9-14 Beach and Company Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Friday, September 14th

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Now I'll all of his region governor of sandy beaches as I saw you yesterday. I was part of a very heartwarming. Miracle. I saw Izod guys down and I was like here comes alive. Yeah I was part of that I never felt better when Elijah is the guy you probably know you probably know his name. But I feel good about what I did yesterday. Saved. Yes it is Abidjan governing Andy yesterday I had a lot. Jim engagements where Lesley from Pollack was rare and it's a matter of late than never for everybody knows their member of very well known man these. He's in like five halls of fame or might be six I'm not really sure I lost count after he's surpassed me. And so we decided let's go to chefs. Because I love Jeffs he of shafts prop Pollack Welsh have so why not go to Asia so we waited. And he locked in a little bit after us. And as you know a few binges chefs. Have pictures of photographs all around the wall of the people who have dined there. And every time we go I kind of break his chops because. I am on the law and he is not it's one I feel it claims to fame but this time he walks and a sheriff's. What a huge like three foot by three foot picture of himself. And I am a chair. Dot each to intimidate me and I said and Dan as we look around we look around the sheriff's not only has agreed food we all know that. But you're looking at the people who movers and shakers in the history of buffalo. These celebrity's the important people are all there on the law prelude to have them join you at at lunch or dinner. And all the way as might picture and then I've mentioned I don't know why accidentally. Where's your cars and of course he didn't have one. But he took the picture and set it up on a chair so it looked like he was dining list however to reward great guy am. Mobility or who he and his family owned chefs are somewhat in my commitment there. A simpler Dan you know he's a good guy he has four children. The only thing missing and his resume is. Is his picture in law. He was tearing up Perez as we want him moments ago there anyway you can help me you know this one. And lose sensing that aspiration and Dan's nicest way to second I'll get the camera. Dan and I it's a whole picture almost all of those pictures of Cingular. Here's a good picture of the guy at the Thabo Ando I I know this. Dan gave me a big hug when we left. I mean he's is the only thing I have is an advantage. He's got more money than I do. He's cute and I. Think Johnny goodies you're gonna I'm not really sure right I can't make up now I know he's in better shape right. Add all of these things I have one girly as four boys I mean they're. I was. I was feeling badly formed but I never felt so good as violent shifts. Yesterday after. Arranging for his photo op just think of it this way it's kind of like pay back since he helped to halt. Pushing you through this in a wheelchair in Germany yes I'm gobbles up. After I'd thought at the train station in Nuremberg. Issue after remind me of that Tony I I did little a little a little extra breathing room on that. Did you see in the picture he brought in and of himself. That put on the equipment and should not surprise. There. Is no shame. That's why I think with him this week how many times have you been the one that's actually treated well let's talk to him that's true. Lately though he's loosen the wallow in the polo ball really exactly no mosque flew out of it this time risk as I've paid. Am I the last time he didn't pay but the months flew out. And and then he he only had ones. Get to play in the ones and it was a little short I have four quarters is one of those as we Lexus and is authentic and now and then back now holds the bill up to about life and make sure. There hasn't high watermark on. Up off the last time you pay meanwhile foreign car incident left over from our last trip. You can't nobody here takes krone was to assess where work is a gold the Bloomington. Actually here I have a gold coin. Zakaria goals going where you because there about the size of a quarter forget the one ounce. It'd be easy to mistake it for something you know oh well that's why you'll notice and have carried its limit if not it's not that I don't have any. I don't. Talk about it a lot of blue course to the coverage of via hurricane or influence. And what's going and parts of the the Carolinas being downloads right now there will talk about something that. I heard on our early morning news and something that has been bottom line for a long time. On news radio 930 WB Ian I'll assure listens IndyCar O'Neill I'll buy you and frank. Frank is right islamists today buzz he's on his way to pick out some tables to jump on from liberals game. Good to have you here frank. Fred let's be potter is going to be here. As a beard make you feel honored not really it doesn't really OK when I had a mustache. And I had a mustache. It always made me feel hot and I always knew what was there I was always doing this on carriers there. I outage erupt. It's like that it truthfully you'll notice on my hands. What don't I have a my hand jewelry story I don't Wear any rings. When I got married. I explained to Susan nothing personal. I can't Wear a ring a ring drives me crazy. I tried I tried to work a couple