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Financial guys here we knew each and every Saturday one to three. This is the place where money meets politics in that nature you hop on board early 8030930. Stock and I threes are all out assault on an 806169236. Again. 8030930. Styron died 30 and of course you can text us at. 3930. You don't Africa to grab some loving notes from the laughed at you gravity is why you have so little RI so do we do liberal love notes that some. Of neural audio. And I think Glenn that's gonna be years maybe because you just so long. Well. Liberal notes from the collapse of domicile that. In stimulus agent which ski AJ knew the financial guys team the young guy but. Pretty. It's funny that we are important at the other and you lived you know years city in the Wall Street saying came back to buffalo. And we drove in Tacoma. And it's worked out that it itself artfully and of course. Look at aboard a lot of aboard agent with the on and and age is going to be helping us with although we're gonna change the name. The millennial division because money stolen vehicle right. Working on the ethnic. I'll tell you though and I will say this I think mole any of those they don't get enough credit for one thing. And in some people actually make final four similar ideals don't do anything. Right that's later they'll do anything. And but if you look at very successful people they don't to me it actually figured that would replace themselves. And so to keep it simple maybe it isn't in your best interest to cut your grass. Maybe you're better off going to work for our random and I think you pointed this out we're talking. You know like some of the greatest people. Don't even change or close that's a little disgusting but it meet that you know you don't have to like. Like I limit their choices made and that's choices because it anyway I think about right so legally and they've got three T shirts and that's all that where. And talented and by the way that we got a trio way to get them in the financial institution exactly freak problems but. But they where three teachers because you know what data that's on that I think we go to war. And Hewlett they'd and it's like they've literally replace everything in their life every right. And in he brings a six he's got a thing you know he's got three pairs of scissors or by the way we have to do rhythm out there. We have to do really cutting ceremony in our our new office that we in my writing we if you take credit for it that's right. If only this economic development yet people are capable cut the ribbon and blast says business dollars in his community at the same. Great bakery so we're going to invite at some point we're going to have a ribbon cutting ceremony as we are in the process of slowly moving we're not totally over there yet but. Will be in both places for a little bit but about moving around the corner and and it's ultimately you have an educational training workshop in side. Our facilities though. We're gonna have Medicare Mondays during enrollment season every Monday by Allen Brian I'll be working and giving an educational workshop at noon to one and in no matter what to look for Medicare want to be careful of and then once a month if not twice amongst something different which I'll probably call later she's the the godfather and godmother that program. By we shall talk about some these workshops we have lined up but again hop aboard in 039 Rios to zero we do the busy show have AJ I think when you brought up the idea which have a couple of talk about it is you know Chris Collins insider trading there was an article in the Buffalo News about. Although quote local bigwigs that were involved in purchasing stock in. Really amazing to see how many people try to get into these get rich. Quick things like you know all its it's thirty cents and it's 68. And before the show we were talking you know excitement that you know that. The people that it caught up in that the most typically are not the wealthy people there are Smart enough most of the time to say stuff doesn't use it worked out of pocket about. It's a young people make about. I mean young people always wanna just get quick guard get rich quick Barrett and what word trying to get back to is saving. In making the right choices vs taking a risk on that. Kris choice. Yeah that'll Mike you're supposed to be last week and whether you're young year rich your BO yours your middle class or whatever you know I think. A lot of folks. Over the years have fallen prey to. The tip from local jail. Or the tip from the neighbor or the tip from you know put it on the blanket the friends the colleagues that could quote unquote connected person yeah and we've set for years like almost folks are well intentioned nobody wants you'd lose money you know nobody's. I don't think Chris Collins obviously went in Tuesday giving people tips in any immediate in the Yahoo!. If you don't know they're very easy yeah. Thank you you know in an effort to get them close out of course now Corretja he want effect was bragging on the floor of congress and he's so many millionaires aren't. But he's not he's not an investment professional. No the thing is just as time goes by WT VW TO sentinel nice piece here. The right team Buffalo's power elite were invested in college Biotech for what that's what. Chris Cao of our show several times he's told the financial guys about in a guess what the dire financial guys investment now well. Why because it's a penny stuck it to its key gambling and I wanna be good to make sure they understand that. Penny stocks and and buying things like that aren't gambling right there. You're not investing your your take nobody motivated you to go wherever. And make the same basic that he'd go to the cynic and I casino you've got the pills and that on the middle but as far as you want to but that's all you're doing did you make of that and that's what you're doing when you're buying a penny stock anybody's done well this is where are the ones that Clinton did you know that Chris asked of these folks. What's your risk tolerance to predict what your goal back. Well yeah of course. Can you afford to take this type a