9-14 SPCA Segment - Bethany Kloc


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Bethany Clark is here from the SP CA serving Erie county in Virginia this morning great to see it Bethany hey thanks for having me and you have McDougal with you but McDougal is that. Our news now now now he's nine he has a better yeah afternoon so at least he came to work with me today he is such a sweet I know I love him so much I have to say that Mindy that this town. Is awful Q oh she is being. And cute and you know what she is a slice a lot of people don't know phys dot they're medium sized dogs there intelligent working breeds I read. So she think she have a lot of energy when she's comfortable. But then she becomes a couch potato I read and that's kind of like the best of both worlds for some people exactly. So right now she's all of bursting at the scenes. To be the most sweet loving dogs can be but she's very afraid. But she's making progress little by little she's coming out. My friend who works in behavior told me that the other day she made excellent progress she took a walk outside all the way down to the barn before she thought Russell. And wanted to go back off. So she's Estrich two weeks and already of this great progress I know she's gonna blast matches in your home the thing about dogs in shelters is that. You don't really get to see their full personality traits because of anxiety in great cases right you know it's like it's like if Euribor trapped in Russia we don't know the food we don't know the ruling which we don't know the people we don't know anything so of course they're gonna be scared and it affects some harder than it does others and mean he's definitely one of those stocks and scared but I just know she's going to be in nice soft presence in your home. Gone are able she'll be available after 11 o'clock this morning at the SBC shelters in west Seneca on Harlem road. Hurricane Johnson wanted to ask about this dice FaceBook post this week yes you receive some yellow dogs from the hurricane zone yup. We'd be save dogs from who are RD previously. Surrendered so these weren't somebody's animals while they were at one point but they had been there for awhile so. The shelter is down in north and South Carolina are making room for animals that will need to be rescued. And so we've got four I think four or five of them right now. And there is shelter in New Jersey called seeing Q birds. And what they do as a kind of work with the ASPCA so that when these dogs do eventually com north so dogs that do mean homes. On they will distribute them to different shelters and we are one of there emergency shelters. So we can expect more Dyson yes I believe so sad to say he had as well as you see the storm down punishing and host. He you have to. Hope that the people who evacuated took their pets with them I saw someone on the new was who was not leaving her apartment because she hatter dot. That broke my heart she should be able to take her dog with her and that's what happened. In New Orleans all those years ago because. People were staying physically leave their pets and I totally get it but I saw a video to of people walking into schools with their dog yet he's also a lot of shelters do take yes and that's amazing I mean because you know. We would do anything for our pets I don't know that I would leave my pets that would be the most heartbreaking thing ever just thinking what's gonna happen that I'm absolutely yeah well. Keep us up to date well more hurricane dogs coming into the region because western America's alleys. Very responsive when it comes to her at all such an animal lovers here makes me so proud to. That's Bethany clack. And McDougal from the SP CA serving Erie county and you can check out mideast picture this morning a fight east which I don't think we've ever had a production before it is now. That's why east is up at the news radio 930 on Twitter.