9-14 Beach and Company Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Friday, September 14th

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LA Ibekwe Vijay governor says he reached a cell beds whatever saves people agree with that well sometimes but sometimes not a memento of every example out week is that shtick. For those of you are not familiar look to the charged it means. Some things that are fun and maybe make goes chuckled overlap for whatever schtick. Okay mentioning them last night. After the elections were settled in both very capping ogle and our governor. Or what's his name to govern as a check of the Algeria as the governor of the Jerry. Where we're winners they both won. And we played we've played this number of capital oh very generous nice. Gracious thank you to the people who helped her in her victory. Then we've played the audio of Andrew Cuomo. And it was dead air as he did not speak. After the winning. Run he didn't say anything and I I thought that was a little unusual about the thing that little people have voted for and I argue should it now some people thought it was a little ha ha some didn't Tony. Here's to all of them. Always edit these or from the tax board of Volkswagen Orchard Park to order. Always have to take time to slam but Democrats. Even when it's not that topic of the day sandy and Tony on the GOP. They were all Questar is not like Batman yeah. I. Did you get any checks and they Sergio very not a whole Nomar must have been lost in the mail add and keep this in mind. Took time to slam the Democrat. Now what you forget it is I complemented get the local for her gracious. Thank you speech. And didn't complement Andrew Cuomo goes to make one now at last that I recall. Gas field goal is not only lieutenant governor she's a Democrat. So I praised the program. And I made a good Democrat to machine. A slam center. And so I'd be if I get your little undies and I'm not I say little because I'm probably right gassing. But the bottom it is we've raised one. And we didn't raise it one. Doesn't get fairer than that I think we should take time every dean slammed Democrats you know why. Because they just you know you want a better review do a better job I mean as well again now the second one's on me. This is personal. And. This time it's like the movie it this time. It's personal and this as personal. As you know I'm a chick magnet but I'm not the best looking a guy in the world and here is here's one man. Yes you are going to vote on or before Reno. Matt you are a bomb. Market yourself. So Moret. Before you criticize everyone else is that required. To I have to lose weight in order to be critical cited Democrats exactly. And so I'm sorry I don't waste your vote. Just like Jim and I made that program manager. What I did drop five pounds I did I I left this summer I'll find. A wealth like you weren't yet and so in order for me to be fair and imbalance. I have to lose weight because that's just the winners of this would be better for your knees while actually would be a so I'm not gonna have a mere election pizza all right I won't eat it all just to save de L is going pizza you know election night so that everybody is working can enjoys them as wings but mostly pizza. And they're Tony. Who who movement there's no there's no stamp of best if used by. Is eating their pizza now with twelve hours old I mean you can eat pizza is twelve hours ago as not a pot it is some things is not a good. To eat twelve hours old maybe egg salad wouldn't be good but pizza Adrian you can do it as you well. OK let's see almost our vision is out of like crickets you know I want crickets we couldn't find him fast enough does kick up or that the thing just before obvious Gaza and it. Okay. Wallace and video are sexier as in other words there don't ever change. Are as nice I was gonna change on Thursday. That was yesterday we're going to change to your change there are different sure all I was. Let's say so we're asking we seemed. The evening newscast seems to be doing the show for us they're talking about thirty inches of rain in one location. And they're talking about a 150. People had to be rescued. In May be in that same location the visions specified. And so we told you that that the amount of rain 300 inches. Would translate to a 25 feet of its now. They're you know because we can identify elements Rambo we can identify with snow and that's that magic when he five feet the worst though I've seen since I've been in this town which is when snow began. It was a 78 that's that. Imagine 25 feet to kind of visualize it an NBA hope or any hope actually used and so that's 20 era have. Hopes that's a lot of snow and that's a lot of rain. And for those who are stubborn and did Wallace that I thought they'd know better than everybody else and now they probably didn't may have to be rescued. I think they should pay for the rescue there should be a bill sent to them for the rescue. And I think they should also be charged with is some form of endangerment. Because the people ought to go to rescue them they're willing to do when it's not your fault but when you decide you're gonna. Just not pay any