9/20 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1: North Korea, Pee Wee Protesters

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, September 20th

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News radio 930 WB yeah. And however you feel about the president and you do feel about the president. You can't deny that every show with influenced by Donald Trump and some white all the late night show is obviously. House of cards. The new season of American horror story and of course. Next year's Latin grammys hosted by sheriff Joseph Arpaio. Well Italian K. You're very different from. A lot of ways we get to understand the car rentals can. Google beat this and yeah I've been proven mathematically. Living your way toward the anyway indeed ability do we keep. You're both equally mercurial overly sensitive clean hysterical part bring you month July. It keeps up. You aren't happy time because I don't go fight I carry a gallant and I'm eating my dad. Who makes people think it's the hourly and Bolivia. He has got an almost improvisational. Tone on news radio 930 don't. I work with from a Cleveland his father actually took a cross country trip with David Sperry and that the Mormon tabernacle and David Perry gets out of the parent goes to the organs start wailing away on the organ inside the tabernacle and they get chased out. And discussing the movie JFK prior to coming on the year it is. It bella. Thirty WBE. And we're discussing John Candy. And his performance JFK let's start yup because for some reason John Candy hit lately the great outdoors what uncle buck died in 1994 before. You know I don't I don't dot Mexico and that he was making that movie wagons west. East east. And horrible film the Golan great career and that's worth it when they're filming Canadian bacon. Try and John Kennedy was that are out there listening area. You see sequence CNET TV what was the SE TA ZT second city sentences yet. But now we're talking about John Candy and JFK and now we're not bored holes team it was only 43 years that's horrible. And now and who's our Chris Farley who. You figure. The lifespan of comedians is dailies were clogged with the holidays sides. Indeed they were anyway we have some things. That Israel and thirty WBZ. It is funny Franca curry as the man at the controls. Jim. Bearer is behind the scenes as your hard nosed call screener is a better. I think better error and I got it. I'll murder or murder or a public appalled and committed you pristine view Paul bearer that would have been crazy yeah. Well I mean if they were to click like if you're married Barry Bonds and hyphenated name he would be Jim bearer bonds. For just a moment bearer of bad news. There. Top is it to its victories but it just what North Korea or ultimately for them in a halt Illinois which is pretty much across the river from saint Louis Illinois let's do a little. A store involve the same time should yeah they should eight year old aid North Korea is our topic at 330310616. WBZ. I used to coach you know my kids' teams when their super young and I could tell you that and the reason why. Anyone use in children. For any of their own personal you know I'm not talking sexual abuse I'm talking using them for politics every time teaching kids with lacquered John. I can tell you right now. There's no eight year old in the world that is you know watching Fox News or CNN when kids are exploited we talk about the exploitation of children. And you know it's it's always done in issues that are. Do you deal with pain and deal with abuse and legality and everything else but there is an exploitation of children. That is sort of looked as the softer version which is you know school teachers that wanna. I get a better budget so they can make more money there's no problem putting kids and advertisements there's no problem in having kids take today off so you could. Use them for political purpose. But now kids are. Are nearly for the National Anthem which begs the question. I've played kids' sports my life my kids I've three children Tom have you ever heard National Anthem for your kids eight year old game. Guests wryly yes marquee. Object sometimes it all the time to time it's of the tournaments especially you know and Canadian girls or boys hockey teams playing like that gives up the Blue Line and blur the Hamptons over the PA it was kind of cool which they play what exactly but I've I'm also a guy who joined a golf team and little bill because I thought there'd be fifty people at every green up applauding when I putted did you did you also join the legal team for women and you know -- gonna make catnip for young lady I'd tell you nobody goes to golfing their tax at all there was literally W there to pick the flag of I didn't have a caddy and or rifle team cheerleaders here. But my important is I have never seen or heard of at an eight year old that goes up their mom and dad and says yeah I wanna be part of a political protest now I'm not saying that those kids don't exist. But I am saying that I find it odd. That you know whether these kids are looking up to their heroes and football and doing what they're doing. Or it's an adult who took these kids aside and said you know someone has to step in a commissioner of the league. You know whoever is is it is in charge of that league and simply say. That's not that we don't tolerate that period there's no expert now eight year old kids now varsity football players they have. What and the united paid