930in716 January 11, 2018 Icebreaking with the Fireboat Cotter

Thursday, January 11th

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It's 930. In 716. Sometimes it's the things we don't see that make a big difference in our community. But if you're within ear shot of the efforts to break up the thick ice along the buffalo river in Erie Canal harbor. You're hearing the efforts. Should be able to handle southern ten inches device. With no issues today but it's a slow go. I'm Jim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy early in the week the chain saws were cutting triangles in the ice to relieve the pressure of the water from underneath. In all day Wednesday the fire boat Cotter was dispatched. To the buffalo river to cut through the foot thick nice for Michigan avenue to the South Park lift Korea. It's an arduous tedious process. More than 100 year old 200 ton fire boat Cotter is challenged with. Carrying out additional one day we started our proactive measures for over play protection that we. Just before boarding the Edward and Carter Wednesday morning. Buffalo public works commissioner Steve Stanton in addressing the mission. Before us captain John actually took the bowed out he went out from the far voting took it. From the point where stand now he went to the bulk of the river today he's gonna take yourself going up to wheel the pass all Park Ridge. This is just one of the things that we do to help prevent flooding issues or ice jams that occurred that hasn't all the buffalo. Yesterday we are cutting ice triangles. Which we fear is a very effective tool to help some that don't pressure them up pressures table we get from from water flows. Weather forecasters are predicting temperatures in the fifties looking have a quarter inch of rain on Thursday at a quarter to rain on Friday. With the ball Thong this is always a Smart thing to do the people. Proactive right now we have vice it's about seven to eight inches thick that we've been experienced in not only just on the buffalo river but also on the cousin Altria. For its efforts we had its pretty consistent. Well ice this year compared to last couple years we've had some plus winners foreign but we're ready to. To address those issues we look at the forecast and obviously what we're experiencing now. We wanted to get way out of it that's when we started Monday so we don't have this you know scramble around August when it really starts moving it's it's not the best thing to be on the on the water with the vote so. Once we receive the right conditions and Monday it was a perfect time knowing that Thursday Friday it was warm we've we've haven't seen a lot of flooding the causes these proactive measures and that's why we continue to do them if you never know how bad can get but why would we take that chance and you know you just don't want to catch and all via the buffalo the. Over Tomlinson neighborhoods of this is a great talk to Roger gives them John's been doing this for 33 years now and and just talking to John and a little bit of going and you realize that passion has the vote in the capacity that this book and doing with a vital tool assistance of the problem. Bonus ball was built specifically for ice rink that's can't. Didn't Jun 62 guided the cutter on the extensive ice cutting mission. It's gone experience and have the sweetest deal. Abandoned on a home for this job there were too far below its previously before the ball was put in the service putting couldn't handle the ice breaking. So they brought a bigger better stronger more horsepower we'll. Lloyds it's definitely a challenge to navigate through the eyes because the bold doesn't dictate where the bulk cozy excellence. So as you guys split some breaks we get rocked around a little bit here and there we just have to continue to slowly just takes places out. Our little niches in the ice and continue to for ourselves here it's. All I've seen it's. We've been stuck on the ice before and to pull ourselves up and luckily she saw got enough horsepower to do so. We're gonna at times to go our usual. Inevitable. Region is up to the mobile you'll Mobil refineries which is best solved part of the bridge. That's about as far as we can goal was the it. Called. Deepest motives of the reasons devastating at least twelve feet of water. Soul. We're gonna try to go there to video mobile refineries nose and it's our dogs are going our way back through the CSX bridges a two CSX bridges a Ohio street. The reason it takes the time it does obviously is the thickness of the ice. As well as a mechanical issues that we run into. The bold bold needs to stay cool the engines get heated. As for breaking guys and also the bridges the bridges and everything's frozen it's cold out there wants to work and what herself to stuff. Slowly slowly as we can. You learn CEO when you first start now. Tanzania will bring you guys vs things you learn and as long hours of experience and an early and learning experience. Through the biggest thing for me was. Realizing that it's the ice it dictates what the vote to themselves you know we thank you always so icebreaker just pulled plow right throw and no cars in ditches goods doesn't work that way acknowledged that all the buzz on the thickness and everything else. Few years ago it took us eight hours to get from here to the skyway. So. So they've raised so. The reason you'll be out for meetings organizing for hours because I don't think earrings is just healing campaign. 78 inches around my clients I mean yeah that's a lot of. Not for this ball to spoken handle up to two feet. No not that I'm looking forward to a run and a 717. Year old bolt through to these guys but that's what her job is. Do we have to do. You. Defense. Close to winners dictated. The last few years we got off pretty easy here 63 times. Each of the last two years. I'm expecting a lot more this year plus tonight's thought coming up this days. He used to hourly rate there. Covering it as as commissioner stuff except we we work closely with the department. And we discussed what the weather patterns are going to be. And it's easier for us to go out and do it as it's going to thoughts on the ice doesn't start stacking on top of itself. And gives an opportunity for the flush out the river ultimately. It's always nice suicides of. But I'll take that any day. Yet this boat is designed to power through the nice not to write off bonding and restroom and it is a 200 tonne bulk. But just are designed to go home. It's you stood to power outages and us again like I said a few years ago it took eight hours ago into the skyway so we should be government handles and and it's as a vice. Was no issues today but it's this logo. It was a long day for sure is the Cotter navigated from Michigan avenue and slowly blasted through the ice in a thunderous forward in reverse motion over and over again. Inching upstream past the Ohio street lift bridge to CSX railway bridges. And then the South Park lift bridge. How's it going ahead and excessive leverage something besides. This. Thing up there so. It's. That's all there should be played two songs it's not all good water for us. Save really. What it away. All I can do is describe what you're doing and he commuted to explain this whole reverse forward thrust an how via the phone actually. Accomplishes it's mission busting up on this instance thank. I'll just because of that thing besides this case he'd go forward the engines are old and tired as we don't know. So it's just easier to get a running start to make a little headway. I don't wanna get on. Here you see somebody onlookers that are. Gathering on the shoreline and looking there's a lot of fascination that she didn't have some of the things that post about some of the media today. It's incredible that they you know a lot of us just don't know business capabilities here with the with the fire broke out. That most people don't possess yourself this summer throw water. They obviously don't support. Other choir duties but this is again. I was a main purpose of the bowl that was killed was late night under office. I felt as an icebreaker they had a couple of other border post previously so this is her main purpose. Yeah we just go quietly do our job and when that job is done people don't really think about it. Tonight we'll watch them. It's not so quiet all right last question we're we're heading up to these countries appears here this is a point where we do need to turn around what's what's the rest of the agenda for the afternoon. That is correct we lose. All of our depth to get past the apartment here. Soul we're gonna do is just cleared it and I've always back wafers yes socks to get through bridge off. And slowly and and another. Thanks again captain and good to know the crew of the Cotter is there and clearing the path for the water. If you want more information on the Cotter visit EM Carter dot com. We're back to our best 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.