930in716 January 2, 2018 Wild Card Fever

Tuesday, January 2nd

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It's 930. In 716. Playoff fever has hit. Okay. Okay. It's settling in at one bills drive health comes in a lot of ways. It for us to came. In the last weekend's season and her at a team to come before before. Last week so. Thankfully and for fans especially many of the younger ones it's the first. I think it's a little surreal but when you step up that plane yet they can't be a couple thousand people there and it was a tiller ready for those guys. I'm Tim linger on the podcast wildcard week. Powered by the Brothers of mercy of five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. We've had a day as coach McDermott would say 24 hours to celebrate. And let its again. But it was a holiday so while the players and coaches get back to work. We'll take a little longer than 24 hours coach after all it's been seventeen years. And it's a week of first for many first time in the playoffs for some coaches some players and many fans. Yeah I'm where I'm at play by play in about eight playoff games so we've been way back to wood deck when they made the playoffs and correct pick. And a first for bills play by play man John Murphy in color analyst mark Kelso. To call a playoff game. I'm really happy about it and really excited view of the game but it's really about the players and the coaches in the stands in this case who have suffered so long to the seventeenth season playoff drought that both of the people most excited about it and I'm a better buckle you don't have an extended season they don't know what they can do in the postseason. Hey you know mark out I'm mad out on the players I was excited to see I'm talking all year long you know there's no real. Way that the players the coaches can feel what the fans feel who have suffered through the entire. Seventeen year playoff drought but when they got off that plane to see all the fans there in the cold on New Year's Eve seemed to smile. On all the players' faces as they got off that plane I mean do you think it's setting in with them you know what they mean to the city right now. Well you have a few players in that building now that they've had some playoff experience so they understand what it's like and I think it is big super and that they experienced in the locker room when. When that went crop completed that touched down in in the incentive built on that play out there you know they they can't use those as their teammate that kind of an. A little bit of pace of what that's like there's no question it was. I think it's a little surreal but when you step up Depp played in years it had a couple thousand people there and it was these tiller ready for those guys and and I was really happy to see them experience that the other and they get a taste of what those fans feel like in and what it means to be in the colts beat it wanna. You know what an accomplishment that is and how difficult it is sometimes certainly a lot of those guys understand that the quality it is to get the postseason but. Yet there's no question I was when you're saying give up the plane that's exactly when. When you know for me you've got to deal and say boy I'm so glad that those guys get to experience that it's just. Kind of renewed EU and Canada in a really repressive current outstanding effort your index itself. Hey Murphy I freely you know when that plane touched down at the airport let's remember this was 1 o'clock in the morning and you saw all those stands. What was it like I mean you where there for the old playoff run does it even compare. Yeah you know look and that a couple people at my enemy of late good old. Don't YouTube The Beatles and erecting New York on its. Back you know what did it I can't hit the plane taxied up. The corps laugh out the window like some people like spreading towards the fence I couldn't get a good look at it bigger while the people here. And they had told the I think that there aren't people there but it is overwhelming that the response from but in there just. You know not only for the 1 in the morning it was one degree. Country music and they were so happy and in the end there were. We're so excited he'd built and I do think Europe as much as many of these players appreciate you know what that scene mean to the town. I think that dome that display and a Sunday night to reinforce and I think those players work. We're shocked and delighted they are separate themselves and that sort of attitude but it's tamper with a pretty magical you know twelve hours. Yeah on the game itself are really quickly mark that moment with Kyle Williams being able to score a touchdown in you know in a lot of people were wondering you know it might be his last game not just with the bills with. His last game period if the bills weren't to make it and that moment then what the team celebrating with him on the sideline that had to be cool to see him person. Again many years he represents. Everything that you're here like about be an element that class Sylvia ballot. Thank coach freight is senator earlier on me just the coach's dream because he works are. And it is an earlier big part there's this western new York community and he's been a great representative of the organization and later. And get to see him could be yet with its risk the so many years of playing at such a high level and and not be an it would get that play out there's. There's no collection that was I mean that was a dapper and at that because I think it's been like down McDermott the staffer are gonna do with these players and give them opportunities and in those situations to create some memories that are that are pretty unique and and it was really on the CI I had to get out a way to kind of make the call I didn't realize that out Williams was. Was get my hand out there and and and in now more than like Beck also it was it was really great to see that. And this just to see the enthusiasm that they had for their teammate. Being able to be there are so many years so it's it is there's a way to categorize as those those guys in the locker room and built experiences like that are things that really dry it together as seen. And it seems like it's just been magical ever since now mark let me just ask you this you know as