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Monday, August 7th

A look at discharges into our water system!


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It's. 930. 716. All things water as the podcast returns. I'm Tim linger. It's always kind of shocking when you have. Start talk but the fact that there is doing it's an iron in our water supplies and drinking water I. Yucky stuff in the news while I was away a black plume of sewage discharge in the Niagara river causing tons of public outrage and calls for firings and resignations of water officials from numerous political figures. The Niagara Falls water board has said the discharge occurred during routine maintenance of a segmentation base and and contained accumulated. Solid sand carbon residue. That event combined with heavy rains has us looking. And it more regular for lack of a better phrase come behind sewage outflows that's what they column what are they and why do they occur. A new morning with Susan Rosen Brian as a row ski looked into it talking with Matthew Cokie he's a local attorney who's done some digging into this villages sewage and raw waste water being discharged into our waterways. Smith were partners aren't all mentally Syria after heavy storm and the swallowing some water didn't think a whole lot of it at the time. But what shortly thereafter I think the next stage are developing problems are pretty severe record like symptoms and you know was was ideal for a few days. Prompt me to do would clearly searchable in the things sort of stumbled upon. We get so issues and events that happened essentially trumpet every creator of well. And could sort of tracking the data and poignant and and so on educating myself and learning much more of a child blast appears. And in that research show where you've kind of looked into and what have you found a star is what's dumps out into our water and other places. I'm a pretty regular basis. So you are a pretty you know significant arranged to assist that only Evelyn volume. And net system is. Back that water the only place to find a way to overflow and Jews and waterways of 36 location in Western New York. And that runoff includes rain water that also includes untreated sewage include industrial wastewater includes. You know chemical runoff from from petroleum and roadways. So there are a lot of what sort of nasty particular that you don't want in Q are your water in Newark. I have and that of course source of drinking water but it also is we were fictional of the speeches. Creeks. It off and on the order so there there are a lot of issues that develop. Does that surprise you that there isn't more outcry about this. You know it. There there are times when when her events happens it happens across corporate. You know often times you know what sort of would be closer cited a lot of people are potentially I think. There is sort of go public awareness about it you know it's a very expensive problem to fix. You know estimated cost your stated would mean a point billion dollars. Over the next 28 so there's there is you know watch sort of you know issue there are you. A lot of that all our local municipalities so. Think the all while folks are made me. Either changed I think it also recognition that. You know it's not something they can we change quickly arms still not completely but he's very eager to explore public look on the EP. You know we were looking a lot last week at that black. Plume Euro whatever it won't is in the Niagara river by Niagara Falls a bit had a lot of people scratching their heads. These happen far more often than every once in awhile lucky give us that sense of exactly how often they happen. Yeah you know I tracked these and it alerts the apartment and you know you can buy an operative on DC's web but it at least happen. You know almost every community wants it I'm that we Arab significantly tall. You're typically doing this some sort. You know combined sewer overflow. Into Burkle the waterways sort of thematic river the possible murder you know a lot of folks. There creature having this problem. But you know he got two mile creek and can more arms you know damn cheap to walk also are as well but it's. Pretty won't quite work across the various you know sort of siesta discharge or sequester. Look at just Friday alone torrential downpours around here. Geno how many discharge is there work. I do get it sorted this on Saturday mostly reports came out between Friday and Saturday there are options. For them. In a basic result from heavy rainfall. Until the island from and I ended up being. 5650000. Gallons of untreated water and see which in Q2 mile creek park for now recurrence. Five million bats an eye opening. It is you know this. The systems that we rely on in New York State well you know other countries while we're talking about your state. You know these are designs. You know. Sort of the couple centuries we're talking about early integrated technology that. You know really moving forward municipality should weigh its compliance systems. But it's expensive you to do so and it's gonna take time it's something that we need to be looking at a stretch with a curious and are sort of natural resource well we. You know beating an hour you know it's something that. You know or the next 1020 years we need to make sure there will be court to fix these beautifully yours we are able to. Take. A gradual approach to solving the problem it's much more expensive and much more to salt. The buffalo Niagara river keeper organization is obviously pretty concerned about all of this. And the so called outflows Jill and Chad liquor offers her perspective. It's Elliott can't shockingly and you start talk about the fact that there is sewage and our in our water supplies and drinking water eyes but. I'd like Flickr looked at me and I and that our system that it actually been designed to do that in their functioning exactly how they are designed to do. We have systems that are a hundred years you'll that. All throughout Western New York after at your aid and even in the Great Lakes basin. That these systems when there's. Heavy rain error. A fast snow melt. Instead of sewage backing up into homes and businesses. The system is designed to trigger overflowed into local waterways to protect public health and protect property. And so let me think they would that happened. In Niagara Falls yet it's shocking but it's not surprising. Joey you're talking to guests last hour who has done is done research on us what the DE CB says year to date Durbin nineteen hours. Worth of overflows. Here in Western New York an average discharge of over two million gallons per incident. And should be. At least. You know alert to what's going on right do you think most are now. I I don't believe that I think that the average person who. When they're using water in their home at any flush their toilet or pick our. The water just goes away it just goes down a tight and they forget about and they don't think about where code. We leave it we set up a system where we functionally. Discharge wastewater into the same resources that breathing them drinking water. And that's dairy. Ancient way of approaching men in water resources and it's something that. The first Black River keeper than a lot of other organizations throughout that basically they're working very hard to ensure that we. We look at the new infrastructure investment in the technologies that we we we stopped the practice. He had these discharges are they going