9/21 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2: On "White Bashing" and Privilege

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, September 21st

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News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. And however you feel about the president and you do feel about the president. You can't deny that every show with influenced by Donald Trump and some white all the late night show is obviously. House of cards. The new season of American horror story and of course. Next year's Latin grammys hosted by sheriff Joseph Arpaio. Well Italian today. A lot of ways began to understand this part grant was concerned we will beat this. Living your way or. Anyway I'm David Bell media Phillies. You're both equally mercurial overly sensitive clean hysterical part bring him on July. It keeps up to review our appetite because an uncle my high Ares I Goliath and feed my. Who makes people identical it's our way and del via the nets got an almost improvisational. Tone on news radio 930 double. You're sick of white bashing. And it argues that the that the Hampshire sorority girls. Were really into the song in the show themselves singing it live in social media and I guess. One of their jealous friends and I'm sorry but you know how women can be beat if your woman women are worse than guys when it comes to scratching their nails down the back. When your eyes are closed. Or stabbing you in the back old they are they really are. And apparently one of their so called friends thought that it was a chance to maybe pick on the cool kids David and is making a big deal out of social media. So the bottom line as you got these white girls on tape singing Kanye West gold digger song. And there's a word that sounds like digger. But it's not digger it's something else that's really really controversial. So naturally in the era of social media. There was an attempt to get these girls thrown out of school an attempt to call these women racist and five for wanna get real sick of white bashing. And we're gonna get into another story here later on a about Ohio State and it's workshop. In which students are told that only white people can be racist there is white bashing going on my theory is what this is eventually leading to is demands increasing demands for so called reparations. For slavery and when those. Reparation checks never materialized then people to have a reason to get upset over an update on. The university New Hampshire story retired about this this sorority was singing the gold diggers on Kanye West wrote that song 2010 era. And huge number one hit all summer long that sour. That source sang the entire song and there's inward and these are some ranchers told TMZ. That not only will the Sig sorority girls not be punished will be no discipline whatsoever there was never even an investigation to begin with. The people that issued the complaint. Falsely claimed that the university was looking into it. The university has released a statement saying no one is under investigation people are free to sing whatever they want to sing on campus or off campus. And just trivia note 2005. That's when the song was really really GAAP and the me all the time I went stuff that happened two years ago it like 2000. What did you think John Candy died twelve years ago the sun's been up for twelve years exactly. Interesting thing to. Is the liberal icon Seth MacFarlane Pham a guy is a Family Guy episode which references same song and it said joke about the word that sounds like bigger now they don't use the word but it's pretty much out there. So hot favorite pubs like a white bashing I would be sick of bashing of any. Any group whatsoever whether it is white people blacks Hispanics Asian unless I'm making the joke in which case it is totally acceptable because. That we can't drive and we are poorly in doubt these are true things how can argue with truth but the long story short. The long story short is David in Ohio right down to throw a promise Ohio State too when you're the latest outrage here we're gonna get right back to some phone calls. Ohio State University workshop. For. That there reckon the Internet with pop up ads. Ohio State University workshop wore white students about their privilege and hold them that only whites can be racist. Eight Tuesday's summit are offered handy tips and tools for white people. The university's web site announced the of that with the promise that students would be shown. He developed pretty personal plan of action to interrupt racism I got news for Ohio State when you tell people who are racist. That only white people can't be racist you create people to resent that you're actually adding to racism. Well SATA I mean nap first via I just that that comment of that pop bands or room in there and then that. Where are I understand just makes it sound like we do know that Kanye West song was a survive. Little bit dated with the problem. We know we just got this new loved. We got this in sop this filter software for email and it's like you know I'm sure this technology existed before 27 day. Other people and not have to open up their inbox and have 900 emails from people asking you about your catalog life. You know I mean it's ridiculous but at a rate. Not that we go to those sites. Well I I do but I never used the company or computer or cart. But but what I'm saying is that you Tommy definitely eloquent point the other thing at some point. You know. I understand that there are people that have lived their life in the United States of America and felt you know. And discriminated. There's there's two we're not running away from the issue. But you understand that we can't have a serious issue about discrimination. We can't have a serious issue about race relations when you're making a cartoon character out of yourself. And you're oh you're you're basically. Taken a timeout on the field of play. Where we can't give anything don't we can't talk about your feelings and how we can. Best meet the needs