9/20 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4: North Korea and Uber Eats

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, September 20th

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News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. Introducing Amazon echo we fewer neo personal assistant. Alexa Jones whatever Enid. All you have to do is ask Alexa Jones Alexa how tall is Mount Everest get up for yourself I mean this is what they're what do you think tap water as it should get a Bombay beep. A morning person and get ups and wake up. You better wake up teacher bunch in here because you are being attacked extra alarm on. I'm valiantly but new life. Knowing your friends start your next. Plus you can check your email on. And David Fella via okay. It's 500 dollars you have no choice of carrier the battery candle charge and the reception isn't very sad ass and take my money it's our alien that Claudia. So is it any wonder people are afraid of techno. Technology that is all that stuff unused radio 930 W. America's. I'd buy hourly and ability of back for the final hours. Of the big big program who is a line one who's gone back. With 11 reason it. It's yet on what was going wait. Wait wait wait a WB and hello. I'll weighed every way we felt we had a good break and you were make you substantially capture what's going on. Also basically what the bad thing I would recommend it. I'm ordering the execution although human being this guy and maybe not. On our he would back up our. I. Don't know nor were they eat you. But we take him out there by the and I are more and Matt out. Hope I don't want you hope are urging Cheney that the people are not broke out of our partner who do you want to use that there's. That they will get. Powell decade or much or haven't bid yet reached the education. Or. North were your bank cannot allow at at at and one thing we're elect. Well timeout timeout the biggest if at all is this if Kim Jung and stays in power not only will North Korea have hydrogen bombs world North Korea will develop with the assistance of Iran. The means by which to deliver them to the United States. That's one gift to which I think we know the answer. Yeah he definitely had a troops that are there have something done and I'd recommend that nations in May do it. And incorporate for the that there are people and just at all. Follow that change but. I really regret madman so Obama then leave and I just do advertisers like. But India at 3 o'clock. Or don't drop down and it's better I don't know Korea and Iran have to get through it you know look I'm happy I. I think we cried about you Matt Howard Kurtz black hat now. That makes a lot of sense I mean there there's you know it's nothing wrong with we're having tactics in. And a strategy in telegraph and everything but to the other side of that of course is. We had no idea. It wasn't that Obama got North Korea wrong every president. You know since the eighties has relief miscalculate North Korea the thing that's so disturbing about the Obama administration. If they hadn't they don't even know what's going and it's one thing the missed to have information in miscalculate is one thing. You could say that that's you know the mistakes of Iraq Afghanistan we had information we miscalculated. These guys are making decisions on nothing. There's actually nothing nothing of what the program was and again you know as most liberals do hope and changing and good feelings was enough to carry them through what's going on North Korea well they're not cause any problems to worry about. Another cause of problems and we're finding out real time this program is growing leaps and bounds. And human analogue. And one way and I'd like to sanction issue really came on really really are but the bad thing about sanctions that people realize that that Qaeda camp of people I. You know a lot that's. Be it L. I mean yeah I do he's gonna use them for whatever his purposes army we're hearing stories about. How wise women are kidnapped. Soul than them you know basically servicing him like he's the emperor. For it but he is I mean that's that's the respect he has for his own people and he just had I think his third son I think he's he has children now. What is that is what life is really not too well I don't know how many choices she adds that if you do stole my line but again you know this is a guy who can't balance how much French cheesy today there's no discipline in his life. He's a chain smoker died alcoholic dad taking you know who knows what. But he also has children and you're not going to be able to take Kim Jong loan out. And not think that you know well let North Korea heal itself. This has to be cataclysmic. Change in that peninsula it's got to be your leaders go on your country's gone. And you know here is South Korea to the rescue. And and that could take money from the international community to do obviously Trump's gonna burden that by himself neither should Japan and not. It's South Korea burden that they should be a global effort but it's gonna cost trillions of dollars to do. This is not over you once Kim Jong-un has killed. You've got to rebuild our country that pretty much was pop all the realist. You know David there's also this. Matches I almost hesitate to mention Germany anymore but. After