9-14 Beach and Company Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Friday, September 14th

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Elliott Sadler Beijing common AM. I decide interview room. From somebody who decided not to leave via voice talk about fitting into this show. And there are there scenario and this things I was talking about before things he's saying if we're doing that interview for so long run I'm not because I don't. Sway them. I'm only made not a good idea but if we're doing that interview I would I would ask you might have a piece of paper with something written hours it. Do you mind. Would you just read this please and was say something like hi. My name is yoga goats I'm being interviewed right now on television because I didn't listen to buy the warnings. Now I may be passed away. By the time your readers so my suggestion is if I have pressed the way plea please heed the warnings I didn't and now I'm paying for. What do you think you think that might get their attention to owning. Analysts as wasn't raining in this that people are stuck on stupid stuck on stupid absolutely. I said here is way up from the Orchard Park. Its board of books I am sandy you forget it's the meat generation. Me is more important and you know I'm that's true that is that's. Here's another. I thought I heard at a motel and was collapsing. And the people needed to be rescued so there was so many people on the roof that it was collapsing. And they regionalism. Because. I've been I was planning a warning this could not agree more bill lump sign Luigi that's right hit him in the wall where really counts. I said if they do if they don't listen they should be a charged with the endangering. Our endangerment of bigger kids a double charged bush the very least endangering the the rescue workers. And they should pay for the rescue. Let's code to Joan in buffalo Joan here on W via. I see him because. He's Bangkok. My son and daughter in La live in except on North Carolina which. It's about an hour west of Wilmington. They've lived there for many years. My son at that point you were up twenty marine veteran twenty year matter marine veteran. But they're now working. In the Defense Department. My dad and bug the marine nuclear engineer pool he. Have taken every possible precaution. Or at this time. However they chose to remain. If they're play because they've been at a time places. The Hague. Chicken ducks can get that type of thing. They could match. Leave their animal felt. Two point when he hit. To date and number two. I. Feel to it although rescue Lori can't. Much carried. Out today because they felt they had known what Detroit they could that lead burying him. If their first song I've had horses. Most ever had a long time with three Sawyer never heard or read yeah. So here's here's what I would do and you know hindsight is always wondered when he. First evolved is no problem I'm not trying to be funny here for them to have water there would be water is a danger and also there would have it. And I would leave food spread out in different places. Because the most is going to be as a few days and you could the Google few days without a without grain whenever triumph with Selma hey maybe in higher positions of horses whenever. And a put him in a corral revenue install. So that they knew they would have some ability to move around. And that I would think that boom the life of wife for my children. Is it would have to take priority so we love our animals. Or before any of these storms I would have found out. If there's any high ground. In the case of a storm like this that would accept the animals now I know that's not easy to deal. But that's what I would have done so I'm glad they wore the uniform and I hope everything works out for the amenities that we took over cautions. I think the animal part will be the toughest part as we were talking Julius BCA earlier Tuesday. Guy and I am sure they have done all of these things in terms of port the patent Selanne back. They got. Being the animal lover if they could actually. All I understand that totally. But I think we have to put him perspective I can I currently my dad's organs there right now. But I find a way to the ring what may were cats and horses and pigs are a whole different ballgame thank you thank you very much. As a that's that's interest thing I think that. In a nine some urgency situation you'll make some inquiries you find out if if there's any place on high ground. Where flooding would not be an issue. And and find out if if in the event of arcade. Can we bring the livestock there. You're willing to pay if if that's necessary or could be a neighborly thing. And if that's possible you have enough time. Knew that several days here you have enough time to have. Two. To transport the animals to higher ground. And then. The food spread it out in different places. And they get some ham and lofty position whether water is and again. And and and get out of dodge David what would you do Antonia under those circumstances. Yes we do you know if you're hurt you and your wife and your kids are have a higher power than the animals no matter how much. Yeah but even install I mean I haven't had pat sense nick was too. I would not be a lead my pack behind all right coronary my guests Reno and I mean luckily we have relatives and other states other areas. We would try to go there. Well there was enough time if I I don't know how many have this kind of heard. You know there's some areas thirty horses or something and idiot that Bennett's hard but if you've got a couple. Uga Uga trail are much out of danger zone you can view could do that okay. And just budget have to have a place you know you can bring them. But it if you did that ahead