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Thursday, April 20th

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It's 93716. Several interesting things to bring you in this addition some additional information on the air and heard and this story. What's your favorite airline we have a study to tell you about and how Bill O'Reilly went down. But first let's begin with Carl Paladino he spoke with WB eons Mike Bagger mean before Wednesday's school board meeting. About that hearing and Albany it is now scheduled on efforts to remove him from the buffalo board of education. Nonsense he says. Yeah we had drug requested hearings and they granted it we're very happy about that. What are you expecting to hear at the end of it this is all nonsense is no case here. From our perspective. It would be from my perspective for assigned the bill lots smarter for them to. For the government to investigate. The rig contract. The buffalo schools does now bankrupt that's broke. Because. Of an illegally rigged contract that was don't want to teachers. And that's the essence of why they want me off the board because they don't want me continue to expose seek an investigation that matter. Other than that. All flow of the world you know. Still two months so until that hearing in Albany. What what's gonna be the role for you on the board in that span between now. And June 22. No Merrill's always been the same. I'm the guy is. Mucks up the water and exposes the underbelly of the beast the beast is amounts. Now some insight on the investigation into political operative Steve pigeon and others in court Wednesday on charges of election law violations. Former prosecutor mark Sasha who was fired in 2009. After claiming allegations against pigeon. We're being cast aside by the DA's office he spoke outside the courtroom where our Mike betterment wise. These people were. Charged. With something that I called for. Within months after today blatantly. Rigged elections in your accounting. And it is interesting to me that I'm actually a taxpayer in Lancaster. The end that some of the charges related directly to the election that occurred. In my district. But the thing I wanted to draw all your attention to is who's missing here. I'm thankful to the attorney general's office that they brought these charges. But four years ago let me start with this ten years ago. I told that he I was in the DA's office and nights and I did an investigation. And I told. My boss of bosses both mr. Clark. He and franks the deed. That Steve pigeon was violating the election law and committing felonies. Now I did not know the extent to which mr. kitchen was their friend. They are supporter. But I found out when I was fired and retaliated against. Then four years ago. When the much daily food morally commission. Which francs indeed it was Lan. He was one of the members of the morally commission. I went to Albany and I complained about this case that's been cherished here today. And I in my testimony is out of he Internet and I get a standing ovation actually not from the Warwick is but from the people in the crowd. And now today if the person that people that are missing. And a and it is this has nothing to do with the present DA. Mike Flaherty who was with francs to be there when he retaliated against me for trying to do the right thing. And I want you guys to know too and I want the public to understand. That this is also being prosecuted in relationship. To. And it's a taps. Or actually successful. A taps by mr. pigeon. To corrupt the judiciary. To bribe a judge. So he's writing judges. He's manipulating elections he's breaking the law. But the DA's office did not think. And that's the air Jack in the first instance. In not only did they do nothing but the heck did. To protect. And as we sit here today and that what I was thinking about in court was. In mr. pigeon his or via the some of the best lawyers in buffalo. Are rappers sending these defendants in these defendants is absolutely right I would put criminal defense attorney. Before partners where there from mr. Kean Leo's office 200. Mr. pigeon who allegedly against 300000. Dollar federal excellent. He's spent who has seen. For the hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal defense that's going here. You know it is a I think that the media has a responsibility on the put it on you guys to look a little deeper. At what happened here he was the king maker in this county. On to Bill O'Reilly now former Fox News host O Reilly continued to deny allegations of sexual harassment. After he was fired Wednesday. While National Geographic channel says it hasn't made a decision about development of his book killing patent. Fox News Channel has announced a new schedule following O Reilly's departure after allegations that he sexually harassed women. That's taken in depth look. Bill O'Reilly part of the right Fox News losses for two decades almost nightly. My millions knew about vanity knows stand resolved yeah it's just bellhop from. Multiple accusations of sexual act and that racial discrimination. 