9/20 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3: North Korea Solutions

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, September 20th

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News radio 930 WBA. And. I was governor Bob hope's special time. All freaked out real bad. And so screwed up I let it affect my work I. I may open summer cried in the middle dance rehearsal. Not problem that. He'd come hourly let me tell you something he is not making any exit I think. Brittany can produce a show. And you recover my office liar my couch it prior your Mac indeed the ability. I don't know. I've got to go. Huge rolling and I don't laugh. All right I'll do. Period picture talk show vote on its hourly and Bolivia fifteen seconds and country you'll notice that we get. Confidence certain kind of thought process thought process yet. What I thought process worldly they thought process we're involved in right now I think we kind and it went. Partners stop it. We shall do. It. On news radio 930 double. Ali they have elevated their radio I'm thirty WBE. Eight and let you taxpayers do you like the intro to the hours or do you not like the intro to the hours you like what we come back published from the news into the show or should reach agent taxpayers what you think. 3093030930. Also there is a true. WBB. App you can download the App Store or WB Ian dot com well com. And right now the way the tickets alike did not right now. I've a pair of tickets to Gregory Charles Saturday October 14 at 3 PM falls new casino in Canada. Value of sixty dollars you must have access to candidate to win general contest rules apply remember two candidates what you get past work and enhanced driver's license. Unless you wanna win and give to somebody does 64498756449875. Is the phone number and we will take calling nine as the winner of those tickets at mark. From news radio 930 WBE. So let's get him back to the balls were talking about what we should do with North Korea. L I wanna hear the audio again from president Trump's speech at the United Nations yesterday he'll lay it all out on the line what do you want the deal would what you wanted to do it. The United States has great strength and pace. But if it is forced to defend itself or its allies. We will have no choice but to totally destroyed. North Korea. Are right. Over a month ago talked about. And incomparable. Fury that awaited North Korea the continued to threaten. Frank will be that audio as well from member when president trump said the fury the likes of which the world has ever seen we're gonna need that too because. You know. David that the talk has been tough and to. The only response of North Korea says president traps and you keep threatening us you know UC fury like you've never seen. They've simply responded with a more tests including a hydrogen. Again you know I mean that trump this is this is a line in the sand and these guys I honestly. I think they've prosperity. I think they've crossed it three times now than with a hydrogen testing just mentioned. That's like cross unit and then you know giving you the finger at the same time so. To meet if you believe that they're an accidental threats your real life. Yeah yeah I think you almost have to get congress together and say what kind of support to react to this well. Is it necessary to get congress together to have a declaration of war because technically were still at war with North Korea I wouldn't I wouldn't care so much about. A declaration of anything although he'll it would be nice to follow the constitution occasionally when we went to war but. I don't believe that that the biggest issue here is that you need some sort of non binding legislation. That you can get all of these individuals on the same page on the record voting for something because you know with Trout. Everything is going to be a political football and you're gonna have people that are safe Shiites soldier he brought us to. No president would ever use nukes. I told you was gonna destroy the world that he did so get everyone right now did to put on the big boy and girl pants and Bo I non binding legislation. Should we attack for North Korea that's our question do you 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBM. And there's just refresh your memory it was back on August 8 and we do it all show when this was president trump gave this warning to North Korea. North Korea. Does not make any what the rest in the United States. They will be met. With fire and fury. Like that the world has never seen. Let's get some calls on WBE and this is sterling in lock port sterling group hourly ability Welker. Good afternoon Simon David I already know it's the best days of your life. I'm in my point. Personally I think that what we should do at this point is a demonstration. But. Nothing. That involves even conventional arms I think we should take stealth bombers go over North Korea. And neither dropped leaflets are simple sixty pound cannon ball with a Kilroy was here graphic on it. Saying this is what we can do if you want a portion. OK question. Do we really want to put American air force personnel at risk just to deliver a message we've already delivered. And what affect is a cannon balls saying Kilroy was here going to have I'm a guy who knows damn well what the united states tennis is that really necessary. If you are flying that mission. Carded a little palace there. And I think we have this stealth capabilities. To do exactly that. Or just leaflet the countryside saying that the next time this will be an armed unit coming over. You know obviously the publicity is what we. Here's what worries me about what you're saying sterling and wanna get your comment okay so we'd do that and Kim Jung on a set to the corner for seven years and then we get another