9/21 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1: On Sorority Singing "N-Word"

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, September 21st

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News radio 930 WBA. And introducing Amazon echo we fewer neo personal assistant I'm. Alexa Jones whatever inning it. You have to do is ask Alexa Jones Alexa how tall is Mount Everest get up for yourself I mean this is what they're what do you think tap water as it should get a bomb baby. And morning and get upset wake up. You better wake up teacher butts in gear because you are being attacked like ZoneAlarm on. I'm Valerie but meanwhile. Knowing your friends stopped your next. Plus you can check your email on. And David Villa via okay. It's 500 dollars you have no choice of carrier battery candle in charge and the reception isn't very sad ass and take my money it's our alien that Latvia. So is it any wonder people are afraid of techno. Technology that is all this stuff. I'm news radio 930 W. All of under his radio 930 WB yet where both actually gonna call in sick and just like spend the time outside because. The summer is obviously ending tends to do that this time of September I think it's a giant conspiracy personally but is absolutely out of this world. I don't know whether it's because of some. Up motor vehicle accident Cheektowaga holy crap warily. Which I would think would be far enough away was. A separate jam when I was driving to work I think a lot of you people. You people yes I think a lot of people are leaving work early and hoping nobody knows notices to enjoy the nice weather. David. Another great day inheritance. Yes sir god no complaints on mine and a lot going on in the news this one of those days where everything that seemed to me in news. Really irritates me. You know what I think you're right because I don't mean to beat Nancy negative here or nick negative but man it is open. I am convinced this country's view and I'm convinced this country has gone insane. I am convinced that this country is he very limited lifespan and it is going to break and burst apart. Under the strain not it's we've gone beyond political correctness David we're now officially in the realm politically. Correct insanity. Political incentive you wanna call them. It's hard to return there's no rational there's no. Rationale any of this none of this is grounded in any sort of I guess what it is. I understand that there's an emotional maturity comes sometimes people find their first jobs sometimes it's marriage sometimes it's children. But there usually is a defining moment in every adults life where they can say you know what. I I can't afford to cry in bed today. I have the go to work I I have responsibilities. More people depend on me than just me sometimes be a packed town. But did did the decisions that are being made by adults today. Are absolutely void of any sort of maturity it's it's it's alarmingly. Shockey we actually had yesterday David it's before but story started and it about the woman who went at a hobby lobby. And who sought cotton on the plant on display. And started to say that hobby lobby was racist it'd hurt your sensitivities to seek hot I'm up at at hobby lobby. What kind of moron. You have to beat to be offended by a plant the same person that equates raw cotton with African Americans. Is you know person that would equate. You know any other stereotype with any other Democrats so what would you go to America you see it would go to wegmans and you see bananas does that also offend you is is wegmans and tops racist for adding bananas. What were just the point that anyone's extrapolation. You know with their emotional connect the odds. Equates to some sort of consequence. And it. But it Tim it's it's it's so ridiculous that. Individuals are trying to hijack the community its only socialist talking about globalism. About how we have to have given community is raising children and yet it's. Always the individual. You know emotional breakdown that leads to some sort of we need to have bathrooms transgendered. Why. Because one group. One small bit of even represented more people have not allergies that are. That our trains can. And and and they're turning around and say no this is that we ought to do for everybody but you are the socialist year that. You're the group of people that is always about the aggregate. It's always about the aggregate unless of course it's an election. Meanwhile imagine it well because there's a guy for the Philadelphia Flyers were incidents right now and complicate of occasions during hockey games that he's he's black by the way to please hockey. And and a couple of occasions people have thrown banana peels onto the ice in what is I think obvious follow actually racism. Absolutely bananas and associated with blacks I honestly don't hold because when I was a kid I really like bananas I mean how I love banana cream pie hello it's a reference to believe you know semi world's civilians. It's still so it's duke are a black person is not mark any more than a white person is a Monty I am. To be honest with the heavily none of us are monkeys but that's a definitely other presuppose they believe in evolution and not really sure Butler put out of the idea of course I mean first of all this took to make. Decadent and by the way Darwin was a