930in716 January 16, 2018 Joel Giambra's push to legalize marijuana

Tuesday, January 16th

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It's 930. In 716. Facing an uphill battle to grab the New York State GOP nomination for governor. Former Erie county executive chilled Xeon brush is floating an idea. That's getting some attention. I believe that a large per adult years of their water. Like New Jersey like Massachusetts like they're all around us were provides economic benefit. But there are questions how to clean politically. If mr. Albert is running in a Republican primary and there is reality most people haven't heard Julia number or NATO and in the ordinary or was. Executed through 2007. I'm Jim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Ending prohibition which is that true and it's felt all the college when he hears something I've always been to that. Chilled GI number aloft Susan rose and Brian mess around ski. Through his thinking. I believe that a lot of per adult years it or water. Like New Jersey went Massachusetts like hit her all of wrote us will provide some economic benefit. Continuing to allow the black market. Your control what is known in the industry. In our country makes cents. Monetizing those dollars in your unit to fix our roads bridges up hello. Upstate new York and Richard assist in the direction to get much work. Hello bullet to instill. It in their New York collects tax millionaires what percent. The governor wants to put holes if you will. For people driving into Manhattan. And this is the difference between marketers. And got her. They ought to raise your taxes or cut taxes and create jobs. One is the political appetite for legalizing recreational marijuana give in what has happened in other states as some of the successes. As far is raising money for different things is gone. Well the money is very obvious you'll see anywhere. In the country register as occurred. Their revenues are significant and being used to help the people of those particular communities. That the underground. Organized crime. Our community so I think it's something that we didn't. Over the political appetite. You know I've never run campaigns based out. Let not a political appetite might or might not be where it started in 1999 as our executive. We talked about something nobody thought it was popular consolidation regionalism urging governments. So it's not about political will and it's about public policy. Jolt into the pushed back to your candidacy it seems so far is that you've made significant donations to a number of Democrats including Governor Cuomo. Hillary Clinton built the glossy oh. In your. They're they're saying you're not much different than one of them. Well facility if you real traditional Democrats are Republicans our are talking about that they're not talking about the fact that supported. Many Republican candidates over the years. I'd have a history. I'm being supportive of both Democrats and Republicans to remember. I was earning executives Susan. There's a term according to job for cracks were Democrats or Republicans. But there were people who support this changing the way government does business so to me through their vote when you're in the or aren't Schroeder about who can make things happen. Who can effectuate change and in Albany right now our governor and fortunately it has no relationship. With either possible in and enlarged picture there's friction all the time that your policy to name calling. And that leads to confusion chaos. You know that and you mention John bureaucrats that kind of blending of the two parties you don't hear a lot of that especially out of Washington these days do you think that's what's needed though for a Republican to win the top seed in New York State. It's it's actually that the only ingredient that rollout Republicans went because. As you know there are on the border or port Democrats and there are Republicans in New York State so great traditional. Republican. I'm really doesn't have much of a chance to ticket buyers who can attract democratic votes. Policy positions. Are in eight. The majority of the voters you just can't win British Open that position not a vote them out. It's about court and court. But the agenda that can be supported by people in the middle. I'm a martyr person. And the big tent person I believe there's urban Republican curt from colonial Herbert and her place to go. We have to change the message where that's happened and that's over Clinton the junior talked about. Mainstream. Republicans. Big tents and everybody's locked up. Until it's let's say man this is early but if you don't get the Republican nomination would you still consider being on the ballot with a marijuana reform party. Voters are very good possibility that they had pictures and and it could continue to try to convince Republican leaders. That I have the press message I'm the best candidate and the most best equipped. In that doesn't Upton. There's always the option of going over running in November. I continued discussions with. Reform party they're very mature student I candidacy. And very interest in the platform that something that could happen. But how will the issue play across the state I think it probably more support. Legalize marijuana. In this state in general and what you're as well. And their orders. You know and to report her to go Carlo calabrese is a political insider and regular contributor to WD yen speaking here with our Mike Bagger man. I think is probably more support. For legalized marijuana. In this state in general in west and well they're the ones though and too powerful visible. Whether or not it it's it's a majority support probably not but there's one more acceptance of the court ruled. How to clean politically. It's mr. Albert is running in a Republican primary. That particular and the problems student. Conservative base of the Republican Party that tends to flow in arbor. So can you explain and I guess how. Generally speaking to us the Republican Party people who full especially for the primaries like you said had they feel about recreational marijuana use. I would. Thank you