Barack Obama type of leader in the White House. Washed out. Looking at the long term remember trump is only gonna be president for maybe three more years maybe. Seven more years. It will probably as president for seven more years than I think we will of the expected much of the change. In the attitude in this country and it's politicians that we will need to effect. But it if Kim Jong-un is still in power when Donald Trump leaves office and Donald Trump successor is Barack Obama the second to. We're gonna be right it's going to be worse than ever because we're gonna have another weak ineffectual president and that you're gonna have North Korea. Threatening the United States and they went actually got the capability of new PLA San Francisco all law. I think. That we would be in enough. Trouble world condemnation. Line is if we were to go in and and go with the overwhelming demonstration of force but I think that's something that convinces him at this time. That this is not the president you wanna mess where. Would be beneficial not only to. Our safety but to probe as well and it would certainly. Convinced people that one he can. Be. At least ten heard a little bit and to. That he's not above. Poking. Take it met little poke at him and can drummer. You you don't the issue though I mean first of all North Korea claims to have a 100% literacy rate but we don't believe there's anything close to that. One of the probably had in Afghanistan the leaflet drops is that nobody could understand him. The education level wasn't there the literacy rate wasn't there. And the other thing. Is that you know don't under a story. Underestimate the propaganda that these people have been told for years. I'm sure the psychological operations that this guy and his father is granddad have been doing to them have almost set them up for hey. You know at the Americans love to do is you know they like to put little things over here I mean we sub Baghdad Bob this is Baghdad Bob on HGH Jimmy. These guys are are literally you know. The even if they're nuked I I think that they're not gonna quit I mean you thought the jet imperial Japanese. Were were dedicated. You know aids they still have an emperor here he too in Kim Jong-Il and that's something really hard to beat. Whether an option obviously would be either a preemptive strike or beat. Wait for the next launch and blow it up a mile and a half off the pen. I don't see any wrong win. Either or at this point I don't either end the what are the things I have to thank you brought this up yesterday guys is. One of the things that I have to believe is we might be holding back an open plea shooting down North Korean projectiles because. We do that and the Russians and the Chinese they'll be plugged and all of our frequencies and they are good and all all about it defensive capabilities and they'll start working on the software to override them. And I might add that I was ridiculed by some people for suggesting that the collision involving the McCain and the other vessel. Might have involve manipulation of the vessels computers in other words that the vessels were hacked and that's why the most advanced ships in or maybe actually collided with stuff they never should run and two. The United States navy is now investigating whether in fact that didn't happen in the case of the McCain so it is on the table wasn't as wild as some abuse suspect that it wants. So I'm I'm never gonna disagree with your assessment on that one I believe that for every bit of technology we have. Somebody else will habit or will come up with a counter for it and it's strictly up does you keep on being the best. Always welcome bit that way look at the my original line of France impenetrable. Fortress ups until all the soldiers went through the debt. Magical thank you. It'll three on I thirty start at 3180616. WB EM a year is rocked. It's our rock in downtown buffalo welcome to our legal via a WB eat answer. Yeah oh and just about every game you poor bastard you guys are starting your English I don't understand but. Most of also it's you know we need to do we need to start the polls step forward that way. But I don't know that we're serious. It's like we're gonna stuff and also some some bombs over that just like they're doing to us. Willing to throw bombs at us they flown missiles over ally Japan and they have. Brett to new cuts. Yeah well he I think it'll be honest with you I don't think gonna give out this. This presidency without a war to tell you that much the way things are going now that you see started being president. David. A live listen I there's. I thought you know long and hard about what would what would it be like if you just took away the night time. And just put loom rounds all over the border and and lift their grid squares it's psychologically deal with no idea what you usurped. You put illumination rounds that you hugged him and you just literally volley fire illumination rounds or just blots out with giant star clusters. Into the night sky you do that to harass people just. Constantly take away their nighttime and just go home all night and day and it is very cheap to do. Any comparison to dropping bombs and missiles is that aside designed to disrupt these circadian rhythm and people sleep eight it's a it's a cy op it's also just to remind you we have the ability to put other things in these rounds. That what we got to go to traffic and rock hold on a few words will try to keep the words models elaborate. Peoples like the picture as well as they want to very little that I keep your thoughts on our troops currently because I'm Rick Santorum and ours are just actually back up after apparently we think Kevin at the age of service attacks or the guy who made both of those throws WBM 71 alert forecast for tomorrow sunny and warmer 