9/20 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2: North Korea Solutions

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, September 20th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. What's he likes us. It's me anyway. Look what we shouldn't. He's wouldn't. Which. And sometimes that sometimes what statistical. Hourly I gotta tell you I couldn't. I'm excited about this job when people hear me describing an over the radio they are going to remember and AM radio is in my. Modern source for news and entertainment indeed the del via. I used to be number one and there's. It below listen to AM likely through. Seem like it's more about to have them elegy. Stupid answers given its hourly and they'll be this is the big one mourns. This is the one that brings us back. Soon. AM radio Lorraine king once more out of the thought. Radio 930 W. Very windy but that was not our laughter bowel ability. North Korea what are we gonna do about North Korea president trump yesterday the United Nations. The United Nations stay tuned today the world faces an armored security threat from north. Korean. Regime. We must all stand together and be accountable and implementing. United Nations sanctions and resolutions. In response to North Korea's hostile. And menacing actions. And we are going to be playing the audio where president trump spoke about the ability. Of the United States of America to basically white North Korea off the map but our question Leo is. What do you want president trump and this administration to do about North Korea obviously diplomacy has not worked diplomacy is simply allowed the north Koreans to become more menacing and advance the development of not only their nuclear program but the delivery systems with help from our buddies around. But but this isn't diplomacy though and this is this the thing frustrates me this is economic warfare there's no diplomacy here diplomacy is when two sides are talking. And they're coming up with the concessions and this is what I want this what they're diplomacy going on here we're just go to the UN Security Council and we're sanctioning them and by the way. Why wasn't this happening eight no one's diet over this right. I mean you know dropping bombs why couldn't the Obama administration have done something. Economically over the last eight years I thought between Bill Clinton George Bush and Barack Obama that North Korea was placate dividend there were bodies well you can trust it that's the problem especially when it comes to Iran mean. There's a lot of people and I think that credible people that believe. That North Korea's advancement is because we give a bunch of money to Iran. And that money was in cash and there's no reason why that money has not been spent on North Korean technology right now. Well David you were art North Korea. Is a clear and present danger to the United States right now absolute. Do you regard North Korea has a clear and present danger times and in five years from now if it is unchecked I don't think about it will get that far they would. They're not getting to postulate five years they they have to do something they will limit his personal leave a limited shelf life for this material. OK so they have to to test these missiles or their wasted it Italy exists for certain on a month now we think that that time for him gonna run out. In in the wintertime. Now we have got these guys cut off from pretty much all shipments it would have to come you know pony express from China. If it but India that amount it's got to be large freighters. You know when vessels to be able to bring the stuff over. So they're a bit spend what they have because they're not give it back hopefully. Now here's the problem if they're stockpiling other things that have a longer shelf life then they're gearing up for something that I don't think the United States is ready for. But someone is gonna get nuked it's either going to be Yasuda. OK you know what right do you believe that can't load the minute he has the ability to launch a Hiroshima size or even where hydrogen bomb. At the United States and deliver with some accuracy with IC beat them that he is not quit tried diplomacy he's just going to launch against the United States or one. Yes and here's the other thing I mean if you thought that Saddam Hussein and 87% of congress thought he was such a clear and present danger to the United States you sent for a thousand men. And women tend to fight and die for war if you thought. That Qaddafi was worthy of the united states air force and navy. Getting involved and how how can we stand by its in the Kim Jung wrote. He has to die that man has to be killed you know what of all of the threats bull market copy and Saddam Hussein but we've been told had to be neutralized in my lifetime it seems to me that Kim Jong-un is far in excess of any of an ominous one up you ominously the Kim Jong-un is a greater threat than it was on the line. Osama bin Laden he tried to nuke us with dirty nukes. The the the amount 1003 about a lot of people know about that what was it attacked because he was not a nation state. It is very difficult for his command control to be able to stockpile things. Organized things. North Korea is shut off from the world. These guys can do whatever they want. We have no idea what what they're thinking down the road but as far as the ability to reach out and touch us if al-Qaeda. Got a hold them and who could hit Chicago. Now they got a brief to the border you know these