930in716 August 11, 2017 Scott Levin returns to TV news

Friday, August 11th

A conversation with Scott Levin as he decides to return to TV news.


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It's 930. In 716. The change of heart. On the podcast. Always wanted to tell stories even in the carpet mr. I would talk with the client because president. I just got to be telling stories the torrent of the bill. I'm Jim Wenger and that's Scott Levin of course just months ago he announced his departure from WG RG. He left to pursue a finance management position midwest her automotive and as you'll hear he loved that too. But not as much as TV news he's returning to WG RZ next month. Sandy beach on the air Thursday in jest of course. Said perhaps Scott left to get the employee discount at west her only to return to what he loves to do. How about that one sky. That does India you know. I can't video equities are pretty Smart guy that needs now on the Oprah would it be now. Aren't I Smart and you know an old boy did it yet now evidently. Maybe should now. Are all just decide here Scott what happened what would what went through your mind that led to this it's been pretty quick. Bill you know particular 27 years of this aid in your look. I think you know. It'll really happen and change is not easy obviously. Specific career change. As you know do we know when the tornadoes came through I just was found myself. It'll on my phone on Twitter on everything just trying to consume as much. Information and I just felt frustrated I was like why you know I need to be on the set. I need to be you know delivering the news and stories to the western New Yorkers is just in your blood. You know and and that's when my mind started to to really say in you know. It to Jim told his credit also used the general manager you've been in Constant Contact with me eat thought that that might happen I wasn't convinced. But it didn't happen. And you know YouTube. It comes to point your life where you you you need to not be afraid to take risks and chances and that sort of always been. That's elegant into the television business and journalism. And it was the right move for me to do perhaps they needed to do that to realize. That this is really what I need to be do or. Scott had no. Idea in this risk you never grow. Great Scot it's all perspective you know that's a few weeks go in the tornadoes hit and I got thrust into coverage which I don't normally do is you know I'm normally behind the scenes and I got thrown into it I was thinking. I don't I get out of this and hear your and the else. It looked looking in and you wanna get back in but again all kidding aside. It's about love I looked just a story I always wanted to tell stories even in the car business or I would talk with clients and customers and I just got to be telling stories BitTorrent the bill. How how quickly did this change of heart come to you. They can pretty quick I'll be honest we became pretty quick if you know you'll only have so much time. You know in life and you know when you realize that you wanna do so open. You have to build it and you know chill to. What was really open and it was you know great few meetings were gentlemen and it just worked out and there were able to look it's similar major concerns. When I left of five months we'll get my notice we're able addresses and most of it is flexibility would mention. I feel ill and worse it's just a postal. You know I'll do anything reliving it to job it just happened to be a public figure. It always have a jailed beat him and I've never been afraid that. Is set up a great job with a lot of responsibility. For my family has always been first and I think once people put that in perspective that it rivers burst. They see life differently because you'll be generalized they always say it would get the people session that worked as much shoots that. And you know I'm going to be able to address this and we've addressed it Namibia spent a little more tablet set which which is great. And a little more flexibility in the schedule and it's gonna work out just great looking forward to. So albeit short and brief you know what was your time like it westar and. I look. I Libya it. That the team here westerner is amazing it still here to date. I just like being here it's fun. I enjoyed the people out of core rate seen. The honesty and integrity in this company as is just beyond reproach and I just enjoyed it so much it's just been another day only to be here real quick we're gonna close everybody. But on another accurately down there and they'll lower revenue. That I had been with for over twenty years. And you know. I know that I have more time to spend there and I just felt god calling to me so you know you have to do it and that's what they did it. You know these things happen everyday people their careers and lights. The only difference with me is that I'm just a public figure and I didn't going to be a public figure a news that was part of the job. But you know I take my job serious the people who know me know that it'll take so that suitors. You know I get in a public figure by. It also note that the spotlight on the but. He's got to do what's right for you I kit you know as you know I'm not about to sit many people would just play you have to do what god says in part. And it until Tuesday to wanna make of laughed or replacements he says wait a minute. Your plans are going to be might play and so just the way it worked. Talking with Scott Levin he's currently at west her and he'll be going back to WG RC soon a familiar face and voice here in Western New York. Scott during your your time away did you spend a lot of time watching the TV watching channel to watching the other channels. Actually. I really didn't spend a lot of time I actually were so busy that growth of the career. That. I was working most of the time and had a lot of settlement that would sleep straight attire but I Italy it'll be reached. And I you know and social media. But I I think I I just stepped away a little bit probably for several months and you know the general manager controller he said you know maybe everybody needs to take a little time Arctic. You know that that breather in this business that its you know 24/7. 