great guy for equal opportunity. You are talking about a racist just just go to Darwin to work in Qaeda report always hear the same league as saying you're. I found her what he was a person who boo you know I would think a lot of those myths in and legends of of who stopped evolving in who vault. All came from a person who you know was probably the internals made for too long. But that's neither bothers me put it what happens in the Glock blows what is the Galapagos the woods stays there. But but my thing is this luck with what we have right now but we're gonna talk about the story the audio on the UNH University of New Hampshire. Sorority girls this is an edited footage what what this is a videotape of a sorority they're having fun there caves they drink whatever the deal. They decided you know let's FaceBook lives must do whatever. And of course there's got to be someone on a Friday night not at a party who's doing nothing but watching FaceBook live and Twitter updates of people that are at parties. And decide to whistle and this sorority. And now they have to defend themselves over the accusation that they are racists. All I think we put forward plea deal let's at this. Open wreck so okay these sorority chicks at that time and singing this song the song. Was written by a guy named. Kanye West west isn't white supremacist right kind of questions. Of African Americans wait wait he's a guy he wrote a song right white girls are singing the song and not only getting ready song he wrote a number one hit for like seventeen weeks in the summer of 2012. It was 2010. And this song was the biggest song in America. Everyone was in some radio stations bleed it out the word but there are taught a rap songs are huge hits that have word in them. Girls we're basically did was they made the mistake of of reporting themselves singing a song. A little bit lost because a black racists on. The Edward is in it. White girls like the song they're singing the song word forward including the word and being accused of being racist submit to you that he racist would ever be caught dead in private singing a song written guy. Well it is unfortunate that there sorority name is. Collide Klein left. Good triple a this literally yards. Our outlets are not as dire as the yes sorority girls in university Hampshire. Singing gold digger. So I mean. This year we believe that out but the point is had you know there was a song when I was in passing grade. It was what slippery when wet album. And right and there was a song. They promised we have Indians put me to hell it was what was once again by Joan thank you. So by Joseph we did the song and the word hell was in the song and as a little kid we would only screened the dirty word on the bus because we were cool. If these girls were seeing gold digger and not singing any other earlier but when the Edward came up top it all screened it. I think we have a problem. Well let's just take this one separate Bob who was awarded the medal of frequently and I president Barack Obama. Bob Dylan wrote a song called hurricanes. Man and part of this on it is the word. Leaked out it's right there might not violent acts. Bob Dylan sings word. So by the logic that these two girls are being answer the allied with which sorority girls are being castigated as racist. Bob Dylan should have his medal of freedom rescinded by president trap because. I'm right there on tape. Says the inward. He sings it. Now that's going to be horrible and I should postal Exxon line. I imagine I'm sure people talk about this every time they see Bob Dylan should bring it up well so again hauling sorority girls who were white. Racist foresee a long with a song written by a black guy that includes the word by that logic. You really should go after Kanye West for writing the song even if he's black. Do we know he's really black and Bob Dylan. Maybe at this point I guess we have to question everything Bob Dylan should have a medal of freedom taken away because in the song hurricane EU's work. But to me what I think what's happening here with this I generation. Is it they're attributing the reach we policy that these millennial have created where if you re tweet someone who said something obscene. It's the same thing out as you saying something obscene the other issue is if you reach weeds someone saying something. You know that you agree with and it turns out in their history of Twitter they've said something controversial. And insensitive then you are representative of that. And so now I guess if you sing a song Europe pro operating that song to your own situation which is absolutely. Nothing no musician would ever tell you that they want their music to be enjoyed this way. That only people that have had alcohol problems can enjoy blues and only people that have had a hard break and enjoy. What are you talking about the whole idea is that I can experience something that I haven't physically. Lived and walked that journey and because someone else went through this I can appreciate. Their journey I can appreciate their artistic merit. Why is it ballot I have to be judged by the lyrics of another person. The way America chose to be than ever wants an entire summer we all racist gold digger. A huge hit you couldn't get away from. From from Kanye West in wasn't it things that we sent yet that doesn't matter the