guys to reach out touch anyone who by the way. They're they're very similar in the fact I don't think you can negotiate with him. Now there's not a go to your religion religious fervor of a different guy at any deal that you get with Kim Jong-un you know we can keep. Expect that like his father before a Bible they'd be stupid to keep it because it works every time to. Every time they played this little game it works in their we have been led by a whole bunch of double Chamberlain's proclaiming after Munich holding up a piece of paper. And it just deluding yourself you're kicking the can down the road in the meat as you kick the can down the road the bad guy gets stronger. The fact David that twice as seventeen we are talking about North Korea not just with nuclear weapons but higher urgent Bob. And with the ability to watch it berries or icy beyond just a ballistic missile but it Intercontinental. Ballistic missile. We are expecting at this a three stage rocket that looks strikingly similar to the Chinese three stage rocket. Also. There there are technologies strikingly similar to what the Iranians were doing. But that's neither here or there I'm blown away. That George W. Bush in retrospect used North Korea as part of the axis of evil. Because it's really the only area that he we never did anything about when bush was an office of that was an office agreed. We thought his death was crazy. We can Jumbo loans father was in saint Kim Jong-Il. Was I'd I'd almost a caricature of how crazy dictators could roll. Lives over older and this kid has a chip on his shoulder I don't think he appreciates that the disrespect his father got and I think he's. Matt inbred and crazy and that's a horrible next met. In bread and crazy we'd like to say hello to our listeners in rural parts of you know it's a candidate you know three or 930 start at 93180616. WB Ian sorry doctor can Munro I believe you might be one of those. Let's go to some calls what do we do about North Korea when do we do it and keep in mind. That North Korea and we're still at war with North Korea we just haven't armistice we don't have a peace treaty like. The war of 1812 which was fought on land so much work area right here people that appreciation of the work making twelve history in this area. But as was reached after practice balls aren't let's go to a halt in middle port WB MI. Well thank you very much there like interpublic registered what we do about North Korea I don't think India battled of the order of battle and natural order of battle analyst. When do we do I don't think there will be up for Bart and stayed there. We don't don't don't telegraph. Again I don't know if you're aware of this but we don't have any control over the president and we don't have any control what the military does I think we'll Paul saying is that we we won't be enough no one the American government wouldn't announce to stop even if we're gonna break but that's Obama question our question is what do people want to see with north rivalry and we're not done. I'm pretty sure the joint chiefs are not listening to buy hourly Angela via from military advice if they are the smoking crack five dissent. I'll answer that question do what we're gonna do about North Korea early warning Mears that the lenders and that there there's strike because right. Trial Schumer senator brochures and Oppenheimer broadcast earlier. During your program about trying to scare people about a thousand missiles and about a 38 parallel Irish you know won't go away your quota case I think over there and a former tell myself don't worry about the GI you know they're they're they are a 1400. Wherever it can't buy our vision board web front of 38 parallel. Or multiple sports are big boy ticket taker himself. And I. Yeah I am also public Kirk if I'm wrong but. What is. The PM CS the maintenance of these artillery hit PM CS for those of us who did not have the balls to Wear the uniform itself preventive maintenance checks and services although I keep buying your equipment. All these things did these things can't be a fire ready all 25000 of them. Of course you look at the propaganda raced to bear on these days. It's like. I'm. Your paper may Chacin only has been right. Is obviously trying to scare people out of whack it on the thirtieth Marty fired soul and I respect your guys. I guess I'll humor on its own but indeed breach here opposite they've warned Israel although rockets fired on the political right effectively. Rory about a week and tour officials things on the thirtieth they'll very sweet. And and call another thing that that I would collapse or I'm not so confident Paul and forgive my interruption David but. When you're talking about all those artillery pieces at the thirtieth parallel with the ability to hit Seoul and inflict some pretty heavy civilian and military casualties. I do believe that that is worthy. If in a soiling yourself speaker we certainly got to take in the consideration Paul do you disagree with that. No I don't disagree of course is going to be death and anyone what would it wasn't one night. But nobody got to look at you gotta look at what people out assault with a 67 here's. Since the Korean War. Are just let its people making 53 okay you think they would have gone a little leopard or apple I got before now. Knowing that threat on the 38 tell a thousand warmer before I do on military operations you've got to look at it get to wait a solve. What I think that's a by battle might apply I think you're