of months. And every a couple of seconds I'd be doing this I take over the mantle put back on and are going to turn it around and it was like some kind of phobia or something so finally I just put it in the jewelry boxes that. Sorry but I can't Wear it I should've done that later on there was no need to Wear it at the time I did what I was supposed to where I could go it. And that's why where no jewelry otherwise I'd have my Super Bowl bring him. Have to turn Newton Rihanna known to all and because I've I was always a nervous about what if I can't get it over mine knuckle blew my finger have to be removed. At least it's not that finger and all Muslim there's a man dogma uses much right now IA I listened to our coverage last night of the primary very nice job done by all the folks and that that was good. I watched a watch and listen zoo coverage of Florence and then this morning one thing was a mention. That I said you know I've I've never gonna shall I mentioned it before. But I never gonna show on it I'd be exercises the other folks feel. There was a report Ando who would aggregate specific because there's so much information. Out there. I'd I don't remember if it's this city or that city and to be honest with you I always got north and South Carolina mixed. I mean you're I say the Carolinas and include both of them and that that's good and for the sake of today's subject you really doesn't matter okay. As to being specific. So I heard a reporter say that after even after all of the warnings by the government. And they were out the old days and days and days and we've been following there's. Our came for a long long time and tracking it and all the public officials come out. And they say your employees if vacuum way leave now. Don't even wait and then they say OK Laura got two days left leave now don't burial. And I mean based on their head. Telling a telling people to leave because of the danger. And you always had some people's are well I've been through these before. But you know when they're talking about up to thirty inches of rain. Tell you something but then they started as a cat four and then went to a cat two to another cat one. And some people are so well must be getting weaker so now I can go back to whatever but the gist of what I wanna say is this. They said in his report that a 150. People. In this one municipality. A 150. Called and needed to be rescued. So they didn't listen to the officials they didn't listen to the warnings they probably did isms have relatives. They would not leave. So they just wouldn't leave until the water is up to their eyeballs and now they have to be rescued they have to be. They have to leave I mean I have no choice and they know okay. But they purposely and willfully disregarded although all the warnings. And what happens then we have to send. People first responders a fireman policeman. The medics. People who put their lives on the line form of mishaps. They put their lives on the line to save your life. Well that's great and it's very. Very worthy of praise I but I don't think they should have to do that. Or robbed of for people who disregarded the warnings and and now need rescue. I know they're going to have to they're going to have to do it would there's no way we would say to them you're not. You're not going to be rescued if you knew if you Carlos later now I know and that's been said before but usually what happens is they know that. They they're saying that by the fire call if I get all of them they'll come to rescue me and most of his underwrite. So what I think should happen and it's always been a feeling of mine. Because the if first dawned on me when I was in no Wisconsin has been five. Years in Wisconsin one of the things I love to do in Wisconsin is ice finish. And when you get a spring in the eyes gets thinner and thinner there's all kinds of warnings do not ice bears be about high system and and then somebody will go up they're towing some ice fishing shack and fall through. And end of the usually fireman but sometimes other first responders after risk their lives trying to save some more on that would lessen. All right so I think what should happen and I think it's irrational response. There's no way I can say just don't. Rescue them that's not happen that you they're going to be rescued. Vote but my concern is not about them is about the first responders who were going out on a call red rest are using. All of the good charms they have through not be victims themselves to say somebody who didn't listen okay. I think that they should be fine for the amount of the rescue. And I also think the bad besides being fine I think it should be charged. Oh live some type of crime. Endangering. Us and kind of and endangering. A move because you are if you disregard all the warnings. And somebody has to come on save you from yourself. You're putting them in danger and I think you have that right there's enough things that happened to us. I accidentally or mother nature that we don't know about or drunk driver on the wrong side of the rotor things like that. Then be a first responders as they go pledged to help you okay. But I don't think they should have to be put in harm's way because you're too stubborn to leave now I did hear the final segment. With VS BCA. And as Susan rose some people won't leave because the shelters that are available to them don't