930in716 August 8, 2017 Roswell Park, RoboCalls and the Bachelorette!

Tuesday, August 8th

A look at Roswell Park's top ranking in the listing of cancer hospitals....


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It's 930. In 716. Jim Wenger and thrilled to pass along some really big news from Roswell park it. Says to patients. Is that is the place where you can go and get cutting edge care. High quality. Is so we're thrilled we're just thrilled. Applies some Hollywood sizzle for you following the finale of the bachelorette. I had a decline. With purely just being infatuated with someone it would have been Pierre but I didn't see him as harassment and later a bald eagle rescue. But let's start at home with some really big news for Roswell Park Cancer Institute in buffalo is a hole. There in the top fifty actually 33 among nearly. 900 cancer hospitals reviewed nationwide. For the annual best hospital rankings. Published by US news and world report. A new morning Susan rose and Brian has around ski talking bright and early with CEO doctor Candice Johnson and doctor Stephen edge. Well you don't we get it's an acknowledgment. Outside of Western New York over 900 hospitals nationwide. And we were number 33 so we're in the top 4%. It says to patients. Is that is the place where you can go and get cut managed care high quality. Is so we're thrilled which is thrilled. Now all what in your mind spurred this big jump up the rankings. Well you know the combination of things didn't pay attention to it we you know it is it our quality measures which they ask. Of recent years put more emphasis on we did very very well. You get points for things like being in and get designated tanner so. You know we have just it is that when they do their calculation that it goes back three years and these past couple years have really been exceptional for a we have outperformed and you know we've got acknowledgment for. Where he wanna be next year arm. Warm. What is this a matter of you know Roswell everyone around buffalo knows Roswell knows the Roswell main. Is this may be a matter of it was a really well kept secret here in western new York and now it's spreading or. Has the hospital really improved by leaps and bounds. Well I think I think Russell park has always been a really exceptional place where you could get cutting edge care if you had cancer. But I think that we are better perhaps than we were how many years ago. We're you know it the technology the innovation around cancer. Has gotten more sophisticated and Russell park has kept up with that and so. I think it's a combination of things but I do think it's it is centrist thing you know Ross will sometimes known. More outside of Western New York Stanley are. In our own backyard because you know maybe people take it for granted being people don't sort of know that we're here sometimes but. There's a jewel in our backyard and we're here for patients. And you know it's really the outstanding staff and physicians that we have that really take credit for the awards. Doctor doesn't you know that the percentage. Of patients that come from outside Western New York compared to those that are local. Well you know it varies but it almost AD 90% of our patients come from a Western New York area. But it is growing you know we get a lot of patients from Canada we get a lot of patients that come here from all over the country. For the innovative. Clinical trial that we have and some of our vaccine approaches and so. We'd like to grow that part of our business. Also on line with us is doctor Stephen edge Steve your right kind of being recognized in two main categories for very high performance urology. And then lung cancer surgery if you could explain kind of in those two areas Howell. What we have to bomb. Truly superior teams here in lung cancer and urology and if you look across the board in the different specialists who work that feel of an amplified to sort of a field we have special leadership darker. Doctor grew darker bowler of the neural surgery area of the world leaders and in the armed prostate cancer. Robotic surgery law before. It became the norm and now in on the suspect mayor remove the bladder surgery and not just to assert record make America here. In this drug treatment for those cancers we have some of the world leaders here working in the field and radiation oncology and then in the scientific programs across the board. In neurology and the same thing goes for lung cancer we have. Well the really great leading lung cancer surgery centers in the country. One that due to a minimally officials want capture for a long before. Many people recognized its value up to those two were truly excellent programs to literally tour great programs. Yeah and Roswell to was singled out as the only facility in western and central New York. To be included on this list that's got to feel pretty good. I absolutely you know there are through force honors in New York City who worked on the list memorial Sloan Kettering Panama Colombia. But outside of New York City. Or the only senator