930in716 January 23, 2018 The 'caving' on government shutdown

Tuesday, January 23rd

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Her kids 930. In 716. They're calling it a cave by Chuck Schumer and the Democrats on the government shut down. Chuck Schumer actually did his job he took a bullet. Or ten democratic senators. It's anything but consensus. In the wake of the shut down showdown. Were on a number of very prominent Democrat who ended up voting against. This deal now name a couple of names Elizabeth Warren Cory Booker. Come let terrorists here and Gillibrand Bernie Sanders who what do they all have in common code they might be presidential candidate and 20/20 eight. And doc and immigration. The headline discussion. I'm not really confident that I February 8 which is the skeptics you've reached. There's going to be an immigration deal on the cable. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. A stopgap measure will keep the government open until February 8 meaning thousands of federal workers will return to work. Democrats reluctantly voting to temporarily pay for resumed government operations after Republicans assured that the senate would soon take up the plight of young immigrant dreamers and other contentious issues. If it's seen this and being. But you have to look a little deeper. That's Alex Castellano its political contributor on WP yen and talking with Susan rose and Brian has aroused in what's being reported as the heaving by senator Schumer. And the Democrat. Chuck Schumer actually did his job he took a bullets. Spurt and democratic senators who were running for reelection in red states and 2018. They didn't wanna have a big government shut down hanging over their should they cause of that and step open and took that shot. Probe Chuck Schumer he did his job he was the bad cops so they could be the good cup. But those are 20/20 Democrats you're talking about running for president. They're actually not that unhappy with Chuck Schumer either because they got a issues now they can say. Chuck Schumer is the establishment. We're change we're outsiders we really represent the dreamers so there may be a lot of noise on the surface. Which are tumors keeping his job. Alex what about president trump how his is he being seen now that the shutdowns over. Well you know if trump this erratic uncertain president keeps scoring point. And it's. Maybe that. Nothing unites people over clicker for a martian Donald Trump's uncertainty of erratic out is that threat to both establishment Republicans and Democrats in Washington State trooper and it's that we don't know what the start. So we got to look at something on our own that he did. Umps uncertain nature drove them to get a deal together and then dropped it's something we hardly ever seen. He stopped tweeting on the weekend he said Democrats who worship and the government go ahead he called their bluff and they came to the table. What do you see happening over the next few weeks are we just going to do this same thing over again. Wash rinse repeat. We're going to be at the same place and about three weeks it took two weeks for Washington to figure out a way to keep the government open three weeks not a good sign. Yes it's going to stagger along like this Republicans would love. Provides certainty to the military sort of after the open the newspaper find out that they can report any bullet. Democrats do wanna deal on doc I need beat their streaks like shut but neither side wants to give the other political victory going between eighteen. Our what do you see happening with the dreamers. Waiver I think the president can say as he's done the poor you know what. I'm going to X suspend the rules this year and let the tree merged a while we work this out to. And I think that ultimately is going to be what we see going on as opposed or big comprehensive legislative solution. There's a shot at Republican Republicans actually want to do DreamWorks deal. They won't let these children and state. It's like being forced to eat chocolate okay make make us will do it. It would get this off the table. Could be a deal but it looks. I wanted to get your opinion real quick on this said the present tweeting this morning about crazy Jim Costa of fake news CNN. Just hours after it was unveiled that CNN had to deal with a real life threat of somebody wanted to. Go wins to their headquarters. Murder people who were you know all of quote the fake news a variety. Do you think the president will honed this down at all as we start to see actual real threats against members of the media. Well you'd you'd hope so because. You know it's the responsible. Thing to do it's the right thing to do and and politically it would be a disaster and to do it book. If people felt their president was inciting violence like this but Donald Trump rarely takes advice is a restraint seventy year old billionaire. Don't change. So who I doubt we'll see much change from double cross. More analysis now from another of our regular contributors Dave Leventhal from the Center for Public Integrity. His head is spinning watching the tumult in DC. I mean people sit sometimes and that they. I think that that third graders could from the government better than the people in the government. Here we are using talking six the F were they asked the stick around and order to allow people who were in the room senators do have their turn to talk and apparently that Nate. Started using a basketball sort of mom also dial if you review if your remember your elementary school days than. It was just easier to tossed around that's pretty much the public discourse that we had here in Washington DC up on Monday. Republicans are very happy of course that at stake. I've got the better end of the deal but it's a leading field to lead we could be. Couple weeks from now you've been talking about the same darn thing because there's only extend that funding for the government until February 8 so we could be doing this. All over again very soon and there are a lot of negotiating points that senators enough people about how well our network out and it's all really coming down cute immigration what to do with that would cocker recipients and a broader immigration bill. Possibly or maybe not that has as as part of the mix here that very unclear where the ball. You know that fact that they had to use a talking to their results into grade school tactics to try and talk to each other that can't give you much hope. For a deal to be made no within these next few weeks. Portrait that Brian had trust among Democrats and Republicans and even some Democrats. Within