taxes. You're playing football for free a high school. And now you want and use your platform for political statement platform eight girls exactly it's ridiculous. That the coach of the team is black it looks like most of the players are black. To me it wouldn't matter if if a bunch of white guys got together and start talking about trumps the greatest president do that literally has no big does not belong in any organized. And here's what do what troubles me the other kids apparently okay now the hokey is kind of near Saint Louis okay defectors are very famous Indian side they're known as couple amounts are what they're plenty of times. When I was married and living in Saint Louis that we really elected an awful lot. But you're talking about eight year old who supposedly. Were talking about gee how come all of the people are protest against Saint Louis I don't understand the protest either because. If we are a nation of laws David. This was a bench trial and the judge found the police officers have been charged with first degree murder not guilty of first degree murder. So the justice system did its thing and I certainly remember when OJ Simpson was acquitted. All the riots what Israel and the riots at least once or there were any beak is you know we recognize that. The legal system did what it had to do we might not have agreed with the verdict and I still agree with the verdict but. The jury let OJ Simpson off of murder charge. And you know what what where were we supposed to kneel those of us who felt OJ was guilty as charged were we supposed to deal for the National Anthem. Were we supposed to go on a Rampage you get flat screen keyboard the. What is actually on the spot. The hot cake Desi brilliant point there was a lot of caucasians. When you look at Los angels who broke down go black white issue. And many people date. The black people I talked to date save pick OJ did it 20. But they're saying LAPD was so corrupt this was a statement an opportunity to show the LAPD high profile case you guys are accountable to. And because you're involved in this arrest were going after you this was a political thing. Of all the people upset about the miscarriage of justice and we're talking about you know we can always able top nobody died. When you're two people were murdered savagely. No decided to take it out in the country know decide to take about an hour. African American on the contrary I can were called many black leaders say well this is an example of how the justice system worked we need to respect the jury's on this and must we do have to respect. Eight black judge in Baltimore who acquitted the police officers in Baltimore in the pretty great situation we're not supposed to respect the not guilty verdict in saint Louis the bench trial. I agree it was a double standard that is credit that is destroying this country this country may be off clause. I'm not there yet but. Unfortunately I gotta tell you I'm I have some dark days I mean we would we're talking about I mean listen I've long said the only way to change America is with eight to eleven year old. That is the demo that you have to hit if you wanna read the program been doing for years and that's where behind it because unfortunately. Eight and ten year old look. World War I. There was a promise to fight the war and end all wars it was horrible people died of disease in the design. And then they didn't even pro didn't pay him. The bonus for winning the war that ever want promised big got outside they rallied at at at the mall they tried to protest in use him and what happened. They got destroyed two people died the bonus army was crushed they burned the shanty count these people at the beginning of the depression they had nothing but. This shanty town this was their home. And they were destroyed. Because they wanted the promise delivered from a grateful nation and they still never got it. But that's generation game as World War II oh. I mean you would think in today's culture view treated. Millions of Americans that poorly broke a major promised would their children volunteer and pearl harbored a stand up and defend. What orchard generation did the same thing and then they raised the Vietnam generation. I find interesting this guy who basically bat that the United States to lock eyes to the veterans of World War I. Is was Douglas MacArthur David welcome. After of course went on to the Philippines where well of the Americans were defeated by the Japanese he left the on the order FBI party out a large well. There's three guys after the war the governor to the three guys the draw of tanks that shoot any town were MacArthur and George pat yes by the way. So it's great to be turned on their own at that age but my point is. It's always about that next generous to an extra week we can't do anything about the politics. We're sending kids to count isn't. They're being you know just god forbid your kid comes back and remembers their name Ingrid their homework. That's of a positive sign because these people are literally being indoctrinated with the nonsense. And we're accuracy of that generation they're gonna grow up thinking with their professors tell them what their teachers Todd before that. It's eight to eleven year old group that we have to grab say. There's actually something more important than yourself and you know what this country is a wonderful gift. And we have to maintain our liberty look at the commissioners kids' football league. Which OK if you continue to