of time as they have video in the offseason of our gains if there is an offseason. Vinegar trailer mile but if you have a lot there might be very problematic for and don't you raise a lot of horses in the North Carolina I'm not sure about the popular in the war of acquiring population of the Carolinas. But what would assume that if you had their horses everywhere right and their pigs. In other livestock of your farmers stuff. But there might be some ways if you prepared have a OK well let's take a break under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yen. I was just wondering. I wonder about the people who rule last week. Said they don't trust the police. Don't believe employees. They're not big on the military. I wonder if their doorbell rang or somebody was talking a big orders they decided not to leave and it was a cop. Or somebody in the uniform or somebody with a bit hedged their rescue them. Wonder if they've changed their mind about how they feel about the cops in the military to take any on the water nobody singing in the underwater and in fact. That would be though via a thing to listen to and remark. About nobody takes in the underwater. I think that that's excellent form via. Put some kind of handing out on paper now frank. Who's a who's in from beamer and today frank you're planning on going down into that area next week are you. Well was planning how Ali. I was balsa go to Myrtle Beach should go visit my grandparents who lived down there. With my mom and my a step dad. And we're planning on leaving Monday coming back Friday why it. Because of the hurricane my grandparents had to relocate to lock Greenville, South Carolina and soul we had to cancel a trip. Did it in the airline none charge you one thing or positive that they understand. I don't know is far as far as I know old. Although all flights this weekend have been canceled I don't think they're planning I think lake Saturday. They're canceling the flights for next week. Out there so I would figure we're gonna at least get a get a read I would I would think sort of they canceled it especially yep. Well good good luck and I'm glad that. Is your relatives have have gone to higher ground. Let's go to Sony and the fuel Tony Wragge W. Yeah. Well I candy votes on. I don't say that I lived in saint Petersburg Florida for about fifteen years and yeah I agree we sleep I was like totaled most of the time but. Our employers. Would say you know any we have shutters on the windows and we have generators tricky place open. You know as long as we can and so it. I guess it was item that came through and they waited so big for our toll told us why are you guys can go and take you know with LP if you want. Ivan was very strong partners an hour ago. Trust and while older one I don't how we'll see I think an employer would be hard pressed. To blow punish any employees who wanted to go to higher ground I think that will be an unfair. It ever got into a legal question anything the courts were very much favor your safety over the production or your plan or. Or our office or whatever might be. Yeah I think any any know Andy. Q main employer would understand that it's all so you kind of died of it did not pitch directly. No I'm not alone it's good have you been through any others where world it was a more damage or more of a threat to area. Yeah they're they're here declared three. While do you still. Humbling it I can't believe you get used to him doing. I'll eat yeah. It depends where you live you know a home. You know like Barley is usually there is a complaint is so compelling but. No obviously if you live near the beach. Oh and that's desirable people love that I saw one a couple of days ago there it's an RV park right on the beach and there's a hundred. Hundreds. RVs trying to get hooked up and get out at the same time but not fun hey thank you words only error really appreciate it. I can you imagine your employer telling you hey we've got generators and I mean unless they were just trying to rescue you got to be different. But if they were doing it because they didn't want the machine to stop or you know commerce this stuff you have to realize that the the the health of the people and it is the most important but certainly not the bottom line. Or even your pets as much as we love our pets. You just brought up something thought of my TV and radio stations. Down there in employees that will oath. We all mourn lysine and whether they have to stick around northern distorted because. They want to be able to be there to warn the public but. You know there put it on I'm like oh. We 00 we see now even because lemur urged we're CBS CBS merge with us. We owe a lot more but even a couple of years ago when Katrina hit. We have stationed right there in the middle of the hometown. That is the V and of of of that town and they are they did all we lifesaving measures or whatever and the employees. Volunteered to stay. And there's so vague they got through and they were very helpful and now we have we have we'll stations everywhere. And I intend to go on line. Today when you're off the air and and tomorrow especially. And and get a map from those stations to hear how they're handling what's going. Because is as you know we have our major storm or blizzard. All hands on deck everybody he's there and we have to report in so we'll see what there what they're going. OK Tony you have a another phase. Were porous ways ideal. Sabrina says if you choose to staying in have to be rescued and should be huge fine. Yeah I agree that there should. I'm thinking there should you should have to at least. Pay for the rescue which believe me when you get the real there will be here abridged and because. Because just an ambulance rides from your house. To