and in New York State and we're the only answer it doesn't at a cancer center which recognizes and I'm not only our scientific or close to the club collections that we provide for patients. And the excellence in providing innovative and new characters that people won't find elsewhere. Congrats to Roswell onto robo calls now remember when they just bugged us at home. Now they've moved onto our cellphones. It's one of the top complaints we received from consumers. And to the FCC is wells says Maureen Mahoney of Consumers Union. Our Tom pocket spoke with her. Obama called you need a major problem on its 100. That we keep from compute. The talk complete. At peace he well and eat column are we aren't. Rob I had never seen. Well now it's back to call it because there and ride it efforts that spurred by dropping cost. Com. So many here at consumer what did you see these unwanted or a call on hold firm increasingly we're hearing from team. He called on their Al Gore and wow. We quite. Sure why I didn't need help and by. We can actually at this amateur acting can reach consumers where art and more people begin to get out front and it calls on arms wide as well. Also more and more people in and help firm. Up these numbers out to be careful about. Your font term acute. Right up for the application and more popular market. What else we know about these horrible calls. Again many of them are. Camera but called offered Hughes who. All corporate Laurie your engine trade war tech support him. So it's really important QB careful about unit called farm are keeping under familiar number all right C. I would athletic as we offer. And what can we do with anything to stop these horrible calls or at least limit them. So. There are couple development occurring I am that he is seeking a number that you compete he called the need arms. But a number of important actions against companies. There also recruited ruled year toward the club company's view on an athlete Oxford explode. It in me arguing com. Global companies are also beginning to offer. Cool for consumers are helped stop the car. He ain't right then Bryant came out well are a few all of our companies are offering each school's sports Marc Warren. Back and watch column I worded but some companies to see what options are typically there and free options. There also some third party options out there. For example many compounds are probably at. No borrow borrow. Back athletes are meant that our package a prize. Bravo called we are cute what opt out there. RA and any possibility of the government getting involved in pushing back on a roll calls robo calls. Rates are again seeing. Burma called one of the main priority. So how big unit number of important actions. Are there are typical big ruled Q a couple of company's efforts Q. I copied it. Senator Chuck Schumer in town on another matter comments on the problem of those. Robo calls robo calls for a while we had to do not call list and that. Nothing annoys you more you sit down to dinner with your family the phone rings they are better answer that. Whether it's cell phone or. Land line and it's one of these annoying calls asking you to buy something you don't want. And a lot of numbers games to. So we established that do not call list I helped write that law. What's happened is technology has gotten ahead of that do not call us one people can push a button and get a million calls coming out. You know they don't need to dial each one. But second they're coming from overseas. It's not done in America are low is effective in America but these foreign companies do. And with technology it's much easier for them to do and less costly here is what can be done. All our carriers. Our horizons and RE AT&T'S can stop this if they want to. And so far they haven't only one company's I think Verizon one company has stopped. We know the company. And it it may be arise I'll get in the name so let's leave out any names one company has stopped it all the others have it. And they should. Right away we've introduced legislation that would require them to stop these schools there's a way to stop them plain and simple. We got to stop this for everybody for people sitting down to dinner and businesses and everybody else that's wrong. And it's overseas people. Push one button in a million calls can go the other thing we wanna do to find them is Trace credit cards they're asking for money. And they're not asking you know crooks for money they're asking average people so they're not gonna use bitcoin. They use their credit card so we've also asked the credit card companies to help us go after these people and shut things down. Now a little bit of fund the bachelorette finale yes some reality TV news for you. The Washington Post writes the bachelorette finale in which the star Rachel and sleep got engaged to Brian. And the solo was not boring in fact the three hour episode Monday night was pretty good TV well done ABC says the Washington Post. Here's nick watt on Rachel's choice. It's seasoned people came down into open for its indecision between bulls and