of all all of the citizens of the United States. Because this issue has been poison to the point where it's it's cartoonish there's hope you're not object a serious person making valid arguments. It's crazy. Look the whole. Ohio State and it's workshop. Anything else that was set and that workshop does not matter David because if you have somebody who is claiming in again engaged in white bashing and academic America that black people cannot be racist I think those people need to watch the video of the truck driver Reginald Denny being beaten. Within an inch of his life during the riots in LA for the crime of being a white truck driver in a black neighborhood when people were running around. And behaving in very uncivilized weighs on the left who showed time and time again they cannot see the forest from the trees. Debt you know when it comes to the broad sword application of any you know. All white people all old people all people listen to this type of music. You know I heard an interview recently we Gene Simmons from kiss and he was saying that if you look at what happened a rock and roll music. The glamour the money the full on team the the you know the alpha male persona. That was rock and roll music in the eighties. In the ninety's it became. Don't talk about your well. Dress up like your bomb evenly at ten million dollars. A Gene Simmons said R&B rap music picked up the alpha male that rock and roll gave up two grunge music. And so we use our rap videos that showed cars and well. And they showed you know the alpha male here are the women that are attracted to mean this is all I have it's a rat music came about. Being truthful about this is my lifestyle and I'm proud of it. And rock and roll music came about being lying about your lifestyle Bob Dole wants to talk to you about you know vaccinations he wants you to watch you know work on some HIV vaccination while you're. At a concert. Never mentioning that he took a Learjet to get there. And that he's worth 450 million dollars right he wants to hide that the rap artist doesn't matter the rap artist is putting diamonds in their key same. This is what I got you don't have it. That used to be what rock and roll music was and now that is gone completely away and it's just funny to me. That were making all these attacks on our culture and everything else went. You know last time I checked rap music isn't successful unless white people quiet. And Barack Obama is not the president adds it's a white people but essential for the bad. Here all of this stuff was so predictable. And you were doing this for a living David at the time about what Obama was running for the presidency. And these are crimes would call in and say don't understand if America elects a black president everything's going to change we're going to be locking hands dancing queen by now with each other. No more distrust we'll have a post racial America. And sandy beach and I. Both hauled it for what it was absolute BS the election of Obama actually exacerbated. Racism in America. From his Cambridge cops being stupid. To the riots in the street under Obama. They get couldn't criticize Obama because if you dead you were racist look at what capital Limbaugh when he said he hoped Obama fail. People tried to use that as. Racist or a black president to succeed. Even a year right people say you know you slowed up a bottle bomb because he's revealed he's real popular now. That's what it comes down to at the end of the day it was popular with it and you're talking to your kids in high school. You're talking up the kids have been back now schools since you know Wednesday after Labor Day. We've had time now to settle. Are the people that are our our goal Purdue is that trump phenomenon still happening. Outside of the election cycle are your kids back to school hearing that Donald Trump as the worst thing in the world your parents are ignorant stupid. Are we still getting you know public your college kids they've been there since the last week August and they reported TU. What's happening on the college campuses to meet. This is just a microcosm. We've heard about that local college in buffalo that was we're gonna tell people it was David college okay me. Dad Colin Linden president with David college is it like 300000. A year territory. Yes for Damon college put out this internal emails saying hey we have to doctor professors working or not the college itself out history professor sent out working. And and we got a hold of the email basically saying that this intro class needs to be more political nested. You know and again they're gonna teach in in and and a story arc of the trump administration to talk about Hitler and and Stalin in the same breath. But the point is if it's local it's its national its and high schools idol small rural schools did they hire you know 27 year old kid. Smart guy great teacher all of a sudden he's got thirty little. You know pairs of eyeball look at Adam and now he has to state once and for all the Jimmy Kimmel is right about health care even though he's teaching about English. He's there to make sure that these diesel skulls of puppy. Make sure that shaped in the in the way Howard. That that is the the the storyteller. Of American history is Howard's how dangerous is he. Movie maker and get shorty. No hell no I don't know a bill that. I'm talking about the alleged historian wrote rock via. If I can think it was very skinny Jean hacked and John Travolta is saying look at me. Now I thought that's him okay. At a historically been very demonstrated an hour now while it is definitely not heighten are talking about the the famous writer of such you know historical a people's history of the United States where Howard and I'm sick a white bashing and I'm sick and tired of people having their lives ruined. For stupid things like sick along with a content west song they used the N word and then suddenly all the sanctimonious that are snipers I love that expression. Gang up on and try to destroy their lives. Well done. And I