930in716 December 5, 2017 Welcoming the USS Little Rock LCS9

Tuesday, December 5th

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Her it's 930. In 716. History in buffalo with the arrival of the USS Little Rock LCS nine. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast the new navy ship arrived to fanfare Monday and will be commissioned alongside its namesake December 16 in buffalo. Something never done in US navy history. After the ship's arrival an official welcoming ceremony followed on the boardwalk. At canal side yeah. Governor Andrew Cuomo I'm pleased and honored to welcome the USS Little Rock to canal side. The commissioning of the Iraq will be a once in a lifetime moment that would bring thousands of people to vote those beautiful re imagined accessible waterfront. Buffalo's rich maritime history is recognized every day here canal side. In addition to the magnificent navy my navy museum announced that also promotes his street tourists by water and on the shore. They've amplify our water can activity through the use of replica canals where they're stating in the winter water recreation in the summer. Since we all know that sailors have seen and it's very curious to see if they're also have ice skating legs. So the sailors on board we helped give time to partake in some skating fun. When you're visiting her great city. Those in attendance were previously served on the decommission in Iraq in the crew that was abandoned you USS Lou Brock Fredette. We'll find a warm welcome welcome to the water. Governor Cuomo would like to recognize Murray's standpoint and the countless others in the commissioning committee who fought so hard during the commissioning to buffalo. And outside his privilege to host what will be a beautiful patriotic ceremony. The USS that Iraq. Real look forward to being part of this moment in history. Thank you very much. Thanks Tom. We're also ordered us thus state senator Christopher Jacobs represented sixty senate district. Senator Jacobs. Senator Jacobs perking up audiences our live coverage of the welcoming your little right knows he has nine and that wouldn't be the end welcome again. And commander piers in the whole crew the LCS nine. Seem to be named US as little Iraq. I want to thank god for the opportunity this morning to go out. In riding with the ship. He had an opportunity. To firsthand experience being on that ship. To experience the excellence. The operation all the members and crew. In you know we hear hear it enables surgeons are getting me. Pay homage to those that served. What is also great to be part is seen those that are serving and those that will serve. And it's great vessels so thank you very much for your service to our country and for being here. I also wanted to thank. On my own name on the chairman. Dick and Mac means corn genome William garden where I'll voice cheers. O'Neal and the chairman. Of this committee I remember talking them over eighteen months ago. About this vision and I hope your proud that it's coming to fruition here today. Putting and again a great spotlight. On buffalo and Western New York. To everyone here. I hope you enjoy this day and the Little Rock to the crew I hope you enjoy our city of buffalo. And again thank you for your service to our country. Senator Chris Jacobs speaking here. Get ready and you have backdrop of the USS Iraq once again here's Dan Mac I'll ultimate losers states it is a sentencing Kennedy. Represented 63 senate district. And I. Good afternoon everyone. Thank you just so many people that came here today for this wonderful occasion. This is a historic. Day and it will be in store a couple of weeks here. And he can now outside in the heart of the city of buffalo reinvention. Over the course of the last decade. Win. The USS Little Rock to decommission in Little Rock is an acre. For all of the great things have transpired here in an outside so we're so pleased that we bring. The new. Little rock. The house yes and they'll be commission. And Saturday December 16 amid all the fanfare rightfully deserves. I want to thank all of the military. Many women the personnel that. Served our great country and continue to serve our great country it is that veterans. In the past and the present that we follow tremendous debt of gratitude to seek community. And as a country that we have the freedoms that we have today. It is such an amazing opportunity to bring the new USS little rack here. Right next to the old USS. Little Rock it decommission. What an opportunity but a piece of history we are going to. Experience. And with that said I can tell you. It is part of my life. Where. History lives every day my wife has and ratings remain as a lean dark. The first feed down admiral admiral in the United States navy. And I married up as everybody knows here that knows me way up. And out my wife's family history. Is apparently she's not 97 years old. We invited her to be part of the commissioning unfortunately. She is. That balance. But she sends her greetings. And with that said we're looking forward to December's. Sixteenth. Celebrating this wonderful occasion. I say it again and all of those individuals here at the buffalo and Erie county native Earl naval military power for making this happen and look forward to. Next week Senator Ted Kennedy as we continue our live coverage the official welcoming ceremony for the USS little rock and that it can. Continue its program here and will be hearing from commanders coming out and some others. Next up it's going to be the district attorney just turn of Erie county John Flynn a former navy. You share on. I didn't. Here this morning watching the ship and I'd go back there first time. I saw my action that actually gone. And 99. It was as Cleveland. And she held phone numbers appear. Watching the action comment and be walking the gangplank. Have it ship and now seeing this here today brought back some great memories. I. Just mentioned this past march. I retired twenty years in the navy. Like my time and navy was so the pastor of my life. On. I served for over eight years as officer. And a twenty years the jag officer so walk commander. And Ali GO. I implore you when you're troops to have fun just not too much on. A lot I want more normal awful this is a great deal over buffalo this is a big deal for awful. I recognize what a big deal this is. And I'm looking forward to lock the next ten days here and enjoy all the events thank you