yield for the National Anthem I will instruct the refereed to cancel the game you forfeit if you deal is not for political protest by eight Urals. And that's. You don't wanna play organized football you cannot abide by that rule now. Yeah I I. I can't disagree with that made football luck David worked and appears now where I'm at this fascinating football replaced baseball as the national pastime but maybe 2030 years ago used to be baseball but. The United States is all a football maybe maybe forty years ago. Football is kind of like the national game is not football has tried to market itself and brand itself over the years before people knew what rating was asked all about the flat. Military pickup trucks apple plot. Erica which. That's what it was all about right now football is at risk of totally losing its brand identity. And it's being seen a lot of us as basically a sport of cringing the losers who hate America what I mean you know look. This from two different vantage point you could say first they're doing this on purpose to kill popularity. In middle America with football. Or you can look at insane. You know I'm a tax Payer I've I have a school system and every time they talk about canceling sports I've been one of the you know people in that crowd and say why cancel sports why cancel art we can be more creative with our budget that we have to cancel programs for students. Camp programs for the teachers. It's about the kids after all is it not to open up your week we can't look at our budget and do any kitchen table politics to come up with the money so that these kids can play their instruments. You know go to art class and throw a football I got news for you though if you're gonna continue to allow high school and everyone else to make political statements on the football field. Maybe it's not a bad idea that some of those school districts you know shutter football. Program. I can't disagree if you and have it here we're talking all David. Earl and sent a great I'm sorry I remember being about. Years old are murdering jealous of the kids were good enough athletically to be members of the Newman oiler football team they were published they were the big do goods and beat out of town on that and they were like eight years old ideas old ten years a lot of pressure they're still around. Obviously sponsored by the petroleum company. But I ever be eight years old and David my ability to think critically in two political issues or legal issues that it's been a scale of your of 100 was a minus ten well I. I talked to friends all the time and we talk parenting advice and how to handle different situations with our kids and I'm always amazed by the guys didn't and and the ladies who talked to their children as if you know like any big decisions have to be made between a spy house you know significant other. BO per adult decisions are being you know you you consult with any your old what's your gonna tell you and me. The story was the Toys 'R' Us is bankrupt idea children in the fetal position thinking that toys are and how the large going to be made it you know I mean they got. But they don't have a grasp of what that and if you do have an eight year old with a grasp of what's going on. You know making the Dolly Lama but. I don't know what what who is going to that age group for any sort of pay enlighten me with a what you think about the world you don't have you shouldn't have a thought yet eight year old are lacking in wisdom. And wisdom comes from experience editing your resolve a definition you don't have experience you don't like treasury your result and I should should be virtually to zero the offense but I don't really wanna be lectured to on the state of a foreign affairs by 22 year old college student can't disagree. I mean seriously what you know all these people to get involved that we. Eating and when that whole thing blew up all these students come to the as a seventeen year old senior I have this to say you have every right to say what you wanna say but. Well I'll take it with a as much credibility you break. Which is not. I mean no threat you can echo whatever you wanna go right it's not the message Thomas messenger. Well the media is the message does that equal Marshall clue bin well it is at 323 Israel at thirty WB in Ka hokey Illinois really close to saint Louis Missouri in your old football players the entire team takes in need to protest the National Anthem of the United States. If the commissioner or the guy running that the ice today if you do it again you'll forfeit that game and you'll forfeit every single game until every single one of view. Stops turning your back on the flag and dealing during the National Anthem. If you can't play by my rules to block C imprison. I you know what I can guarantee you that not only if it specially twenty cities it's Missouri right. So Illinois re ill or close to Saint Louis not that far for you say well a progressive state like Illinois certainly has terms and conditions were all these coaches' involvement checks of that they're not had a files. They've all been cleared the sheriff's department and I'm sure they got a code of conduct and what they can and cannot do in 2017. This litigious society ever and so whenever one they had lists of what they can and cannot do and you know what. Political statements are at the very top of that. So as profanity alcohol cigarettes can't do any of that stuff from the kids I don't give a second time I say your band you're