Brian and copy don't pieces if I had incline. With purely just being infatuated with someone it would have been Peter but I didn't see him as my husband tell that she did seat does seem Ryan is a dude to hitch her wagon to for a lot. Interest in choice remembered of reps that number one seriously. Curled. And I can't I would travel. Trouble was it a lot for the first meaning the first night yes I'd agree with that. But he really won me over with to showing me who he really is. A while the men who won her leg promote know why I love as I. Yeah my dad really I'm so flattered. Ultimately the world he built the air Likud and Iraq pre proposal preemptive. Acts just fell. I didn't want him to have to pick outer rain put on a suit preparing his. What he was going to stay in the proposal and get down one need just to tell him now. Granted he will be ready to close. He's seen me on camera often saying I don't leave yet you're so charming. And since the things I say all the right now. Practically expect it to set okay I'm gonna show you who are really hand and did so remember it's finished shooting early may now that. You know we've been dating off camera it's been fantastic and under pressure us trust no way they could even be seen together in public. You can't even go to chipotle together because. We know which we will let it realise. Rachel was the first African American bachelor or bachelorette. Spotlight pressure there was pressure muted pick an African American guy. For media except. Being the bachelorette I had to get over that for right started this journey back I knew I could make everyone happy and I knew that if I'm going to do this and I'm serious about this I have to pick the best person for me no matter what they look like. The weeks and race became an issue for us watching. Leah contestant is this a bunch of old racially charged tweaks surface. When you switch mean bleep was very pleasant so you can imagine my surprise when I'm sitting back watching this. And I'm seeing how he is nineteen and you know trying to get people all riled up and they need at this tweet on top of it mean that is not the Lee debt financing it was nice that he apologized. At the men's how long. But I think it was a little too late. Back to trying to find a husband and nine weeks on the TV set. Geneva was really the turning point for me a start it's not necessarily see Peter as the wine and Brian was continuing showing that he was. These were system we've had to wish you washing dilly dally and. I want its money was secure and confident. And knows what he wants and where he's going in life and the more more I got to date Peter I realized he wasn't quite there. Rates and Brian had to watch the edited version of their residents and some other stuff. It's hard for me watch now that I have a fiance it's like oh cash yeah that happened I had to Pathmark for you come on. But I'm fine watch it. We'll talk about it he tells me how I fills I explain things and we move on from Bryant apparently in the jury Casanova. Thrust into pole position he said in the past few years he's been ready for something serious and you see him talk about a relationship on the show where that. He counted and I get along with his mother. She hit. Remember what Brian's moms at the Rachel if he's happy couple is not a good. I got her she was joking I know she wouldn't really killed me but you know she's she loves her baby and I get it and I respect the relationship that she has with the sun yeah. Is this. Where is a lawyer Bob Rachel's parents did little slap their homes I don't want that to be. A strained relationship all along and then the work things out but if you can't swear is the priority. Is that all locate then. We first met Rachel as a contestant of the accident. Also ran naked takes the NASA. In the and adhesive you know wistful feelings about old nick the oil still I hope he's happy with the NASA and I was small Newton. He put it at at at at the front nine. Maybe the next bachelor will come from the current cost stuff. And off through this cycle we've just seen looks like 32 year old lawyer from Dallas and 37 year old chiropractor from Miami will. Live happily ever off. Finally up in Maine lobster men John Chapman and his stern man Kevin meanie. Lent a helping hand to one of the country's most cherished animals. A bald eagle. Here's Tonya Imus in Acadia national park in Maine there are majestic sights but to lobster men recently saw something. They couldn't belief. In the open water. Just yards from their boat a bald eagle struggling to stay afloat the two men jumped into action. Turning a piece of wood in to a tiny lifeboat. The eagle. Hot dog and the lobster men pulled it in these people got up on the Stewart waiting for its wings to draw looking at the men who just saved. As the boat headed back to land they plan to turn people over in the game warden. But that eagle putt other plants looking back at them and one last time that flying off. Landings it the nearby rocks very nice and will talk tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo all.