wrist capsule in an effort and Annie you know it's funny and for our firm that will say this we've sort of neglected them meals we have a department you know regular theater department's security claiming strategist. College claiming please usually you know fifties kids are going out the school. Social Security planning how to play the state planning. He'll retire you retire and retirement planning department. As always been designed for folks between the ages 5575. Really that's the process where they're making the hardest decisions up. Went and can retired. Lewis' new forests age genachowski and stimulus. I think DPH from Poland to Bosnia and his schedules pretty crazy but hopefully he'll join us a little bit. You know about the way the Republican Party please please please the local Republican Party. Lee's neck. As I had a that party. Again it's sort of stuff and get a check stones and picks I see some of these names and I'm not by the way all the names that have been thrown out. I know some of them personally very well and I don't know some of them. But I do think most of them are pretty good Japanese guys I don't know I don't know when he women that have been thrown into the next but I will tell you. There is some really really strong folks out there. And there some weak ones and please please please please please pick a candidate with a sense stones that is actually going to do something locally. As opposed to somebody who you can throw in a position that he can control like a puppet les. Well don't take the safe back here is a problem right like in this what they should have done last week. Right Collins makes a speech last Thursday righted or whatever it was Wednesday night it would ever was yet it was a disaster yet everybody knew it was disaster. He came out gave a press conference that had nothing to do with the actual indictment whatsoever. It was why he wanted to be hero and why he's such a great guy all the accomplishments of his past it was all about Chris Collins yet I who gave him advice. Horrible for a few more guys I didn't answer one question does not want I don't you don't hold a press conference keep the media waiting and then basically just completely ignored a question that was. That was just a while a really bad move and bad optics all together so by Wednesday night and about 815 when that press conference wrapped up. Based I hope that laying worthy in the rest of the Republican bigwigs in western new York at New York's data whenever. Were would they should about a phone at 821 no doubt resetting handed detonation on the phone gone what are we gonna do guys because. He's going down in flames and we're gonna probably need candidate let's get things like yeah OK so two days later on Saturday three days later. Saturday morning he makes a state he's suspending his campaign essentially he's no longer running for office to try to you know put a person. By Monday. Of this past week. They should have come out and said here's our candidate yup here's who we're putting in place station of course crescent to pick in the personally want to give his campaign funds to. And that person should have gotten a full support of whoever you know that the bigwigs are Western New York. Here we are now a week later. And crystal muddling through on some analysts some of the names up there all worked on the jokes some of the names up there pretty weak candidate but some of them are pretty weak some of them are. Dynamic leaders. Aggressive and more importantly to me to me the biggest thing is they have us on a stones that actually make changes while in ought to elect Chris Collins as week. And out on out I think Chris was a great guy but he was weak right he was weaken immigration. He was weak and shutting the government out. How many opportunities for fear how many opportunities that we have. Adapt it in fact he was in the studio with us he's an all you want to do shut the government down yet Chris because we're going broke. I want somebody in a position that's as you know what the quote nonessential workers were they give them some happy days off. And we're not gonna bring them back with pay so this is gonna end up well like it always does where he had taken nine week vacation and we credit you the money. It's guess what you're nonessential we don't need you we're gonna start to trim the fat in government and that means you need to sit at home for awhile and not get paid I'm sorry to hear that but your quote nonessential. And everything seemed to work out just fine when we weren't direct but he set out of his own mob Lawler I've shot on the government were gonna get blamed for. You know number Aaliyah we had a crisper it's like Chris you shut the government down you guys wanna landslide. Figure that out. But I want more people there some names on that list and and you folks know that there's some names on that list that have the stones to make the right decision and they can be real leaders. And I am hoping. That this does not turn into another you know Republican. Democrat lite deal where we. We go it will be yeah I hope I must be that the pick the state can I hope that it got people Karl who's who's willing they've got people like ally via the is Welling the area that's wrong. People who have been all in the Republican parties have been willing to make sacrifices of the lobbyist up decide. When it was time to step aside and get the team player. You know Karl obviously he's back in the standings while prospect I don't know I don't know when I was talking before yeah I agree yeah yeah but he's a that's exactly right he's he's a leader he steps are reasonable look at. Oh if you guys are gonna pick somebody who's got a backbone. And it's not a stones I will get behind them if not I wanna write what they'll do is it will it will happenstance Lian and ticket welcome to college you know we had you know we had before your good guy and Stan. But my guesses is on you know pick a state that I hope and you'll pick as a candidate that is a good chance of losing most likely that they do win. You know they really going to be able to shake things up watched because what we need to be Chris Collins to be fair he voted for his much