there and in other some hard feelings between the buffalo fan base and Doug blow and. Mean the sanctity just left us and locked out. Let me ask you did and why when you. Jim coach and opt out clause contract and be upset at an excerpt. I I have no idea you pay me four million dollars to quit any job including the one I'm doing right now. I'm probably gonna take it. The guy I mean it went down a wayward dad obviously it's not a story down years are worker or works you know martial artist go to Egypt TV quite well earlier this year. Especially try to stop the run it because the bigger talking point for us this week it dot com. What you don't dar ES he hasn't really said what's this week Cassie. No no he's he's sent there is a lot of friends back there is happy here. Success up in buffalo and yeah it's all the right things don't look I'm sure is no matter what the circumstances are. If you leave one team go to another deploy your old team you're probably a little extra motivated to show those guys are they what do good order getaway but not a beyond. Out Maroney you know people who remember him as the coach and buffalo. Remember a little bit of a grumpy guy you know we didn't have too much personality but. All the stories whether it's said the Maroney baloney or something else how to Jacksonville this year seems like. It's almost a total one radio what have you thought of them. Yeah we are generally just all that much you're not out in record like every single day at the time to do. He seems like pretty affable guy in LUC got a plaque this bullied at dancing and singing along to music and you know you seem like pretty opened I had been. She is straight. I've got cup participant like that so yeah obviously you know your job you get a second crack caddie Bobby or a few things first I'm brown has like us. You know I'm wondering might wildcard fever it's like off the charts up here this week based on how the bill's gun and how would you measure the fever there. Oh it's ridiculous it's an object not quite as long upload germs are. A doctor output. The jaguars seven at a playoff game in ten years and an. Eighteen year so I bought the tickets that went on sale all. Are last week to what did you. Orders to automatically opted in to weigh in about an hour and then they put about 5000 more on the next morning. And those went by and so I think they're pretty abductor gives you a better Q horseplay at all for the first come along in the postseason. And you guys have been a great season down there in Jacksonville. Before we like to go after the year thoughts on the match up obviously Jacksonville. Are really good defense. Against the bills. Don't exactly have the best offense in the whole world know what your prediction for Sunday. Well look I'll probably go to bed provincial here but I were to win this game and most most wondered. The builder going to be a score not to beat them it was on a course out on a percent and well it looks like that'll be the case so I think it's going to be open in the neighborhood of maybe 24 of fourteen. Project to build my prediction I'm sure there applauded the opposite predictions. October from upstate new Yorker and Allah. And her little chilly down there in Jacksonville that nothing like what we're going to be feeling windchill warnings for western new York and schools are closing it it it can be really dangerous doctor Stephen Turk of matches chief medical officer at O shy Children's Hospital in buffalo so when you get wind chills that are below zero. Like this especially with with significant wind at 510 minutes you can start feeling the effects of it in one of the things just start to feel first is some burning in tingling. And then it would just like to get to some numbness then you really have some significant problems frostbite can cause things almost like burns. So you really wanna be conscious about what you're going outside and wearing in making sure that your extremities. Your ears. And nose your fingers are all covered very well. Now I'm wondering if over the past week or so we've been dealing with really cold temperatures. To seek it worse when it gets cold Ers they're just a point where it's called it doesn't matter how much colder it gets. Well you know I that the thing that will happen is that you can get damaged much more quickly the cult of etiquette it's. And so when you think about kids cities inning for the bus. Know 1015 minutes when it's in the twenties may not be a problem when you get below zero that can be significant problem. The other thing to think about our pets common pets are going outside one in the tree get them and very quickly because they can also succumbed to date the effects frostbite. And it's the extremities try to cheer your ears your fingers your nose right yeah you know though those things that aren't at the tipsy via body they really can now and can be affected first. The blood supply to them is a little bit less than the rest of your body and so it's much more challenging for your body that tried it heat up those areas. For all of us it should really come down a common sense I mean we all have the cold gear rights you know just bundle up when it's a cult like this bundle up a lot of leaders is important the other thing to think about is you know when you're going out you wanna make sure you bundle up on the cartoon because of something were to happen and you were stocks have run the cold you don't wanna be without hats gloves. Boots and things like that great advice now. For treating frostbite or something like this. What is when you go through. So you wanna slowly warming up you can -- used to lukewarm water initially work from there definitely don't use hot water because you don't want to cause hot water burn. To slowly warm up the tissue if York concerning you starting to see some blistering or significant pain. Or even significant numbness deathly get yourself to it it's an emergency room so that the experts can take a look at it on and make sure that there is in any tissue damage it was seemed to. Schools will say are it's too cold. To have by the kids out at the bus stop three and a few minutes. Is that a magic number in your mind though what do you think about that number well you know. I said it's hard to say what specific numbers because you know the difference is he minus nineteen minus 21 windshield probably no significant. And the science behind behind wind chills as is that a little vague. And so when you get temperatures that are near zero. And you get any wind gusts. Or significant sustained winds that's when you really start worrying about significant damage a short period of time. As a doctor are you ever consulted. Regarding school closing. Personally know but they had that many school districts will call Lawson and ask us to what we think would be safe to do. I'm so we're always available for anybody whether it be cold illnesses anything like that were there to help the community bundled up everybody. Back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.