930in716 August 9, 2017 Scajaquada meeting #56 and hit and run accidents

Wednesday, August 9th

A look at the latest meeting on the Scajaquada "corridor" and the rash of hit and run accidents.


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Her kids 930. In 716. Meetings. Meetings. And more meetings so tonight would mark the 56. Public meeting in this process on the skid Jack put out. And then some disappointment. I could there wasn't much that I don't like. Who is. Is very disappointing me. I'm Tim linger on the podcast New York State's Department of Transportation unveiling its latest renderings for the ski jacket expressway. Which would become skip Jack what do boulevard by 20/20 three. The proposal including new bike has on each side of the ski cap and a quarter reduction in the median. A traffic circle intersections with traffic lights and several other new amenities. New York State DOT commissioner Matt Driscoll on hand for the latest meeting. Actually this conversation. Started. In 2007. So tonight would mark the 56. Public meeting in this process. Over the course of those many years been there's been many iterations. But to share would do what we would be rolling out tonight. In addition to all of those would be. New bike pathways that were adding to the court or the roadway itself so there'd be like halfway on either side. We're doing additional pathway building through connecting to the park and other. Facilities throughout the area. We're also reducing the median the meeting was originally proposed to be about twelve feet wide with plantings and so forth. Some of the stakeholder groups made it clear they thought it was too big didn't like the idea. Foliage and other aspects of that so we agreed. We have reduced debt to four feet. In width and that is a requirement to have a meeting and by federal highway. So four feet wide on that no plantings but would have hormonal lightning what's the difference between going from what it's known as now this could Jack but I expressway. To what it's proposed to be this huge equitable aren't good question so. And express ways high speed and a boulevard is low speed. And so. Currently in existence. As an expressway on the we have as everybody knows reduce the speed limit to thirty miles an hour. So. Part of what that means is that. That would only be small signage on the sides. You have reduced Wayne's. Many of those short term traffic coming improvements we've already done people conceive them now with the restricting that we've done is VM must force out there. Enforcing the speed limit. And I and other elements we've added to reduce those needs to come traffic. When a final boulevard project would be constructed. You would have seven at grade crossings where people can cross safely they can push a button they've late will change taking cross safely to the other side. Either side they want. So provides a lot of opportunity better opportunity quite honestly for access to pedestrians. Bicycle less than other users of the parks system. Reaction to the meeting now in what was presented. Again a new warning Susan rose and Brian Mazur Rouse key welcoming in Lewis hammer ski with the western ski Jack Quinn a coalition. I flew there wasn't much that I don't like who is. It is very disappointing me. It. It's the same deadlines that they've been showing a little extra years that take. Little out. From the public meeting. And influential in the liberation. And I think we oppressed. It is force our urban and study to be done in conjunction. They're billing that this isn't customary moves. But that is the DOT's. Sole goal in the Strauss. And what's most depressing about left might even Exxon's corporate mistress goes for commissioner for the Department of Transportation today. Burnt to the Buffalo News. Is that we can't do you know what happened seven years ago. Now this is the man who has mayors here is what the fight to move the 81 of the matter there. Now these DOT commissioner its seems so there really isn't much concerned local and could push their own projects. It isn't very. Doesn't there have to be some consideration given to timeframe here there's been numerous public meetings at some point construction ST get under way in and the work actually asked to be gone. It makes no sense to push it forward that's not the right to. We have you know we would love to quickly. But sacrifice. Quality. Equipment. There to generational decision that's being made it as of yet Cheney trip over fifty years. You know it's not you know the project that you know two years from house summit we could've done this better spent another 110 million dollars. It doesn't you know nothing else we'll change in the score tour. Oh well primal. What's the biggest mistake you think that they're making here. Well the biggest mistake is that they are using the term level of Serb. To which means accounting cars. It's purely traffic or. If you look back the extra where he never should have been built there at least. If you are to be proposing now it would not target of economic council would never make it true EPA standards. There are many ways that the project is a long. What they did you are at least say they're trying to create correct them. Designed plug on the road lately going take in the middle 2.2. On May have chosen to not consider. These aren't from street to the 190 been chosen not occur that are the the east from our site to thirty tree. Problem isn't that what we call the spaghetti the interchanges that the