an emergency room is a huge number yes. Patrick says insurance company should have a policy clause that says if you ignore mandatory evacuations. We do not pay claims simple. Idea I I I think that says that might be right because the water is an act of god. Any any damage. Two through your house or whatever should be covered by the if there's anything directly attributable to you because you'll. Said Myanmar don't bother that should be your nickel. I understand that but if you get as I was trying to explain. An inch of rain is ten inches of snow. Okay and and they're still talking because we don't we heard one report a couple of hours ago and now 36 inches of rain. 36. Inches of rain that is 368. Inches of snow. Those are numbers I can't get my my arms around. It is remarkable so thinking well I I live in a two story house I can diving book fair. And though luckily I have area and Attica exhibit. I you stand on the rules. My image of during the floods in New Orleans of them rescuing Fats Domino on my all time great favorites. Out of a third floor of his house in the Ninth Ward really brings things that home everybody's kind of equal in this sort of thing. And is and when you need to be rescued you need to be rescued. But if you put yourself in a position to need to be rescued what angry media does not do I wish they did. Because they certainly do a good job covering it. You see it mig reporters are aware and cameras and microphones. And we have our reporters everywhere so you know what's going on talking to people living down there. But nobody says how far in the preliminary. Warnings how far you have to go. To be out of the danger zone. In other words is it thirty mile. Would you if we had that here. When we after a go to Erie times of being in ninety miles away I mean how far I guess it would depend on the topography. And what kind of you know how hilly. Here's a question for you we're talking about this last night. The other networks have now they wanna put reporters I'm. You know it's over a hundred miles an hour win these U or some reporter getting battered is it really necessary to put Rick porter's life. In danger when he can just set up a camera to get the same images. You know lawyer duress. The ratings as the reason they do it because it would be the same when you see the weather channel. And the wind is blowing. The man on the woman sideways in their finger off the ground from there horizontal from the sidewalk. That's you'll see those of those things in Promos. You advance a pretty compelling people wanna see that. And if there is just they gauge job fair for instance showing the wind or engage showing how many inches of Rain Man. If it wouldn't be as compelling and so like generals like the weather channel which is this this news this is what they make their bones. I get it meant to them because of but the others who trying to come in like the networks who don't debate on you're on a regular basis. They're they're very competitive they're trying to compete with each other and they're doing a bit yeah I think they're doing a good job on the information. But the other part the part you just this that's imagery. That's almighty god did you see that reporter. It's Mike's right now any sideways. Aged guys hit the face what a stop sign you got to realize that when it was like this besides the water he was like this. Thing could Kutcher and had. Of flying metal and stuff like that pieces of buildings coming are you kidding I just don't think it's Smart no I don't your eye out for saw I'm sure. Then if any of those reporters didn't want to be there they wouldn't be there. But I'll tell you this if they opted out of that they throw it would be anywhere else in America. There are you don't get that nice and Simon I don't know why. We'll be back to a bar big company administrator and I'm thirty every via. Elliott back where major companies on the. Did you have to use some examples that we can all get arms around us. If you heard the the ABC reporter in the last newscast report a much rain may have had at that location. If you convert that to snow. If you convert that there's no offense rein it was snow. Tony Indian much it would be a lot. 25. Feet I'll call any five feet out of the most I can remember here and bubble and I've been here since the 1968. Is video few years ago on Christmas Eve. That was seven fetus now. Seven figures so that was a fun ride home that was a fun getting out of here here I remember the sidewalks result cover was snow. And they they goes straight down there in order put your foot no that was seventy. This is winning five feet insane and is it absolutely is and so we're asking. If you know purposely disregarded the government warnings about getting out of there and getting safe. Venue require rescuing because well. Maybe you should laugh right but it's too late now somebody is the governor rescue should Joseph be accountable. Because yeah he rescue people are fair and they're willing to do what they're going to put their life on the line to say view you Schwab. But the bottom line is you shouldn't put them in that position they are certainly enough natural disasters. Where people had no control over it and and then you need the rescuers good for you are stubborn this and not wanting to leave. I think you should be charged within range during. Endangering the rescuers for one thing if you have children would you double duty for U endangering them as well. And pay the costs of the rescue I think you should do that I know it's tough to leave animals may be a figure out ahead of time what you do if you're in a a place that has a frequent events like for us. May be of find a way to evacuate via the animals would you goes. If you're a big time farmer and