World War II one of the big concerns of the allies was the deed knotts imitation of Germany because Hitler was revered as almost eight deity. Weren't enough time for a generation to believe that he was. And as it turned out after World War II. The sun not coming home their cities in ruins. After the Nazi regime which ship at the beginning of the war the head of the Louvre buffer Herman Gerling said. If any bomber show up over Germany you can call me Meyer which was anti Semitic. Reference you know if you if you study. Now their lips are held their whole Germany thing different it was me they were assured him 13 or perhaps we entered parliament. Our virtual map around and never have Germany game and if they are. Ostrich it Czechoslovakia. Yeah and lay of the war from world war three if if you look at some of the thinking behind you know the invasion of Baghdad and Iraq and they deem best vacation whichever one looks back now hindsight says about what a stupid idea. That was really based on what happened to Germany and a lot left lessons that we learned when the Soviet Union fell. What what happened to Communists in early ninety's Russia. They'd go way they would take out of power they change their names they change the titles the KGB didn't go way. I mean literally the exact same institution that was trying to undermine democracy. Boris Yeltsin comes and energy used to do what. Undermine democracy just under a different name so the reason why American authorities in Iraq decided everyone here past ago. Give these jobs up to other people. You know it will deal with the confidence later. That was really kind of how lessons learned from what happens when a vacuum occurs who takes over in the case of the Soviet Union. Everyone pretty much held the same job they just moved over to a different cocktail party. You repeated it you guys like I stated. They would not because they would then brought into that culture of grants and oh and one that may be could be your thoughts I. I'm just saying that the Middle East is as different character as Western Europe as Eastern Europe and as Asia but I think if there's any parallel to what we're dealing wit. It's I think it's more al-Qaeda more imperial Japanese than anything the Nazis or the the Soviets ever did. Because you have this almost. Religious fervor for a leader. You know I mean when you're teaching in grade school that you know you're leader doesn't have. A colon. I mean that's it's if you some things that we've heard about North Korea are ridiculous. But it's literally what they're learning in school every day did you supplied North Korean kids are taught that Kim Jong loan does not make duty yes after. That's that's actually part of I'm very happy to note that to the North Korean leader and your humble most of the same digest of system byproducts. It's almost missed you know the way that they. Although it's almost like he's the messiah in the sense that he's never broken a bone. You know he's he's this perfect vessel of people are gonna fight. You know if you get your sixty years old in North Korea. What does that tell you about your shelf life I mean you've gone through some pretty chaotic talent. You stayed above ground for sixty years with little food and steam for Thanksgiving dinner. And now you're obviously loyal to the state your packet you're gonna fight tooth and nail for this guy no matter what. It's scary because that's not going to be easy area to take over. In my diet. Are I was out. That political and I need to about Jeremy who and in mind. This small area at least something good came out this congress and I why thank you for your call appreciate it. It Germany to the show that thank you you know I Tom one of the things were that we definitely don't have in North Korea is technology and food. These are two things and it Venezuela toilet paper you know that that. But which if they were all Kim Jong they would meet they would need if Americans that's a very good point about the way there a point and maybe one of the reasons why he's so bloated. An angry. Maybe because it's a baby needs a good TV guide. And then you'll be offset but the other thing is is that. All right so. Here's here's what we got totally sidetracked and yet now I will do my 645 as provision OK so my point is. Over eats as has come to buffalo right. And because over ax was so successful so many people signed up for. Now if this new phenomenon you've got to downloaded different but coming to buffalo what October 1 day. Very soon is over each and this is. Everything you like about it over another delivering food she is all these different participating restaurants basically over becomes your delivery. And the cash transactions are gone the tips are all on your phone you get your food it's piping hot eat it ever was happy. But there are some people who won't be and that's people that actually work is with free people now. And the thing is it's if you look back from when you grew up. How I mean. Did you ever experience I'm trying to think of what era of of American experience this much technological growth in such a short period of time. And the if you show at ten year old a black and white movie it's like you're showing them you know Edison footage of a horse galloping and at the preakness you know. If it's it's crazy how far