actually spot on. I would evacuate personnel and Miller you know nonessential military. Just initial force I mean I would do that now just so he would know we're not joking around because you know right now. Nothing is going to be preemptive if you have civilians still living in cities and are targeted for those who don't know all we're talking about this Seoul South Korea the capital of South Korea is really really close to the thirtieth parallel were all of the artillery pieces are located they've got a lot of room to evacuate people into the southern part of South Korea places like boost on rules on etc. But but even though to be and to be fair though. If if let's say North Korea were to hit the a soul they would have to move all of those artillery pieces right to the DMZ to do that. Those pieces are not placed there are now some are mountain tops. So this whole idea that sold to be threatened by artillery that's really pushing that move those pieces all the way into almost. You know the DMZ itself out and then the World War I major. Terrorist from seventy miles out with a big Bertha from pro. I'm just saying that it's it's a little bit of and exaggerations of the North Korea. Is as a company typically what's it almost a line if you would because I my goal is to get you and David to get into a fight. A former Intel guy and a former decorated hero well he's always looks so far agree with them now okay don't try to get you guys and reflect let's get to lap. A week we should ask him until he was with. The trek Bob troops near the studio analyst spider Muster crawled in my heel and beat me and I only wish him a Benadryl in my bag and I just look out last night it's the Benadryl cream his. What it look if you're somebody who would get insect bite your very very sensitive to the anti coagulant they inject. You know what I'm talking about VWB yen 71 alert forecast maps weather is absolutely beautiful my only complaint is. The summer weekends this summer. Thursday mostly sunny and warmer the highs 83 degrees Friday sunny 83 Saturday sunny and downright hot 85 and Sunday. Bills Broncos 1 o'clock. 87 which sunshine right now it's eighty. At news radio 930 WB in volume Olivia you're heard president trump yesterday at the United Nations and this was a very strong statement from it president of the United States. At the United Nations and of course the puts an occasion of America and the world continues its people all president drop a warmonger. He wore on him Joseph the war on earth is the one setting missiles over to. The United States has great strength and patience. But if it is forced to defend itself or its allies. We will have no choice. But to totally destroying. North Korea I listen to that speech yesterday and I. I'm not ashamed to say that let's just say this much I would not have heeded by gag after hearing what president trump had to say. Sell up Paul. What are the things that you brought up but I think it's great news all the concerns. Expressed by not only Chuck Schumer but also on the show. About all of that artillery which is at the North Korean border facing our allies South Korea. And sold capital's South Korea is very close to the border there's a whole lot of room to the south where people could be evacuated that would be well out of the artillery range of most of the field pieces in the North Korean batteries. I startup virgin radio researcher. Italian over Vietnam and that was players which ASA arms against a yes I used by it's public general mow it they killed in Vietnam that the arbitrator later radio recess. Thank thank you Paul thank you for your service and I mean that sincerely. That I am here. I was I was and we were just I was a threat that don't take that seriously I just I'm always interested in people who serve and what they did whether it's Intel or you know what really spent their military career in KP duty so if I think the reserve. Yeah I spoke to Paul I act I think you do that you were out. And I was he I had Troy in here and Troy we were talking in a totally I believe in polls you know credentials put. That was in question no the thing that I am that Paul brings up the you don't hear a lot about though. Is that these guys fake so much. They're putting paper machine you know rockets together. And so the the argument is hey look you guys have put out that fraud and have not had real weapons. What makes us believe that you really have 25000 artillery. So Paul like this hour on you know what what you think should happen in North Korea and what we should look out for. When it. And it is the pre is the previous. But it would sure what you should do we have worked so sourcing global product right now it is an statute point four prison camps in North Korea right now. There's 30000. I gave out about pre is living in South Korea. Go on Google and just global RX eight v.s from North Korea the stories are atrocious and vendors 30400000. They gave worked pretty well and get right China the world about our whole they'll be returned to China. Now what you got to do is another thing at many years. Kim Jung and if you're up all trade taking down all right. Everybody got up all try to keep in North Korea still wanna make two billion dollar a year this he's right you've got to where. You gonna wrap of the money. And what he's doing it he's arming out this people's labor. He's booked all the same is 100% spot out it's not about the trade is literally. Enslaving his people for the prophet of the state he's actually