930in716 December 15, 2017 Little Rock Commissioning - Need to Know!

Friday, December 15th

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It's 930. In 716. The day is here the official navy commissioning of the USS Little Rock. I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Saturday is the day the LCS nine chip will officially become the USS from Little Rock commissioned in two service into the United States navy fleet. The commissioning will air live on WB EN and online at WB EN dot com. A lot of organizing is gone into the stay in events kick into full gear tonight according to Dan Mecca with the local organizing committee. Yet tonight is the the chairman are truly is sort of that deal sort of marquee event. It happened just you know that might support and that's when you get a lot of you work. Your BP's dignitaries or peavy to pick all the military circles distinguished visitors. They're usually count so this is the opportunity perverted sort of together. And there's there's some formal part of the presentation there'll be some exchange of gifts between. That period to ship the ship over to commit to anything like that so. It it's a wonderful book fair we got the job. I have about the going to be wonderful and now we're you know that really aren't so great before the big day on Saturday. All right so Saturday is the big day the commissioning is at 11 o'clock is you know there's a ton of stuff going on in downtown buffalo on Saturday the commissioning in my. You know my. Expectation I think yours is is probably the biggest thing going man with what 9000 people but. You've also got a couple of concerts at the arena. People on downtown for hockey tournament what do people need to know about arriving for this commissioning ceremony if their ticketed in in and go into it. Well the bit big you know what Patricia that it outside so you know he got a first look at what Castro dressed for the weather dressed appropriately. The ceremony. Is about ninety minutes so well you got here you get them early which were occurred in people but do. Deep down at a time on the going to be out you know in the weather person so make sure you're appropriately. We're also urging people to use our public transportation. You are gonna keep metro rail will be running special events scheduled for the commission so. You can use a park and ride that probably your best bet that we can we have to find our spot walked to. To the site. That you metro and drop your right opposite the special event in which by the cubic center. And it's a short walk to the job security entrance point which is that the corner of Marine Drive in Hanover street. Right there at you know at the start out real well so did get an early start in you'll be prepared for security Q. That he has been we we mentioned a couple of crimes that he did take it to this. You'll need your ticket and government issued photo ID at that security now children there with their of their parents. And but he under eighteen they don't necessarily your vote like he was as an adult. With a podium but the kid also do need ticket seller would editors could you. Right so that the physical. You know of where this all takes place have been down there obviously of senior down there we know where the ship as we know we're canal side is. You just told us where the security entrance is. Where we're will this actual ceremony be taking place for people that have been the canal side first concert there or to visit where will they be located for the actual commissioning of the ticket. So if you're familiar you know by the way to separate console could do different they'll still use that same area where. The grassy area degree on the they have been there. Are bigger suck that up and actually over the last few days but that cheers. What is it that issue itself is parked with a Powell speaking skyway. And it's so good parallel with the boardwalk a canal by. And then if you are looking so. At boardwalk with you know the water all the conditioning people all people but you'd think they will be seated on the log eighteen toward the ship. So little what if you can count the company can now buy if you turn ninety degree. Increased water to keep this ship. And then you'll be seated in an area looking out over the ships should serve as a backdrop and then all the formal ceremony capitalist state that put right our ship. Are obviously it's a rain or shine or snow or shine event and we expect that there may be a little bit of snow in the air. You know I mean in dress like you're going skiing right. That's correct yeah absolutely I mean it looked like that the weather is going to be if they that I have about twenty your point forgeries but you know got in the morning it's probably going to be cooler. Rain rain shield minors there always is actually correct not accrued in her personal weakest well could they play a big gorgeous babe and her. Asked the crew had been rehearsing I'm. And it been ordered in the coal so it will go off. At 11 o'clock on Saturday regardless. Indeed you know love is there a place people are going to be able to go to you know to to take shelter at all I mean if they need to warm up field people I'm assuming we're in of people that. Wanna see this that you know might have difficulties walking etc. mean user anywhere that's warm at all. So. What they've done it there it is someone that had trouble that. Year or meet some kind of assistant. Award urging people to do it other than drop off point he's going to be yet either section of Scott street game. Washington which rightward but what the references. And what we'll do it if someone needs to be dropped off. There will be transportation hub and a golf cart type transportation which will then be able to bury those people over to the security point. Where it and it can and get through security and then he walked to their seat five what are allowed this. First being warmer take shelter armed do you he would Leo there was a large that it now I don't beauty for the whole commitment assumption. If people do need to answered they can and get warm. Rob I believe that the typical bad intent is kind of one spot. But we're certain people that you know get down there get thirsty. We do expect a full house. So Bob you wanna make sure that. If it how many people and I mentioned 9000 heard that that number look you know throughout the week. Yeah so we we we had a registration. About 9000 ticket requests no doubt people must Europe's get paid I want it to me so here will issue ticket for those are quite. Are there is another group of folks that column will be coming from Washington and other not a sound get so. We're expecting more horrible ticketing or total past the stick to only be