take pets. A lot of them do take adds some of them don't take pets. I know when my sister was last year or him in Florida oil was hitting florid. She was quite concerned about her and her pads. And so I think what you should do in that regard is when this emergency is over and it will be all earth and totally. Find out from here it municipality where the shelters are who's in char through them. And put some gentle pressure on them to accept pets because I know it will be very hard for me. The leave Lucy and Ethel. I don't know if I could leave Lucy and I I don't think it. I would I would take him with me no matter what it. All right but the bottom line is if especially if you're an adult and you have kids and you decide not to leave. Is one thing you know it's one thing to endanger yourself. It's another thing to endanger the root of the rescuer and and other things of which are kids in danger. If we charged people for leaving their kids in a car. With a with a win and meadow when it was open we ought to be able to charge people for keeping their give him a dangerous situation. After being warned by the government. I I really feel very strongly about that I'd like to know. If you favorite pattern not a idea of if if via local shelter or. Does not accept pets now see if they will accept let's see if there can be some special accommodation needed. That would be they'd be ready for. For pets and I'm sure the community would support it I think that's the right idea but after his bat. There's no reason in hell. Somebody should put their life on the line to save you because you didn't want to leave. OK and I know you have ID you have feelings toward your home I think we all do. And I gather up the important things that cannot be replaced the pictures of of Faneuil radio when they were younger things like that and take them when you the rest of it can be replace. Yeah that couches is great it's comfortable it's your favorite there's another coach. You go to a storm by some details. You know just don't put don't put your life on the line for furniture. Or are your favorite lamps are people are strings sometimes there really are. The important things that can't be replaced if you can tell them what you. Think that that's what you would get the hell out of dodge William because they don't want it the match or a 150001. Municipality. How they gonna do that even if each and rescue takes an hour war. You know by the time you get there get them out get him on a boat get them as they've driveway and how I held you do that. And they're skewing it'll. And that kind of be successful deal but somebody is waiting to be rescued by the same people who rescued you and they're tied up with you tell me how that works. It 0309301806. Point 6906. Start I'm thirty. If you ignore our government warnings and then require rescuing. Should you be held accountable in 03093018061692. Desserts. Star concert. Just a reminder of this weak candidate great pumpkin farming Clarence as armed forces weekend in collaboration with the WNY heroes. The regular mission fear for her view on one guests will be waived for active and retired military police or fire department personnel. Who present proper identification so that good. Gonna have some pretty good weather for about two if you know ignore our the government warnings and boy would this hurricane we got to weigh in advance. And and all kinds of government officials saying you leave your home. Go to the shelter or go against your car ready and drive somewhere but get out of dodge. But if you ignore that and then you require are wrestling which was little leads them are Latinos cast just what I'm talking about. I heard earlier 150 people in this one municipality in the wrestling. They vehemently. Com well pardon me. I think if you don't leave like that and and suddenly got your first responder has throughput life on the line to rescue you. I think very very least it should happen is you pay for the cost of the rescue. And you're charged with endangering your like that idea zoning. Yes I do and if you Collison to do was do we are chant of briefly about it. Now I said the last thing I wanna sees images of people on the rules happen to be rescued after they've been more exactly. Should you be it accountable I think that's a good way to do it. I've paying for the costs of rescue which would be expensive you know at a cost just for an ambulance ride to the hospital. Beautiful sunny day. I can't imagine what it costs and also charged with some kind of endangering 'cause you're doing that and I want you to think about this. Just because. The person it comes to rescue you is wearing it's the proper here. Maybe he has an oxygen tank. They have all kinds of rescue equipment just because of laws may have training. Just because of that doesn't mean they can't die trying to rescue you. Think about it the Welling there willing to rescue you a total stranger most of the time. But don't you think you'll owe it to them to heed the government warning because I I do firemen. Policemen. Medics all the first responders. Have a great deal of courage they really do but think about it when they leave their house to rescue you. They they're not taking care of their family they're taking care of view would total stranger. And their family is concerned about whether they'll come home and night. And there's no neither of