360 side. You're always gone sometimes take it little respite from this business might you prepare. And I think it's true I think that we noted so engrossed in its soul you know I pressured these days with the politics of this world. Sometimes you need to take a break in it is step back. And then you look at things through to excellence. And it's really good perspective Scott Tony did tell me that let's talk about the industrial that it has changer and I've been in it for quite some time. You know electronic media has changed a lot. There were a lot of very young people and in the news media now on that don't have the experience that did that some of us might have through through decades of work. You just talk a little bit about where you think this industries he is and where it's going. Well you know I mentioned months ago I was concerned for the future of the prisoners but you know I don't visit slow behavior news gathering and dissemination of news. It's just we have to adapt. To the wave that. The younger generation. And the end of our generation is consuming their information it's different when you and I were growing up and started the business. This is very different we used to say we gotta get earlier first now you've got to get on Twitter Persian regular social media course. And I realize that working here to whisper. When the tornadoes came through everyone was coming through to choose all the polls that information on Twitter this and that I got to see in real life. How real working people. Are consuming. News and I have a totally different perspective. We know about it but sometimes you don't really see them to experience. I don't know how old. Public these discussions were in his I'm assuming that you and Jim we're we're talking privately to what kind of response did you get in from you know Mary Alice from Adam from the from the other staffers it at all. It's it's been great you know I mean it's been great. You know bear out and I hit it close for so many years. And yes she grilled chicken which are now different commercial ideas you know before I come back in September. But it's just been all positive my phone blew up this board coworkers so you know tickets if it's exciting and reinvigorated. The British ago. We're excited to so. Amid a good spot right now I'm excited and happy. What are you gonna do differently if if anything at all what you gonna do differently when you go back. I don't know what do much differently but I have a different perspective you know laces. The bar too like experiences we all have different experiences. That I just experience and although you know going to something like this. Most people go practice I did it. So you know everything is perspective but it what I lose. Younger and even in the broadcasting business demos does mr. 1012 years by the liberal arts background not a journalism. Quote unquote background. There's they would Mary Alice she has to or from the old school hard knocks that way. Some of the younger kids at all not a journalist school. But it's just different perspective that's all just adds to my my notebook in my brain. Right so we haven't talked about family you know you talked about how important family is in spending time with them about what what was the family awaits your children's. Response. To your decision to make history. There just a 100% supportive of me in my life but I talked about it straight about it and we discussed it. Was serious discussions are private time and the we're choose a 100% it's always been supportive. She's always helped protect me in most of my decisions that she knows that. Sometimes and a beer anyone knows Wikipedia. You know kind person industry sure that I know that they can chips which always. On my side so Tuesday so to go a 100% supportive of David Mitchell as well. And when I saw the you the news today on Twitter of course that you know this was was going to occur I was going to while maybe it is coming back to do one. One shift to weaker something you're coming back full on same same roles and responsibility. Pin position in position or in of this has some flexibility to spend a little bit more time with family. For our rights gavel it's it's great to hear your voice again and I soon we'll see your face again and what what's the starting date. That I would bet the glory go back to works so looking forward to a million listeners. Or victims of the support also answered you as well shoot it. I was just about to come over their tune by like a really expensive car and say yes all those financing questions. Yeah oh all the people that that when you ask you know doing about this that this I was gonna say yes Scott. You know at the less the picture folks over here westerner and Scott dealer just over on the huge critic you know gratitude that just. They've been incredible reversal process so I just can't say enough great things about that all the employees and all the directors and you know this are just awesome. They're the real deal I don't. Yet they're the real deal I know and so are you so thank you so much for the time today's cut them appreciate the call repeater but congratulations. That is Scott Levin of Leicester and now WG ours. That's 930 teams 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.