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Thursday, December 7th

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Her it's 930. In 716. Talking with Tom hourly about his heart attack if you. Ever experienced. Shortness of breath. Our pain. Do not ask it are it is serious I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Tom took some time to join me on his very own show Wednesday as the field and to talk about his heart attack his upcoming surgery. And life in general. I had been kind of fatigue and lacking energy for. For quite some time but it at a noticeable level quite some time to be three weeks to four weeks just from our urgent demand. Last week would have been today's Wednesday it would have been about nine days ago I started experiencing shortness of breath. And they started experiencing. Some short pants now. What's wrong with this picture. Immediately. I mean immediately. Upon those systems and the intelligent normal person would have gone to a hospital. Have I ever claim to be normal. And not only that I let the symptoms go on but very. I let him go Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday in fact I came back from one of the breaks clutching election just. And breathing hard my lips were side David looks and David ability assert. Due to a hospital and I look at Taylor certain there's just purposes adamantly move. Anybody listening to me right now you're going to possibly because. Heart disease the number one killer mercker. That and of course such harassment allegations but. The he's asked that that that. The Victoria's Secret that the theater and that were. But I have done OR. RI and the stupidest person in the world and I want everybody to know and think about that if you my friend ever experience. Shortness of breath. Heart pain do not pass it off it is serious it is really serious of a problem that. I also last week at this this feeling of impending doom which I did not know. Which are precursors. Indication that you might be having a heart attack about that or protected and actually it is. And I waited till my went on Friday night I partied like commitment. I went out Saturday night I partied like commitment. Suddenly I went to one of the dock in the box places very nice people over at depth I think it's called mash. And the wonderfully leader Doctor Murray whose position she's mister Bartley you'd need to go to the hospital. Now here is me I'm being told this by a doctor you need to go to hospital. And ice. No I'm going home. About an hour after it made that absolutely awesome intelligent decision I was on the phone with mrs. Byrd. And as an effort to water to ads on WBZ am at a buffalo. I got myself to gates and then basically had very prompt confirmation that I was in the middle heart attack. And as we stand right now. I will be having open heart surgery probably. The Friday and the actually open heart surgery. You know what you were growing up and anybody and there are. In their forties or fifties or sixties open heart surgery. If you think the horrible that slightly Bobby Garrett died during open heart surgery. When I was draw the doctors here that we knew who died during open heart surgery will certainly can the other met major medical situation. The technology. And the outcomes have improved dramatically so Willis and open heart surgery it's Arnold's a lot worse than it really news. The doctors they've got this and we have them as you though you. You you've covered so many stories bag and has what he was in the field prime minister oust he has. We've covered so many stories about the medical court or in buffalo. And I cannot even begin to tell you. That this city of buffalo we have worked like beak first race because people can't drivers though especially the first storm of the year. And by the way folks in the traffic issues be sure to protect our our factories are 30 victories or trees or. But we are so blessed. Not just. Specialist positions that are world now in so many different disciplines of modalities of Madison. But the ancillary supports steps are all absolutely. Great. And I had a chance. To mingle them and in the book about about in the best frame of health right now. But I've had a chance to meet so many wonderful people from diverse backgrounds that all work together as a team. With a single purpose of helping western New Yorkers like immediately or listeners. Get back into the swing of things but the the important takeaways to that I really want to stress to people. People sometimes say Smart people sometimes say of intelligent. And I will tell you that when it came to my old situation. Symptoms I do well precursors. I don't know whether it was some kind of deemed able. I don't know whether it was some kind of too busy for heart attack I don't know what it was I was too stupid to get to the hospital when I should. And I I just one of this finished that that particular. Take away by say the good news is although it was severe heart attack. The good news it severe in terms of the blockage that is yet my order arteries. The good news news because I was at least Smart enough to goblet of aspirin last week. I was able to mitigate any severe muscular. Damage so I get back to work it will still be the same people are typically go. So you be back Monday right. What hey listen you know even at all joking aside every CD do you know you're going to be on for awhile that you know you mentioned you know you're Smart guy Tom I always refer to you as one of the smartest people that I know. In LA get into their some people wanna talk Q we'll get get to them in just a minute but I do wanna. Get into your head a little bit here. Because he you have always said you know there's something wrong you know they get checked out go to see a doctor do this do that. Whether it's you know heart disease or anything else that might be going on with your body in here it happens to you and you didn't. And I'm not criticizing you because we hear this all the time especially about guys. That they don't. You know act on things I mean trying to get into that a little bit about what you were thinking why you didn't do something sooner. You did it certainly with plenty of time but why didn't you act as quickly as your your urging people to do so. Well if plenty of time mr. Obama does have that it was plenty of it's pretty close it and I waited church if we'd hit two red lights it would be that. That's pretty much a serious I allowed the situation to get now. I you know I I've been trying to get it to my mind for the past 54 years and I just remember what it's like after the the time. But in terms of people out here. Everything you've ever heard is absolutely. True. Especially. I don't go to like to be what would have never really identified with being a woman. Well may be talking to belong. As far as the Arctic ice psychology I don't know what it is. Again and rationally. Logically analytically and Peter I knew that I was having the symptoms of heart attack. And I can't think of the word other that wore on I can do it inevitable or can you don't hear that made me. Again. I worked all of last week. I partied like a maniac Friday I heard applicant any of Saturday what kind of special moron does that. And I wish I could give you more educated answer to him I think maybe so but again maybe some of it is done and I feel like how could this possibly happen to me. I'm 54 years old how I take pretty good care of myself how could it happen. We'll keep you updated on Tom's progress. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.