right it's like Northridge is one big. Concentration camp designed to use slave labor like pimping these people out to other countries and Paul we hold on because I'd like inform callers and we're learning some stuff from you I'm learning some stuff from news that don't go anywhere guys if you get his number called back if you want to give it that's fine doesn't keep Bible it is really enveloped. So guys president trot United Nations yesterday some very tough talk about North Korea. And is North Korea something about which your kids are concerned ghost which kid. Growing up of a certain age didn't have some thoughts about like what happens if everybody dies. Because we get attacked by Russia back that ever be a teenager that was my biggest concern was being. Killed in a nuclear war before I lost my virginity and he even lived my life it is up for 26 that is ready at 930 WBE. And the ability it. On news radio 930 WBE. Add it all times I'm a Protestant talk show host that the stuff we're supposed to talk about radio and talk radio is. Really what people are talking about out here in buffalo and Western New York or for that matter in Manhattan. You know we can't have this artificial world news this sense that it's out of touch with the mainstream about what the real people are discussing. And oh by the way. One of the things people will be discussing is I have giveaways to give away today you'd have to check upon and then right frank. Otherwise we're gonna you backed up and interestingly I've actually. Hurt and been drawn in the conversations out there. In the real world about North Korea and what the United States should do with north core one of the guys my buddy Greg. And Greg mob as solicitor to the show I want a sailor Greg's mom in Augusta that are very Avery said Greg said he died. Our ability we're talking with both Paul in middle port and the question is what are we going to do about North Korean Paul. Served in and a Vietnam and obviously he has state abreast of what's happening in this world. And appall the this the question came up about that the artillery pieces I believe they cut you off in mid sentence when you're talking about. Your take on what would have to be done with directory. Well the intermediate haven't thought about it shut down the slave labor that Kim Jong almost farming out all over Russia. And now rushing originally opened up a railroad going across a 28 a point or mile border we have North Korea you know. And Russia has also charge United States when the purchase resource that proper name medals out of the North Korea. Nonsense into Russia who wants these precious metal that's why they open up or railroad there accusing a big gap in what they want to do. Well you gotta shell out by that repeat you've got to direct knowledge and honestly delivered was always the only do you believe in I told you that it is logical all the way to. That's crazy Kim young aspiring poet labor it's only open to man open to merry men like him. Google were foreign country. Or we only. So so the wife and the the wife has left back is collateral. That's the core role the white and the kid's body you don't come back and also the work groups also spent wed. A North Korean officer to keep a watch on them. And they're either bark and they all live a warm place the documentary on the Internet poll in Korean. They were working on polling what do you think they are this probably didn't do billion dollars a year. To rescind it and you weren't bad at reading what our allies Poland want lack of defensive against Roger what do you do or undermining it by yacht. Arctic project can download our buying and I used in North Korean not a slave labor IQ gonna shut this off and you gotta get into what we're involved do. Short and you know what if as you pointed out and I discussed state again what you said ladies and gentlemen does anybody remember the movie Schindler's List. A list it's on Netflix right now at least it was last week. In that movie. An industrialist played by les mis. Oscar Schindler used slave labor to make a lot of money before the character arc when he started deceive his Jewish workers as people and not simply is towards the profit. So it's the same kind of situation in a way that is going on today but in involves north Koreans were being farmed out to. Polish and Russian concerns Chinese concerns and the person who do you ride the benefit of the labor of the North Korean workers in those other countries is Kim Jong. That's how he's making his money to those who did not follow that little shame it's brilliant and this the first time. At least what I've been here David that this subject has actually come up. On the shelf and you make up I think a brilliant point Paul that one of the things that Tillerson these to be doing is going to Warsaw. And going to Moscow. And going to Beijing and saying you are enabling this if you don't want a war if you don't want to pull out coming in to your nation it's really good idea if you cease and desist from allowing north Koreans to come in. And that being the tools of a slave nation. And we need your oldest are trapped in these groups and we're the spartans are going to fires are people who are going all over Europe AD get all the European countries have filed. If you go to bush got a lot. Now picture this insult a couple of days ago you're not terribly this insult. We have seen television debuts. About greens both that thing against military want the military out South Korea in all of