so I'm a more conservative more cautious approach in. Then legalizing it would be certain states like Colorado won't among Republican base probably don't have that. Type of support probably got more support from medical marijuana accepting the orient. You aren't going to full marquee so to speak towards record legalize recreational amongst. The core conservative base again I agree people that vote in the primary. My guess is that they were not great to a real popular and then the number reached its terms of politics is when people woke. What are their top issues. Every polite so. Legalizing marijuana is not in most people's top 345. List of contributions that they used to determine. Would Google won't terms which in great public office. If you look for in terms of the week it's this I don't think is what is too high and samples could screw this great. So what are the things that you think she opera needs to do to try to gain some more Republican support obviously he's very popular here Erie county but what you need to across the state. Well it looks to me like. He's biggest hurdle and be. Convincing conservatives. On bad technical certain kinds of views and positions that that chi. And as I understand. The state Conservative Party now has her doubts about their at all local local culture. Could be support under certain circumstances. So true. I mean Biden. On the campaign that the key to. To a life those years and concerns and doubts that Republican leadership cares about. And being in a Republican in the sense of not being Democrat. Okay. The history people want. Our priority and Democrat like leopard coat because it will exceed your. Why would principles for the patient can go the full. So that's that that's the problem that the lime. Trees swabbing as a Democrat lite. Greg that's a real Democrat in a strong. And stay. And those are those are difficult hurdles gold it's politics not it is impossible. And that being said yet touched on a little bit running as a Democrat in New York City even though a light Democrat that backed. How tough is it going to be to be injured Cuomo and is it possible. What is it gonna be tough if you do in this league if you look at the demographics of the state. If you look at the enrollment numbers of Democrats or Republicans that we know we do you are Democrats and Republicans if you look at it ideologically needs. A stay focused. I think the only. Understand. That is more to the left couldn't or is California. Went up that much more to some it's scary very difficult. For any Republican to run and win in the state. And there's also the question. The structure of the Republican Party does not hold on statewide office. And so that that makes typical as well so if that's true for a Republican. Clark. And across the state we check in with a reporter charged with covering all things Albany and politics. Jimmy feel kind with Politico in New York. Most people haven't heard Julia number of course you know and in foreclosure Ernie were you lose an executive or through 2007. But you've got within the Republican Party which number is seeking to get the nomination there's been resistance to his effort. A Republican leaders who are park Tuesday that he has given money to Democrats. The key is raised money for New York City mayor told plus you'd be endorsed Hillary Clinton. So also for urban than reacting marched from actually armed that the disorder who who the other Cubans even running for governor. Now he's thirty attribute these good war policy proposals. Polls showed that a majority of New Yorkers to support. Legalizing marijuana for recreational uses. However according to see if your political opposition it and it's been issued a Republican grab. QB more progressive that to me he's challenging intra Cuomo. Cool is that they're keeping marijuana in a gateway drug use resistant to its recreational legalization. Should Republican statewide be looking beyond that and say hey maybe this is an issue where we could steal votes from Governor Cuomo in November. I don't think Republicans the New York should be putting anything off the table the party has been struggling to recruit candidates throughout the ticket. With hormones to go before Election Day and there's still no announced candidate or even whispered about in an attorney general or comptroller. And many pretty leaders say that they are not used to hurt you gubernatorial candidates. You are Brooklyn that said many people are seriousness of the actions about it is past predictions Democrat. It also assembly minority leader Brian Caldwell can indeed what it is simply deputy majority who can argue Francisco's Syracuse. We'll never considered evil government veterans were candidates with a low profile and their questionable ability to raise money. Am just missing size up the field of candidates that. They want the governor's mansion. Well that's the most real Republican side. You have Governor Cuomo says if you seek a third term. There is former Syracuse mayor Stephanie Meyer who's been pondering what. Why democratic primary out too although it was not pull the trigger. And other people in that category include former state senator carry it's in the book but barely out the actress Cynthia Nixon. Completed. Miranda on sex and city. As well as essentially New York City Council mentioned Bernie Williams. Who announced on Monday that he was ordering the pit crew lieutenant governor challenging western New York's own technical. So what do you see error when DC excuse me this kind of playing out in sorting itself out might. The front runners emerge before a primary. Well putting leaders will you quit you happiest candidate around the stage for the next several months and there'll be a nominating convention bay. If so hope we'll bring Republican towards you you don't have a full ticket. Washed out by that point that there can be no primary through the summer so that whoever the nominee is in bringing you heard slipped to work toward Governor Cuomo. Throughout the summer and throughout the champion. Only time will tell we're back tomorrow. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WPA and buffalo law.