them today after rescue you had you listened to what the government said in this case how days would you consider fair warning. All a couple of days a couple of days especially at the amount I'd look at who now I mean they've been talking about this for a long. On time you would have to be. It locked up in a bubble somewhere and not to have seen or heard the warning. And then I think at times they become a knock on the door. When it comes right near the in the last a train to Clarksville where they even knock on the door. And somebody able I have in the past it was first is modernize near the door so long ago. Now they can't come in and drag you out. But I these guys shouldn't get to that. Brain dead people they don't want. This is a great and a party I can make it on YouTube I don't know why exactly all over the place as we drink a beer America. They think they know are how many times have we seen people. Surfing. Suffering during or Jane the pair of course we're urging is. But yeah we we see that and everybody had every body. Has been through it before are at now why would I shoot left last time. And if I could do that I can do this. I'm perfectly saved my house is on top of him oh. I mean they have all kinds of reasons not deny them not to leave and they in more than the weather people. There it's being hyped by the media. You know believe me nobody wants the jump up and down on something like this you're concerned. And if you they should be one level of endangering. The rescue. The rescuers but I'm thinking if you have children where. Children. Endangering them zero. So I think and endangering charge would be excellent. It might be a way to it to get to through says it's a lesson and to do what you're supposed to do. Almost almost nothing. I would say nothing. Left behind the viewing your family are safe I can't be replaced I mean some things or be sad. Through zulus heirloom pictures or something like that but is better than losing your life and and infinitely better. Then causing a loss of life of somebody. Who you don't even know who's going to lay on the lines Xavier. 803093018061606. And I'm thirty don't you have any a couple of Facebook's floors if you would. I wallet and Carl says exactly. But nobody wants to be dictated to in a free society. If you choose to stay is that Iran apparel. Yeah right yeah I think they should do. I think they should leave and they should when they go out on him McCall's. Carry a cardboard coffin will of them. And if you refuse to leave leave a coffin there. And that might might wake some people up here this'll save some stabs. If I if you don't make it. Boom here we're gonna leave it there. You'd think that might get somebody's attention let's see are you see a 42 long are you here gentlemen that was drivers on conference guys. Because people just who are thick headed. Yeah our free society and I get as you have the right to remain stupid to. But you don't have a right to endanger a rescue or a news certainly on the right to endanger our yeah a child. Will be back right after this if you ignore the government warnings they were they saying get out now and they've been saying I'm for a couple of days. And then you require you don't go you don't listen and you require. Rescuing as is happening right now. They have one one plays at a 150. Public call and we have the last report another voice has rescued 300 so far. There's no need that. They would there's been planning a morning. Should you be accountable I'm saying yes. If you have children it should be a double whammy you but even even if you're alone or with your spouse. Then I do think he should be charged with endangering the rescue worker. Double charge if you have children Hoosier endangering them and you should have to pay for the rescue. 803093018061692. Recent experiment very. Bob in Hamburg thanks for holding Bob your on WB again. Yes sandy 01 thing off quickly no comment you made our director in yeah and I remember this from about seven foot snowstorm we had here. Off my street put off. Total though then there and get a while you know for about two days. And it's not just the rescue of the storm. But have you ever make out of a medical issue like a heart attack or a stroke or any other kind of issue. Helping got to make it in the middle was storms. That's true that's true I'm dead men. Maybe. If yours was on minor and very good medical people who are trying to secure you a summer he's having a major life threatening event. Yeah I it doesn't make any sense not to listen to the warnings. At least beta Wear out and get out there I hear about loud and clear thank you very much. He brings up a really good point and as I said I started thinking about this in Wisconsin where they loved ice fish. In July. And first dog just the thought of of you get warnings about rescuing. About a thin ice all the time and people fall through the eyes in the spring all of its time. When they just take chances and what what are they what are they are betting their lifeline. They're betting their lies that the guys who holds so they can put a line. In truly ice and trying to catch a fish. That they can bring home any when they could've gone to wegmans and tops and bought one. I mean basically that's about it I never I never saw the lore of vogue rescuing now. Obviously if if you're skiing or something and it's a legit in this