attention. And they have to put their lives on the line I think Leo endangerment would. Proper will take a break and return on newsreader and I'm thirty WB yen let's go to a Pennsylvania my good friend Don Don you on WB yen. The morning stand in the morning Tony. Hey thanks so dear lord neither one of us are in Carolina. Yeah that's for sure they zoos seems a thirty inches of rain is from remarkable what a remarkable number that is. Do you have some ideas or ways to evacuate. That's what it says my little cheat screen there. Well not really. But I got a story. My youngest son's fiancee broader subject and followed that Liam I'm where you're right there yet. You still live in Delaware and he's only 32 years old and he's in charge of building in the plant and chiles then. South Carolina. And what she's been down there for quite awhile now. And it's been working at least ninety hours a week wore all everything going properly. So he get chased out of town and of course he went where there's so well winning football player goes to reelected. Well all I get out of town like you can it's it's remarkable how. We understand the attention people have in the lava area where they're animals. We can understand average you can make you know different per. Different arrangements with you gotta you gotta Alyssa Miller and they say get out eager now. Yet when it's time to lead dog you've got to go go get a speeding bullet and how that's what I would do. Now do you think it's unreasonable alert are overly harsh to say they should have to pay for the wrong Eskew. And also be charged with a endangering in this case endangering the rescue workers. Now I don't think that's unreasonable. Not at all. And I just don't think it did. Well I I think that's the only way they'll learn because I'll tell you the good TV stations. Will interview the ones that didn't ago. Because the ones that are gone magenta interview obviously but after the event is over and they'll be back mr. mrs. cool. We've seen it before our this is and as bad as fill in the blank the previous one we didn't we didn't think it was necessary. And and bill kinda like joke around about I don't think it's alive matter Oliver guitar in my life and death. On the question and what really galls me this when you put on the TV. And the Dutch shell ordinary yet. Pictures of the Bill White pictures of these. People who are on assignment let. They stay right there on the edge of the water. We're as a way to go one half a mile an hour that you could get but it got blown into that water that they do see you later. Remember one the weather channel is out there and the wind was extremely. High and up a piece of metal. A flat piece of metal came off the rules of of a high rise hotel. That include a cut them in half. I mean it's it's dangerous it looks like all little rain and water work in larger. A lot Jim larger ice. I think it was last year. Where room one of the reporters were holed up in a parking garage April we figure it's made out of cements. It's not going to be blown over and gives you some amount of stability. But didn't stay there for a day. I mean it can't be an easy assignment but I assume it if they ask you to do it fits your ticket. I don't know if I'd have to think about that eludes me because there's. I bet Israel's dangerous stuff. It really is is much more dangerous than it looks and that's the problem you know it's my NATO looks like menacing. You see that dark funnel cloud coming down there. This amateurs saying a tree bend over back aside where is just watching the water come in looks like a lot of water. But it doesn't look as imposing and yet it believe me it is is very dangerous and thanks Mexico appreciate have a good weekend. You do a tea boy I should ask them the Eagles they're playing this week I don't know. Stalled it's okay. Are we going to. Happen all over under many heated table will be announced the name. Do you remember I thought when militarily. I'm certain I met February it was going to be like five or eight I don't know it was like twentysomething. So I didn't know there were that number hours of tape is being employed. Either you guys have an idea if that's of bonafide number that's just. A man invasion or what frank went by and I do I don't go to are you saying frank is more likely to be a vandal and jump on tables now they've got out of the total deemed okay that's insulting my for an art. Franklin if bank. Over and under for tables being broke I broke him. I would usually take you over just because bills fan to have advent of always doing things stupid but what would that number be at a via Wi-Fi I would say that I would say the numbers probably going to be around seven. Our rights and that's what I thought some. And like that that that's a moderate number. But they were crazy this morning or tomorrow at one point five. For the sixth and we'll see what happens. I don't quite understand the joy of jumping on the table. I mean I've been around a lot of tables and tell my way I look. And it as the media as attacks are pointed out I should lose some weight but I've been about usually sit with them. They server good fervor sitting at them. Jumping