930in716 January 18, 2018 Pistol recertification, Lake Erie Ice and Alt Right

Thursday, January 18th

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It's 930. In 716. A deadline looms for New York State pistol permit holders to recertify. But word it won't be actively enforce. I. Know Lake Erie nearly completely ice covered. Nearly. There's still the local water and it's not a 100% coverage so that puts. Kind of heeding the lake effect. And the so called all right movement. What's behind it and younger people. For whom the rice was always right on fashionable. And I think for them they kind of turned. It with charmed they kind of turned the right into something that could be seen as vibrant and kind of irreverent. I'm Tim when anchor on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. The January 31 deadline looms for New York State pistol permit holders to recertify. It's a policy that is required by the and wise safe act and it's causing quite a stir. But word this week that the New York State Police won't won't be actively enforcing the recertification. New York State senator Robert bored with our Tom pocket. Well our support who. Obviously all. Or. Sports or. Are. You don't Arctic Arctic it's. Positive development are also. Decoder. Is always speak is about. To. Stop. At Iraqi issue at. You know it. British law in the actual act. Which you are not laws our. Recognition that you know if you or. You know to check it out. But her older. We're at. All. Get it crumbled under statute. Opt after our workers. Are you also had a just order your credit they're. Be. Sure you go. Out to our. We don't make. The auto workers criminal. Court. Our Peter war we're we're didn't get there application. Mister kitchen. I'll go out to. Make sure that our holders at the integration. Or buy dot op but. I think. It's practical. Deputy governor people just reality. How helpful before some people who may not have all the information that they need to recertify their pistol permits correctly. Why did you meet ordinary that it. Per hour. Or church or church pre outs. Earl. Got there a year ago. Oh. We're here. Be there. To edit it doable that that. The people. Imports are. Basically are. Up there. But we still. There's still Arctic. Picture it is older. Holders. Note after her fight. Due to undertake to make sure people are aware that people are brought to our way. You know. Are you at all. Don't make every push it up for art. And art are. Try to wreck BP people this sick I also told people out there. Regardless I feel you know let elected officials were not law just ball. 000. I'm still encourage. Oaks. But website. Or carry share your creature web site. The clerk's web site. Which all these folks can't wait don't watch T. Factories are. She Jude and urged people Cuba ticket. How about all that ace out on Lake Erie it's more than 90%. Covered but there is still some lake effect lingering. Susan Rosen Brian mess around ski checking in with meteorologist Steve for Matt hit SUNY buffalo state. Yeah that we still have to local waters from the eastern based simply curious the deepest of the victories space and then. There's still a local water and it's not a 100% coverage so that's what kind of heeding the lake effect. You know even if it is a 100% covered Steve. Could we still at lake effect. What nobody really liked cover would prevent the moisture and energy from getting into the atmosphere. From the lake and we would not get lake effect but it doesn't take much of an opening a lead. To buy enough moisture and energy to do that although it would be dampened because of the ice cover. It's been so cold here for seemingly so long should we be surprised that the lake is an a 100% covered. You know I'm we were pretty good top power that 94 or so percent demolished are saying forget that warm weather coming in that we can. Over the next week or so we're going to be kind of a virtual above which and temperatures I don't think getting much ice here. You know you look back at the record. Within the past. About 45 years and that's what they have the past thirty years of those have been over 90% hike covers for the food not abnormal what's really amazing about this one. If so quickly froze. Telling the two week period you have from basically using your life to 90% ice coverage. I'm into this so the dynamics of things that we have that once Communist sixty degrees 61 degree days. We also broke 25% of our string that warm periods so. We are looking into the future even though the leak is covered in ice you know ninety plus percent. It wouldn't take much. Global warming you know from the wind turned the into the spring to really melt that ice quickly. That's good forum I'm speaking as a voter because it takes you know on the spring. Kind of like the last couple of years we didn't have all that ice covered it seemed like we got an earlier start to the season but now with this ice for probably gonna have to wait a bit brain. Not necessarily get all depends what the rest of the winter and spring brings us because as I said. Well those few days the very warm temperatures melted a lot of ice and it will not take much. To bring it down quite good stories in the past where we talk about. You know a late spring US still ice and so on and it doesn't usually happen the weather world well warmup and that I will disappear. Finally this time it appeared that the so called alt right movement sprung up out of nowhere with. Tiki torches and anti Semitic chants last summer. But according to a new documentary that political movement has been quietly building on line. Four years before the 2016 election. Dan Harris taking a closer look. You might think you know the full story the so called all right but a new documentary sheds light on what the filmmakers say is one of the most surprising roots of the movement. Sexual frustration and author Angela Nagle spent more than a year exploring the online origins of the ultra right movement. Which he says including communities of single man struggling to find it dates are documentary. Called comp plan. Still all normally. So who are normally it's no army is is term used via the old tried to referred to. Accessing mainstream people Nagle found that many of those outside the norm found theme this year with groups of so called pickup artists. And even sells what are inside. Forum world was very much a bash and expressing your frustration with being the development. The documentary traces engineered a man who acted on their frustrations including. A mass shooter named Eliot Roger who went on a Rampage in UC Santa Barbara in 2014. Which left six people dead. NATO says many of these young men came to believe that feminism was that. Central problem. Nagle says this burgeoning online movement found it's perfect foil in what it saw as the excesses of political correctness. On college campuses giving way to so called safe spaces and a hierarchy of perceived injustice. We got a sense of what critics of the left say they'd find so objectionable on a recent visits. City University of Utah up. Ben Shapiro a conservative. Commentator and podcaster showed up on the campus and their protests against him. And I interviewed. One young person who had been vowing to shut the event down and I civil that doesn't really comport with the First Amendment. I don't you don't care I don't care. Why not I don't think that's like relevant documents right now. This site very hard line anti free speech kind of campus culture. Was revealed as being quite terrifying to a lot of people who are you know very much in the center politically. And they found themselves. Sharing kind of all right means. Wealthy ultra right gained fuel from the perceived enemies on the left it also receive an enormous injection of energy. From then candidate Donald Trump. The American dream. Is dead. I will bring it back. And younger people for whom the rice was always right on fashionable. And I think for them they kind of turned. It with trial and they kind of turned the right into something that could be seen as vibrant and kind of irreverent it's. Anarchy online. Became all too real and many people's minds over the summer and Charlottesville. I think Charlotte's though as the moment when nobody could really with a straight face say that this that this was irony anymore. And a documentary Nagle attends that national policy institute's annual conference. A white Nationalists think tank led by Richard censored is what is. It's can density either. Your visions never happening or. Having to have that violent confrontation the existence of my people is not negotiable. What if they don't so what if they don't want to go along with your movement will force them to be afraid we brute force or not Spencer's ultra right has its sights set him on expansion possibly moving so far beyond traditional party line. I think that they. Are quite strategically clever. And they know that they can and potentially drive away adds. Where there is already. A bit of tension on the left. How to move forward from here as a country. Nagle says the solution lies and not on the extremes but instead. With the rest of us the so called nor me. Finding a way to live together we're back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.