believe it was Zeum international pictures and get short have to double check that but you're talking about the historians while a lead you actually read the stuff. How Howard dean's book people's history of the United States is the original fake news it's complete 100% propaganda. Set up to a point of view of something he did not research the early enough to have. I mean look you're you're gonna tell me that the the greatest. Slight and western civilization as the industrial revolution and what you know of says that socialist Communists say that you also that Ted Kaczynski the unabom that's right. So why again you know the machine gun is what it destroyed. Africa. That's that's what what you're saying. Here's spill in East Aurora hello. Hello gentlemen. A permanent. Hadn't. No I set I think it's heading to reparations. I. Some WD-40. Shares are going crazy American pose a question. February literature reports so we got a call from metal factory guy who works in a bag. He should have debris and metal chairs and tables for Erie county because the board. The bed to bed bugs are so bad they're selling metal chairs awesome so go ahead Phil I'm I'm sick a white bashing and I'll tell me where this is all heading it's all heading to increasingly vociferous calls for reparations. Rep. Racing yet. And David with your background your uniquely positioned to capture this quite incredible. The permanent certain that we can thank you can. When the service to our country. I was very kind things. One thing we would all agree we should be eternally indebted to those who lost loved one cooling down their lives in this country. So where is the gratitude to me from the African American community because my ancestors going down their lives to free their ancestor. Dick you know what it was great that so where where do the reparations and I mean if anyone lost anyone in in the defense of America. Android inconvenience when they die in combat every family had to live without. It would add empty chair without a salute to provide money for food. You're gone you're the United States for three years you did not set foot in the continental United States David how much would you like his reparations what's fair. Well I guess I've long said that when trump talked about getting money from the rack I government I think any. Any family lost a loved one in in Iraq or Afghanistan and a life. Lost a limb or eyesight they should also get reparations from the nation of Iraq and Afghanistan they've got tons of money given to them okay I'll I had a relative who fought in the war of 1812. My great great grandfather did four years in the union army during the civil war my great grandfather served in the Spanish American war my grandfather served in World War I. And I don't wanna talk about World War II but blushing a little Nazis in black people LaSalle should get reparations because they were on the subject matters here. Well but this might be a point because if you can actually show that a black ancestor was serving as an aide de camp to some lieutenant or captain it would have to be that had to forfeit the reparations because they fought for the confederacy against evil I hate to break the news to people but there actually were black confederate and a lot of them do not believe slopes no is it propaganda site. But I keep I don't Syria gunmen hijacked call. I'll put put on hold people. Seem to just wanna do they hit erupting today and that's fine it's 426 news radio 930 WB EN are you sick of white bashing and the University of New Hampshire and Ohio State says only white people can be raised. Yeah Thursday racist Bob Dylan. Bob Villa was awarded the medal of freedom by president Barack Obama that is the highest medal that an American citizen who is not military can receive. On Bob Dylan's all on the website ladies and gentlemen. The lyrics of the song hurricane. Including. The and word Bob Dylan is a racist by today's definition and you know what. Even blacks can be racist against blacks cervix a lot David it is classic song baby got back. Talks about quote. The average black man and perpetuates the stereotype that the average black man likes it but I cannot. Storm excellent. Is agrees. Fighting and his definition there's somebody out there and it's just in its insidious it really it. So I don't what does the white bashing and at what why. I've I've come to a conclusion. That the reason. Everybody is getting totally bent out of shape over ridiculous things like. It's hot. I saw it plant with real. Out of that hadn't been. Assessed. The reason all this crap is happening is it's always going to be about the money. That they're trying to create this atmosphere and climate in America. Where any every white person feels guilty about being white. B every white person buys into the idea that by being important what we were born with silver sports in our that was. And number CE. Numbers and literacy subsidy. That reparations. Must be paid by taxpayers. To everybody who is black in America because of the sin of slavery. That's what this is all heading for reparations. And an increasingly serious and most separates the men and for reparations. Because. God knows David you and your family are obviously responsible for slavery and my family certainly owned slaves that's like great great grandfather served all four years of the civil war on the union side. Why you know you've got to go back to you look at again Howard Zinn where most of of this revisionist history comes from. And admitted anarchist he'd talked about being a socialist he talked about being a democratic socialist which is my favour count on board. And that's what North Korea is right democratic people's republic of North Korea exactly. Aide Howard Zinn would say. There's a direct quote I think is very important to bring back the ideals socialism and the national discussion. To where it was at the turn of the last century before the Soviet Union gave it a bad name. Socialism has a good name in this country while Olympia. Well mother Jones