on one has never been something of interest that sure a lot of WWE fans out there. That are inspired by the table all right it's in wrestling they throw metal chairs and each other usually. And maybe they've gone to other room pieces of how sold furniture. If you would go far. The government warnings and then require air. Rescuing shouldn't you be comfortable I say yes. If you ignore the government warnings and in this case been warning for several days now. Get out of town get out of town get out of town. Music inquiries and now I don't have to do. I've lived here for thirty years well that might be the end of how long you live there if you don't get out of town and remember. Rescue workers are not in vulnerable. Because they show up wearing Euro rescue gears sometimes a badge boots. Glow of things like that they can die too. They can die and they shouldn't have have to put their life on the line. These are very brave people what they should not have to put their life on the line because you made a dumb choice should work that way. So elected overview you okay way of if you ignore it and then you need their help all of them paying for the rescue. Getting a bill in the mail. All our road being charged as well of endangering. It Austria I Israel wanted to have his sponsors to users start I'm thirty and also Texas a 30930. We are back after service. Yeah. And Eric. Heading table jumping going on. On. Big Momo learned. There's seven. Got the drag low. Get good. Lowe's I got the tailored contents. So we think over under seven. That is frankly official over and under prognosticator. He says is seven and is that over right over seventy over we need a middle seriously enough. Yeah I'm going now. I I I decide to do it the next time you don't like good round two get my cheeseburger not Rambo off. I usually go a mind game children used to weigh when you would see of Volkswagen Beetle. And you count how many. If you're on a triple a mom and dad you know Maria used to do things like that much but Brad yeah that's exactly and seen at the present time well lately the last couple years I have been doing how many police cars you see various departments just how many as the engines see them into the into an over under. But you know I decided to have more fun. Yeah I guess what and this is so he may really busy how many Tim Hortons there are between buffalo and Randolph. What do you think India if you had to guess. I'm that I will see on the way to Randolph which from my house is nine the miles the IG's 35. Think 35 I think that's a decent number by different how many how many Tim Burton's between Pendleton angry and though. I would say probably like forty. Yeah I figure you okay I'll go and see which one of viewers closer but it does we have 35 and forty Els who forego a by the way this weekend. At the great pumpkin farm and Clarence is armed forces weekend. In collaboration with the Western New York hero's the regular missions before you and one guest. We'll be waived for active and retired military. Policeman. All our fire department personnel who present proper identification. Let's go to Raphael and up all Iran WVM thanks for calling. I added Howard I'm so I'm looking many times there Libya. A welcome Dominican Republic and hurricane are where life there and resources we have and and I can't understand these idiots there. I think at a category one which by the way I'm look at we keep. Sustained winds between 7495. That's like saying to somebody hates. You're gonna get picked by the Ugoh. It's traveling at 74 mile an hour and they did bill or just a Yugo. Pop pop pop art. You're absolutely right because when we just have a high wind warning and no end is a 45 miles an hour. It owned practically knock you off your feet I don't know why they think it's less important in my area are okay. Yeah and I think that it all of them that that side if they didn't beat idiot. They get from magic markers have been put their Social Security on her arm and an except and so when big floral. I'll. The car and somebody can pick them up and pick up their body. I I like that now being born in Dominican. A Republican do you ever EU star canes or you get used to a way to deal with them are. Did is if Fuller and every time want to spurt one is promise here. At its full alert and where I live my in my other. Both the house and I was black. Bigger bloc in bracken it was pretty dirty by. Hurt and it hurt him like earthquake or our our our our humbled third. You know here and off all. It just me being conscientious about somebody else. And and and take it as a serious threat I like what you just said it's it's about other people innocent people. You don't have to put them in danger thank you for calling we appreciate the call Raphael. Yeah I mean if you see him on a regular basis. You might tend to take for granted but you also see the severity of them as he pointed out even we are very house it's bill pretty sturdy. You know what amazes me about some houses that are quite near the water. I if you watch any of these flipping shows. They have flipping Las Vegas do they want flipping buffalo which I watched a couple of weeks ago. And