point is that song was everywhere. Every once sang it. And and the idea now that. That because of the statues are going down these girls should have been here. Their college careers and I think I would've they're gonna refund the 50000 that they paid. This is what this is. Nothing more than a this is its bullying at a level that I have never seen it and it's unhinged it's illogical it's irrational it does not pass the common sense standard. And the I'm sorry are giving the inmates too much control of the asylum and this crap has got to stop these girls are not racist to the best of my knowledge and if you believe the races for singing along with a song a black guy who wrote that as the N word in it then you need to lobby to have the metal. Freedom taken away from Bob Dylan for his song that hurricane. Which I opposed the lyrics up on our FaceBook page well you can also. Yeah you can also bring up the idea that. Some of the greatest writers in them I mean. Mark Mark Twain is not revered by the left and the right and everyone else in between I mean it's one of the greatest writers in American history. You know the use of that word I guess it's. Here's what I'm trying to say. I don't understand what the statute where what is the shelf life in generational outrage. I used to under this David I'm sick of it I gotta tell you I just am sick and there are over there are first generation Americans in this country that are. Legitimate refugees. Right and there are terms and there are phrases that are used every single day that I'm sure you can do six degrees of separation and find some sort of person some group out there that's different I mean what native American. James. We gonna go I mean native Americans right now what what is the stereotypical mid Americans are what their environmentalists. They own casinos. All all of the different stereotypes that are out there what. A deal Todd you hear native Americans really up in arms when they talk about terms like you know the Redskins or another term for a logo. You haven't heard the and we dare they did or not the sensitivities. Out there for religious people that it's a group reservation. I grew up not having the best of five and my only sin is being bought born with the aid of blood. Why why is it that other groups are able to turn around and say you know what I'm offended Anderson tore entire sorority. Have to be expelled out of school because you sang a song. I mean if you're offended by the Atlanta Braves and there are tomahawk chop is yet. Does that affect you for the rest of your life I mean what what is where does it I mean Asian Americans for years have been who've gone. Yeah I think it didn't deserve it. Chris Rock week I can't drive David Chris Rock brought up Chinese children and made an iPhone joke. Jill is not bad joke doesn't work with the white count him or wrong site. Should expect of you couldn't that you could never do that there are words and are legitimate words would have ended. And you know the improper involved in countenance of the N word. There are words in our own language that mean nothing. Connected. To that word that you can't even say without. A disclaimer that I I. I gotta say this its hourly ability. And we're gonna get into more detail on these sorority being investigated in these so called free or die state of New Hampshire. Sorority girls sing along with a target Wes on my daughter loved by the way. Com and you know in another generation. You know another song that referenced a black stereotype. And actually talk about the black man's affinity for big bucks I'm sorry. Like the first size my daughter ever learned mrs. and there are goes into a frenzy when she hears it I like big but it cannot lie. It is not a racist song because David if you listen to that song you have to believe that every black man is in too big butts and I happen and those of black men. Who enjoyed their butts tight as it. Well and a racist song David it is stereotypes on my cervix a lot I don't know how many of you actually try calling. 1900 thanks a lot. I don't know what the push back is on this because obviously you know the the response should always be well. You know when in doubt I guess that the twenties the 2017 way to get anything done is to publishing people. Humiliate them out them I think I'll need to start shaving the shoot cameras David it's kind of work and make. It would run a news story that a group and again this is not a criminal act this is not something that you know the sorority. You know hurt someone they'd be the laws involved at all we're talking about these social issues that are. Public you know the news covering the story just to publicly shame someone. I believe that the act the accusers. Have to also have their names. You know present as well if you're gonna make it public declaration. That this person said the and the word in the song. And your accusing them I wanna know your name when and where you go to school and I want your face plastered. I'm the video of the scene where the girls and I would also like to know words are condemnation of Kanye West for actually right. That's all well evidently the the definition of what we considered to be racism has changed because. You can't. You can't say that one group is allowed certain rights and others there's no equality under the law we've argued over