banned all these kids guess what. You're gonna learn a lesson. You wanna act like adults here's the here's the last. You were. Led by aid a poor decision was made by your coaching staff. You just joining us out protesters assembled in saint Louis Missouri and across the river a team of youth football players based their own demonstration against the verdict in the trial. A former police officer Jason style plea. Members David of the junior called man cheese youth football team. Milked. During the playing of the National Anthem prior to a game gullible citizens are on Sunday. And stock that was found not guilty of first degree murder blah blah blah he is the cop now. Orlando doc Gooden. The junior command geez coach said the pregame gesture was initiated by this discussion with the young players during a practice last week. Parents in attendance supported the idea. I mean it. I'm sure the parents did it but unfortunately I can have a football team in in a very racist area and I can give. A bunch of people to say outrageous things I think that next time they play at the next year might consider using the confederate legacy how well freedom as pictures taken of the youth football game and sing about Dixie. Yeah do is that it's you know what everybody gets everybody says oh we show was in the Latin at all. I hey if if if we're gonna make. Football David the next battleground in America. And at least couple. Okay well. Britain on I thirty WB yeah we had a magnificent discussion of ancient Greek culture and also of the the German god of the year. I just what we heard you love Germany I was stationed there for you know a job. I can tell I'm blown away how younger children drink alcohol became an endorsement does but they they drilled as a German. You object. But we did not freaking out as an American as a buffalo Melanie Nell because I see it's seven year old and is dead drinking a beer pretzels on the morning show with them and what I'm like. What is going on here that little boy is drinking beer like arrest one yeah well like you know what is it more disgusting about Germany effort used the view of the kids injure. Right all the relatives used him for a lot of program Bergsten and it's due to stuff the response to get but. There are so that alters there's this one guy that ramparts we should go over to leech off them his name was top. And this guy to put it beer bottle in boiling water he would have hot beer I kid you that's that's crazy that was crazy. Any logistic inappropriately grabbed my Botox I thought it was urban thing and only later that I realized that he wanted. Anyway it is yeah that was awkward 338. And 530 WB EM I never felt intimidated though because I could objective. Did you have implied your cousins from Germany stole Christmas presents up all of the injured and make sure that anything we had picture of their relatives were Nazi memorabilia suddenly vanished. Yeah the oh yeah I expect I would. If you have family members that were Nazis and you do via. Would you display swastika and I have the pictures of my great uncles. My various Jenny elegy pages it is who they work until I am it's who they work but if you would you put an annual do you want Bob McCarthy yes I would look at all because I know more responsible for people who work at the scene is that anybody else -- it part of world history what would you say it is someone who walked into your home may be Jewish descent. They sat down and they looked up there like Tom. And were friends I was the only Jewish people why would you put rush while Austin aka. On your wall how would you respond I would say it reminds me that even the most intelligent people from the most decent families can can fall victim to somebody preaching hate at the wrong time that it can happen to anybody which is the central theme by the way of the movie coming back to life Al east Eden. He's back but you know. We can't we talk about Hitler and honestly everyone that seems to be whenever there's a dictator he's the next Hitler. Wreck of course and it's easy everyone knows Hitler everyone knows. Stalin. It people a little bit schizophrenic about what's down represented you know it is what I figured out. The reason Hitler is stole the boogie man. And the reason why he is transcendent over Stalin and Pol Pot is I think there's a little Hitler in every. I think that there is a little evil and everybody there is a little part of every human being that is susceptible to the virus of hate. What are the reasons you don't want to bury that is because you remind yourself that you are as vulnerable as anybody else in human history to some nut case who is preaching hate. And Jews are evil. Which reminds I want to show up yeah I have I'm actually going to Kim Jung owner on this subject at my. My whole point is there something about Hitler because of the movies we've seen because of the history lessons that were Todd. That sort of makes it seem like you're out the famous question of if you could create a time machine. And everyone's answer is article Bart can kill Hitler right and naturally millions of people would have been saved in wars would have been prevented and. Again. It's that Hitler deserves to die because what's in Hitler's heart what Hitler has done. But only look at modern day dictators. It's almost listen what would Kim Jong Hoon is doing there really is no reason why this man is still live. I mean any other time if you kidnapped women put them into sex dungeons and slaves. Worked