930in716 August 10, 2017 North Korea update and Bills preseason!

Thursday, August 10th

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It's 930. In 716. I'm Jim linger this time. North Korea. Regardless of that rhetoric or not we have to be at war. A top military mind on the podcast. And can you believe it's bills' season again. A new coach coaching staff and many new players they say they're ready. Are the fans. I'm pretty happy to report we. Got our lowest ever number of arrests detection and behavior incidents right of all time low there. Will go in depth shortly first an update on North Korea. North Korea announcing a detailed plan to launch a salvo of missiles toward the US Pacific Territory of Guam. A major military been home to US bombers if carried out it would be the Norris most provocative missile launch to date. It all comes of course in wake of president Trump's strong words about how the US would react to any military action North Korea. Many choose to initiate some perspective now from a top military mind. Retired admiral Robert Howard. Well irregardless of that rhetoric or not we have to be there for it and defensive posture appropriate and as you noted in the article or Guam. We had the war have deployed that. Picture. Batteries they're the lead against ICBM in the surely take right. Realistically. We prepare accordingly. I wallow. Did discussions. North Korea. You know I think along with anything other than that shall we. Highly improbable. Missiles they do not have the ability early Jack. However the land forces or or special operations. Forces entered law. Yeah yeah. We are taking the right sort of wherever very seriously. And during accordingly. With just under one I get to your perspective what if the sanctions don't work and Kim John Allen continues to make progress on the nuclear tipped missile. Then why. Well it got some bloggers you little Walter Trish Burke for the United States it's much. More existential. Threat to South Korea Japan and China as the president asserted search out more about Serb they've got to be part of the solution. Bringing pressure or at least the gusher of what the North Korean stripper and he sort of catastrophic combat. Is there are a scenario where. The US would take a preemptive strike Carrick can anything's. That you think of spur that on. Well look at our history. In Japan during the warm air and water or drive a correlation to that right now. Well we were we we use to nuclear weapons in Japan to prevent a lot. Hundreds of thousands of euros or by the continuation. Of the fight. If you look at the Cuban crisis we're in we thought they actually report missiles into Cuba and we were willing to go to war so yeah that's options on the table. But do we have the moral or legal measures should do that if we believe it is truly an existential threat to our allies. Are much less. A structure that millions of Americans. I think that option of becomes more. Tropical. All right onto the bills pre season opener it's here in the fans while they're ready. And the bills they're ready for the fans Sosa's Indy major who heads up against aspect of all things bills. We're excited about that Lubrizol this year at Newark field it's gonna be located at the corner of added a loaded big tree road. Basically right across from the big tree in India these. And you know we think it's a great way another option for fans to take a safe ride home after the game. Are so lead car is actually for at least for when your leaving the stadium they'll all be waiting and you have to go to them that's that the bottom line right. Here we try to make it really easy really work with Hoover how closely on this and they've they've got a few other teams that they were equipped. And that the chemistry on the best practices from those other teams. So yes solid and leave the stadium that can open up that Hoover app. And got that can connect right away with their driver. And the driver would be and that blooper zone so to speak waiting for them. They show up but that's only happened a car and they get a nice safe sleep at all. Aren't a pretty cool things going on if you want to grind cheering to war from the stadium on something else that's new you know one of the things I love every once a while go down a Pittsburgh. To catch a pirates game and they shut down an entire street. By the stadium have whether it's food trucks different things out he just walked down something similar coming Orchard Park right. Yes you know guys we're pretty excited to opened up this year what's called the boulevard. And that's going to be located on the close part of Abbott road in front of the stadium are basically in front of the team's tour. And the west side of the day and you're gonna have a lot of it on interactive elements for the fans. Food trucks. Give away items we've got a lot of sponsor activation out there. We're really excited about that this year that's gonna start with the actually actually with the regular season. So we're working on adding some more elements to that to really kick off the home opener. I would develop heart. Tell us sounds great I mean it's kind of a natural because that stretcher road is closed anyway. Yeah you know it's it's a perfect spot we work closely with the count of Orchard Park and with. The Erie county sheriff's office really make it a nice safe area. So people lane open for emergency access if that's ever needed but. You know it's the perfect spot you know it's a close hard. Babbitt road and it's a great place for years ago pregame put some corn hole please bring talks. And guy and have a good time before the game for the north side. And it's sounds pretty cool like a cool place check out before the game around anything fans need to know things will be different maybe end. Some of B whether it's stadium parking lots are surrounding parking lots of patrols things like that they're cracking down on. Fan behavior. Well you know we've really made a concerted effort of the last five seasons especially. Within behavior and the fans have been great. You I'm pretty happy to report we've bomb got our lowest ever number of arrests detection and behavior incidents right of all time low there. And that's a credit to the fans who really care about their experience. You know the sheriff has been greater private security team to degrade. When they were cracking down on anything I think we're just paying attention to things. And paying attention to all the small details. And listening to the fans what they want it when they're tailgating in and got what they want inside the stadium you know they don't want him. He created and you know get sick god I'm instill in the bottom and act at I think they wanna enjoy the game with different daily salt. You know that's been our goal from them from the start. And dumb you know we're excited about the parking lot. And and what's going on out there for fans we would just asking us to tailgate have a good time. I just drink responsibly and and irresponsible. And they are and. Which vast majority of our fans are awesome so are more or excited about this season both on and off the field discuss with our new coach coach McDermott. Our it does sound sound great now set a new study that came on fan behavior. No not a new study I mean it's something we've been tracking for many years. You know we know how many people. You know we have incidents with seventeen days. And you know over the last