930in716 January 3, 2018 Bills Fever and a Fan Dilemma SOLVED!

Wednesday, January 3rd

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Her kids 930. In 716. Can you believe it's been 25 years. Thousand viewers think balances play off time the bills and the owners righted again and on and an AFC wild card game and the the Super Bowl project Pasadena starts here at orchard park New York this afternoon you know. The Houston comeback game 25 years ago. Steve tasker won't soon forget. Maybe the finest way to get in the playoffs I've ever seen it was so it was really special. And a dilemma for bills fans this wild card weekend. Confirmations. Bishop Malone has a plan that is making some diehard bills fans and Catholics all smiles. We will have confirmation number one. At 10:30 mass in the morning and confirmation number two at 115. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. First the strange connection that is now very real between the Cincinnati Bengals in the Buffalo Bills. It's an interest in connection to. My grew up near Jamestown in Lakewood New York Buffalo Bills I have as a kid so I was acutely aware of what was at stake for my friend back in Western New York. Dan board is the Bengals play by play man on WLW. Radio insurgency. He's loving the bills' playoff entry and the outpouring of support for Andy Dalton's foundation. I just wish I would have channeled. Dan Miller. Said pandemonium in buffalo that was the proper papers say and fortunately it didn't come at the Simon. Obviously pandemonium didn't really come to me at that time I've got no word you think pandemonium and mania I believe getting at Romania. You know what for a lot of people work we were in panda mania it was anything would describe it I couldn't get any words out I was just screaming when the play happened. It worked. It was an exciting moment sort of Rangel but Rangel desperately needed as well to products and his seat the so it was a rough one in Cincinnati but that it's nice to have a team to root or now in the post season. Not at my employer has been knocked out. And and if you can't Dan did now this whole spontaneous effort for from bills fans for Andy Dalton's foundation. Is is that is taken on a life of its own. BI it's amazing kudos to the people in buffalo and Western New York for their generosity. Kind hearted missed. A last time I checked they had donated more than a 170000. Dollars. Do Indian Jordan golf foundation and just so those folks know and maybe people that are still considering a donation. What adults do is help the children and their families of those dollars are going to provide medical help. Q uninsured and underinsured families. Among other things Andean has liked Jordan called party every year only treat these kids to a great night but also send their. The parent who are suffering so much out to gourmet dinners and things along those life so. I had the wonderful charity and about polonium tickling. I really an incredible thing by donating to. Is this kind of becoming the talk of Cincinnati indeed get a feeling that. Bengals fans might be on the bills bandwagon for the playoffs. Maybe to a certain extent I do think it was the talk of Cincinnati for awhile but yet today the talk changed because the dangled acted you retain their head coach Marvin Lewis. Who is not led Cincinnati to much postseason success of that has become the clock. I'm bound right now but I do think that a lot of Bengals fans will be rooting for the bills. Not only because of what they've done per Indian Jordan golf foundation by everybody loves and under. You know what I almost forgot about them Marvin Lewis said they signed him to a two year extension never won a playoff game in Cincinnati. I was saying four more years for Marvin Lewis after Sunday you keep him for as long as you want. He deserves at all. Well maybe that is good karma. And look ahead florists are going. And when you look ahead to this weekend what do you think about the bill's chances. Well I'm encouraged by the fact that they're Jacksonville kind of limped toward the finish line the Bengals played the jaguars during the course of this he's been a block. And learn firsthand how good that Jacksonville defense is. But they didn't play very well in the last two regular season game we obviously lock last week Tennessee that's another playoff team but. The fact that the they did not play as well at the end of the year they did play earlier this year makes me purge that maybe could go all the same. And as we celebrate the entry into the playoffs through the bills were also celebrating the 25. Yes 25 years. Anniversary of some other big deals memories the Houston comeback game. And it's a game special team heard Steve tasker won't soon forget and he'll also be on the sidelines Sunday for the bills jags wildcard matchup. Those certainly one of the great memories I have of that team I think it's. I think is something that the guys who played that game look back on fondly at least you know obviously gotten a little sideline. Might think it. It's one of those it's there's no question it's a historic game the Buffalo. Bills history and I think in. Both flu in general I think most people who were around at that time. Can refer back that game and a number of different ways so I think is part of the fabric of the of people's life here in western you'll. He you know for media I don't really remember the comeback came oust three. At the time so I was kind of prepared is this was on our radar the 25 anniversary to say you know hearing go. Another January were were remembering something from the bills passed I'm so excited that this anniversaries happening this week. When so many people are looking ahead to this week in the playoffs the bills finally back. Is it cool to see that comparison of you know people who remember this game celebrating this anniversary and now everybody else getting a taste of what the playoffs are all about. Absolutely I think it's great for the city and script you know obviously it's been such a long drought. And the way that it ended where. All the bills players the fans everybody watching that Cincinnati Baltimore game together. In different places. Taking part of it and being being being able shared on social media. It may be the finest way to get in the playoffs I've ever seen it was so it was really special. You don't see some fans are telling us this morning at the bills the current bills. And their coaches should watch that game before this playoff run what do you think. Well watch the second half. That's pretty hard to watch that the second effort it was a lot of fun. And I think there is a lesson there for a lot of people a lot of different looks like not even not just in football but. And anything. It's. Just persevere and they even after the game our head coach Marv Levy immensely guys you know sometimes you play hard hit