college it was the same over there. Bartlett values you know protesting for amount. This that they completely blocked out on the flats and they need to be slapped really hard but that's a few days ago you get a protest get this armed. Of north Koreans speak factors north Koreans. Protesting for Americans poured Donald Trump holding up signs and pictures of Donald Trump and Michael and as the US embassy begging them to invade North Korea. There's just not on the team that. North Korea is not a hermit kingdom political expression that the liberals came up a bit that they prison itself. Are thinking they can be not that they're in isolation and did all report. Now every management and our own. On I never really. I never really thought that deeply about it than ever really good to me hermit kingdom was either positive or negative news and neutral I mean. I think people are pretty well aware what North Korea's. It's cheaper Google it and children are needed because I think Britain itself. We'll do it and are there is our state include China why aren't they coming down a concerted ballots are most guard up. Beyond really our world they get through they're going to North Korea. And then they got Jewish states from China a second time to get. Or slave labor in China when he I'm not from North Korea will Saudi authorities if you don't work for me you know English plot. Or if you don't be my life outside that if you don't see my wife and if you're guarding me on this. Create art. And we're recital lose via phone connection I think we got the point thank you very much in all three all right thirty start at 3180616. WB the end. Solve our. What do we do David if by North Korea's primary way of generating money for Kim Jong-un is to do with the Nazis did when the assets leased out Jewish prisoners to industrialists like. Oscar Schindler and hygiene department and German concerns which by the they're still in business today. Would a globe trotting. Escapade by Rex Tillerson. Get the European nations that are hosting these north Koreans slave laborers with their family held as collateral back in North Korea. It would that the league of. You know I I fear. That I think the deal might be that they can keep. Honestly you know I think the deal would be that you could probably keep your. Then the cheap labor that you are giving. And here's a way that you could do it and still a conscious because we're gonna take out Kim Jung moon but we need support. And by the way that support is not just the banks going through at this point the sanctions in the banks and all that nonsense that and then nothing's coming up. I mean you've cut off how much of their their oil you cut off food what happens when you. I give food to countries like you know in Somalia or. Did the Greek people don't get fed. The military's could threaten the biggest people with the biggest guns are the ones right with the food because overall grab it grabs at ages but under. I mean Saddam did in the nineties. A year your seed in Syria. You're gonna see it in North Korea the North Korean Army. Is gonna eat. That the people market ED this man has no respect for his his own citizens so. They're the reality is the deal is going to be if you're using North Korean labor and how to do XY and Z. Guess what here's a way that we don't bring you up on sanctions for using slave labor. Yeah you're gonna pay them a cheaper wage but you're still gonna you know do it with a unified Korea. And I honestly South Korea that's what they want screens wanted to unified western unified it's just the way it's unified north Koreans wanna be all North Korea. As South Koreans obviously down. So. To me I think that that deal Tillerson runner on the the world is probably melodramatic. This is good if you economically. And it's good for you. You know by being at. Global Stewart. And if you just are very quick Internet search if you doubt what are caller Paul said about the slave laborers from North Korea being exported to be the cash cows for Kim Jong and it. A quick Internet search North Korean slave labor will give you all the information could possibly want. We do thank Paul were bringing that up again and I'm actually educating myself on the fly about that that's something that there. Had somehow escaped my previous notice but just reading about it. Really quickly here it is they're pretty amazing thousands of north Koreans. Are exported like cattle to work in other countries and the proceeds of their labor to correctly go to Kim Jong-un. And the parallels between what he is doing. With his own people the north Koreans and what the Nazis did leasing out the Jews at ocean bits and sub camps of ocean that's as cheap labors to industrialist and shown in Schindler's List is it's pretty startling. That this stuff still goes on and it's when he seventy. It's still there may affect a bucket truck bring out the UN has talking about. Insulation to keep slavery and by the way with sex slaves. We have in our own cities in America. We have with people in this country against their will. That are hurt you know that are perfect that are in the sex industry. You know that are are being exploited all the time. We don't see protests about it Nolan seems to care about it but they're Russians there. They're from all over the war Russians a lot for Asia and throw in that horrible. They come in here and container ships and basically get a despite the best efforts of by the Chinese Government guess what where there's money to be made