a former player. And now hearing about these thousands of dollars that are being poured and Andy Dalton's foundation by grateful bills fans what do you make of that it's nearly 60000 dollars right now. Only in buffalo you know people want to know. It's. Any day of the week I mean just. But philanthropy that people in buffalo and I guess you know one of my races is that your year at the shirt off their back article they mean that that entropy of the people who mustard New York this. The support they give the team the way they love their commute. Unity it's just. That there's not a better place in the country to be in that that's. Just even more evidence of but the fact that their support and adult foundation it's not that there and the money in hand what they're doing competent help. That did the organization that piece that that you represented there and in the Cincinnati area in life and ethnic representation of what these fans are all well. Are right now John normally this is the time we ask you to you know made it look ahead till next three week but. I'm not great to look at I wanna keep living on Sunday Elena watch all those fan reaction videos and I want this week to last forever our youth who play the same way right now are you like the players looking ahead. Well gradually and at the left side or start to think I got a little bit and as we speak to cut injectable depth chart and some that incredibly figured I would. Take a look while we talk a little bit in the next hour or so do and that sort. I'm trying to think slowly but I'll never forget you know what sounded like it was just a magical day. Over at one bills drive for coach McDermott it's back to work now but there is a grin on his face for sure what they need. Into the apart you know whether you're a coach or. You know. Joseph Smith in the community or whatever it doesn't matter it's just it's just anything you say you were part of it and you were there when it happened and that more than. And needed things that stands out. That brought a tear my little bit was when they showed the reaction of that different that different. Restaurants and get together places that were going on out there at the different reactions when we got and in. And then at the think the concourses setting in the concourse. When our fans who would regret the game or Watson at the Cincinnati game. Count down there's those pretty prequel watch you. Others. This community. Papers. And it voters may even open here so it torture. Absolutely you know. I think they'll think he talked about it to this point time. Really illustrate that. Your. Well great video. Watch what is. Worked well. Prepare. All of what is utter. Walk yeah. Com you know I've been around some that before I've been part of four point 64. In the it was a wild card game. So. Never say never Rangel on and really just wanted the right thing happened for a guy. And pharmacy and in that no we were gonna continue to play great in you know we made a lot of progress in the short amount of time. And the great part about it and we still have a lot of room to grow. We're still build not what we need to see. As good as this moment is kind of in a 24 hour. Rule right now offer for us as a team. On the wish them a lot of to grow. It was. There's. It's. What. And then we'll give us. You know what that. I reached out I was on the phone with with their defense coordinator shortly after the game park and three he would actually call me it gradually this. Which was a class movement and I thanked him and then since that kind of reached out to couple their coaches Marvin and rose the laser office coordinator. And you know want to say first congratulations to them. And then also. Shore appreciation so in Indian help comes in a lot of ways. For us he came in the last week is season and her at a team that comes before before the last legacies so we were thankfully yet no doubt about it. You. Oh. The united. Whatever whatever. About but it we decided news organization so. Well yeah they don't you just. If you haven't changed. Play over and over. Reflect back on on. He. Obstacles with this team is over comparable. And they'll vote yes things through. Playing in that snowstorms. Do you know please get up and just how. How close it is what it persevered. Yeah every season a little bit different. You know every season you go through tests and challenges though and you've heard it before. Differently apart. Intense Q test. Your mental toughness. And I think we we saw our tests really early on. Which happens in the first year right here if you're making some were perceived to be tough difficult decisions. And we made some of those. And our players hung right in there. They they kept their eyes on target and and they persevered and it's retailing group of guys that debt that's been built over the course he. And Brandon and his staff do phenomenal job of bringing in those types of players that had it at Indian name. And we just continue to move for this team nets that's tested. Now we've gone through those tests are. So well. I'll let you guess that moving on after today to. The first well. Well talking about or diseases. Players. These guys are not put any game let these season. They get that experience that is another piece of the playoff experience now in terms of the overall level of the younger. Yeah that's cute but that's that's it like I was asked the question last week what would it mean. It meant another step right in our development as a football team as an organization. The experience that we ghetto within the last week. Of playing and that type of game a must win game and then also the experience that that we're getting now going into this week that a lot of our young players. Or even players that have been around it felt this team what have you haven't been in this situation so. There's there's some leadership challenges within that. You know there's also. A mindset challenge that we have to get. Buckled but back in after today and that the recent months we can focus on the task at hand there's so much experience. In Bible experience we learned. And take from from on the last two weeks here in the we'll see for you know how far we go. And so wild card fever week continues. To act tomorrow that's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.