this when you say you start to win me over David. Just ease the argument cannot be that person if a person uses the word and based on their skin color it's acceptable and not acceptable. That is by definition is racism. You are caress also it's it's pointless even me your name your it you're making words up they don't have me you're saying that. If you repeat a artist who makes it every rap song in the nineties from the western East Coast. Has the N word and these are all took option core biggie smalls entire career. Listen you want to Oprah went for hall of fame bear. Rock and roll hall thing. Which is why it is Grandmaster Flash and rock and roll hall he doesn't it's really not direct the music hall of fame but blah blah blah thing they hijacked everyone country music society speech of the rock and roll hall of fame what he was the did you. That's a lot of jealous of I wanna be steady beat to the rock and roll hall and congratulations to if you have not heard at republic Carney in the right kind of our values of. We don't clutter like congratulate teammate at WB gets to the beach nine to noon. I this guy isn't more halls of fame that anybody with whom I have ever worked. And it's a huge honor for sandy it's a big honor for the radio station but it's all really about sandy beach and he's going to be inducted into the urged the broadcasters hall of name. In less than one month from right now in New York City. And ID I'm very happy for sandy I really do have a lot of respect percent I don't know what happened or friendship along the way but honestly I right. I'd like sandy I'm always election and the and I just am very happy for him being in. The New York's broadcasters hall and that is no small feat ladies and gentlemen that one is fair be very important along with a rock and roll hall of fame and all the other halls of fame. And that it's kind of weird. You know working with a guy who's got that much national recognition that seriously welcome sandy. And that meant a freak yacht club in New York City for the awards are. Like that but there once it is one other awards and it's good to have people with whom you worked there and show some support but I don't get the New York City alike that it's the same rights they say as the league is play my that it happened but he'll be in my thoughts. If I fell. Under Israeli and I'm 38 WPP. And welcome to the program and ladies and gentlemen you're just joining us I think this world is gonna capsule this country it has gone absolutely crazy. I wish I could tell you that I thought the United States was going to be around for a long time. I don't believe that I think this country is imploding from within. The forces of hatred and division continued to try to spread seeds of discontent and hatred and distrust of each other. In the United States and tragically because there appealing to the baser elements of human nature they'll probably will sell. I am really disgusted I hear about college girls being bully online in social media because they have the audacity to say. A wall with a song black guy west wrote which includes the word. And I think I'm gonna have to concede the point that David because we got to a debate awhile ago about the N word. And David I don't wanna misquote Q you said. That everybody's gotten way too bent out of shape about the and word what makes and were any different than. The and I offered. The explanation that the N word was was a special case and that it was a special case it was illogical but it was a special case. But that. Really deserves special consideration. But the way things are going right now man I think Hume I think you might be right because there is no making some people happy with this and. Used far too often to destroy people's minds and that's the entire thing it's a club to. It's and someone's. Demented effort for. To be equalized. You know instead of using you know just the the base bit of time it would take to read you constitution to read what our laws and right to give us. Again you know. What are the fundamental principles of the election of 216 was that you know we have become too sensitive. And all the people that voted to feed the people put Donald Trump and office. Are the people that. Really nobody knew about nobody saw these guys at rallies nobody held cocktail parties and and drank you know coffee and had doughnuts with they were part of any political movement they were part of a process there were no. Normal Americans that should you know what I'm sick and tired of having to apologize. All the time we'll listen America is imperfect. We have major major major seems that we committed. And and again to give back to religion I mean. If you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of god and his name is taken in vain in front of what they're not be anything more. Righteous. According to a religious person then to say I cannot believe that as a society we allow anyone. Gonna be able to draw a picture of Mohamed. Going to be able to make a statement about the Prophet Mohammed and think you're gonna get a punchline on national TV but yet. You can affect another person's religion and you're gonna quit the N word at the most offensive word. In the English language. I mean gimme a break. Might listen you you cannot say that Italians have derogatory words. Chinese people there are direct