930in716 December 14, 2017 NYAG report on BPD in custody death

Thursday, December 14th

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It's 930. In 716. The attorney general issues a report on the off for the police department in custody death of war Dell meets Davis. It was troubling and all these options are feeling decent human being. Some discontent in the community. You know I don't wanna live in the column with Al are policing we don't went on the gonna count. Where's citizens don't trust police. I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. No charges will be filed in the death of a man in buffalo police custody the attorney general's office issued its findings Wednesday. The investigation led by chief deputy attorney general in chief of the special investigations and prosecutions unit Alvin brag. Did not find sufficient evidence to substantiate criminal charges against the officers involved. The death of Bordeaux Davis was a tragedy and we send our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones and attorney general snyderman. Our extensive investigation uncovered policies in real need of reform by the BP. These systemic issues must swiftly be addressed. As in all cases we investigate under the executive order we remain committed to a fully independent review of the facts and an exhaustive and transparent accounting. Our investigation. I'll let you know also there's simply no surprises we do. For the better part of time launch. What took place girl quote tragic. Did not amount to do you relate hint of any criminal behavior by the news followed by these two cops. Tom Burton is the attorney for buffalo police officers union. There's a little was awarded virtual control group. The attorney general's office confirmed there will its final report. Time would body cameras have made a difference here. Even with speeding up the investigation. Probably have to live and perhaps. This event was sold over look in my group of about two minutes. Public confront it blew the individual who indicated you have. Drug showed them. While they have toward them would controls parents took off on the road but he handled very very you know very violent struggle. And Lindsay succumbed move medical problems. No one could've enormity. I would body cameras perhaps have been helpful we have street maybe. In the ten months since this incident happened and what's been happening to the two police officers involved and what is their future look like. Well it's twofold question though they've been around the the twisting in the wind basically on administrative leave for the better part of a launch. Waiting in the reserve ball hard working good Sri touched. Other put on administrative leave. Legislative in my view from their program. And I'm hoping it commercials Seifert to get him back on the street related blog and I'll probably. But so we were in limbo for the better part of trying to launch solutions the event occurred. The protesters yesterday afternoon outside police headquarters town what did you think when when the protests over the attorney general's decision was scheduled. Even before we knew what the decision was. Well it's sort of it's of interest in a situation where we're just its food. Results quietly do it and and the roof there were a couple of follow Bockwoldt should we approach to lose from where a group toward Cuba. Reckless solutions murder Lucia individual borrowers to walk to church. Let's stop this hurtful it's wrong it's untrue. It didn't occur. In the bottom line lawless was a tragedy. There's no duty for up to run the other way. When he confronts somebody earlier should confront somebody. There and there was troubling and all these options are feeling decent human bench. Well I think it's important realization of women voters put it. Mr. Davis solutions struggles. In within five seconds. There were little strange CPR to. And you don't hear that everywhere at least two cups to terrific record. To say this because lawyers for the unfortunately whose. Medical condition known for Cordova. At the whole point say as I've always understood it of the attorney general looking at these cases was too. Kind of reassured the public that suit a good job is being done a thorough investigation and that. When the result came out they can be satisfied that it was the result that should happen seeing these protests last night. Do you think that's being accomplished at all by the attorney general looking at these cases. Well that the leadership a lose lose lose to people to parties that are of interest here. One is the public as to what these circumstances were when adults and costlier shooting situation occurs that long. In the Olympic perhaps it was state chemist so. They go in harm's way for us shortly whoosh. And are you just wait too long slow approach. Mattered twist slowly slowly in the wind for the better part of have launched. Mean. Brenda Ervin was quoted yesterday. I'm looking at her release that should put older. Americans trust those. For the through your little color who were tragically. And ruthlessly killed that they air as the BP. It's wrong it's an appropriate. It's a tragedy brought to try to spin loose and slumping it is him. This doesn't do what it was really good especially these corruption or there and wait for Ross. At ten to sum this all go to activists that if Davis have cooperated. With police week could be looking at an entirely different situation. We might be talking about something else here it's clear as a bell. Of the bigger that this was the boosted the happened in a vacuum. There was 252. Pro trolling around with two cups. They were covered with mud boots or uniforms were roped up they were injured in the course of those and you did have the little write up. If he would submit to authority. Played what he was storing. In that doesn't behaviors that put the options rushed. We'd be talking about something else right now. Hey Tom this obviously happened in the city of buffalo that's where you are working representing a different police officers say it. If this were to happen this long process in a different part of New York State. I would smaller police departments be able to cooperate through the entire investigation I mean this a ten. Monthlong process it has to be costly in the end. Well and here's you know buffalo PP and let's let police department of the punitive and higher rated. When these fluctuations occur. Who's got the wherewithal or the legal battles burdened by the way. There were two lawyers from reactor room on my brother turned neutral told. I was part of this stool for the better part of some lunch you're dead right for a small he'd be. Are small police department. The U compared to one of these things would be devastating. Awful lucky Jews can absorb illegal for use I shutter to think what would happen if those were slow small community on the show the interior. Maybe a small peavy would come. Out balloons or. Military amber what are loans the we were beholden world that are relevant to the local district attorneys. Have been disengage from the review prose such by the governor's veto it. Protesters gathered outside buffalo police HQ late Wednesday demanding to be PD fire the two officers involved. They say the investigation says there's not enough evidence not that wrongdoing didn't occur. David Olivier hashed it all out with