peak. Could never passes and considerations out horrible you know we did we leave their trucks all over there were the guardrail. On drug designed imported it's it's horrible. They won't touch it because they can't there anything better. So our proposal has been just remove disconnect that from the one that very aggressive propose. But it would also free up an incredible model for development. Oh you know the the coalition feels that there's about oh I think 92 acres along on this treatment beyond that would be open to development. River keeper you know Lou would love to see you know the ability to clean up the creek in the movement toward the river. But what we exceeded the drainage ditch right now really do as the inevitable harbor you know all along time ago and they wanted to get back to. The guilty just refuse to consider and that there and athletic trumpeted the proposal would not think about what they would do the western. So would you then just ended a grand street. It street district that would be reconstructed your grade and you know there's I mean we we commission urban planning study to be impaired. People to think about not just traffic. But what you can do little land it editor corollary here. You know twenty years ago who taught that you actually traffic jam on the buffalo river right after that. And paddle boats and things like that well. Expert Jack what do creek is basically riverfront property. Everything it touches. It is and it could be me. You know the north awful. Yeah that got cracked waterway and but you appear to stand in the way of the pile lines were elevated section 198. Actually fit in McCree. Don't think the only EPA it would never. What word do you go from here at the DOT says this is if this is their final plan. Well did you know her options open. You know the traditional wondered the steps the president Google. They're expensive than you know they're big and DOT recognizes that there. But it's you know David there are so many parts of the that they have not taken into account. And I don't hear that your view a list of you know meeting at Pimco over twelve years. They're definitely do it because you know in that the Federal Highway Administration requires that the recorder for an environmental impact statement. But the problem is we're coming needing to hole which you don't listen to the work. Next up perhaps meeting 57. Aches. While we're on traffic issues hit and runs now there's been a rash of them lately as you've no doubt heard. Nowhere in particular but the latest was in Cheektowaga. Front of the buffalo airport happening Tuesday. Today we look into all of this the investigations. And the legalities. Scott Louise heads up the accident investigation team at Amherst PD. Powers there's definitely increase and a pedestrian strike. Yeah. At that point on up question was via the moment fatal injuries and look at them Austrians. Scott any idea. Why. I can only imagine that. There's more put traffic out on the road team and a pedestrian irons. Crossing where there's Ulster crops need not paying attention. He has the drivers are getting scared and just leaving these. You know what I want our listeners that is suggesting and I text line that this these hit and runs are from people who are using their cell phones. And they know if they stop at the scene of an accident the police we'll find out that they were on their phones you think there could be anything to that. I would definitely take it as you do well on an increase in people aren't paying attention and everything else in the car and driving the car. And paying attention to grow. How did these investigations work in a lot of these cases especially looking at the city of buffalo they've recovered some of the cars but were unable to. I'd give the driver behind the wheels so far. On can you take us through maybe the steps generally. What you're looking at when there's a hit Ron. Well we start right at the scene of the physical evidence the police weekend's net. We get there I'll witness information what they shot. Trying to keep himself and so you know bulk of the story. We look at the amount of damage Elkhart lake and travel how far could they yet. Paris still hearing he be available. It's kind of data direction of travel. Blood trails is little they sang and played a big part of course a debris trails. Video in the area video on the area's real big thing right now everybody sees his ideologues business. And that's what we're using it in almost every case. And you also coated body shops to right not just in exit the town and her she would go cast kind of a wide net to see if there. Repairing cars that might have the kind of damage are looking four ranked. All of that that they can just got to fight the parking lot behind the scenes and we do get a copy to Croatian people. And sometimes compete so small that they can't Donna I'm so at least physically have to go to dealers Johncke. And edge apart up until we find similar car and we've done that numerous times that's what takes a large enough time. Hit it sounds like code long painstaking process but at the end of its how successful generally our police and catching the person involved. Well it depends how much time you put into it to its. Very long peace process kind of competitive vehicle. And you know the results of physical evidence on the body and clothing. And you know once you get that. And you can adapt kind of type of car and then go from there other agencies. It's kind of like a big wheels he