talked about. Lowering the deficit lowering that that. He he voted for every single. Spending package every single bought it. Every omnibus spending bill I have 31 of them you vote people. Every single. One of yet not one time date Chris Collins got up and see why I'm voting no on this. Because he was so afraid of what the party leaders told him an outlet if we shut down the government we're gonna lose they shot a government. And they won in a land that's right and by the way in congress last supper he was not trump the border first I think it was it from the border after he came on this show. And and literally took bashing which by the way. I've always kicker Chris credit for who's never afraid they even when we disagreed with a mean constantly guys on commonality. Which I give them credit for because guys like Higgins import cars are still hide from Eliot items that pressured. To vote against republicans' leadership and yet. I would really prefer me personally. Would like somebody who's going to go into the house is going to be willing to stand up if we get another you know reckless pol Fries it yes probably like that there is. You know models through it is is leadership position or make so much and exactly an era that endorsement here but. If you're on the Ways and Means Committee. You're on the financial side of this thing we're twenty trillion dollars and that. And there's a ton of waste its time to cut it and we were a little bit long in the segment AG were koskie I had our millennial department he does like that means we got to come up with a new one. But if you want to hop aboard 8030930. Stock in my freezer on a cell phone 1806169236. Always an open Mike discussion here Bob and west Seneca you're up on that first again. 8030930. Star night's result if you need us throughout the week vote 6331515. Like us on FaceBook follow us on Twitter. At Finn guys and a website these financial guys dot com. You don't need to forget the THE anymore we bought that too financial guys doc Powell worked just fine of any specific financial questions don't forget about Medicare season we have four of now five independent. Eighth at certified. Medicare rhapsody need help you wanna get out you I would encourage you. If you need help with your Medicare to sign up for appointment now for October November as the schedules gonna Philip quick. And that if you wanna get involved in some of our Monday workshops every Monday at our office noon to one. We're gonna do a workshop on just overall what you need to look for what you need to be concerned with the changes that have happened during the last twelve months of Medicare. If your interest in attending that you can go online TFG academy in go to our website the financial NASDAQ county at two academy and you can register. Of course you can always call our office extreme 31550. He would take a quick break Bobby Joseph up on deck financial guys Israeli unit thirty WB. I already welcome back it's rated at thirty WB CN Michael almost illegal financial guys he's reunited thirty WV ENAG with house key in studio with a message via. Newt of the firm but not new to the industry. Young man but very accomplished. Lived in New York City for Lyle. I did the Wall Street thing round hole ran well what titles real quickly about what she did in your city and then come back and basically. Ran a whole firm from compliance the marketing to the financial planning and have it and even some of the money management's. So JPMorgan in New York I was doing a lot of things I was working with a lot of advisors doing different. Trading whether it was equities fixed income he's doing syndicate deals things like that. Came over here more than Lincoln and his you know great time. Cut him some work in Hamburg they get to see you all parts of the financial planning world from the trading in New York City all the way to the overall financial plan that's billions as is getting the business development and that it is a great. Personal and professional. So let me tell you this is if you're listening in your am honored and out there because I think the demographics of martial surprises we have a lot of it's funny I always tell a lot told my friends years ago it's hard to believe we've been on now for almost going on twenty years on the radio but I said. All my buddies and my wife because my wife originally we started dating years ago she said talk radio odd number I said honey. There's two things number one you'll eventually listen talk radio number two the day you show up and it's on your caramel your old with me. And edit and one basic polish what Odeo let's that it elicited tears listening to our earliest that. On honey you've trust lie to you can't stop listen and talk radio like well it's but the roll with me now so but but we bluntly is that a lot of folks in the 20s30s listening. And I think given a little intimidated by our firm because we haven't had a division armed howl poem you know we talk a lot about preserving wealth and getting ready for retirement. And now we have an arm that can literally help them grow and put money and a monthly basis which is off the great things I just wanna educate that's all that you know I wanna get people asking questions and just learning a little bit more yet that's all it is yet put it together planned for the life. Yes and you start to better rights that say huge part of the team that we can. If we can help folks in the community did to get started in their twenties as opposed to the forties. Then everybody went leaps about for a long time and use our firm or use different firmer you're on your own or whatever. The Sunnis start the better off in the long term so you know whether it's fifty hours a month 325 dollars a week or whatever you can poll the other. You know everyone's going to starve oxen and Tim Hortons and you know you'd be surprised if you really really were honest about your budget. How easily it is to scrape up an actual honor even more on a monthly basis by just cutting out some principles gaffes. 