five years it's that those numbers. So basically since the Sheraton. A private security seems really beefed up that's stepping. It's really we've seen a decline in the numbers of other incidents so it's been. Encouraging despite what we might see sometimes on viral videos out there. Our Andy so a lot of the focus obviously on what's gonna happen on the field but for you guys on the stadium site thinks it's got to be an exciting and busy year you're gonna have to turn things around for Guns 'N Roses. Next week at the stadium there's YouTube coming up. I hockey game all while the football season's going out is that exciting for you. It is a thrill I heard that and that's why we're in this business is that it is very exciting and you're right. I would play is extremely busy especially right now with getting this season kicked off. How we wanna do everything we can for coach McDermott and the guys. Com make sure they're comfortable they're happy with everything going on. And are they ready for the season so that's our first priority is to build double faulting. But yes right in the middle tees were turning around the stadium for a the big Guns 'N Roses concert next week. We've got used to coming up in September right around our home opener and then in December right after the bills regular season's over he'll look at the world junior hockey east. Hockey championships. And we have a great team on the field. With USA vs Canada so it's it's very exciting yes absolutely we're we're thrilled that this stuff keeps us very very busy. Now onto the field the game upon us. We bring in a piece John Lahr wrote to tell us what he'll be looking for. Under the looking at. How what they've been doing over the past couple weeks of training camp. Carried over onto the field is the minutia that at Sharma permits for focusing upon. You know whether it's spending private practice putting them to practice. You're changing personnel off the field on and off if you move up snapping the ball which was an issue of the bill. The last two years under XY and I'm looking for the proficient in how quickly routine in the grass the op Ed in the defense. But not much more that you can look forward it comes through. How much should we expect to see the first team out there tonight. On the paper polish probably was ordered that's about it. Well and clung Bolton lot of eyes have been on him this week. He and Tyrod Taylor do you feel like there may be some chemistry there. Well it's gonna take some time and that said Anquan Boldin being approved and now entering its repeat fees and it is. I'll be very he I've experienced veteran yet leadership. In those others in war. I'm I'm not sure he's gonna be too late that you destroy the team on Tuesday. Our outlook for practice but I I expect you know he looked good on our on the practice field for a first practice. Auld you know and expect that that they will develop something and he he he's an important addition. And some liberals need to give them an added present an adequate all the little. Now of people have said throughout camp they knew coach Sean McDermott that he's assertive you can kind of tell that some of his interviews that he's given now what he looks like on the field Diaz. Sort of attention to detail that may be. Other bills coaches in the past haven't really hand over the last decade or so. Do you think that carries off onto the field tonight will this be a big tests to all the things he's prepared his team for. Well sure I think. One of the things she also didn't fight from the personnel changes you know did bring practiced. You know he may actually part of a hail Mary something I'd never came in training camp we speak now eight years up in all the training camp. You know I'm not I'm not saying routine didn't practicing hail Mary but I've never gonna practice of training camp and it's a cute little details that that really. Strike means that we don't Sean McDermott is really prepared. In boring answering it was very prepared for this opportunity. Would be a postcard head coach and mail we get the C at least. First glimpse of how he works you know in a game situation. Yet John Dowd did you hear the patriots. Have a couple of planes for their team. Sure yes to all of them might not. Yeah I do think that Google is now about that. I'm sure they do they're all very close. And coarsely. Are built as there are also Bob crap but well this is I mean this is where sports is going it and especially when we're successful in what the patriots moneymaking. Seemed like the patriot missiles what you could afford in the missile or award for what spin. And again unfortunate for those fans a seventy. C is seventeen you're strikes and successful revolt. We'll do you think maybe eventually all NFL teams will have their own planes. Well I think we kind of do what they're they're mostly chartered. At this point oh meaning you don't do exactly that's gonna happen. I'm not sure all people do it but you know it could contribute that way you know basketball and I believe. Got role playing long so I guess you know mostly what happened. To the bills that I shy away at all from that sort of glitz and glamour of private jets things like better they just like any other NFL team I think a lot of people look at him as though lowly bills after this last you know almost two decades now. Without the playoffs. But do they go about their business like other NFL teams but that doesn't really matter in that aspect. All right you know it it it if he'd be as accurate works it works as part of our recruiting free agent big football. You know what words of the balloons have been very. Open their wallets to to read it pretty much. That the facility. Yeah you know the practice area a bit better at one bills drive whether it's. You know the building and you Pratt and expanding the practice field they renovated the tree out of the locker rooms. We've got. Yeah they've renovated the meeting room Soviet. You know. First class status stopped. That the people in their over the past couple of years the rules right. The jets sure. I mean that's a little bit lower. On the priority list what it comes to you don't you don't feel corporate and and and getting that kind of stuff. Harry hey are you driving yourself to the game are taking over tonight. This past second fiscal and now hey John have room before we let you go on the first quarter starters expected to play tonight. An indication going forward I know it's a movement that's kind of gained popularity amongst fans today and people on line not so much amongst the coaches. In the NFL but. Of first steamers sitting out. Entire pre season games now playing not that they played a lot but not playing as much. As they used to to prevent some of these injuries that I can you know wipe out an entire season for a team. Might we see some of that this year if not with the bills that around the league. Oh wait wait sold out week Olympics but I built on pre game Travis before one. And I I expect especially now. That the result cut down from ninety to 75 players are going meg sixty you know duplicate these three man roster. At at the just before the start of the season I didn't not expect any of the starters play. In the fourth confusing game against Detroit we're we're weeks from now so. So well. Social forcing Logan Thomas on the field goals is to try and it's all very much on the against. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.