930in716 December 20, 2017 USS Little Rock Departure

Wednesday, December 20th

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It's 930. In 716. Farewell to the US cents Little Rock LCS nine and her crew it's been wonderful to have played a small part. And now. In the navy's ongoing mission that newly commissioned navy ship is now transiting go well and can Allen on its way. To the Atlantic for duty there really is photo a wonderful sixty day celebration Maurice Mon may lie and cheered the local organizing committee Amazon with WB yen as the preparations for departure. Were underway at canal side. Then I'd soul just extraordinarily proud of my home town of Buffalo's. You know gracious and generous hospitality. Was just. Without the girl what was the highlight for you if not the actual commissioning ceremony. Well there were couple leaders great seeing via sailors out of the snowball. The the wonderful. A gold star mothers what should that the daughters of the American revolution revolution hosted was. Great and that just getting did all the sailors and that. Before this I didn't really realize what they really become part of your family that are there forever woven. Into the fabric of our fine community. I think will. Will she of them returned to harsh tires so I you know there are all welcome. They've told us term that we're. All part of a Little Rock of were welcomed a couple board whatever were you under the ship you know it's just been a fabulous event. They are taken some great memories with them too is they had down toward may port Florida that. Buffalo really rolled out the well connected Maine now. Oh it was extraordinary IIA. I used to Milwaukee. I was the commission for the USS Milwaukee. Him November 15. And I use that is kind of our model. And I think we did every every bit as well as Milwaukee and in terms of welcoming people just. Bringing a warmth the great gracious specific perhaps Revis exude and while you we really looked at Milwaukee is kind of birth or model. And while you are the chair of the commissioning ceremony. The commissioning committee rather. Tell me about the rest that many how many people worked to pull this thing together I imagine as it as a winds down to it today would be the time to thank them. Well we got out of the short strokes there were about a dozen of us that got very little sleep and I've with some of them now. I'm with by vice chairman to America. And by. Special events a committee chair each job Moffett at the macros bill shepherd. I've with. Away in storage you know who have older veterans portfolio. It was great to hear of these key. You know key members of our committee the ones who really made it happen along with other assured out here today but. If I had to single out some people. Dan the jobs bill and Billy Byrd who is I think the hotter right now. And is doing do you view the ship but bill was my other quite sure with the idea of America. Then view he was just. Bill as a the other thirty year better than maybe it was with the seabees sought so. He really was a wealth of information this first interface with that maybe we are a lot of I. Where almost I'm really quickly. To just tell me why you did this as the guy that helped put together why was this important why did you do it. 3032 as well we're almost out of time yeah I've Iberia cheer for ES TR steroid all the guys over importer evident. And when buffalo was chosen of them commander Patrick Griffin appropriate sub. You were doing this commissioning would you. Be willing to serve mostly sheer. And you are to honor my son daughter favorably. Item or uniform but out of a fairway is insured and it could help so that's not gonna evolve. Then departure. To cruise saluting and thankful crowd of onlookers feverishly wading back. As we took care welders ship slowly pulled away from the canal side boardwalk. The crew very busy up on the power. Of the ship date which over the past couple days has been maneuvered to point out words now and out towards the lake. So initiative does is pull away from that can outside court luck it'll just keep pointing out the rivers and couple of tugboats one of them that Vermont right in front of me will be helping assist the ship pulled away and then it will be the river and boundaries should stay in and out into the open waters of the outer harbor and then Lake Erie and then the ship is bound swore. Port Colbern just on the other side the Canadian shoreline and that of course is the beginning of the well and can now. 126 mile transit. Into Lake Ontario and then they'll put down think complete and Terry and the saint Lawrence Seaway and up to the Atlantic. Right now and watching is that the crew of the USS little Iraqis now hauling one of the mines. Off from the Madison and it that ship is now disconnected from the peer from the foul line is one remaining line that does remain. Is the crew. In very cold conditions this morning is pulling this one of the last minds connecting the USS overactive canal side. So just minutes away I think from departure. One of the things that they did over the past couple of days has put these very large fenders on both sides of the shipping black. Cylinder fenders that will be used as the ship goes through. The well and can now you have to remember this is I believe almost a 400 billion dollar ship and they wanted to protect. Her hall obviously when she goes through the well and can announce that this ship is ready to go as far as that is concerned I think we'll stay