Emma Goldman who participated in the sense where otherwise I can. There oh he didn't really short gosh ran into were few times and I Oldman but there is every evidence that have a gold was complicit in the assassination of president McKinley here in buffalo I would like you don't want I am telling you she was a part of many anarchist all across the world that we're taking whacks it heads into the part of a home well did did Emma Goldman have fake eyebrows. Did you have a bad wig like David Berry that you have a map of Cuba on her wall does she play it the Mormon tabernacle. Aren't that's really going for squirrels are but anyway our second tired of what's happening in America. And I gotta tell him that I am I'm racism out. I'm racism out. And if anybody tells me anything I have or don't have a life is because of white privilege I'm gonna tell you to perform it physically impossible acts okay. No such thing as white privilege David have you. Ever felt privileged. Made OK in that sets I feel privileged that Ivan you and you know this this show in this kind of work for so long and and I feel privileged that a lot of people listen to me. A lot of people like me. And I feel I do feel privileged that I have a lot of black supporters and black pants and a lot of you know people who don't look as I look who enjoy what I say it would jointly entertainment that makes me feel very good especially if I can. Like having great relationship as they host 28 listener who just look as I do or who does not sure the fate that I had. I'm I feel privileged to be. Born in a country like the United States I feel privileged that you know when we decide we wanna do something as a nation known relief stops us. Work force of good yes there's a lot of things that were born into but unfortunately. You know that that it does take up a bit of accountability take some responsibility to stand up and say this is what we have to do as citizens and I gotta tell you it's very disappointing to have this racial debate because unfortunately it's a debate. And every time you know do we want these people to stop reporting stop shut them up arrest them get them to stop talking about race relations. I encourage every time I see an ignorant person spout out how ignorant they are to meet its a great warning to everyone that. You know this is someone that really shouldn't be engaged because they're not. On the same intellectual platform they're talking about things either nonexistent. Are things that are so exaggerated and and another thing that I think they've never experienced ever before their lie. It's now would you consider yourself a racist person I know you have known you for a long time and I will tell everybody you're absolutely positively in no way shape or form racist or big I've recalled the bold things by Keith Olbermann you know visit truth in and it would it comes down to is. I've learned that as a man. There are things in life that are important you got your family that you community you've got your church your your group your job here. Civic responsibilities you're the calling that you feel in your heart and in your soul. Those things I believe our principles that you know you kind of stick a flag in the hill and since when I'm gonna die and someone calling you and and what do we tell children. How lessons in adulthood can we learn by just remembering what we tell our fourth grade girls when they go to school came out. Don't worry about stupid stuff that you can't control at the end of the day you know what happens on FaceBook and Twitter. We used to say that you grew a lot of the truth as you don't grow a lot of yet we still have eighth grade JD cheerleaders on Twitter trying to be popular try to goof on fat people don't want people who have different and you know what. Truck supporters conservatives people of this country we are the new people to be girls gone. They all want a rally around and make fun of how your different guess what. Our difference it keeps the college re moving our difference is paying for your college tuition. Our difference is what allows you to be. As ignorant and stupid as you possibly can be on social media so when you talk to an eighth grader who's been teased because they're different they're going to puberty you know what. You're going to the same thing at 3540. To 54. At the water cooler the third go through the cafeteria it's time that we practice what we preach and say you know what. You words are nonsense conjure an odd cents. And at the same time David we'll get Rick back to the calls but. It's weird because at the same time as the note the artificial world of social media. And the trolls. Is trying to perpetuate this idea. That black people and white people in America you know that were at each other's throats. And I I keep being told the white privilege I know I didn't that I know that I don't. At the same time as they see this nonsense happening in mass media. In the real world sorry I don't see the hatred that a lot of people say I don't feel hated by black people. I don't know white people that hate black people to fight that I wouldn't hang out with a anyway. Because they're stupid I never used for people like that but in the real world. I don't seat the kind of outrage and the kind. Racial awareness. That I that I keep hearing about. And social media that I advocate racists like you know there there are people that drop things like. If you're black or your liberal. When you're in a locker room and there's a bunch of guys hanging out together. Guys say stupid things girls people say stupid things. But I would get like you know there's there are people that I have in my life. That I will not go to any bar win or be around without alcohol because when they get alcohol on their system I don't wanna be around. Nine times out of ten a fight breaks out nine times out of ten I'm the only sober one there and aimed at getting. And I learned over time you know what it was cool when I was 21 article I was 25 and it's a cool forty and I don't wanna