ski. It is the areas ski lift does is running and everything's okay and hurt yourself now okay well that that's fine at the church itself put. You you didn't disobey any orders but when they tell you to get out here again. Sellers to a they have nothing to gain. By telling you to get out and then. There was no need to. Because a storm changed. The intensity changed the direction changed. About it in here think about it like that Bob from Hamburg just mentioned me seven foot of snow. I was on the air we've Elliott Abrams who's lovely daughter Stephanie is on the web journal. And he said there are sitting in this chair this chair. When he said that they keep always talk to people were writing notes and this and that him going. He's always good have some fees now as it pardon me. And exit rows. Pardon me is that we did have some fees now okay now to put in perspective. Seventy is O would be years says over eighty full are. Okay. 84. Inches of water you know at the time now in some. Red. It doesn't get our attention. Let's wrongly view what is wrong with you. I'm just telling you that I can't imagine so far we have reports of one 150 people had to be rescued another one. 300 people had to be right I mean. Just. I'm believe ultimately that they would not lessen this monitor program the way other people. They're braver than the pulleys and the firemen in the aggregate the medical people. They've been through it before our every excuse in the world and you know it's not just the immediate impact of the rain and the wind and but who knows how long before you'll get any electricity. If you're in a highrise maybe you don't have a generator. But you feel confident is Kyra what happens when the electricity goes out. And your food mis refrigeration. When you bring in outside. Live on the fortieth floors of hanging out. The window of a a string attached to it. I mean really think about those things and has bought a measure bottom emergency there's no guarantee. It's going to be hell V throughout the time this storm does pose a problem when it you have to give hospital was if you need medication. You know being your drug stores might probably be closed. Because. Obviously if it's a state of emergency. Whatever they don't like you're traipsing mr. gates. But at least if you are Shelton you'd have some chance of getting some emergency prescription. Although the way they are now that we're going to be any oak yours but it would be used as something that maybe you need a vision diabetic. You have a heart problem. See you here to think of others first witness. Today your putting other people. Other people and they're willing to do it but why do you put them through tests. You're you're you're taking other people's lives in New York hands win and they have to rescue. It's not fair it is not fair. Most of these rescuers are going to be young. Men and women who are probably better shape than you are and shape that I am but why do we have to test. Why do we have detested. You wouldn't them you'd be angry if you didn't get a warning would you for those who complain that it's being hyped. There are gathered media's hyping and as for ratings. And ratings translate to revenue. Or are they even the the people who love do the forecast sort of there are hyping it. You know but they didn't value. What if they didn't give you the heads up on the warning and you just woke up it was raining like hell you couldn't figure out alive in the wind is blowing. Like crazy and you couldn't figure alive because it environment you you'd be more angry at them when bush who. Tony you have may have FaceBook for so why don't you and they don't. Linda says yes sure putting rescue workers endanger it's unthinkable. Yeah I really as us simply because thank god we have people that are willing to do it. They are willing to do it they're willing to leave their family. And and to read skew view. Dude who they know you probably not. Will they ever see you again. Probably not but there's still willing to do it that takes a great deal of courage. I hear Isiah attacks from the Volkswagen. Orchard parks next board two of my kids and their families including four grandchildren. Are AM hurricane zones I agree with everything you're saying said. Well that's true as it's logical. Makes you feel better yeah because if you decide to ride it out. People that are related Zealand people that love you may not live in that area as of got to worry about you every minute. When the power goes out uh oh what have CO RO Wi-Fi. And suddenly they don't know. They don't know if you're safe and sound. Our area and you've got emergency provisions are if you're underwater they just don't now okay. Here's an those people should get a bill absolutely. You know the bill should be a yeah I mean have you ever had an ambulance ride to the hospital. It is very expensive you would think we're more pride bigger payoff the ambulance. Your hat either sue them because it might realize in this situation but why should they have to waste their time. When you just didn't listen okay. Oh come back yeah will get more of us who wanted to know if you rule refused government warnings to leave the area because of the danger and then he stated and you require rescuing should you be accountable I say yes. Who lived paying the bill of the costs of rescue and and endangering charge in port. We're back after this.