very much. You're gonna district attorney John Flynn the former navy man himself speaking podium again this is in Mecca and witness and record executive. Ours. They did a good afternoon everyone it is my distinct pleasure to be here once again. I had pleasure or writing. Celsius 9 this morning. I do appreciate that opportunity to you get a little bit of all what is the life of the men and women who serve. On that vessel to. I am here on behalf of the people of Erie county to welcome. Commander Peterson's entire crew to buffalo and Erie county is we are coming in today we had opportunities off a little bit about what really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. That's why I I thank them for being here I think. The commissioning committee for all the work that they've done. Because I think about this not only is a once in my lifetime opportunity for me is county executives stand here today. It's going to be wants a lifetime opportunity for all of the residents of greater Western New York. To participate in the commissioning of the Davis is something that when I first ran for county executive I never thought he'd ever seen. And I'm so pleased that the members of Celsius 9% of the US has little rocker here today to enjoy our wonderful city. And also to commission they're wonderful lessons on behalf of the people of Erie county like gradually commissioning committee for all the work that they've done over the last eighteen months to get to this day. And thank the men and women who serve. Celsius nine. And all the men and women of our forces for what they do on a daily basis to protect us. I had a tremendous source of pride when I boarded the vessel this morning. And when I was on it the men and women that serve our country. I thank them for the time and effort they they take put in their lives to serve us protect us. And I know in the good hands of these individuals we are well protected welcome to buffalo welcome Erie county and hope you have a wonderful time here. I wouldn't be true politician Leslie came with a nice little proclamation. Welcome you here to buffalo and Erie county you committed Peterson you're tired or thinking chargers here. County executive mark only cars who is Steve mentioned red ride today. The welcoming right eat honey from the lake on the USS Frerotte Celsius and night so thin that a continuing introductions here and at least next couple whom he made buffalo mayor. They were. We knew this would be great undertaking. In requires the cooperation of many. Mayor brown your office in the city have been amazing and assistance they provide music. On behalf of all of us thank you very much. Things like set up to logistics to security we could have done this like your help thank you and with that. I'll turn things over to our great mayor mayor Michael Brown. Bicker and wedged it. As mayor of the city of buffalo I am very proud to welcome the USS Little Rock. To the city of buffalo on behalf of and more than 260000. Residents of our city. I also had the honor this morning joining county executive polling hours. Senator Jacobs other colleagues in government members of the commissioning. Committee for. In taking a Coast Guard boat. Out to meet these little Iraq. In the oh lake. And it would is. An amazing opportunity. To seize the tremendous technology. On the ship. Be wonderful professionalism. Of the Peru. All of that through our cross trained. In so many of the different. Areas of work that have to be done. Oddsmakers ship like this war. And the training. That technology. Is just absolutely. Incredible. This is as you've heard a once in a lifetime. Opportunity for this community. It is a historic opportunity. For this community. This is the first time in the 200. And 42 year history. Of the navy. That aid ship is being commissioned. Alongside. Its namesake ship. So we should soak this all in residents of buffalo and Western New York. Because this doesn't happen. Every day this is an amazing. Occurrence. And we are so proud to have this taking place in the city of buffalo. I too want to join my colleagues in welcoming commander. Beaters. And master chief Reynolds. The other commanding officers and crew of the USS. Little Rock. To buffalo and again just thanking them for the incredible. Hospitality that they showed us this morning. And air service and sacrifice to our nation. And certainly these service and sacrifice of all of the other men and women that serve in the US armed forces. For what they do to protect our way of life. This is going to be a special time. The next few weeks. To have the USS Little Rock here in buffalo. On the December 16. Will be an amazing day and I encourage all members of the buffalo and western new York community. To come out. To be able to witness the commissioning. A lot and wish the crew well thank you program. Buffalo mayor Byron brown speaking here at the welcoming ceremony for the USS Little Rock again Dan baca. At the podium and I think we expect to hear from the crew so we'll stay with this for a minute and mr. Todd Peters will be coming up to the podium here. Commander Todd Peterson and an officer of the future USS Little Rock LCS night. Thank you sir thank you everybody it's. It's a pleasure to be here enters sees as a warm welcome on a cold day. We aren't we could not be happy to be here this marks. The completion of two years of a very hard work by the entire group. To get where we are today. The crew really has done an amazing job green ship moving aboard in sixty days later bringing her here at buffalo. Fully operational and ready to join the sleek. To get here they've gone through a multitude of certifications. And training events and needs to watch on the ship in three section duty. Outside the elements to protect the ship. It is an amazing one yes the highlights of my career to be wisdom is that is they have done this and so. We are pleased to be here we're looking forward to getting out in the community and having everyone on board the ship so we can show her off to you. And then again we just appreciate the work. It has been great working with the commissioning committee here in buffalo and in Iraq. And all the members have done such a wonderful job. To support us along the way in to get us here this week's thank you very much and now it's pretty sweet thank you. We'll have the commissioning for you live on WB EN December 60. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.