with this and we are just minutes away Monet line is watching all of this and in Mecca in kind of emotional mode to see this ship untethered from canal site for the first time in cup. We examine really is it's been a wonderful sixteen under 72 day visit with these extraordinary young men and women who were gonna grow up now on. Apply distant waters to protect their freedoms so it's been it's been wonderful to have played a small part and now. In the navy's ongoing mission. Dan and I were talking that it just seems a little early in the season to see this much ice and here you can now Harvard and that it's a whole cold morning here it is cold but unfortunately it's not to win these sorts that is. The elements are as difficult as they might be but yes definitely Julia. Our Lola great job over the past couple of weeks and I know months and months of planning went into this and and Tim thank you and you know your stations were just. Yes your hero is the place to be in the morning good you know obviously throughout the day but we really appreciate all of your support. And there you have a signal that. Ship is now. Just about ready to pull away there is one less line. That is still connected to the right side of the ship's bow that they're working right now to maneuver in. Remove it really kind of a very that kind of it's a very cool sign at some of the colors. The flags are now being raised on the us Harvard or the right side of the ship. It's great now the the United States flag is being raised. And just after a couple of weeks here. That last line is now being pulled up onto the right side of the ship. And we should have departure here of the USS Little Rock. Any moment now is the tugboat Vermont beacons of very slowly ever so slowly gently pulled the shift away from the canal site. Here here James Kim are called you were there as it came in and one of the stories you told on that day. Was basically how for such a massive ship how quickly this thing could move. How we expect to see also fairly quick departure coming up here. I think so I mean it it doesn't go to is I think if it needed to keep the speaker quickly it they certainly don't need to do that this morning I think it will be a gentle. Departure there are two Tug boats that are connected your tethered to the ships so. I think it's going to be a very smooth and and departure here it is completely disconnected from. Can outside boardwalk right now and I think of her mind the other into it's very slowly. Edged the ship out into the center of eerie you know Harvard shall be utterly. I think it'll be. Controlled. Departure all of the sailors now. Dressed in their very warm gear this opening is you can imagine standing on it right side the starboard side of the wow. And here saluting him waving. Some of the crews it's been assisting them onshore. This morning and there's a lot of people gathered here to along canal side that are watching. The departures well. I was wondering if I mean it probably isn't as big a crowd is that date they arrived but are there are people lined up feet along near the hatch all the way down to canal signed. I'm not over their season right in front of liberty around this is counter espionage point right now so we can't see what's over their clinical over there. You know as soon as the ship starts to make way down the river but that'll be very shortly. But there are several people that together here just watched this. Departure in the ship now it's moving out. Away from the boardwalk and into the hearing you know Harvard being pulled an assisted. By the time of the government right now. And you know mowing of the ship can go really quickly and they were asking me that there should be a pretty controlled I think can slow ride out of the. Very much zone and getting through the locks is a mean feat that's going to be a tricky thing leadership of this size yeah well and can mail through blogs. So will you know they'll have about their work cut out for them though they obviously good people little me navigating them. Man made structure that that's it's going to be tricky. And he even weaker number than Welling canal is the height. Niagara Falls his imaginative that that should these be lowered that that much it's that it's it is a big feet. And share messages and but these. Young men and element of truth or to the test of them will be through the saint Lawrence about the blue water on their way to make or maybe former clients mode again thank you Dave is the. Ultimate destination before it reaches may port Florida. To be armed at the Norfolk naval base or does it go directly to Florida do we know. Give mode you know of the ships stops it nor folk we're we're its armaments they were originally scheduled from Norfolk and I forget the that whatever the calculus was they've elected that you. So I think bill. Online order was that they actually delusional woman Norfolk. There's so many ships all with a for the holidays. That they weren't able to find a berth in Norfolk. So there you have to make waiver maybe work. Eric Mona island thank you so much for that. And the USS Little Rock we can now see the full expanse of the ship is now pulling away from. Erie Canal and your canal harbor should say and the canal side. And we will leave it at that as the Tug boats begin to move the ship. Down the river and how to. Lake Erie and on its way to work home. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow within never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.