be around that and racism is the same thing. You're going to say something it's I don't. I don't care how I'm perceived. I'm not worried about is a grown man you should be worried about what people think of you should be worried about your own. Individual copy it your own individual principle this is what I believe. I don't wanna be around I don't want here in here's another thing. I don't wanna be deal with. What happens when another person now I'm my allegiance to you was a man and a friend is now challenged by the fact that you got yourself into something stupid so. I would I think it's a great way to live your lifetime and I I think that. I don't know when you became that man I don't know when you decided that you were gonna be that way what's crazy is you're not in the minority. Most. People that I know regardless of the politics say exactly what you say. I heard this overtime. It blocked there was a time would have been uncomfortable being the only white guy in it and a group of black guys are but the thing is about life experiences. And and having the ability to travel and usually I travel the majority black countries Obama vacation. Tom when you were exposed to the real world. And you have positive experiences with people where you literally are the only white face in a crowd and you don't feel threatened you'll feel intimidated you don't gets Cowles. I mean look it it can. Is it can really help to. Change any bigotry you might have had and it can solidify. The feelings you had that you know what people are pretty cool in general. And you know I'm sure that there are some. Black people listen to are sure right now who if they search themselves they might very well have had some unkind thoughts toward white people in general may have used the C word cracker but with experience. You gain wisdom and you grow out of that way of thinking and you recognize that were the brain dead nonsense that it is it's it's called. Wisdom and I think part of our job is to try to impart what we've learned over time to people who may not have had our experiences. And with the wisdom and the strength of your own convictions. You know you're able to basically say look I'm sick of hearing about white privilege I'm sick of hearing about white bashing it serves no good anymore than bashing of any other groups simply because they exist does. Or audio algae this'll be that they shelling at practice and called mr. relative. I that's good then let's do that this is. Seen Diane in buffalo you're WB yeah. And end dates. I live I've been here for back and seniors and everybody was app offline and about. And I have what it needed and I are black neighbors. And some of them I okay. And some of them and that's and that's. And out but. Blacks and if the black people that people have actually been Jehovah witness. You know that its glow with. Their nine. You know. Evil and and you act you know. Different kettle black but it's. Yeah but listen though I can tell you the same thing about white people did to meet church people are good people because they go to church Muslims that are. God constantly going to worship. And have structure and and wonderful families are beautiful human beings are great Americans they're great neighbors. And people in the city that are black they're people whites is trying to save that. Dare I can find far. Trouble in white neighborhoods in the city and in the country all might get caught up. You ought to West Virginia. And that is I opening so which to me it's not a thing of what groups are better at what makes them better to me it's bad people are bad people was bad. In there and they intend and and there are. Not folks who. When when you're listening to I'll be. People you know saying what do I racists. You know at the small minority of blacks that are doing neck but I could travel. No no no no no and enough time out you're wrong it's not even just black people doing it it's white academics in America Thursday this is a virus in academia in America this bastion of white people black people are not behind black lies matters did I tell you right now that the movement was created by white America. That the leftist BO the propaganda of people talking about it. It's talks about black lives matter anti or they're talking about Russia. Until you what that that was created organically from the streets of Philadelphia. That was in the DC office in case street with a bunch of left wing funders that said what's the best way that we can fracture off people from the president. The real the real horror that happened on election night was black people do not vote for Hillary Clinton period that's what the issue was. You're seeing people upset and rally and protest in unison that all happened to be the Democrats the Democrats. Didn't have control over on Election Day so yeah I believe Tom's right these fires are being started by white liberals. Solutions. You know of these people just won four point. You know they thought they wanted to fight to you know I heard it turned away for them don't you know plug. I'll see if it's really hard because when you're a college student and your freshman and you're told by some professor that you have white privilege and then your test -- is based upon your acquiescing to his or her insistence that you have a privileged life even if you let it come from a Sheraton park side your mom could have been a Coke freak and your dad left when you were born you're supposed to believe that you had white privilege as booklet. All crap. White privilege is bull crap quickly start calling it. What it is an is nothing more than racism at it's nothing more than white bashing and it ain't. Black people who are behind it it's white people there called leftist as David pointed out. And we atlas but this way guys we've entered into a new era of insanity in America when he cotton plants somehow is racist and I thought to myself what is this person wearing wool polyester if you Wear cotton now you racist if you break this country is going crazy. It is up.