803093. Host and I'm 30 named the candidates weaker strong name that name them that's attacks that came and lots they're developing is on. Paladino strong right I think stuff bonuses strong. I you know it's funny I supple the other day from one of the Republican's exit. Well reality those numbers his name recognition wasn't that could really because he was actually out rated the most influential person in Western New York like fighters in a row. He gives me a break. Could forgive me if Brett that is just setting up the fact that somebody like Republican and actually cut things. And I wonder who would get caught. Who would get hurt in the Republican Party if somebody with a set a stone's. Came in there and started cutting. I don't know but that's the scent that's the smell like it right it's a moot point we don't want it this guy's an upset the apple cart out of line we've masimo and our system I hope. I hope I'm wrong I hope they pick somebody. That not a up by the way a lot of them have name recognition Paladino got a common name recognition dollar via was a war hero he's got a pond name recognition no comedic garbage. And but but they also have a stone set pistols are cunning stuffed. In a couple of things delegate to Tunisia. On us about her break but you know it's tragic but another. You know another fact that liberalism truly is a mental disorder American couple blinking through places are Torre has sent to approve evil doesn't exist particularly folks are out there. Gaza. I don't middle class that's terrible that's terrible I I blew the siren you're usually in the teeth. As I get that we'll talk about that is sometimes Jolie's it's understanding it's so bravely into his. And I don't know ESPN president. Comes out says the network will no longer shows the National Anthem during game money making house out the guess what I'm not gonna do watchman and affable and its related stories that are now allowing male cheerleaders in the league as well because of course you know what. What do appear drinking football guys like better than watching football like liking cheerleaders but second W. Which gender they like watching more. So yet again completely being honed to your actual audience. Not a clue is the is you know. Again I believe it sometimes thirty years fifty years from now. There's going to be. A business class somewhere. That analyzes Roger did now. Exactly in the leadership the United Airlines. Add another hundred I'll do that yet I don't through the latest model ever play a hurry up and activist Rory over let me show you how we took a multi multi billion dollar industry industry right. Looked at them as they could break you've got the financial guys and I promised Bob Joseph sale will get to the other side your new agreement freedom. We're talking big. America great again. It was ever that great. We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness. When every America. News well and did you TJ in the air gets out of that room. Did you benefit did you hear a bit. In the little hole all Condit I don't know when all know people. Beckham there goes our shot for president of the city. He's done well or that thing everybody knows liberals viewpoint of the yes it's not a secret well you can deny Value Line and true. Like you know and Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton and the rest of your ilk. Chuck Schumer included you don't like America the way it is you do you believe that we've been oppressive you believe that racist you believe or leaflet tell IC. I think the greatest country manor at the Contra liberated and it is from not that's right and it's slavery tremendously and let him right away you that the fastest mobility class in the country in the world when I mean by that is. More people gone from the lowest tax rated text for into the highest tax rate in the shortest amount of time rapper. You know what it was is they two up lead them victory is everybody on food stamps right because victory exactly light it up they like ten million people since trump has been in office and how awful food stamps and working right that's terrible that's terrible just terrible again act. There there viewpoint is that the common focus American UN median age in the rest of us listening here too stupid handler on wise yeah that's right people like Chuck Schumer and Obama and you know the elite like Andrew Cuomo. Can organize are like sports the thing is is that liberals of progresses. As if somehow these politicians. Are more altruistic than. The private sector people. And I battalion you know every time there's an issue they looked the government to make things fair we'll. The government folks are lying cheating stealing its very brief look at what about the general back Alley of our congressman indicted now is it hasn't approved tonight but the but the evidence is pretty everywhere insider trading everywhere that has been tried by the way. And mentally Venezuela now talking about 96%. Devaluation. In the hyperinflation stricken as well users are nine and 6% he got it right that's gonna but on real heroes that that's. Yeah I got that's. For the process nothing really zeroes early and of their current by the way Andrew. People are floating out of those cut those countries that thing can operate like you won two in shark infested water to get over here to fully yet I figure it out Cuba. Not to do it that Cuban diplomat as well you can hear by the way at the united state you can hear the energy just get sucked out and it it nobody even that they were like. All all all he opened his mouth all mounted yeah. He met that's exactly how all that liberals but by the way somehow are inherently evil that country that's exactly why that's exactly why Donald Trump walked in the office exactly why he runs again a lock it again because yes there's this group of liberal left wing nut jobs and that party. And then there's more and more of them. Moving out of states like new York and California to get away from right so you've got more and more moderate Democrats and and and you know what I don't think like that I have a hard working union guy or girl like this one little working job you know. And by and by the way that's what put trump all over like look at areas light. The line awaited them in the GM workers these these are hard working people that look at were just getting hurt which