we've come and yet. It's killing everything of our child the telephone booths are gone. Superman where he change. That's all gone and now. Waiters and auditors as well as the point Superman would actually not be dating Lois Lane he'd be dating Jimmy lowest Lerner. Right. Actually appoints. Here is they'd WB had 71 alert forecast for tomorrow and basically to our all the way through Sunday we're looking at sunshine and warm and it's gonna get gradually warmer tomorrow. And Friday and Saturday and Sunday every day till Sunday were 87 tomorrow's high 83 right now it's eighty at Israel thirty WBE. Ends so we have seen in the summer of 2070 and it just happened a common September. All right it is about hourly ability is so over eats. I'll I'll answer your question with what has yet as questions are you going to use Wilbur eats which basically. David you think about the ramifications. Of this I always electricity grammar for Haitians in honor every school buffalo board of education member from some years ago. But. The the rambler for Haitians have over eats what does this got to do to the servers in restaurants because already take out orders are big pain in the ass because servers and restaurants they're often called upon to go into the kitchen. Did that take out order cash out the customer and very few people leave a tip sell those server does all the work. And the restaurant takes in the money but the server doesn't get squat out of a takeout order I've done over. Each and other cities before and I can tell you that I found. That over each actually reduces the price of the food. And that's really unfortunate for delivery people but. The fact is you have more options to get the food out the door faster. And it's less of an inconvenient when you have one person delivering. You know the food it tends to be added time. And then there's the money a situation where. I've ordered the exact same restaurant and exact same hotel in Los Angeles and as a cyber place and ovaries was like eight dollars class. Eight blocks in dollars less than having it delivered by the restaurant itself bright and the other thing it was crazy about it was is that. There was a minimum the restaurant and the website for the restaurant and a minimum. Wilbur Eads was just like K. You know whatever you want. So OK I've never used ovaries of a wait for it to come to buffalo because the other but I'm sort of that the feeling well what I don't feel well I have these weird cravings like typically I wat Thai food and and what Indian food have a feeling well that's all we know that a on the mend and then I start craving oil and vinegar salad. So what you're telling me is that labor peace is like Albert except instead of giving me a ride they're giving my food a ride from restaurant to my home. Exactly but how can that be less expensive because it like okay it is ten miles away from what my favorite restaurants for Indian food. Soul is going to be paying the driver to drive to that restaurant and to my house for the restaurant. It seems to me that that might be a little Ottawa for a well. Here's what happens. If you go to let's say there's a pizza place at the national chain. You go to the national website to order pizza goes by your IP address her. Whatever phone you're using and it determines that you're right outside of the greater buffalo airport and in Cheektowaga. It tells you this is where you live this is how much it's gonna cost. And they have an algorithm and a calculator that sets a price do you now that location of that pizza joint. They get an email saying hey this guy ordered a pizza and a hotel over by the airport and it's this price will look over each what's happened is. Your game in that same food. But they're just putting out to over pay anyone driving by the area wanna deliver some into a hotel. And someone might pick that up the moment that pizza got on the and whereas if you went to that national chain. Dec minus fifteen deliveries he's doing all self or with a partner you now have all the over X community out there every was driving a car at that time. They could potentially deliver that foods are. Our guys and just check it has technology hurt or help you is one way we can go are you going to use or have. You used Lowber each of concerns. About some guy or lady I don't know picking up my food and bringing it to me like. The bagel for example is according to meet new friends along the way. Songs written by my that are here in the past thirty minutes you're just ready at 930 WB EN in the middle of the year where it's probably sweating it blunt okay so we're talking about over eats and have you used Lowber eats and basically what it is it's like a ride service for your food. David is used it I've not used it. And I will say that I'd become a little bit disenchanted with Hoover because it is we should have a five star rating and we only have like a four point three star rating. So I figured that anymore I use Lowber no more tips because I was over tipping it over tipping your chip for star rating and a market bother tipping over drivers sorry you should be given as five stars you blow yourself. The shorter you union get a five starring bill and there's no reason why we should not have gotten by star ray put your of the Klein who cares. You think so I fear I fear because drivers