67 year old Riley the pioneer of opinion led commentary on cable news. It's gone again came just hours after lawyers Lisa bloom detailed testimony. That yet another accuser. She said that he would walk by her desk and saint. The un food and grant and loan at her otherwise she would never talk to her. He's say looking good. Looking good girl when she got off the elevator. And probably most offensive to her was that he had a nickname for her hot chocolate and she's African American yeah. Allegations against a Riley have swirled for years that perhaps the public protests the advertiser exodus from near Reilly factor finally. Forcing his employers and a lot of Riley shook hands with the Pope in Rome on this Easter vacation. In New York the network's parent company issued this statement after thorough and careful review the allegations the company and Bill O'Reilly have agreed that Bill O'Reilly. Will not be returning to the Fox News Channel X Riley released a statement that reads in part it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways cutesy. Completely unfounded claims that that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today I always look back in my Simon fox. With great pride. Riley reportedly earned renting eighteen million dollars a year it books and rolls in stating I items that an ad revenue welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight Tucker Carlson will take its primetime slot. The beginning of the end for Riley payments breads with a New York Times expose a blatant five women who accused of Riley of historic harassment were given settlements totaling roughly thirteen million dollars on condition. They would never told ABC news has not independently verify these claims. Two days later able third in Los Angeles Lisa bloom revealed another but Reilly accuser and not let's just. I don't want any money and there's lawsuits but he thirteen doctor Wendy wolf again there is tonight's low Reilly's show if we are beginning. A new segment called always crazy it was a trial soon she says go to dinner invite from Riley's assistant. And I thought well the big box well and he brought it up first just as we sat down to dinner saying. We like to key contributor then out to dinner she says and as we walked past the host to stand at the restaurant he turned it right towards the bedrooms I turned left to what's the bar. And he caught up with me incident you know come back to my sweet. And I said I'm sorry I can't do that and then it became. Hostile all his charming and went away. And he said the words you can forget all the business advice I gave you your on your own. That night April 3 advertisers began to abandon Riley ship. Riley issued a statement on his website just like other prominent and controversial people are vulnerable to lawsuits from individuals who want me to pay them to avoid negative publicity two days later April 5 even the president and avid Fox News fan weighed in during an interview with the New York Times. I think he shouldn't settle. Personal navigation to settle because you I know they'll lose a good person I don't think bill would do anything wrong. Advertiser exodus Preston trickle became a blood but the Riley's racing stayed strong even grew averaging. Three point seven million every night and this viewers apparently I'm troubled by repeated reports that Riley was a serial offender. She's into it doesn't do it publicly grace producer. 2004 making lose burn holes another producer Andrea Mac Christie says she taped conversations. TC Riley hit back in court and on the air they settled in thirteen years later the New York Times reported that Riley personally paid macros. Nine million dollars at parties agreeing in that supplements. The no wrongdoing whatsoever. Addict parent. The times also reporting the back into that now eleven O Reilly also press release settled with former Fox Business channel most Rebecca Gomez diamond. For one million dollars the problem is even bigger than their Riley folks next chairman Roger Ailes gave former FOX & Friends anchor Gretchen Carlson. At twenty million dollar settlement and an apology she had claimed Ailes sabotage her career because she refused. This sexual advances. I began to turn against Fox's big star. O'Reilly took what was characterized as our from the pre planned vacation. We have a contests on billoreilly.com. Guests were bill's going to are have a full report when I return he never did this blows his final fox signs. Yeah thanks what does tonight on O'Reilly please remember this lives up there. And it looked outside. One of Aaron Hernandez longtime friend says he's in shock and grieving after the NFL star was found hanged in his prison cell. Alex coop know grew up with the former New England Patriots tight end in Bristol Connecticut. Who knows says he and other Hernandez pails simply can't believe he took his own life. Today more answers and more questions. Questions surrounding the death of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez his body now with the state medical examiner. ABC news learning he was found in his cell when John 316 across his forehead. A Bible verse referencing death and eternal life. Prison officials have called his death a suicide saying he hit himself with a bed sheet tied to his prison cell window. Miami Dolphins might penalty posting today my heart hurts I got the worst news I could've imagined it was just a day ago we shared our last Condo. But some of those close to him suspect foul play pointing out 27 year old Hernandez was just acquitted five days ago at a 2012 double murderer emotional in court. Blowing kisses to his daughter and appealing that light that is for another murder a study fall from grace for the former tied it for the patriot. Once with a forty million dollar contract cut by the team after being led from this house in handcuffs arrested for the 2013 murder at