every ethnicity has some derogatory why did your sensitivities. Any different then another group. Floyd you see I can't really use the argument that. Will David it's different because blacks were the only people sold into slavery because that is incorrect. Well I'll also tell you that I don't know of any other Democrat that was targeted by the US government to be killed. Also that as a native American native Americans there was a war saying basically if you don't when he called war we could call it genocide. Would they fought some most fought back and they showed themselves to be extremely you know heroic right battlefield that we should point out that we kill tecumseh. And now after he was dead safely dead his statue is at Annapolis the US naval academy for so let's kill the Redskins. And then let's make them our heroes I got a chuckle. When you look at the treatment of natives. This is the this is the scene that America has committed. There have been. Horrible mistakes horrible sins committed in the name of a the United States but what nation goes back in says we are gonna spend our future. Constantly paying for the scenes of people aren't even here who have committed them. It's stupid and we know is road no one grows as a country would continue to bring it's like let's. You know what. There there reconstruction. With the time to stand up and start talking about confederate statues of Martin Luther King thought that that was why would he not mentioned that when he marched on Selma Alabama or more important things you have nothing left to complain about. Yeah yeah yeah a black man with our president. You have nothing to complain about him now. We're gonna attack. A culture we're gonna attack. A society we're gonna attack institutions. Because there's nothing left to get a so there's a million times David but the confederate that you think is not about the confederacy it's about the United States because the flag of the army. Of Northern Virginia. Flew over a slave nation for four years the American flag flew over a slave to nations since this 1770s. Or 1780s. So by definition if you're gonna go after everything confederate because it represented a time when slavery was condoned permitted and the weight of the land. But you must attack the very legitimacy of the United States and David I saw this coming. During the original confederate flag controversy and told people what it was all about it is about the deal legitimizing of the United States of America not the confederate states of America. I mean I think you're spot on I just you know again. Would replay the the audio of the girls singing a song and now we we have to destroy them. So. You know what. If somebody was saying what are my songs I'd be real happy that I gave them entertainment with which to sing along but I know I'm words in my lyrics in my melodies were part of their lives. Nobody is is that Kanye West thing these are our people I would assume these these young ladies. Are people who probably by Kanye West music and go to his concerts and watch his wife's a stupid show on. You know. I wonder if he's upset that he has white battling there were other minorities and that's sorority was just an all whites or sorority. But you know again are you upset the people are singing your songs aren't all white sororities like there are all black sororities and fraternities well it's New Hampshire so I don't know if it was not even the mountains in New Hampshire are whites well the geographic joked I'm not near my Mya my my my takeaways though from that is that. Again where are we going as a nation and say it. Especially here's the thing. If you have the debate on race can do educate yourself on our nation's history. You can't just read Howard Dean and come mean width with you know what what what was Frederick Douglass what was his role. What were the radical Republicans why many radical. Why are Republicans considered to be radical during the time excellent points at L. And it wasn't just Frederick Douglass ladies and gentlemen. White people like Horace Greeley who were major part in finance ears of the abolitionist movement by the way. That's also known as men you mission or anti slavery movement. Either were white people and Frederick Douglass was not the only black. Sister or brother in America to all of us that lives very vociferous against. Slavery there was Sojourner Truth. Sojourner Truth was this amazing woman she was ill educated she didn't have the Harvard sheep skin but you know what she did she connected. With her audience and she had a fundamental ability to connect with white people who probably have never seen a black person speaking in front of a group of people before and holding them. Active with the brilliance of their arguments others Frederick Douglas who was a pretty strong man and a great speaker and educated himself. And then there were people like Sojourner Truth who were more shall we say homespun but there were some great examples of American history appeared loose light against slavery a long time before these so called them answered literally can but Frederick Douglas was a revolutionary. And why it's an if there was. Any real reason to be violent. In the in the name of race relations it was at a time when a race was you know held against its will and and do you know. Sworn to do the duty of