the Democratic Caucus and Republicans within the Republican pockets. It really it quite allow right now there were on a number of very prominent Democrats. Who ended up voting against this deal now name a couple of names that Elizabeth Warren. Cory Booker. Public terrorists. Here until a brand. Bernie Sanders what do they all have in common how they might be presidential candidate and 2818 so. As a result you know you definitely have some people who work angling for potentially a political purposes in their approach. And on the Republican side he had Rand Paul and Mike Lee too conservative senators are also voted against that. While they're there and skip and even within the parties themselves truck is in it very significantly right now but. And that's what the deal that. Ultimately what kind of built on trust and Chuck Schumer trusting Mitch McConnell at his word yet on the senate floor that. That McConnell would come through and consider some sort of immigration deal as we go order the next couple weeks until. The next deadline again on February 8 when we got to do however get. You know Dave Reid then to this brink so many times before I don't think that. Fear of backlash from the public might be enough for them this time to get it done. And while you eat it it very much takes two to tango appeal Ed adage goes there. If you got one side that's holding out and another side that's holding out to it just can't get to that point metal. Then ninety you have a situation like that then yes we've been here before 2013. It was a lot worse because of these shut down Lance said. But significantly longer that they're really in in reality. And act government operations. Here in DC and elsewhere they have a government level by. Yeah in the public mistress apps without congress this poll numbers that we like to talk about Donald Trump's poll numbers the congress' poll numbers are. Significantly worse that they body writ large. And I don't be curious to see what the Donald Trump ultimately does he eat eat that definitely we get a lot he definitely had a lot but. In reality it was kind of sidelined during this whole process was something that was very much between congressional Democrats and Republicans and Donald Trump although he has spent at some pictures of working over the weekend and various other things. Wasn't a key elements in the ultimate crafting. Of this deal and oftentimes is kind of going back report this to what well I keep not acceptable and that was the end it was interesting to see. Congress really taken the lead for better or for worse and getting to the point that they got sued yesterday on Monday where they could vote on the bill. Open back the government. While the headline in subject matter of course is the government shut down the sub headline was Dhaka and immigration. Every dog and C. Immigration showdown they're. I think Allentown and the last year. Immigration attorney and expert Roseanne ever RD comments and all things immigration for WB yen on a regular basis. The heart is there any reflection. What our future holds. I'm not really confident that by February 8 which didn't get to QB. There's going to be an integration deal on the table at the last time the preparation I wouldn't formally changed with any people. That scene your direction with back in 1990 tech he could believe. And congress is given at the very get go live how they work and what's going on. Syria two based on their poor performance regardless of the administration. And it's really a short time period. February deadline to get them people. Veteran pitcher can block comprehensive immigration reform in addition Q. You don't aka land her breath that he. I'm a short period I'm in the park on. Brazil and there's another deadline that's coming up though that could affect dreamers that they're watching right. In early march. Yeah for sure they'll rental car. And it it docket program which it. Technically an executive order by the about (%expletive) get congress until the beginning of march to come up with a solution. He can't read that he did that is that. Neither had a terrific harmony it immediately. Or can he convert to six month window open on YouTube now have to remember. To order don't make that block congress should be making a lot. The president still. We need congress the ability. And you let apparently you something back here we go into late January. Nothing in diet. And now we have to get by that theory that you can't marched. Yet bowl site there are really not backing out and you know interpret docket at the deck. I would say that the dreamers will be allowed to stay here. I don't think we have them being authority ability or the desire. For a walk in 800000 people. I'm but it had to protect what the caveat to that would be it that the regret it stay that they're not allowed to spot here and and the numbers that seem to either real. Crux of the argument at a rate known as chain migration and saying okay here here the dreamer that's great but you can't spot you're antique. And the numbers Harry can get me to also have a permanent ban it in the United States. Nat geo expects whatever it immigration reform is visited over the next few weeks to beat. Totally docket centric or might be more broad and deal with the larger immigration issues. Well docket certainly a hot button issue back inaccurate Agilent president trump campaign. Comprehensive immigration reform that one had hit the foundation of it campaign and that's really what did they seek seen in the party. So I know the administration or any inner eaten discussion. At that you know let activate him or her. We really want to comprehend of the lot hasn't been changing over twenty years. It antiquated. Doesn't reflect. You know carried out immigration eat her hiring that you're required. Early and I eat something or comprehensive. I think package something. What the government want to happen. You want to remedy and they think that will probably be ED TV and treat cure or comprehend there in recent report. Roseanne if you did it to gas how many. Dreamers are there here in Western New York are there hundreds or thousands. It is really hard to say because I haven't seen that technical breakdown by. They say you know in the country between have a 10800 ballot and I guess in buffalo media I would an hour or Hugh. They tend to be. My anger in a market market in New York a lot an important. They can be in there there. Are hurt by. Back tomorrow and we'll talk flew. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with another edition from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.