people to death and god forbid you killed an American. For committing the sin of tearing down a poster yes in 19520. That places lit up and. America knows why world war. In 1901. Or 98. We went to war with Spain because the US may be happening at a mine in Havana harbor or I'm sorry it was an explosion of front in this the idea being well where actually recovered the hole. Right out to deep water in there probably because. Wasn't the Spanish it was an internal explosion there on the main there's a great book called the assassin in the present it's about William McKinley and we shall. And what's crazy is they get into the day that they did the study of how the mean went down. That guy was under so much protection. He had to get to Washington. You know at that point the newspapers were stirring up this it was fake journalism you read her way to act and they were stirring up war and big can he didn't want war. And it turned out officially now we can hold revealed that it was an explosion and a magazine well was right next to the blue healer. And that's what caused by the way to the untrained eye it would look like a mine. Because the explosion. It literally was a military ordnance while off multiple. But unfortunately the explosion happened inside outside. And eight basic examination would have revealed that even an 1898. And again when he recovered the whole of the main. Think they voted deep water sank a take that entire recovery effort was an engineering marvel at the time it was you know they have the scuba equipment that they have today. Those guys risk their lives to go down there but my point eight. Is that was really the beginning a fake news it was really would you got your news from the newspaper. And what ever that newspaper told you you pretty much took to the bank is being gospel and true. You don't ever want Hitler and and World War II would we know so much more about you know World War II air than we do anything to proceed and it. But if you thought that I mean did in 2002 we're talking about Saddam Hussein. 2010 it was Muammar Qaddafi. That we heard about this a shot guy but we learned lessons and probably not a good idea to start taking out dictators because you create a huge vacuum. You take out Kim Jong loan that ain't no vacuum. That is an amoeba. And that thing you're talking about entire nationality. That is seen their leaders that deity he dies. That thing is it's gonna thousand miles an hour you have to do much more than stopped him jungle. Now we we are gonna take some calls right now because that we want it to the yesterday we just on social running out of time president trump at the United Nations yesterday basically chat. North Korea. We don't want to but it we have to we're going to destroy North Korea. That's a very strong statement to make and by the way in my opinion not an inappropriate statement to make because Kim jungle has threatened to take Guam he's threatened to take up American cities on the West Coast he is engaged in a war of verbal dollar custody and despite what president trumpets. Over a month ago. Our fire and fury like the world has never seen. Kim Jong-un continues to go. There we or that we have the audio that you're referring to at the at the U and we play today the world faces an armed security threat from north. Korean. Regime. We must all stand again and be accountable and implementing. United Nations sanctions and resolutions. In response to North Korea's paso. And menacing acts. So I mean it's. You know for all the criticism that I gave Barack Obama for. Putting it all on the line with chemical weapons with the Assad regime in Syria who still in power. And who's the actively working with us the Russians and it took that was a total quagmire and Obama and I laid up on him. I am going to tell you though that Donald Trump the president's state has done double that. With North Korea. There isn't until you're right now there is no end state when North Korea there is no way that North Korea is going to be a problem in twenty twice. I guarantee you that is going to be dealt with right now. Well you know a lot of people don't even notice my dad was in Korea back when it was a hot. And you do all that the Korean War. Never ended all there is society is basically a cease. Fire known as an armistice there has been no peace treaty concluded on the Korean Peninsula which is why you have active units still on pad ready PM in if you talk to any American. Who served in South Korea. They will tell you about the DMZ this is the demilitarized zone which basically means there's a parallel of earth. That's essentially no man's land. And that area is mind with every sort and the South Korean side our side. Mind with just tons of lot of stuff it's there their war so. As you as a question what do you want president trump to do about North Korea what do you expect him to do about north career. And do you believe it was going to be sooner than later. And you know it it is refreshing David received at least on paper in some instances China and Russia to back up I think China and Russia realized that they're not dealing with Barack Obama. They're dealing with president Donald Trump. And in the heart of hearts Kim Jong-Il and North Korea having nuclear weapons is not. In Russia's best interest and it's not in China's best interest but they're kind of the United States being strong it's also about their best interest so they're kind of walking that line of OK we're gonna go along with you