the spread. Boat and boy. His lawyer saying there were no conversations are correspondents from Aron that would have indicated anything like this was possible. Era was looking forward to an opportunity for a second chance to prove his innocence. Many patriots who played alongside Hernandez visited the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl victory his cousin remembering those better days. He was the first one to make it. And owned and Omar cited family whose personal. Authorities are now investigating the circumstances. Of Hernandez's death are looking at his recent time in prison including any fights or gain related disputes he may have had. We're told he was not on suicide watch. Now with all the bad pub United Airlines got last week after a passenger is forcibly removed from a flight. We're asking what's your favorite airline. Now here's a discussion from DNA and a study that's now out. Now there are a lot of people who would say that there are no best airlines when it comes to domestic carriers what you guys say. The scientists not all terrible and what we did with this survey was we tried to look at data so we looked at what matters most consumers and when it comes to flying consumers care about price. Dollars saved the money in their pockets of that was the number one factor of this survey but but that's that you can still have a lot whole Lotta bad when it comes to price. But anyway that's your input price we can just look at airfares we also looked at fees is that you know now that airfares just one small component of the total cost of travel. But we looked at other things too like cabin comfort. Lounge is you know how much of a route network you know how much and going to get you where you wanna go. As well as miss baggage and some of the negatives as well so we blended that all into you. A number and the results are pretty interesting all right so let's talk about the top five best airlines here in America number five on that list going backwards American Airlines deaths myself. American has really grades are route network and their forgot what choir programs actually pretty strong enough I was 10% of our sport so American did well there a lot of people rave about jetBlue. Yes meantime sued jetBlue has the best cabin comfort so that's where they really excelled you know flying in economy down six foot seven and I actually fit in depth look caught me which was shocking and visited the grocery careers listen jetBlue did really well for customer service and cabin comfort not so much on price or just lose a little bit more expensive than people realize absolutely fell virgin America is number three on the list of best airlines but we'll skip that for now the kid is dirt. Good to cease to exist in essence by merging first have a little funeral right now from work today Erica you know we our but United Airlines this. Shocking to me a different tune this was the biggest. Shock to me as well I trust me I crunched the numbers. Again and again to make sure that the united actually did really well priced slicing out and it it may help that they've recently launched basic economy fares which they stripped out everything out of their fares. Which may have actually get is it because they give you really cute little or not there had not everyone and I feel like it and if you had a Veras and and their new players business costs and also very nice little and many decay as well yeah I united really upping we did you know united for years with kind of struggling yet if that's all your kindness that's their new amended because. While but obviously got the other half lives yeah price wise united did pretty well we're and they also of all the major carriers of the the best for them for a program as one united miles are among the most valuable for Byron Meyer miles out this very area. Ari are you still use them but through Canada. Air Canada's Canada's. Africa flier program so the number one best airline in all of then all the land all of you that Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines which combined number three virgin it looks like they'll be poised for that's a connection but. They're just an all around good carrier really strong customer service. Friendly flights really good prices and also. Did you really well on FISA don't doubt you nearly as much as the other carriers I need to go through recently the bottom feeders your number six on the laissez. Is southwest then delta number seven Hawaiian Airlines is one of the worst airlines what you know or Lou this is Greg feel relieved that someone had to come minute no hey if it but you know their fares are high now that I think back to be held against pockets there you know. And all the specific. They have good really good they're number one on time. The airlines yet frequent flier programs just OK in a row software itself it can really get that many places Frontier Airlines. Frontier and spirit came in at the bottom. I can't agree more but why do you say sympathy they'd charge you for fees across the board yeah asserted that cheap they cram you end. And that's why we want consumers look at when you see cheap airfare. Not all of these airlines are the same and if you're gonna get nickel and dime you might as well splurge a little bit extra flight airline that actually treat you as a human well that's this is the golden age of travel. This is in my opinion just so many people would disagree. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.