organized crime is going to pop up and flourish in one (%expletive) way shape for it to greased the right palms and power you get the plot your evil trade and old people and bondage in the voluntary bondage gear but involuntary bondage. AKA sex slavery and they're not above getting these young ladies addicted to drugs or even if they escape and run back because they they get a yen in the immune effects. Not. It desperate if folks it's a pretty disgusting world in some places and it. When you realize the things that we thought never happened in the world actually going on a 2017 and whether it is sex slavery of young women even here in the United States. Or it is North Korea using its own people as nothing more than cash cows. If so it's pretty despicable but our question is who is you know North Korea and what do what they wanna do for living in North Korea. Our question is you are president trump you all the states of America you've got North Korea threatening us every other day with doom and gloom and destruction. And at what point should president trump act. Our previous caller bought another round of diplomacy would be a good idea I'm not so sure about that I just don't know what's gonna. Anything that leaves North Korea with nuclear weapons and think that leaves anybody named Kim importantly is an unsatisfactory. Outcome. Hourly ability at 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB BN. It is eighty Aetna is ready at 930 WB yeah so what do we do about North Korea. Apparently nobody cares about North Korea so ominous phrase the question do you care if North Korea nukes San Francisco where's the whip. 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB EN let's go to which on in buffalo hide. Based on. It would add David he David let's go around. I think it. Weird. You have you. Bring everything back here not here every single time out Andy. I. Example. Give a better example that people can actually relate to of slave labor I reference Schindler's List because pretty much anybody has seen the movie Schindler's List. And it's one thing to talk about North Korea in 27 team leasing its people its cash cows. But movies like Schindler's List achieve a visceral connection with the audience so my hope is that when I mention the what people saw in Schindler's List. They will make an emotional connection as opposed to simply a word connection with the actual horrors of being treated as nothing more cash to. I understand it but here are better examples. Men what he meant one. Tommy it's Russia that the weight better. It's not. Maybe the movie about Communist Russia that resonated as deeply with people as Schindler's List it. If if the subject is slave labor and how it works and how people are treated give me a better example than the one I used. Maybe you guys are in movies. But I mean it structured the batter. That we're we're not talking about we're talking about any emotional connection that people had. And people's emotions are very strong and registers of memory so anybody who saw the movie Schindler's List. When they hear slave labor and then they remember the Jews who have to work for people like Oscar Schindler before his character arc not only in real life but also in the movie. In other more likely to get a feel for what the North Korean people go through under Kim Jong bottoming dude you can pick your battles in commenting about a lot of things but this is kind of week. Yeah okay I think your calls pathetic and weak basically your plate is lame. It's not blame you in ganging. Trash. All the got a better be easier to hear you there going oh what's that. Wedding like it or not. That include Nazi Germany. So if you can't. Put this out of your mind. The western civilization has never gonna get back to Wear a watch that can never be product itself. Because it's one thing that happened in history. What in the hell does Nazi Germany have to do with western civilization. Europe. I mean I think the attitude that I don't think I've conversation without. It's fair to say that I agreed part of the the story of the western of Western Europe. Ultimately falls down to the Third Reich a war. I reflect how much of offense a short I think ultimately if you wanna talk about western civilization and the twentieth century. He determined to feature of the twentieth century it was World War I. Which resulted in empires collapsed while Favre or death of royalty and monarchist governments and that actually set the stage for World War II but in terms of slave labor if you're looking for example of how it works and it still is taking place in North Korea I can think of no better example than what the Nazis used to do with slave labor the Jews Buddhist Buchenwald was that was the case. That's what was working coal in maker killer. Larry that was used by the government what I'm seeing is that North Korea's thing is that their farm to other other countries which is different and but Kevin is deriving profit the golf course just as David just as the guy just as the SS and the Nazis leased out their Jews to companies in Germany and actually some of the newly conquered territories and Paula this is what the north Koreans are doing right but I say that to do with enemies is really cores to do with people that Al sanctioning them to do with areas like Poland part of NATO. That that would never happened in court I think they are doing well lately we might give. All right thank you don't three or by thirty start at 3180616. WBE. And F ground.