the tougher sanctions but at the same time we're gonna make sure that Kim has the fuel he needs to continue these tests if I. I've been thinking about this nonstop and I think you're right I think you're wrong and that means that I think camera and I think I'm wrong here here's the problem. Everything is happening right now I disagree with you on that China is Natalie manipulating but they're they're actually taking advantage. What they're doing right now we North Korea. But here's where I think you're right. The biggest threat to China is not. America. Our strength Russia it is a unified Korea. Because the unified Korea gives all the cheap labor that's going to China. Is gonna go to the people who can't read and there's twenty million of those people who can't even feed themselves they are perfect to do what. Makes sneakers make T shirts and do all the things that China does all across the world and the other thing is. Every one is going to build up the new economy of a unified Korea because North Korea. Watch those people the running to China as as people fleeing combat what had looked at my point is they both China and Russia are doing exactly what president Trott said yesterday. He advised every nation's leader Fidel looking out for their own best exactly and then they're trying to walk this line with the United States and how weird that that became controversial of all things are upset jobs and I'm gonna destroy our country he said that you know we're very close to war in Venezuela he talked about Iran going out of the new deal with a rant. But the only take away from left wing media is. Why is the president talking about America first at a UN meeting and why all the talk about the goodness of nation states. What is that all about we're supposed to be global instant that you went and he talks about why the UN was created. Yeah it's about the suburbs of individuals rights. We've yet to take a break and it is ready at 930 WB and so. Actually hurt people out their real world America elect a buddy Greg talking about North Korea. He's greatly concerned about North Korea and North Korea's ability to develop nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver such weapons. On an ice he beat. Right now the in the West Coast how much longer before they can hit buffalo and knock out the magma power project in aka the few 100000 western New Yorkers have a couple of Buffalo Bills. In 030930. Start at 3180616. WB is it will be the headline Tyrod Taylor. And 200000 others die in new blast. Right now it's 81 news radio 930 WB EN Bauerle ability. So what what is the president truck and what he said at the United Nations yesterday specifically about north call. And he issued a very strong statement about North Korea and basically saying look. We don't want to work patient nation were strong nation but if we have to we're gonna destroy North Korea. So how much time do we give North Korea and at that I actually think we might be a little more the same page that you might thank god on China and Russia. I don't think China and Russia are gonna go to war with the United States over North Korea. At the same time as Russia and China they really don't want North Korea to have nukes and I mean look Kim Jong on. How long before it turns out China if he believes that China is not standing properly behind what he hermit kingdom. I'll tell you that guy he shouldn't trust China because transferred to kill them and and that's we all know that that's open source that the brother. That Kim Jong killed BX gas. That brother was paid supported and protected by China. China kept that brought and that was the big leveraged than they had the United States memo to self do not use China Intel has body good moment seriously and and and so when you look at how North Korea killed. This guy. It had to have come from China is well. Someone was so China is trying to play both sides and their toe in the United States in the west hey I got a guy. Ready eagles' slow and there's no doubt about that he was not. A sharp tool in the Kim Jong he's like Shockey in the show shameless yet he's he's not the smartest of of guys. But here's the deal he's alive and he's not a crazy person and he will run North Korea under the Kim Jung would name. And so are under that one game I should say and so that was there is assassinated. Closer to the uncle he killed. He killed his father's brother he killed all of the nephews all of that general who was his father's brother. And out there are no male errors. At all other than his own sons he's murdered. Every one is. You know outside his new hit the best this nuclear what they love this is a bit this this is as old as any blood line monarchy in the and it really hit list but but yeah the note that the war of the roses was basically swap between the York family. Mr. men and you know it was a royal blood and who at the stronger player to the right. And and it back in those days if you look past fifty you're you won the lottery. And those guys were dying in a very early age this this kids look at them the twenty years of a doing this sort of thing. I don't think this guy we're not last team for years now. We're gonna ask you guys how long you give North Korea and would use of what do you support president trump doing about North Korea. 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB and you make text as a 30930. I think we should send the eight year old football players from Ka hokey in to North Korea the polite thing.