trade. We wanna go to work we don't want free handouts and were sickened talk about it and they all voted for trot 90% of the bonus for tribe which is why he whacked her in all the hard working blue collar states. And places like Michigan. Where he deserved to win let's go to sneak and Abdi Mary actor here Dave part of our investment committee our answer. I have wonderful its stock portfolio we had a had a good week but he. Yeah that we had. Over the where the latter part of last week yep opening report. In all of their disclosure of the companies are in their portfolios some cases are owned by. Our fighters well two of them one was just ballwind. Wal-Mart Wal-Mart really. And college bowl 08 very big dividends. Yeah wal mart's finally start to get it did they don't get in the retail I've never seen such a big company totally mismanaged our retail level. It but they're starting to get e-commerce part of that which is where it's going right and it's I was in a Wal-Mart a few weeks ago couldn't find anybody to help couldn't find anybody checked me out. I literally just what they Amazon in my phone in Wal-Mart ordered but. Wal-Mart is finally started apparently led. But the local looks that the by looking at these numbers it appears that actually Wal-Mart is starting to get that the world is changing the commerce and another figure out. What you got remember you I ever talk about the history yet have you seen award for. Business. You know it hit the ball let's hey Cheryl well. Yeah Baltic I think I think he tells the whole I've been saying this for years yes. It's broken it's broken two ways of what. Yet the insurance certainly people are getting more and more used to buying things on line it's easy years being delivered but the other part of it is they wait in line for 75 minutes to check out of the pack on the line I walked in the Office Depot. Call on to. And it was honest it was seven employees and five which I found all while chatting with each. Packet. I'd like it was cash and yes one person was number alcohol seven people honestly right here I'm dollars in ticket and a and they want to do now and they've speaking of disasters management what should take tests this week image and getting in night and yesterday down nine points or thirties now believe thirty. You know almost 38 hours does the SEC by the way I look at him for his comments about our four bucks this year as an enemy of the next week good. Yeah I think. Like inspections of the other companies edit or it. Both companies that are about what I thought about several go yeah I think it and the it. I was it's it's only getting the other company also helps all than any company ever. Want to think like. But don't think it's. I. You know at their debt. Are going at. All I've ever bought as. It was betrayed. I'd. Like respect and admiration for. This. What did they in their lot if it. You're bigger man than me in these scum bags abuse of taxpayers for years and sticking them. It's. He's an actor who propeller he's a genius actually mean. When you can steal money from the taxpayers like he has in the in the billions of dollars. And every single project seems to fall art but yet states like plenty of money he's a genius no doubt about it. While the SEC is talking about it you know looking in the act that they've they've there. At least they're implying that these they think they may have made the comments hurt the short sellers because aggravated people are short stop record in my short sellers I think he's on number one shorted stock right now he said he was phenomenal. And there's one other one shorts much higher but he's too frequently it is right up there with the help right police yeah they had to. Look here's the thing we said this last week you know they they had the worst quarterly report app they lost more money as fast court never before. There are losing something like 8000 dollars per car and are trying to ramp up production off our rocket scientist. But I'm sure that if you're losing money on every vehicle you produced at making more. A creature that is I'm just say that the that it that your take that back if I can only get the more these chicken pox my skin of the book all the threat. Make it less of that and you host a rental offices. August 2. Yes vote. And I hit it big immediate disaster that is not going. But he's made his money in a locked away it was mentioned will be just fine. David you know but the market's heading is had a great week I mean you know are you concerned at all while valuations there. Know what I am still seeing value in the fifteen or eighteen times earnings. In the overseas markets area between have been scene below down to a lot. Are trying to make it a real beating. On the trade war like you and I have talked about I think it's great thing. Into the ball will be. Are just ordered it it it's like a portion of it the better they got a thick cock fight almost what. You know it's it's not gonna look at city city and a thick by the end of the year it'll it'll work itself out. It will stay strong and thought okay. And I although I know I'm calling it audible correction like this that. Eight America I. Look at it as General Mills and I had not ordered the portfolio yet but. It if you're good at about a forty orders up around 4647. And another term holy wet ball which is really diversified. Limited liability company but it paper really good evidence that or limited partnership. And it's it's it pretty white old or so we had to wait a great week. I. You gonna do a little more patient we were in Florida we caught. Between fear fishing with my son Kyle and all eyes. Fishing for what they can't let that three day. Season for red there are 200. And feared 225. Pounds of fish either party here in Broward. Nine pounds when millionaire efficient and nothing about there's it's progress at this event. But I mourned around mandala do we get to come over here house to eat it. I tell you what we I brought about 20000 at all outlets but it up. All right. And answers really excited and ownership talk to a trip if I expect a I ideal good lot of questions and appreciate the call about it. I think I'd Siemens just as a quick disclaimers before you