you have a lot of livestock. Almost you if you have a few had you can know them you could throw them out I guess if you've to a place ago. And wandered. Suppose suppose its older but they don't mab is a reason they don't you have to go fifth in my house. That wrote in order to be safe. Does everybody go fifty miles and stop right there. Where people keep going because if you did there'd be no services available low gasoline available. It would just be clogged up or you keep going until it becomes a more habitable. I would go 51 you know lie. Because I go the extra minute ago ya you go to this or and you're eating a lot here in election pizza. How bad are you. Certainly don't. And last date now set is still good the next morning tactical ground I think beyond that you have to throw now wait a minute is that pizza did you eat that after or before capping local made her speech ever gracious speech. You're married you know you think. I think it was after I'd I'd think you can answer this how about land a Governor Cuomo made his gracious speech boom he did with them as to what he did not. Is not gracious to begin when he did not isn't that it was a show to Robert put. Isn't that a slap in the face you've got people that vote for you went out of their way to vote for your even though they know that your approach we're gonna win anyway but they'll do OJ known as a Andrew Cuomo. Didn't even edit them. Are you kidding. Are you kidding about it has opted to have man should rally what does that let me cake and I. Ever heard of a politician after an election when not an even most of them after an election law us. I'm thinking their supporters when apparently. He didn't think there'd Symbian mix there was much her opponent it is like a wrestling match series has got to brushed her aside. But I found that to be amazed and did anybody really think he was in danger of losing her no but at the point is people who know that which our people support from people who don't support we don't who's gonna win. Okay it would have been a miracle that no one not that our girls don't have a book. It would have been the major surprise on the low level of of trump winning. I think that would didn't today's lead dad yeah and so he everybody knew what they went out goes like that went out voted form anyway don't you think you give them. A little wave your own little faith thank you for your hard work can't be the other usual kind of what kind of ahead this guy has a woman. Let's go to Paula in royals and Paula you on WB again. Eight indie label this tipping me when I lived over in penalties and and and it isn't Niagara county of course and eight was driving to work in Erie county well there is dragging began. In two great it transcends Miller's sport. Police source that the people. And he said he worked in a hospital actor you know anything like that night but now. And he said because during that threatened again if you get an accident your insurance won't cover. All I did not know that that's good and always there for future use absolutely. Yeah so I was like okay. I'll go home. Yeah we usually and it in the event of a real snow emergency will usually get a letter or something like that. Because we're dispensing information everybody's doing you know while I'm glad you're at home what about video without being La oh. Loss of your age are parents that thank you all thank you reminds. You arrive in the driving that's you know why. If if you can't drive during a driving man in the is that bad because you're driving in bad weather by. You're declared any nonessential. Employee. See we get paid. We don't get a paycheck right. But how would like to be you know they closed the government offices to write to me. They'll say in nonessential. Employees. Do not have to report essential employee is after report so that would be a time when you really wanna be nonessential. Not during contract time not occurring asking for the job time. Vibes that you'll want to be considered a censure. And he better come Tony. Had who could be an essential employee. I'm not mistaken. Because were on the aired at. As bear guys I really appreciate. I was born in or out of our way out when you would be true because you have without you and so frank we we're all on the air dispensing life saving information to turn a storm there's always a producer here and somebody in the there's always there's always posted net stories tendency always pizza. And there's a pizza we always get pizza joint National. Guard tragedy an emergency or Europe or an election although what time we beg for something to effort to give the sub stock goes. Anything I just sobbing because we always get pizza sometimes ago wings. But we always get pizza gas and guys are you chomping away on it knowing that that piece of Roy is from about twelve hours ago while there's no dessert line so that's all of them you know it's usually hang around pocket and fall building. Because it's like in Haiti could find truffles and field. Radar exactly what we remove our news radio I'm thirty WB had nice job by our roads are no screwing and that Jim wired to a nice job of that last night. With the election coverage and we want to thank them for not eating all the pizza. Whenever we have an election or some special event they bring in Pete says sometimes wings. And that time it was getting pizza. We have some audio right because we we covered all as you know Kathy holdco. Won her race and Governor Cuomo won his race. And though its use Obama on your showing this is it kind of is a snippet of Kathy hall go last night. Some people put their faith in me. And I every day got up saying I don't wanna lets people on my community my hometown down. And that's that's very nicely and gracious and it even