gets started and you've gotten numerous people involved that he just kick on. And talking about these people working. Update. Now because of the nature of the police department jurisdictions but also the ability to really travel anywhere throughout Western New York are you working with. Differ police departments in some of these investigations. Absolutely. We offer help out to the other police department among them call me Ford. And what I have such a network of people that. Such great knowledge it really. It helps and where we're glad to help any other agencies especially since and I'll. Now what's so one thing you eat just the word you wanna get out there whether it's to the drivers or pedestrians. In these cases that they should keep in mind if they ever find themselves. In an incident like this. Well the drivers should go up and poultry and just call the police and you know alum what happened. A lot of times it's not their fault but yet they continue to take if it even if it is it might be a minor traffic violation. And they take and they turned in to a Allen. As a city they face more serious charges by leaving right. Exactly and the pedestrians need to be more careful and across the crosswalk. You can't just run across the street anywhere he wants to because you know pedestrians don't belong in the street. That's when you're getting at these days that we can't rational mind Niagara Falls over. Now onto the legalities of it all and there is plenty traffic attorney Arthur Pressman with some perspective on the hit and run uptick in. What we all need to know. I think the number of combinations of why people are hitting. Pedestrians and leaving them to combination. Sometimes are intoxicated or there on the vehicle to drug. Other times it sheer panic. It's someone and they panic and they don't stick around. At a single rare occasions. That someone hit objective sure that it Syria and human being. By. You know that you quit the technology is today an affront to investigations. Yeah police departments eventually. These people are apprehended. Now in your experience. How often does somebody. Involved in hit and run. May be paying. I need to get out of here because I was on my phone or trying to get out of here because I was. Intoxicated. Not realizing that the penalty for leaving is even more severe. I'm in my practice I. We're presenting a lot of drivers get an accident so there's probably about thirty to 50% of them actually you dissing of an accident that always involved. Pedestrian or fatality but it involved properties it right. I think it's mostly combinations a set of panic and also there where the leader packs here or there on the phone to drug. What kind of advice would you give. Drivers. Well I think obviously you know the right thing to do is to file a law and stop you know go either eight someone who's injured or call police. Obviously if a person who's already left the scenario they got conscious choice. They need to contact the defense attorney. Now to speak about their options and a rainy weather has surrendered. Or they're gonna be proactive about that or reactive or they're gonna wait to see if the investigation. You know zero zero's. Have you actually seen cases where a driver. Truly doesn't know. They hit something obviously we all remember the course Nazi case and that was a part of his defense it is that common. It's not common at that that that's where I was referring to the courts not the case are mentioned that both. It is rare but on occasion depending on the circumstances what you're on call wrote later I adore our area that doesn't have lights. And it depending on you know what you hit how faster going and you know you could eclipse the one who thought it was a good relevant as usual not in its common. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that the most cases I think people realize date it's up and there are more panic mode and leave the scene. Arthur we talked about this yet but do you think cellphones come into play here. It at all because of the eight blatant disregard for the law which would seem. You know I don't look at cell phone itself as a comes into play I think it is more conscious decision by someone who knows it could go wrong believe. And we certainly saw on there are huge distraction nowadays there. Distracted on the street and we have people driving her on the assault on overcrowding. But I don't know itself what itself. Plays a role and I think it's just a combination of different factors leading up the person making decisions believe whether its assault on alcohol. Or just an attention actually. As an attorney you're advice to those people who are still out on the loose police still looking for. A lot of people involved in these hidden runs that have happened over the summer. I you're advice to those people. Or the defense attorney and I'm looking at it a little bit different a sale late Kurt I would go to contact in the tourney because. They need to explore our options are and often times what we do it to us attorney in his we will contact the Laporte latency on their behalf. And arranged to. You know negotiated surrender and move the case forward percent of actually had an excellent excellent technology. Are these people are going to be caught and as a as a order. And we're. Protecting the client but we also unique to put them in the best possible positions so that they can surrender it and we speak for them advocate for the. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.