can refuse you if you if you don't have it I'd start rating you can be refused. Now. And it doesn't happen. I got to now like a four point will help but if Hoover drivers don't appreciate tips that score a bucket that. Maybe need to start driving right into her with a shirt. Maybe that's for well I mean. I mean look every time I've dropped chunks in the backseat of a piece of you know I've often well. And all but anyway there are other apps someone had called and texted in 30930. Yet it's grub hub they're skip the dishes. None of them had press coverage is in buffalo. And I will tell you this. The participation of these other. Are not as great as overeat is going to be grub obvious is great certain sections of the city. A lot to this. Lot of the south house try to get a any restaurant to deliver to grow Bolivar skipped additions Easter roar Orchard Park I mean it's very few and far between. So hopefully. Over eats will change that and get more restaurants involved and make our lives completely so that we get everything. Food shelter everything delivered by Hoover car. Well OK okay but I went as Amazon by Albert because Amazon is going to control the world in about a month. Amazon is all everything everything on the planet and every one in the planet they've really bought into that drone stuff it is not a it's not. And extrapolation. To. It look into the future and seed like you know. I'd love an Arby's you know your voice recognized your phone automatically drone drops. A big in shatter. Whatever it is beef could shatter right on your that's I mean hey if you do with food you can do with anything groceries give me some milk boom done. And I think that you know the ramifications. Of this for the future okay what is this attitude of people who work in restaurants. Restrictor gonna need fewer servers right at one I mean we shot with a fifteen dollars an hour debate I was guys you know who they did the robots. Super computer screens touch screen new orders or was it again do McDonald's now. If some you know other markets that you press buttons in order which you want and mysteriously they get it right. Well and as we've discussed during the fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage debate all it's going to do is speed up the process of robot. Is Asian. Work places in America because robot you don't have to train him. You might have to fix the software arena again you don't have to train him you don't have to worry about robots getting sick. But down the line here is a here's a major issue and you know that issue is is. Before long if everything is going to be automated if everything is going to be robots who is gonna have jobs to be able to afford what is being assault. Well we've got over acts Matt Drudge wants over X action acts and Matt Drudge once number sex robot delivery of these twisted man I want to you know easy the think about this. Your Christmas shopping is basically over. I mean Amazon is over for products is it not your orders at that shows up at your door it's ambiance. What we're doing were actually by getting food delivered to grub up were actually stepping out of that box that Amazon wants is to live. Because Amazon. If they have the ability to deliver fresh food. Directly to your house. That's going to be really tough to compete with me I'm talking here you're not into like you know you compete with Hoover you're talking about tops the way you're target about dashes in the. You were grocery stores. I used to I I don't. I don't over grocery store and more time now certain others grocers are used to like that that a couple corporate it used to warm family feel to it America all corporately start screwing around things like hey let's move where everything is every other week so that we make people walked through the store and buy more. That's what the oldest trick in the book. But I do thank the makers of breathe right because I've watcher nasal strips last week. That dollar off coupon was awesome I bought the dollar bought the breathe right strip last week the coupon expired. April of seventy and well. All right this is. Four as it says 643 is ready at 930 WB yet I want to hear from people we wanna hear from people who used bird eats to get food. And just tell me there wasn't any special sauce on the food when you got it because. David I'm sorry. You know it is if somebody's working for restaurant at least you kind of way to complain right. Have you ever had a situation with Hooper about what to the complaint. You know one of the things that the restaurants that use who were each and grow Bob they wrap those that food out ridiculously. I want illness I wanted to box would have like well there's a lot of cellophane involved in that so that you know that. You know if someone got to those layers I. That they've been over wrapped just to ensure freshness. Into well that's got yet I am happy to hear that that makes me feel much better. I'd stay with big ultimately rings but it does make me feel much better means it's always a good idea to stay away from the stall. If you've got liberties. Just. Is it is it okay now here's how this will be cut number three this is now Wilbur delivery works when it comes to food in the restaurant. The the items they actually have you know how pack to keep things cool things. And they need