you get lucky she played party keep trying to get lucky and we certainly will forfeit from the. Haiti you know for someone who's been around Western New York for so long ago what's it going to be like for you being on the field. On the sidelines. This Sunday after this playoff game that's got to be pretty pretty special. Yet it is I I'm glad I got a chance to do it. I. I'm privileged to be on the on the broadcast Westwood One. And I'm just really happy for the team I know that. They worked very hard. I know what it's like to find out you're going to play out soon and be thrilled about it. And you know it's just it's a great accomplishment and I'm really happy for the team a relief effort for the city of buffalo. It what do you think. Of what's happened with Andy Dalton's foundation and bill's fans what do you make of that. That doesn't surprise me Hillary with its wouldn't when the work cut out to that happened you know that's typical of something awful okay as we do. And then there's this grow it and and the amount of money has gone skyrocketing and just you know. It just reinforces. What I have always known about buffalo mandate. The the other great folder will open their outgoing they're. Certainly generous. And they help each other and win base somebody helps them they will reciprocate and certainly would any dome through that port down past. And it waited for a touchdown that was that helped him as much as do some good for him like he'd done something for them and they did it with. Donations to his foundation it just. It just seems to fit buffalo perfectly. Hey Steve if we could take just a little look at I'm as guilty as anyone for asking and Sunday in just enjoying this week for what it's all about but. When it comes to gain time what Chansi give the bills. They're tough matchup the builder anytime it's the playoffs every team has got some good things they do built don't turn it over. They're playing is did they beat the number one or top defense in the league are particularly get the past. But Tyrod Taylor a handful for defense like this. The bills run the football and and the jaguars are you know the follow the Urban League in run defense. End. The bills' secondary. Is very difficult to throw football against I think for young quarterback like Blake mortal. If he has a bad game the Buffalo Bills. Secondarily can pace I think turtles will be crucial for the bills and if they play the way they have in the past month there's five weeks. There testing to be so there's certainly this certainly not a foregone conclusion that they're going to be awarded doesn't team in the playoffs but it is going to be very difficult gave. And finally today a little fun and a little help for bills fans in a dilemma of sorts. Information. Is scheduled months and months in advance. And does such an important. Moment in the life of a young person. That's bishop Richard Malone with Susan Rosen Brian mess around ski he sees Susan's nephew is being confirmed. Its scheduled for Sunday. 1:15 PM right after the start of the bills game. Nativity of our lord in Orchard Park. But the bishop has a solution. We decided to worst to to sort of run up bills option played for the tickets and I discovered that at 10:30 AM mask. The parish. In Orchard Park so I asked the pastor to make the decision will would like to do here is getting pressure from both sides. Cubic. There apparently did not want him moved the conservation. Because they had guessed my the town that. Others who knew would be a terrible distraction that we if we kept at the game time so what we're going to do I happen to be free that morning which is unusual for the other Sunday. We will have confirmation number one. At 10:30 mass in the morning and confirmation number two at 115. And the Paris is contacting all the families to let them and make a choice. Hey Danny is that's an awesome solution. I mean I'm not alone in this is dilemma. My mind of course as well I am a convert to the bills you know even know the guy from the willingly you know that. Now we we now we know that you are concerts and it's very. But but you know we it obviously conservation in my mind is more important than any sport. What's that event but I just know for the kids and for others it would be an awful distraction. To try to focus on the consummation well. But the guilty iPhone is in the pocket with the current score at opal. Yet you don't wanna have that everybody looking at their screen there or something like that while this is going on so. People now have the option to move. The notes at 1030. Have you heard from anybody who's gonna take up on that. Well I haven't but the parish to parish secretary. God love her has been calling each family contacting each family to ask them. To get to decide who will know what we're doing and I'm sure I understand will be more people that the morning celebrations in the afternoon once. I have a feeling right. I don't have to bishop I gotta tell you that the somebody tell accident this morning and said she remembers her mother wearing headphones to church. Or heard child's. First communion twenty or 25 years ago when the sabres were in the playoffs and other church members were quietly asking her. For updates. Do you see any of that. As mr. actually brought to avoid but they. Yeah I'm sure have you seen any of that you know in the past where there's may be something else going on and you look out at the congregation you Condit say haywire all this people whispering they're in the back. Well on occasion but not often in my experience well occasion. Does that chill pill and glancing that they had downward which means public got the phone out and. Or or or there DP employer. Exactly. The bills could use a little divine intervention on Sundays or anything you can do for them. Just this just I mean you know Mike and the power right now stops with weather and up football scores. Okay and hey I gotta tell you bishop my entire family thanks you for that solution. Yeah what's been great to know how understanding car. I I'm I'm excited that that's able to happen for all those families who were looking at that time both signs that for the Sunday. Looking ahead to this Sunday and maybe even back at this past Sunday. Did you find out that may be either a few more people in the pews on Sunday because. They wanted that may be extra help. Wanted to do whatever they could for the bills. I suppose that's possible I've not gotten gotten any reports that effect but concluded it could well be. What this Sunday was so while I was watching myself. Yes and incredible. Incredible ending. To those games you said your divine intervention stops with the football scores but so a lot of people were thinking that there was something else going on. To make that happen for the bills. Thanks bishop and go bill. Sir that's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.