invest and any of the stocks mentioned by mr. merry actors yet resulted enough for professionals to make sure it fits with your risk tolerance report that's absolutely right do the homework we're gonna MO we get to AJ here in little but I wanna clean the phone lines gel and sell up on that we just lost somebody your body from the public and yields real 930 start entries you know it's welcome Joel Engel thanks for patiently waiting I do in jail. They wish you guys to take over there that idiot time slot in the afternoon. Can you guys are great but. Hey I like staff. You know the resort left arm. It is one we all lose a seat in a certain state senate. A yeah. I I think the biggest thing right now is in the midst stuff on Scott name recognition he's certainly seems to be conservative to me is a good guy had it. Know personally the biggest thing is getting Collins off the ballot they stuff again Collins off the ballot to me he's got to either move. Which he should be doing right or changes or he can't you can change his presidency Hillary can run for something else but they need to do that is. He you know he needs to do that Christie's to do but he put it put the party in this position he needs to do that. I hope to have those discussions here I would assume here's the thing I would like stuff fun to tune to run for cunning to I really Alley tunes. He's an accounting now he's comptroller of the county knows account well. I I I really likes him he knows the dysfunction of pulling tires better than yeah he tells us exactly so I think that's a perfect opportunity for him and two fine and I'm hoping goes that direction needs not to said he would make a great congressman docket erotic fee if he was ordered that the we would certainly support mile and a. But what the when you started out talking about it was governor what he shot about you know what I'm great now ranked. Is flashed back to a couple of years ago when he says there's no room in the states for conservative. People yes like I am. I he's perfect for New York he's perfect for dealer that eighteen mile stretch shall continue to vote a man he keeps opening his mouth though. I would love to see him run as a as a presidential candidate up against crop has trouble clean his clock. Yeah agreed year notes and appreciate that you of the Jackson. Preaches work on text on you know keep it just joking. That was a junket at the ideal body bags outlets the can sell like guess who beautiful answers when AG backup soundly castor cholera. I think rich eager to take my call percent Colorado. So logical question where. Are some just popped up my son's education. Portfolio is grown to about our thousand in Ireland and its so. Possibly only duplex sort of edit concerned about my seventh. So it should have about a 100000 to applaud sponsors sell it ensures that I should just wait the teachers college. Tuition and learning on the morning and do something else with the. Some good question fight. I you don't his deepening and David Beckham sulfur now. Is an M her son said. Yeah my son and here yet it pretty much at all I would weaker person under. Today. What's he interest rates on long. Are about 10% who. I don't know taken out during a I would give its own paying off. I they could and I mean look at is there's a thing it's it's that would seem like off the cuff answer based on what you just told us but if you wanna commend them and we can certainly look at a lot of different aspects you know. Is a way to pay enough overtime but we talking 10%. You know to say that nation that's that's some Morales to make more than that is those super risky propositions that. Absolutely. There was no finger exactly beaten down the road to get an intelligent and it showed up while graduation I'll say this Sosa is. Please accomplishment for busy working. Indeed does internships. That the future one of those accounting firm order that regulate and seen and yeah I Ethel thought. Iowa the other thing you got to do is get amended talked AG in the far right because get him started with a plan. Maybe John I was I was sure the story I was cute either use the mosque he finished in the opera ever two to three days a week in the summer. My dad always gave me lectures months for a one K plan he wasn't financial guy is put away money. And it was funny if we joke about it now is your mother things up put too much away and I'll say now she's happy I put too much away but. But you know he he started young and you know he in a sense he blindly became ill while law because he was just put money in it didn't matter what happens stock market. We gotta get these young people they say even I think you said earlier there's the different generations used to the old sabres right exactly yeah the older generation saved everything. It's your generation. Has it been nice. Well I don't know hostess. I think it should be measured off four straight. That's when things aren't inspiration is woefully prepared on prepare assets that don't. And then you guys take your parents and your kids CIA and my generation the younger ones. Are spending everything yeah we need to get back to. Essentially the basics and just educating everyone on getting back to see it yet but whether it's a hundred bucks weathered 1% of your page two percentage it's still more than what you're saying. Two weeks ago that's right when you guys last pitcher yet so as always a little bit a little bit. And as we all know. So goes out you know. Time that things happen yet it is going to keep investing whether goes up or down. Still gonna be yes and you don't see yeah that's great. The sound it is it is behind in the victory puts the other solved plants so that Leah. That way when you need on a grand black twenty years now he's got it fits into that. In my big. In. Particular you would the long term capital gain yep you can add back in the cost basis and what you paid and some of the improvements is on but. Absolutely long term capital gain. After a as a seller a lot of liberal left wingers dependent on itself corporate taxes so I'm Tyler little ally in the segment thanks now 8030930. Starry night reasoner on a cell phone and 1806169236. Some open fault lines here's a makes you hop on board. 