into lakes and streams are they going directly back into our drinking water can we say exactly. They go everywhere I honestly. There's probably. Over. Fifty to seventy different locations throughout our region whether this mile creek or stream or directly into the Niger River. Or even though like directly into the lake where some of these over what happened and then I think so companies to understand that. When that it might do overflow event. It's it's usually happening during heavy rain it is not common practice. I'm okay easily you'll get an overflow that's happened when it's dry out. But these are designed to discharge in specific locations are afraid of a temporary visa. And it it doesn't happen. Constantly the one that does he usually it is now. Is Western New York unique to something like this I mean are we Mitt municipality that hasn't updated our infrastructure. Heard is that are most places like that's. He added there's a large percentage of oldest cities in the New York State in the northeast and even in the great basin and you've got. Cities like Cleveland and Detroit Chicago and Milwaukee are all dealing with the same thing. Because they all these cities kind of developed around the same time around you know the early nineteen hundreds mid 19100. All these systems are designed. That was modern technology back in the day about how obviously. The the input and society in and industrialization that can change those the use of the. Now. Is any thing. Maybe it's easier they can be done then the whole you know off taking the water supply systems updating the sewage treatment facilities because that's a tall task. It is hadn't allowed it and that work email it could be either one very depressing acute very overwhelming. But does that could think if you open and said that and it worked hard cleaner water feature is that. If we keep storm water out of her system that's what makes it a combined system is that we have sanitary water. That would come that a pipe in and houses and buildings combined with storm water which is the stuff that undocked from the parking lot in driveways and and Elaine and if we can keep that water that storm water out of the gain it most likely will not overwhelm the system and will match trigger an overflow where you then have. Love Hewitt in untreated sewage and in a lot of ways. I'm so there's there's a start implementation of what we call green infrastructure. Throughout electing your yeah a lot of those projects popping up. I'm Laura manage your Domata better and it's and it had actually having an improved impact on. Some of our local waterways so where we're headed in the right direction it's gonna take a little while to get there. In amidst all this talk of outflows and sewage discharge. A major water main break at the Erie county water authority is causing some big problems particularly for the south towns. Probably ten dollars with the Erie county water authority and brings us up to speed. The first how that happened yet to be deter open and that'll be deterred after we get the paradox we're actually. Able to examine the the direct area. As far as the repair time we ask for people to to try to conserve these two water through 6 PM tomorrow evening. Because we believe it's going to take until some time. It could be early could be in the afternoons are when we complete. Is there a low pressure throughout the south towns. Yes there will there's the potential for further reduce pressure as of debate what a story we had not received and also. In Tibet but again it is people wake up go to work and does start to daily activities. We want my monitor that situation. Now in past large scale water main break said there has then. Advisories issued for people to boil water that's not the case this time how come. The reason that that is is that there's there's been no loss of precious girls. In the system and that's the real issue there's a big difference between reduce pressure and a loss suppression but there's a concern about the loss of pressure in certain areas. That's really take the next steps regarding oil in this case it's just a reduction we are still producing a tremendous amount of water out of mr. two point play up. And we were popping last night upwards of forty million gallons on it believe. Production wobble which is still a tremendous amount of water it's not the normal fifty to sixty million gallons that we might do one a day like today or tomorrow. Okay how customers insist plant served. Well as you can see from the number towel on it's it's an issue of customers and it's an issue of of maps with people I haven't done the whole tally yet but I would I would take. A he quit come fast and that there were probably talking between 30035000. Customer connections. Can you want to give us an update I know there was a water main break on transit road this morning now where might that stand. There was thick that dipped to a standard break that that happened. And it's in the process right now being evaluated in traffic control being put in place. There will probably be about a number two to four hours before we have that one poppy dot. Larry yeah I have Bob while we have it we we're focused this morning not CS house combined sewage overflows have been talking about it with a number of gas this morning. And that's all comes back to own the aging infrastructure around here do you know what it would take. To improve the infrastructure to stop these for things from happening. I can't comment on the that he combined sewer outflows as we only deal with portable water. For drinking and another uses of that nature. What can I use we have. Internal calculations that we're beginning to make it based on cast iron pipe. Which is in our system in which is beginning to reach the end of the design. Life and its useful life. Is that. If we were picked to replace at all today not possible but if we work do we be looking at one billion there's just here he kept outer third. But and that's not including all the pipes for different municipalities. Or. And it's so what is the recommendation put forth toward the county that no wonder authority wants to get out there I would imagine they want to look kind of progressively. Repair some of these things so that they're not here with a big bill all wants. We we have and we've been addressing it for the last number of years but in the utility industry. That the planning processes of the walker. We basically say to our customers is that we do have breaks in your neighborhood to be patient. That we have crews ready to go point 47 to respond to them. And you are putting the financial planning in place for a very long term perspective actually fifty years but the goal want to hear my career. That the water authority to address this but infrastructure is a never ending issue. It's the snap of the fingers and all over the long as we're going to have this infrastructure. Leaders will need to pay attention for a plan for it and it will need to be paid for. While yeah our water and breaks happening more frequently because of this infrastructure. I would say yes I mean our our general trend of the aisle trying to watch the prices that in certain areas where the infrastructure in Beijing's. Stick in Western New York wasn't built all with a unified view period. You have the vast majority infrastructure was put in over about sixty year period itself if its comic out of cycle and access. That it happened. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.