buffalo common council president the reverend Darius Pritchett. Or you know I always hear that old side and the other you know I don't wanna live in a column with Al. Our police and we open on the account where citizens don't trust police. You know are tried American and I'm gonna continue going to continue to try. Are too boring those two sides together because it's really not opposites sides. Where all the strains citizen police are citizens. And citizens. Preserve or at least part that they can trust. You know there have been efforts and I won't say that they failed you know you look at. I think that things could be a lot worse here in buffalo when it comes to a law enforcement people and relations. When you look at a lot of anti violence groups that are working with young people. Are the police officers who are out there and meeting with people the community officers. I mean we have more stories about altitude. With police and citizen relations and negative. But when people protest you know it is America. And they have the right protests and some rector of which hurt at the in the today currently currently. Our legislators. And others even though the past. I think it's my responsibility to bring people together. More than divide them at any time. Bishop let me talk to the pastor side. Okay is that that's the part I really believe they believe it or not. I'll talk to a man who I believe will be the next mayor of buffalo yeah I mean like I really bully and you've served your country in uniform. You're god fearing man your honorable man we agree on politics. I talked to the pastor side of your heart. Talk to the pastor shot here if you have individuals. That are in the church and they're basically saying look. This is our this is our beef this is what's happening in our community what can we do about. There was a time when Doctor King got together with people it was 888. It was of an army of of Christians. Using. You know Christ teachings to go out there and say we are not going to be in the face of law enforcement we're gonna love you to death. You're gonna see the error in your ways and we're gonna do it too. That that is that is missing in two days I think it's missing in today's discourse but it's definitely missing in today's protest is. Well I don't know about today's protest I have no idea RB periodic review this. The first I'm hearing it steers protests. And I let I didn't mean today. I meant in general when you see people protest. And got up and think about it even go back to king and got king was obviously a pastor's obviously inquiry civil rights leader. But they still protest still without a mostly still walk across that bridge. And you don't simple protest in in the United States is is a light and I think that what you have to know what you want at the end of the day you know give a protest what what is it because we're going to change. Beauties and other very effective civil rights leaders. Is that they knew what they want it. And sold it was basically about changes in laws changes in policy when you look at it I think we're talking about the police the AG's report I would hope that what we're talking about art now. Or MR moral. Donald we are we are talking about that in and let me. I'm pretty sure your statement that one question about that EG. His report he came back and secure something. Law. Here are some things they need to change. And soul out whether I'm an upbeat about just finished reading only eight or you know but I have not had a chance. Our support through the biggest sixty pages of this document. However that the pages that I did look at I agree like I'm I I deal that. And as an elected official we got we got to make changes and we can't act like it's not a problem. And and civil protest you know if it simple. And civilized enough burning down it'll be here in our neighborhoods. It it's a part of the way some people expressed. It's two good days or bad day. You know I don't think we can I don't think we can ever say it's a good bet they would disrupt like this you know there's. Somebody who is cease. There's somebody a police officer who accused him now the age says you know they they weren't at all. They're people were upset I don't come doesn't go to Bradley. I counted as kind of a court. And a great date that we can really go from year to change so policies that need to be changed at some of the things that the attorney general's. And continued this kind of civil discourse. And respect girls who may. If they do protest you know we kept protesters come before the council. I give them their target the protests are can't let him kick the whole council meeting that day. And I but we're here here's what I lower. No not usually know what is totally like you know I'm of the doctors are totally right time to creatures totally. But somewhere in between. Are hearing the protesters or even hear from police we have here one another and I think that's what I'm currently available to. Is to listen you know I live by the standard firstly to understand and then we youngsters. Bishop I am sure I am doing my best to listen okay. I'm not hearing a whole lot of reason here on the side of protesters today when here and we're not talking motif we're not talking people burn things down and in and writing. I'm saying that right now we had people. Send us a message this morning that there was going to be a protest before the AG reportedly came out. AG report comes out now it's the location is gonna be buffalo police headquarters I mean there's nothing here that they. Eric Schneider we need to be fair you haven't read the whole thing but. I don't believe there's anything that the attorney general of New York State. Could make the buffalo police department or Erie county medical examiner dual. What do you guys are comes to acute asthma Levy. A place that over 200 narcotics. Investigations have have been you know it. Adjudicated upon end the guy has a history of drug related offenses police are every within every right. To stop him and ask him what's going on. But the I don't think that when when you talk corporates are snapping that's why are we got you got last year even even your from your site got here what is. It battled believed that in and again I'm I'm kind of talk about the school because I'm not aware that no matter where they pick some clock in general. I want to be very general discretion. It is how I believe it's probably more than just this and should. It is years of buildup of tanks and feelings and I think from ball you know. I was just on the home and had nothing to do with this case orbiter that we commissioners. Was a glee deputy police commissioner Britney loves this community. I don't I don't want you know her to be lumped into some investors everybody back at what I do want. It's hurt him in the liberty it's old folks I execute each. And I think that's what happens we go you should be protesting you should be doing this and then obviously what we can Goran beauty of sport long time and no less so. Sooner or later and I might have to grow well sooner or later somebody has to listen to the other side. That's how you get to good policy that's hard to get to Corey changes and what Doctor King did when king was a lot is it was a ball. Making some changes to get. To a better United States of America. And were back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.