3 o'clock Esther Lee is a taxi takes over. 39303930. Flight to Texas and again 8030930. Don't forget Medicare Monday's every Monday. We're going to be. Educating you in our office we got a room fits about forty people so every Monday we're gonna capita off but. Medicare monies go to our website these financial guys dot com to register. If your interest in educating yourself there's 38 different or 39 different options out there here in Western New York. In ankle of course enrollment season coming up some of your interest in attending those workshops you can sign right up online. At THE academy. I'm the financial guys website or call 6331515. And if you just know you need help you wanna set up an appointment. 6331515. Or get on the schedule and of course retirement planning if need their help. And you don't have a plan we help people put together a plan uses as a resource. 6331515. We come back at the fault lines again 80309 trio. Stock nineties on a cell phone and 1061692. Precincts. Hardy welcome back. At song has never been great ever never and never. Frank. And Jason. On the yours you better Jason we have a party for. You still look like you're eighteen you've been here for like ten years. Yes I it's above the rail affair yesterday and it and it don't take things. You know like he's on X-Men caught some bad guy to check itself. I want him biting at you with a silver hair hey little guy like OK I am not well I'm not gonna throw the ball on this could tip that tank over. So I went up to them like the only thing that could be worse I like to be ten years younger whether it be can you imagine devotes a whole don't think there would be worse than. At a day care. But you get if I'd go but he gave me by the time to time that guy's a sales guy love. It hit 8030930. Start it pays. And and it means do what's in the thing right over yet 803093. Caucus and I introduced himself on 1061692. Point six. This is the place where money meets politics by the way if I needed throughout the week 6331515. Real quick question for you this is from my case linkage. I think another thing might be an agent might be able to come and that's these texted me. I love arm by the weather team is awesome and I'd like that are supposed to be off alt text and saying give us ideas on the show. So at least I think another thing might be an agent might be able to comment on this young people sometimes one live immediately like their parents and we've seen that and I think that's one of the things that. You know of the millennial something called columns that come out of college. They got their fancy degree in there you know. There their shirt from under armor and they want to. They want to make a 100000 dollars a lot of public affairs living with their it yet. But about Heidi get them out how do you see you know that's and that's the key right is that your point is this got to get him saving young so that way 1020 years from there there. And you know we all know that use the 31 45 is where you hit near the peak when your working yet says always you start saving early when your. 20/20 five or whatever it is is on as early in ten years. You're gonna have that money built up and then you can do things that you parents and that's that they don't see is that. There's a lot of work in ground work that went into it yet at the beginning yeah. Mean I can't say. And I'm doing the hard work now area but but you know it but not exactly been doing the work yet you know and I do I want to do is the difference. Wanting to do the work yet wanting to be there. Well when he's a misconception to ism meals I think they got that route because there's a bunch of them that. That meal maybe didn't work but I'll take it one it was a bunch of people in my generation generous it's the old school generation right. You're talking about the people in the forties and fifties go to the Great Depression. Those those hardcore people there was there was no welfare there was no there was no unemployment benefits and you lost your job you view you found a way to survive it. And we don't have that anymore I see them that they found a way that Donovan found a way. They they focused on how to get out of not always meet its. Focusing on how to get out of that. And that's the big things I got to focus I would say this the analysis have that is what's the Canada segment one of the things I think that again I said this really shows the colonials get abused for but I think it's marked. Is that they do focus and and you know the ones that are successful we've run into a lot of movement very very successful. And people will criticize all that guy he won't even clean is on days he wanted to cut his own law. Pretty spot when I cut and bonds that make it while box and he's making fifty you do the math or talked about the Bill Gates right. Bill Gates obviously are soft well he doesn't pick who loses and the he wants not the lazy person yet what he wants the person couldn't find another way to do yes he's gonna find the easiest way to do it that's what colonials are. Yes you know they're gonna they're gonna find the way to do it that they don't have to do. Yes well we talked. You're not to go cut your long yet they're gonna pay you gonna pay the other guy to do whatever when other major tournaments on the notes one environment towards it's like them but you can't replace your self they'll never build any idea really do think you'd think like that if you're building organizations. Other people around you have to be real Smart successful and do things better that you and if they can and then you don't have to do. And and that's the key to building a successful company plummeted to get mistaken him for that the us. You know every every generation is different immunity and got the greatest generation that you know liberated you know you Europe from the Nazis you've got a that he did the generation before that which are the ones you know our great grandparents they grew up during the Great Depression. Ages right and they're selling pencils and Apple's own accord to get buy they were standing in line. You know for for for you of soup lines things like that just to bring home food for the