well when they're flipping. Right near the water some of these houses are built on like stilts. It seemed like they're ten feet high design. For the water to go under your house and come back out again. And when I was in San Francisco ice houses built on the side of mountains. On stilts. I don't think I would buy a windows to be honest we got an armored Jeep. I mean that way any anything close to water is going to be very very expensive Tony would you ever buy a house. A bit ahead of positioning. Of stilts over the water can go under and back out. Oh or one built on stilts over the the water just doesn't hit it. You know I Siegel has built on stilts and no engineering wise against the giants saved it looks they don't look safe so I would be worried in the that would bother me. If you had a party item you'd have them a minimum. Maximum maybe 23 fat people go hungry look at. Everybody I would have a scare at the door. You know so. He can't know what is about to do and I do it every once in awhile especially like on our trips and things like this. Almost every elevator. We'll have a maximum amount of weight can be and it. And chances are you've got in the elevator with a bunch of strangers you don't know them and they don't you know you and then I'd like pretend that I just saw the signs. And then ask people how much they way so I could throw up. It gets a laugh most of the time was you have to not a player because it it's is that it might be sensitive about that you know you have to get off. Get off the floor earlier when I'm taking a chance at this hour rule plummeting into the earth. I'll take a break and return on newsreader I'm thirty WB ZN I here's a couple of votes acts on the policy Volkswagen Orchard Park tax board. To put an end to stupid people from staying in harm's way to rescue them. I tell everybody you are on your own people get their mind right after that. I don't know if that works out they like ago Chris Christie of I'm not mistaken said that did that. But everybody know it was a bluff you know have they got a call they would try. And that's it's too bad by it didn't work because if if it's good news on the got to do. Okay don't say something in knowing it can't drew hoping don't think you can because. I don't think anybody believes that the government would purposely not try to rip through somebody's stranded in life and death situation. You mentioned in this in the mail you know everybody's been warned of us are coming storm. So you get this out package in the mail and it has body tags in it. This has filled this out. Tight tear tell if you elect to stay so that we can identify you. I like that I like that and sometimes they even go door to door. Warning you'll get a get out now you got to get out now that we summary of your car. I think that they should carry around little cardboard coffin. And let's say if you know grew would you mind or vice I raise you up for one of these. So that you know there's areas. I think yeah I think to be worth the investment in the car aboard conference and get people because people know in the back of their mind and well. If my column I don't show they have do you know what I mean because if they don't I might be dead but my relatives who have velocity. I think that's the general thought process but I understand. Now won easily if your animal. But there have to be alternative ways as I said it and if now the shelters right now would take in your animal. Simply after the event is over. See if you competition and to to have some section were animals can be brought because. People will stay home because of the animals it's not as our play but it's the play it's a human player and I I think. You can understand that you are probably approached him understand. And if you have vote a big animals like livestock. And whatever. Maybe there's somebody whose farm is far enough away where you could trailer by a mob where you have enough time. Trailer in my apparently from during the storm. Because I can understand if you have a farm out owning you know subject during animals through all of this. Oh this problem Sony you have a several Facebook's in Maryland Jewelers. On Joseph says if you ignore mandatory evacuation should be responsible all expense is. If a rescue worker gets injured or killed he should be charged accordingly. Well you know when that happens. When that happens you make an assumption wow look at the rescue workers they've got all the equipment. And they've got a boat in the they've got this and that the other thing and make him call him a helicopter. Rescue workers and I till. And how would you like to have that. In your memory bank there because you're dumb. Because you are obstinate because you are effective as my mother used to weigh in used that expression because earth look at. You cost some of your life somebody was trying to save innocent lives. If they're willing to put there life on the line to save view and they don't even know you. So I did to me it's pretty easy call men and that you wouldn't put anybody in that kind of prediction and a position. And I would did make winds ahead of time because you know aware of the zones are usually