time to. A person's residence or business and going in to the food it's not rocket science that was scintillating but it is not rocket science without my report cards explain. Who have gotten now. It was definitely use sounds like mark ours are diagnosed mark Paula cars because not once did he mention the need to bring in 200000 unabated Syrian refugees recount. Or bed bugs then. It'll three ought to at thirty start at 31806. WB a we've also got this isn't actually a picture was sent to me by a listener to the show yesterday. Am a bit. It is obviously a volunteer firefighters. Vehicle because it has the B half the volunteer firefighter license plate in New York State. In this volunteer firefighter. On the back of his Jeep. As a sticker that sets. Are narc and your honor student. Now dark and for those who don't know is what they spray up somebody's nose. To bring them back from a heroin overdose and as long as you've still got a heartbeat and some sign of life in view. As long as you can heartbeat and some sign of life and view the market can bring you back. Now this volunteer firefighter. I narc and your honor student. Otter FaceBook page it's got like 111000. Hits and people either love it or they think it's horribly offensive in fact the person who sent it to us. Was offended by and they want it to. Go all crazy about this jerk with a bumper sticker about our camp and he's a volunteer firefighter. I think this bumper sticker is is brilliant play. I narc and your honor student first of all if America were serious. Opiate crisis it's a heroin fentanyl crisis that's where the crisis that lets you know what like try upset about terrorism let's identify what it is it's. That at all that is the crisis that fentanyl crisis now. There are a lot of deaths in some very tall suburbs. Because parents don't talk to their kids about heroin and fentanyl because they're kids go to the number one ranked school district that doesn't believe rankings in corporate students. They go to the top ten school districts while light my goodness we just gave the men and a BMW 170 birthday he couldn't. Possibly be in the early. So this bumper sticker that says I narc and your honor student I think it's really affected. I think it might. Actually wake up some Paris to the idea. That they had better start talking to their kids up out heroin and fit them all in about the fact that it is for real now the good news but the bad news is. So many of our children have seen their friends dying because of heroin fentanyl so in some respects it is a lesson they have learned from their peers who have unfortunately. On. And left us but. You know I can't help but thinking. That if you're really were serious about battling heroin and fentanyl and you were running high school that mandatory. Urine tests. For every student. Would be a real good idea I bet you would save lives you identify the people using heroin. And you identify the people with heroin fentanyl in their Euro and and then you get them to the proper treatment which I think it's death by a whole lot. Our amateur argue many that I I think that debt bumper sticker by the way aid. 70% of that is probably just to be offensive and I'm noxious I don't think there was. I'm at I don't think I don't think it's ineffective I were talking about it now or other people are talking about it. All over the Internet and obviously serves its purpose. There if you think that this is it's did the heroin issue with a OP oil crisis what do you wanna call is not affecting your region. I beg to differ I mean. Almost on a daily basis you will hear about someone in the community or someone who knows someone that's from your community that has had this effect. And so it's not a matter of whether or not they're repeated users this is Len Bias situation where people try at one time and they drop dead and it's kind of you know I mean to me. We just seized what twenty million enough to kill 32 million people that although we just seized in New York City the DEA got. 32 million people could have missed this pain it's just I. I can't get my head around obviously I don't find the sticker offensive at all ought to find out what you guys have to say at the time we have left is an offensive for a guy with a volunteer firefighter license plate as Jeep to also have a sticker on his Jeep that says I narc and your. Honors student. I think this is probably one of the most effective anti drug or anti heroine at the all things I've seen in awhile. And it really look folks there arson schooled talking to some health care people about this. A couple of days ago. And mean these are people who are pretty well off they live in some really really nice areas with some very well a lot of schools. And the stories that people are telling about. This kid died that kid died this kid died there is a herald one slash but the ball epidemic and kids are dying and I really wonder how many of the parents did not know their kid was dabbling in the so they get the good GPK. There hundred kids there will be saved and nobody thinks about heroin and put them all until they buried their kid. I think this is a very effective sticker I don't think this guy to be chastised I don't think he is being insensitive you know it's insensitive fentanyl because it's going to kill you and death is a pretty