about 101000. For the event well. You are it may get serve percentage of people to keep order there were seen some of those coveted. But we think we're. A pretty crowd so you're between cop out. Dignitary lies they think we can all can guess who would be there from our local. Community be it political leaders are community leaders. Are there dignitaries from out of town that we that we should look for at this. Yet there will be usually there's some you know there's. A good group of the military higher ups there coming. Our keynote speaker we. By admiral. We don't have confirmation on that just yet but. And it simply it does draw on that level to church. Or government. We have not got bungled this the dignitaries like coming from our from the federal government. Some of that is scheduling. What he's. His security reasons and stated so but doubt it will be prepared and our security team spent a lot of time. Going over there are sure that the appropriate ready or opt for the commission regards could hear the biggest dignitaries corporate we are our crew. He. Here's cruel. The future but we'll tell you real Terry Cook had trouble we wanted to do it may be our chairman that. A midget the first crisis there and he's fine but here. In the weeks leading up to this the months leading up to this and certainly over the past week you and I've talked and you've. You've often referred to that can you know the actual commissioning net ninety minute or so ceremony. Is is. Is full chock full of navy tradition and you know is operated by the need people what can people expect during that ninety minute window that it at least you know about. You'll you'll hear from the Korean not mr. Peter your news. Accessible. Who'll and he'd be via. The program. You'll hear from our local politicians from some higher ups derby keynote address. It well but they'll leadership. They'll become part of but that should become part of that that you need to leave there'll be a commander of what one point what should sponsored Jenny Potter says commander piers. Bring the ship a light really the crime when the sealant wrap it inks lake and ship it turned Bowden. There's a lot of a lot of system and always. Horn goes off so it's not quite dramatic CC. Hopefully they'll ice melts and the gang leaders of the that the guys don't slip and when he ran out. He's a better person noted that some of these. Summit Jones who are from the southern state involvement and himself but it we put it that year we had a chance to get acclimated. Do you do hear that there is like the reverse so. If they get cold case of Western New York okay any access to the ship at all and and Saturday following the commissioning. Yes so what they should start in his own commission ceremony. They do. Providing opportunity for people who are commission to come and take a look at the ship so it's really first come first serve basis. So after the commissioning ship is open or the number of our people sick were true and take what the ship. Straight. OK so commissioning ends people leave. Then what happens with. The USS Little Rock is it will officially be known what happens with the the ship in the crew that starting on Sunday. So the late preparation stripped of their commission centered on the make operation to get under way. Make your way from quo that got a good candidate for floor where on board so. That we neck and it was it's really you know it that at that point they've got to get pounded it searched it business. I'll make their way. I'm two. Atlantic get down in the port Florida so. You know submitted his degree expert for the crew. Being sort of a commissioning. Ceremony part of the commission crew. But you know they still got it so got to get it shipped out to to its home port. So that they can at some point or should get out cheap service. Well and I was on board last week with you if for the they keep the city ceremony. You know he said that when they go off to these events are being going to sabres games restaurants and bills game at setter. That they do need to leave you know a certain member of the day you know number of the crew onboard to actually operate the ship but. But the crew has really been for the past week or so treated differently from what their normal life would be on board the USS Little Rock right. Yeah that corrected and now commander Peter does mentioned a few times in conversation that the something that. Leo be these men and women and the crew will remember for the rest speak this is not part of the normal maple experience so. Under the part of it accrued a new shipment they go through. Commission but really didn't you know. But such a perfect places could the people are so good so well I mean really it really had a great experience. And remember. Yes they let you go again as you know I've I had a couple conversations with the commander. You know offer air so to speak and on the ship last week in and he didn't even make mention that he's he's just. Humbled and amazed at the amount of interest in kindness. That that not only the committee your committee is extended but the community. Has extended he never expected this kind of attention I don't think and he certainly didn't expect this kind of a welcome so. Great job from from the community do you guys for organizing this. Well you like to bilking upper pneumonia or put together. Creek bed they Jules all voluntary. To make this happen with fanatic about eighteen months and Reuters. Hundreds and hundreds of man our partners are a lot of different levels so it's really a team effort really fantastic achievement. The cooperation we've gotten and and the generosity to other people that like like but coolers and the focal go about sabres who were so generous. You know providing them with their credit terms tellers agree bill payment. Are confident that come out to support us. Sponsored by you know by it can capture everything come from. Small meals to two big events. It's just phenomenal to see this sudden generosity but it was pizzas here are what people hear the culture. That would be good neighbors where it. And we've shown that this time around and it weird that moniker again. While Merry Christmas to you and happy holidays to UN committee great job a job well done for all of us here in western new York and hopefully. That this weekend but hopefully soon you'll be able to sleep in a little bit. God and I appreciate that thank you sir for all your interest. Or happy Eisner Christmas due to you and your family. Dan Mac go with the local USS Little Rock commissioning organizing committee the ship will set sail for the well and canal in the Atlantic and service early next week. We're back month. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.