83. The fact Friday Saturday and Sunday will be the same weather except tomorrow's 83 Friday's 83 Saturday 85 cent to 87 for the game right now with AD and both for a lot of people. September I don't need to drink water I'll be expending energy outside that matter what but that is you gotta make sure that you stay hydrated and again those of you travel with small children and those who travel with it bought dollars at September but it might as well be the middle of July is to keep dialogue here in the cart are gonna die. Let's get back to rocked in the in downtown buffalo so David was talking about the ability we have the basically changed the atmosphere. And in North Korea were to think about that one. Well we. I think. We've got to show for it can't we can't just sit here and take this kind of crap because. They're they're pushing buttons and we have the technology to what Smart off the planet. I don't really want us here have been have a little bit more compassion for those people. What would look at Torrey is peacetime peacetime is the best time for a military's always in training but in the military ready to go. Well but we have to have patience and that good dictator over there is question price. Comes buttons big. Well I think he's pushy more than the drop I mean I Japan and South Korea you think we're frustrated they've been. That they've been pretty much you know these these are rockets and missiles going over their homes and they're not they're not happy at all. A that I would take a look inside that prison camp and he's got to wonder whipple's people are going after it was about 25 of them you know this guys kill little family I can just imagine what he's doing to people. Well a bastard is also the guy who make sure that we got an American citizen back half debt. Auto warm beer and that is if that is not a crime against humanity I don't know what it is okay the kid stole up poster. Most countries of the world that's basically adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. Or. You don't end up beaten to death in the North Korean camp starved and depth basically left to die. I think we have to have patience but I think they're pushing not trumps patience and you know there there there watching him every every African day mass and I take I hate to go to war I was in the military is in the second airborne division. Fort Bragg North Carolina legislature Rambo GM more than. And I serve my country and you know when he'd winners soldier you're young in your 1819 years old. You wanna get in there and do the job. Once. Well you don't nobody gets you go well gave a lot better listen piece you know. May not be possible or do agree that sometimes with some countries you cannot talk peace and if you do talk peace they're simply going to exploit your weakness and your fondness and affinity for peace. Looked around as long you been all I'm I'm a couple years older than you those long issuing gave him alive. There's been wars okay and there's there's no need Ford two you know. I'm caricature David. Getting combat thousands simulated count but it did not comment attain that all the weapons that like dead. And you know you'd struck military needs to. Advocates of foursome of double duty does is keep the monitor to old time. Faces. A security threat. From north. Korean. Regime. We must all stand together and be accountable and implementing. United Nations sanctions and resolutions. In response to North Korea's hostile. And menacing actions. The United States has great strength and patience. But if it is forced to defend itself or its allies. We will have no choice. But to totally destroying. North Korea North Korea. Best not me getting more rest in the United States. They will be met. With fire and fury. Like the world has never seen. All right so what what do we do what do you want president tried to do about North Korea and Wendy a lot of them do and what do you try it if you believe that eventually it's gonna require military forest at what what do you tried before military force a David hitherto the sanctions have just not done that they only seem to have. Incentivized the north Koreans to accelerate their program and people might remember that some people argued Japan had to attacked Pearl Harbor because sanctions were strangling its economy and its ability to make war and. What really counted you know if you are thriving nation sanctions are a deep below I think that honestly. If you dependent on exports and you cut those exports I think if you had a choice you'd rather be bought you know he's you build that back there's no future wind. You know second these are second tier of sanctions so it's not just work cutting these guys off oil we're saying anyone who. Does business with you don't do business with them you'll be sanctioned as well obviously China's violated that all the time. But whether that's just the black market with their proximity of the border or that's that state sponsor it. It's hard to tell look nice just was making eighty million dollars a month on illegal cruel I'm sorry 800 million dollars a month. I'm a legal a crude oil sales gasoline by in Syria North Korea. I ran I wish they'd start against were asked what I mean it it bought and the hurricanes well. I was being facetious there though the point is is that it listen that there are ways that that if if you can buy. Stuff in buffalo that you can't get in buffalo countries can get things they're not supposed to half. I mean that's the nature of the black writers say that some people that Cuban cigar boxes before they were legal. Perhaps you're saying. I have no idea of whom you might be speak. Don't three or 930 the fact that Alexander Haig yeah famous guy general involved in the Reagan administration. He was once famously caught smoking a Cuban cigar and