bad place to be. 8030930. Is the phone number starlet thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WBE and you know David I just wonder if there was some way we can get Kim Jong Hoon an overdose of fentanyl. We are you look at at other you know there are people that are dying from fentanyl that are actually getting fentanyl legally. You know prince did you know some of these guys that their patches and that's with a touch your front you know. And you put in their mouth they they so it's like day it's not a situation where it's. You know you accidentally thought you're getting somebody got something else some people are knowingly trying to do it. And the other thing it comes down to is what at what point were offended by bumper stickers made sure these communities have like. Now you're you're losing more people heroin that you are too you know the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq I mean come on office. That's more than a crisis and an epidemic when you're you know and you've got local politicians dare they know would immune from this. And again. I find it really offensive that is being missed call and opiate crisis it isn't an opiate crisis and this is just beat this is all the to help cure people who were sick and tired of being demonized. It is a sentinel crisis it is a heroin crisis that is what is killing people. Typically people are not old being a Hydro coal gold or perk he's not doing that it's all about the sentinel. And I I get particularly upset when I hear the political class say. You know. Our opiate deaths are up 300%. Over what they were five years ago on an up your heroine debt these specific people are not old. Money heroin though and you if you're gonna ask you know creative class action lawsuit you have to identify the enemy the enemy is going to be the drug manufacturers because they have the money. So you have to put that group over there because what this is all leading towards our big tobacco lawsuits. You're gonna now sue companies forcing you to tell me how strong purpose that was. The doctor wasn't informed how strong person it was and you never told me that I could end up as a junkie you know proven in a mailbox. You each. You never told we don't regret I might over eat bagel things you never tell me doesn't have a huge lawsuit could beat. Billions of dollars going to people who've lost sons and daughters and by the way even though they overdosed on that at all. They will find a way to say they got a hold of my perk cassette. And that's what led him to quit and that's can be yours lasted so I think that's only done so that New York State can get ready for a loss Leah. It's a big fan hysteria and what I hear the intentional mischaracterization. Of an epidemic like people who should know better by virtue of education and training it really pisses me off and it really upsets I'd black eyed again it's really all about to fatten up the narratives that you can. About it. If there was a situation the actor from fast and furious got a Porsche. Drove it. And blew the car Aubrayo guy I know this much about people who drive porsches men in particular feel in public what I think. This is that they the they went after Porsche because this car was. You know souped up car highly rated anyway after the god forbid lose control of a carbonation of the drive was too much car from drive. So you know you drove around Hollywood actor the guy was worth 100 million dollars is a big star what you have to manufacture they're going after drugs that they really get after China because with a whimper in the final. Well and the problem is is real well David it's poison its synthetic fat that these people. And that's you know I think we're miss lately what it is. I think is blockades these people upset about heroin they're upset about stickers are upset about. Europe's about everything that doesn't matter kids dying. You think that this is an important issue when you know what we need a sobering conversations about the war in Afghanistan opiates that are coming from. Other places heroin addiction you want exchange needles for too worried about narc and bumper stickers. You think it's okay he's walking in the knee injury needles over and get more needles what are they doing is that encouraging drug dealers or not. This would be a good time David two and Visio on this note. Somebody went to a hobby lobby. And is very upset. At races cotton because hobby lobby David. Actually had cotton on a stick of raw. Raw cotton on a stick no Jim just cotton honest stick and a customer went on to the Internet to bitch. And call hobby lobby racists were selling cotton out of state. I wonder if every garment they old is polyester or will the senate kicked out of Halloween party rarity that want to go with Eli win. The better of the cotton yeah that's who have gone I wanted to goes Jethro Tull. Just throw well that's right. Well folks thanks for listening and everything we appreciated and about hourly and all of you we will be back to do this all over well at the same show tomorrow we might be for life from Acura ideology and America let. Like hearing just took a nosedive. So on behalf of games error and frank. Mercury in our inability to see god bless. President room. And all of our first responders. And god bless Puerto Rico taken a beating.