of someone who owned them they had no. Know a lot. No citizenship under the constitution at the time so yeah that was the time to for black lives to matter that was a time if you wanted to kneel an anthem. That would have been appropriate time to say you know what America you guys are messed up. How can this be a legitimate document how can we be a legitimate nation and we have people coming over here and boats and changed. That's not acceptable that I'm. Erica let's get some calls 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBE and thank you for your interest in this can is at I don't even know where to go anymore. And I think sometimes wonder we're heading back to the era of segregation. I really do here is a mark in Hamburg or WB yeah. Try to remember me as a black artists are selling network they're selling network they're selling that. That glamorous lifestyle that spotlight and that what bothered me now I purchased music and I'd like to put. Maybe a disclaimer that there that your wife buying this you can't say that word. You know automatic your question answered and in the black people next to me aimal and his music and I yeah we're about what in my generation. First of all with all due respect mark when you go to a concert you should never sing loud enough for the people next you'd hear you because we didn't pay the money be your market Hamburg saying we pay Peter and so. I noticed in the there. The the guests are mark is yes you are racist if you do that because that's what this and that that's the most of the ground rules that are being laid out for everyone to accept. Everybody right that's what that's what society is out of that is what people you know up to me that people are being held down and I mean. I understand that there are a lot of white people that are less privileged then others and you know I wanna say I want to get into that you don't like Groupon had a ball washing out the neighborhood has turned out and I don't really want to go air what to me it. Kind of a group of people that are really slamming them you know standing that's why. Because everybody was well did you know would we really ask this question. I think I have beat I think I got the million dollar answer for you mark and also it early enough that people can savagery during the peace it savaged now don't -- human possibility savagery the rest of the show alternately I'm gonna tell you what all this hubbub about the anwr is about it is about reparations. And what it's all gonna come down to is introduction of legislation in Washington to pay every black person in America like twenty or 30000. Dollars as an acknowledgment. Of white privilege and as a payback for the work done by their ancestors under slavery and of reparations are not passed you can expect rioting in the streets. Anybody anybody wanna go that part because I think it's all coming it's always about the money and it's gonna come down to reparations. It's a while money and it's about the vs the one few. Are what you want. It's always going to be that way are going to be there. Bobby feature on a roll but we got to take a break because god forbid we develop momentum. 803 on I thirty Bauerle ability at New Hampshire sorority girls under attack is racist because they sang it Kanye West's. Right now caller number nine at 64498756419875. Winds of their tickets to Gregory Charles Saturday the fourteenth of October 3 PM all new casino in Canada sixty dollar value must have access to candidate to win general contest rules apply. All right David let's get back to work our callers shelling. It was market hampered mark in Hamburg we talk about the sorority girls at New Hampshire who are under attack by the sanctimonious senator snipers in the media because these girls must be racist and their career at the University of New Hampshire should be ended because he's saying the word and it. Along with Kanye West. And acknowledge that real joke is that the higher up. People that are making the decision. I think that Iraq that they are airing. You know what there's there's just this just so idiotic and unbelievable. I appreciate your call mark and you why it 030930 start on 310616. WB and that's free and Ghana chock full list of callers we'd do I'd like different so more women today okay because it's been a sought it we've got a lot of dudes lately. Here's Sally on WB yet I Sally. Currently my question is what it had been at an outrage if that was the lacked clarity singing that aren't. Of course. I mean no one would've known Adam link and I I don't panic. Well listen when a when a while I mean left it white people are getting shot by police officers. There are situations that you know officers make mistakes but again it's the profile behind the first question we asked in an officer related shooting. Is not is ever an okay. It is the situation under control is is is he victim black is the opposite white quite. It's as what is all about. It's nonsense it's just nonsense. And this is after a Wheatley and we've had this was supposed to be the pull a black man was the president of the United States this was supposed to be overweight. This is the legacy of Barack Obama tour. Sally if you have more to say again we each need to take a break so sorry about that industrial and I thirty starlet 3180616. WVU they text us at 3093. User would ever.