somebody said he was supporting Fidel Castro and Hague immediately said. I'm burning his crops. That there is up. Here's what and that's not want a WB Wayne. That news out of date certain realities. Much way out of all of that and in game change. It I sniper. Well we got it. It quoted Ahmed Maher. I'm not you know when revenue the other we got a good connection put them on hold call back yet all that connect via via we need to. I was doing Heimlich person and I was I was I was rated public here is this voters Rambo gem on WB agreeable. You kill them and it optic god your got the Arctic gods now let's go dark don't read that that's not a champion Arctic on board before it killed. You guys like to strike back. Apparently not not miss that. I watch it I just don't know all the absentees. Is the show it's on showtime Cinemax it's. What you guys just with war porn were pornography. Yet stopped the one episode sergeant. Got off but it was taken hostage by. Take a week let's just before we get into the squirrel can we can look at what what's your point about North Korea and what we're gonna do about North Korea and when we should do it. OK first thing we blockade their ports. Nobody you know from anywhere in the world goes in or out back. And expect they want to commit to whether it's a pat Smith ordered not. Rooted out and that we felt rocket man take pot. He's your man and opted to. Not that a Barber's shop Al Al what's your next more gonna. Well here's thing I mean with the ports there's really nothing going in there. Outside of of what the with the sanctions have allowed. But again you know any time I mean let's be honest who thought we have the problems we have and our navy right now that's a really congested area of the world. And you know if we got into why am boarding vessels confiscating stuff. I think Northridge who see that as an act of war in a fact Rambo jam everything we do that you're talking about will be interpreted by North Korea is an act of war so. My point is. If we're gonna fire down a missile we have to be prepared to launch a missile. If we're gonna aboard a ship we have to be prepared to wipe out their navy and I just don't think that this president has that sort of capital. In congress today I don't think I think he would have a serious problem preemptively hit the North Korea but we just. Introduce something else into the mix here you'll find nauseating is the fact that here's a guy who's threatened to nuke the United States including those real conservative cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco is our call. Now all if president trump actually. Goes after Kim Jong Bowen and wipes that threat to Sanford Cisco and Alice in Guam off the map the left is gonna protest. What president trump does he's just saved a very left leaning state and his reward is going to be to be protested in the streets. Dabhol one. And hopes to present trumps not worried about there about who's gonna protest against them. I was just making an observation without saying that trump would be concerned. Route if that's what they would do your work 100% correct and yet. But it's our president struggle that be like water roll off dark spanky would care about at. But I want being what would you guys think president from week to strike back. I would meet any Viagra. Well I'll tell you what I don't feel I believe it or not I think talking to people that are you know someone close to this whole you know this these decision makers. There's a huge contingent that surround the president right now than there are urging him restraint. The HR McMaster is the you know sort of the folks are kind of grew up with the State Department over the shoulder but there are people around him that are telling them take him out take on now those people just aren't in the White House anymore so. I think he's being led by folks that are are seeing slowdown. Talked talked talked tough but I'm doing. Okay here's here's our problem with a David under Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and to a lesser degree George Bush we tried diplomacy diplomacy. Failed it didn't just fail with the North Korea it dealt with their body Iran. And we're we are now reaping the Obama Clinton bush legacy. A nuclear North Korea which has a hydrogen bomb. And which is improving its ballistic capabilities and delivery systems that's what we're left with now. Diplomacy. Has only resulted in a worst nightmares coming intro. Well. Can't argue that. Like that one guys are that. This guy got hydrogen bomb now he's already murdered. Members of his own family for quite thank god you bet very. Listen there's a top of this that is unsettling but I'm saying that. What what bothers me more about our our strategy planning. Is you know are we able to implement the things that we think we can implement. Without running into China or Russia's fleet I mean you know we've been really lucky in Syria because we pulled back for the most part. But we've been really lucky Syria that we haven't had more instances like we had last week where Russian you know jet is bombing our folks. I mean this this is what happened that's why you don't want rushing your business and by Obama. The great irony is that trump is allied with the Russians that Obama did Russia's foreign policy for the last eight years. And and also lawyers have one final point is other people out old all proposal brought out an excellent point. He watches an MP a MP. Right over the top the Japan and and and and crisis the rest the entire economy of the world. That it better than nightmare you wanna think about. Well David knows a few things about electro magnetic pulse and Rambo Jim you mentioned it and I know you know what EMP is David knows what Ian. YE MPE is so important. David can you tell us all about E&P. And can you also