for our gains. And if you're in one of those zones make some prior arrangements maybe you'll never have to use them but if you do so. Me your average game and ever Tony. Carroll says and took to live live through stormy can't know the emotions tied to with the thought of leaving your home. Not known if it will be destroyed is heartbreaking. Well yeah but being your home was being destroyed his heart breaking through and you have to get and no home. Is worth a human life as our announcer I don't care how nice it is. I don't care how nice the furnishings are I don't care if you just hated it. I'm here views as a new rugs put senator or hardwood floors it's not worth your life. And I don't think he hit it should be up to yield to decide if it's worth eighty a rescue workers life. Okay how well a nice would that house have to be in order for another human be paying to sacrifice their life. We're you know because. And of his daughter if if it's gonna destroy it's going to be destroyed what you are not. Okay that's the good the big rescue worker in this guy makes those decisions. And so I I've I think that's not a good answer. Sorry it's not a good answer for me maybe for Cuban for me another. Where's Teresa says some people don't have the money to leave won't have nowhere to go. Some people are elderly and have no one. Well first of all if you if you've been watching your coverages coverage. Most of these if you everyone's seen. The operations are very fair. Four shall third I realized yesterday I read it. Was in north or south I always get a may step one of A Carolinas yesterday had a hundred make shelters open. And I'm sure that if you need to go to a shelter you'll be brought to a shelter and there's no charge for that obviously. So the fact that they you don't have a lot of money shouldn't. Worked his way into that somebody. You must have a neighbor who must have a relative you must have made a town government there must be a police. Agency. That that is near you they'll be some way to get chewed through the shelter and I think that money doesn't really play into. The only oil play into what is driving the shelter instead of somebody coming to get you but Tony you agree that you think. It's an economic things I've not heard of people who wanted to go to we're Shell's record because that it couldn't afford it there's no admission tree. We have heart brought up that you know what about people no money but like you said there are. You know transportation's. In your car your church her scenario where you avenue where you work if you're my neighborhood and neighbor a social club any thing. Yeah I can't believe you live in a community where you don't know anybody. And nobody knows you when you're totally isolated and totally alone there must VOA you get your food there must be away you get your groceries done. You reach out somebody you know. And a I can't believe anybody would say no we call. Horsemen and ask on the wrong one because that is an emergency if if indeed you. Have no way to get through shelter and the storm is bearing down. So it can be done and I don't think they would absolutely via there. You have another. Sandy says hasn't been a first responder for many many years and worked through many. Our worst snow and other storms I have no sympathy for those were able bodied with means to lead to choose not to. Those without there were many opportunities and resources for you'd have gold what you chose not to. Now when the stuff hits the fan in your scared and stop because you didn't believe the experts and chose not to leave. To stay with Jewish stopped that was going to be wrecked in the win in the water anyway you now expect others to come saved you. Risked their lives to get your block to safety no not till the storm is over. That's a good point and he uses the word business effective George Carlin used it in a classic now we retain you worse off. Okay are you going to put your life on the line for your stuff. No matter how nice that big screen TV is it worth dying for. No matter how nicely. The fabulous mar our bowl collar jobs you have it worth dying for widget. Would you give popular for the mill course. No matter how nice the chandelier is that you just cut. Or anything in your house. Is it worth dying for. Even if you consider worth dying for is it worth risking somebody else. Who doesn't know about your house who doesn't care about your house there there are rescue Yule. Indeed is it worth putting them at risk because you have a nice dining room table 40. As we get your priorities straight. The primaries say human beings first. You and make a great interest for the animals. I don't stand not going to leave an animal. Would make the arrangements and and you'll have either shelter and you do. That about wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow and I'm all right. We are coming at us that being delusional and why not I've always wanted. Help me Monday nobody I know nothing about I know a thing about guys those boards. It puts us in the same category. I'm very good reporters Rick wasn't here Monday at nine under greater than thirty every beer. It's never eased slightly. Do you.