though she was tired from the election campaign. Warm thank you to the people who bush he doesn't wanna down palace on some audio after he one of the primary from Governor Cuomo this is Andrew Cuomo's audio. Anyway the bad. He did not make. Via an acceptance speech or thank you so much he didn't thank the people who voted for him. The people who don't know it would probably went anyway whether they voted for him or not as individual voters. But Dave did not get it in no way you. I'm pat on the back for the little people. And see that's the problem. He considers all of you little people. So thank you catch the local foreign gouging as they help you got from all of the people who voted for you including Western New York very gracious. I as she always is and Andrew Cuomo who is like he always unfortunately. You believe that I've never heard of that to be honest I'm shocked now Imus show these are oh well what about the fact they tell you to get out. I tell you it is not safe to be here we've had reports of some have thirty inches of rain inches of rain. Which as I told you converted if converted the snow would be 25. Feet of snow it's beyond my imagination okay. And so they say here get out here the evacuation roads Bo Bo Bo Bo bomb you have poise and good days. Days. But general leave for some reason and I can understand. The reasoning some time. It's your house it's as close stood an inanimate object is disclosed that. Your heart is it together is your house it's your home. And I understand that and I understand now wanted to leave animals I can tell you right now I couldn't leave Lucy and Ethel I would bring them was me. We all go we we've just survive together or we don't but could not leave him and I could I just gotten. However I would take with me but if you have things you can't do like Coleman said that. Her I think search on him on her daughter have a farm and they have horses and pigs are what were. If you had just a small number you could probably trailer to bounce somewhere. If you made arrangements ahead of time but if you have a large number they'll be very difficult to do so you'd have to. It'd take some precautions. To have them survive like you go on which by the few days. By go putting feed him and elevated position putting Hague cell where. Where the water won't get it right away. Putting them out either out to pasture out to weigh your corral somewhere our our ring. Redmond and is being confined to a stall. And an end and that's the best you can do sometimes you can't do more than that. No but human beings have to be the first consideration. And you didn't go for whatever reason but now you have to go you have to get out of there. And what do you do you call the town or the police department or whoever. And we've had all kinds of reports on this one was that there are 150 people who had done a requested a rescue after the fact like now. And so for current woes. A rescue person rescue team has to put their lives in order closure or stubborn. Not right it's not fair. And I think a legislation that says if you ignore. The government warnings. And then later you require assistance you're going to be paying four of the cost of that assistance and they're going to be charged with and endangering. Charge endangering the lives of rescue workers. May be endangering. If you have children may get a double whammy in there and endangering them to have a guy like best. You can't smoke anything mirrored child because you're endangering them he can't even spoken easier 'cause you're endangering them. He can arm of a car with the windows or closure endangering them. Opentable Camby within X amount of feet of a school because it would pose a danger. We've all those things are a lot more designed to to protect children how to parents give get out of jail free card by saying well. I just ignored it. Because I didn't think we had to leave. And what happened and one of these days as I said one of these days one of those rescuers is going to die. Trying to save a stranger's life and that would be true. And how did you live when that. I I really don't know let's go to. Bob and alma Bob you're on WB CN. I'd say hey Bob what if thing should they pay for video rescue and be charged with endangering. Well aren't so it. A bad. Early days and days and days of mourning is able. What they like it. But they're just there's what. Something like is people. 4% of what are not later years ago that's right there was on the beach and when that it bang bang. And I'll you what 10151000. People die U I in fact there was video of there was I'm I'd never seen anything like that that's correct. Now amended people marshals aren't so brave and out of or should make. The get ignored two warning in the were stuck around for oil. He in fact well it was a four. Absolutely brutal so I assume your vision if they should be held responsible. I'm thank you very much absolutely and I don't think that's cruel or unusual or anything else. When you have alarming and there you know I have an expression. That I views and many times. People want to make their own mistakes. They any times they'd only wanna be warned that there are about to make a mistake. Because they they wanna make their own decisions. And no matter if you've been through something that you know that they're going to go through and you don't want to have to go through. Base still won't listen to you. If you tell somebody don't take a step backwards because. Your righted the edge of the cliff. And if you take a step backwards you're going to be in danger don't take this ever taken down here right now. Doesn't wanna make their own mistakes but in this case there are mistakes to because. They're great kids. So the rescuers and to themselves back after this.