give us some indication how easy is it to do exactly what GM is discussions. So not in the late Jeff fifties early sixties we are doing a bunch of blood tests sound Hawaii. And one of them was a starfish prime incident which we detonated a device in the atmosphere and found out that. Everywhere. Through line of sight that that to our radiation travel that electromagnetic pulse fried everything that was electronic and I don't mean Friday at like oh I need in new circuit breaker. I mean. The these skated systems the things that make up what electronics are are fried and the permanently fried. And so what you think about is anyone that detonates you know you would depend on where you are line of sight if you took a thing on space and blew it up. You could create this phenomenon and what happens is it kills one transformer over powers and actually have what's called cascading failures. And you're losing chunks of the country at one time. And the problem is how do you fix it because of the spare parts were in the life you know are within the the column you're done there to sell. And ended the big fear of course was that we stop the longest time that Russia and China were the only ones knew about this. And then of course North Korea having their own leaders say. Will we know we can't take your military we'll just EM PU within role in. That's kind of alarming. Dad back they talk about what I was an MBC school which is nuclear nuclear biological chemical workers school. They that a there was in the MP strike over the United States of America. It is not and they actually think that 90% of everybody in this country would be that would be here. No more Madden. The football. Thank you have urgent David how. Easy difficult is it to construct a contraption that would cause an electoral magnetic pulses or something that some mirrored into his mother's basement hours of almost as hard as hydrogen but. Well nerds can do it they're not going to be able to do it with the power in the significance in the widespread chaos that a device would do in the atmosphere. But you know if you saw the movie ocean's eleven. There was a time when they're gonna take out the casino and they they did walls called like a snappy verses some sort of switch. Where they hit like a button and all the lights went out what I can be done and it can be done fairly cheaply the problem is the lights never come back out. You have to replace all of those circuits. Because they've been fried. So this really that it's a bit of a Hollywood you know thing where you just kind of turned up and down whenever you want what you fry your fried. But it can't be done and in fact it's been done. It to people all across the government they have time they have actual. To look out for people are trying to cut electricity. They've they've that's part of Homeland Security. Al our electrical grid don't think the people don't know how important is the United States those of you like that know about this if you can Google PG and e.'s security breach but ten years ago. People got into this major power plant it to this day nobody knows exactly how they breached the incredible security it's still a mystery. We we have bug. Talking about North Korea in its eighty degrees. Talking about North Korea what should the United States do and though let's get back the line one again your name it it fell off the computer screen. I don't know and I'm not I don't know me that yes we actually easier. I'm an adult cannot open the way you went hop hop on mail sound is in radio rather important yes. Yeah I really like him at all. I was cops are much smaller credit but it would be like I'd look at Don if I had a hard or too late now boom and it is it up. And picking people because they're going to bog on it he says because until a multimillionaire. Who. From its. That are poor old he dropped for a man in and there are other to a court Leah as it at all. Only thing you avoid the format actually going to written technique in May lack in your uncle or a hundred. And hope that the heat ball like say OK we're done about rapid move rhyme but. If they're like. A lot is that Barack Obama stuff like that that I did not happen either so. Well. All right just a minute sir because that David a had heard some of that the Chinese. Actually had dispatched a team of agents to North Korea to do a decapitation strike of Kim Jong-un that. And they've recently as the top conspirators in North Korea. Did the any update on that that you're aware of no I mean look at there there's a ton of open source information out there. You know Asians are they leak like everyone else does unfortunately our government. And you know one of the things that it's really curious to see Kim Jung when when you see video of him. There are some things at all these analysts are looking for all the time in the background when you're one of the things that really doomed Osama bin Laden. Was when he was actually doing videotaped outside a mountain ranges because they had geologists and and all these different rock formation experts knew his elevation. Where he was and they were able to look at a map and that's really how the Tora Bora thing. You know kind of kicked off because their like look this guy's tie up. Check out its coloration check out this we know yes he's jaundice because of his kidney stuff. They've gone over everything I've Kim Jung and health. How we eats what he does. And they're able to tell you how recent the photos are because this guy's underground right now and he's in bunker or devices that are far deep to avoid a decapitation strike stay with us because more. And more what we should do at North Korea and its external coming up on the 6 o'clock hour news radio 930 WB yet -- were hanging by a -- we're putting all news radio 930 WB Ian and then the.