family unfortunately. You know the the better of them that the the batter. The they good intentions. Of FDR. Actually prolonged the Great Depression by actually eight years what we'll would have been a two year. You know brutal you know depression and a recovery. Was really drag. All the way up until the World War II because of the social programs because of the government's. But at least that that. We built things like the stepped out of the gorge we built damn well things that are still here in the past time was like. All right. They stopped all the money in the government pensions and and and union dues yet you know life their own pocket and a lot of lot of those slots that's the clintons ask. You know I'll just dismissed as displaced so many shovel ready projects and even a Barack Obama himself could tell you which ones were done now knowing it was shall what is we. After that. Or could speculate that. In the next hour we have depth we gotta get too liberal love knows all absolutely can get the music cues ferment over but other hand you have the general idea of bringing his own music to my house stuff France on hands up. Yeah. It's I talk like this American couple because I think it's release add that. We have gotten to a point for our schools our media brainwashed liberals to such a point or people in general and become liberally as. To where they have no understanding of the actual real world that's right that's at the level of diet that he is just beaten. Believe it when he comes they've really believe this still does not hot and the burning their hands it's a release that we will talk about it says the breaker. Ray in Amherst I promise stick with us you're up first time that 8030930. Stock and freezer on a cell phone of 106169236. Yes throughout the week folks 6331515. Will be back here and news radio 930. WB yeah. The following is paid programming securities -- to -- brokerage LLC member progress like PC investment advisory services offered through independent solutions wealth management the financial guys an independent solutions and on an affiliate of the brokerage services LLC the political views and should not reflect the views of Pete reports that show was not intended to provide specific vehicle tax investment or other professional advice please consult a professional for your specific situation this radio shows for informational purposes only and is not intended to solicit or recommend any particular security information discusses obtained from sources believed to be reliable but its accuracy and completeness or not guaranteed. We're not perfect. 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It Dexter AG's not a big fan of the millennial division because Malia hostile like to be callable ideals. But. And there was some really funny stuff for all Raleigh office to what the com. This event this. Some of them rated our fifth Bob but those can. But an op board if you need desperately votes extra treat 1550. Medicare planning we have 15 independent medic erupts in her office and we have Medicare Monday. Which every Monday starting in I think the last week of September 1 week of October. We're going to have an educational workshop on noon to one. 38 different options all kinds of good stuff the changes that have happened throughout lectures every Monday in our office Medicare Monday. In the course that he just know we need independent help. What do you do all the shopping yourself he driver on town trying to educate yourself please sit down one in the independent votes to change your premiums that you injured off. So take advantage of them don't miss the opportunity to schedule fills up like crazy October November's I would call now 631515. Indeed yourself on schedule. If we go back to the phones here attacks on the other day had a woman tell me the economy was raised. Dollars I'm miles here. Was great because of what Obama did is finally starting to work how the hell do you reason with someone like that you'd know it. You just can't fix do now I mean I'm sorry but. You know it's amazing that the day after look. Every single one of the liberals in the media average liberal politician every pond and amp res so called expert we want them. With the exception of the financial eyes and Maria Bartiromo it's that. The economy would plotted Libya it is after the mark it would get. Trump's gonna comment and destroyed. Number came on a minute now. If you lower taxes more regulations. Or is a pretty good guess what happily Kimi Lou we're tax or regulate what happened. Act predictable. Happened a lot except for some economic growth separate Nancy Pelosi member Armageddon. Got a tax cuts for Hillary and everything. If you think though I mean if your of them believe that Obama's. Didn't kick it in here for nine you're 59 yours after mile after it but she still have gotten a couple. It right now that is just flat out to peace justice and yet to be honest with you that's what that your that somebody who's is simply repeating talking points that's in the liberal ranks somewhere because I've read out too well you know it. Mrs. Obama's economy now now now this is this is trust economy it is look at their becoming Obama's account when Obama's academy. At a record amount of people on food stamps fifty years and enough. Eight years was enough that's what they say that I don't know what's funny is when you look at liberals if the times never enough the money's not around that there was an excuse always makes you look at the solution money. They Democrats executives and never look for the facts right the facts are. We'll schools for example I talk a little bit on the talked about us a little bit on the TV shall punish the record on the money. Record nobody about the school districts and started off right there was an administrator somewhere I said essentially the article earlier in the week that. He spent. Ninety hours a week. Gaining his own school the same 150000 box on the can put it in the kitty. So that so the kids could use and as of now that's leadership I'm not saying every teacher should do that by no means again. You know that's that's about the via when you get the awful school district. They were asked to work ten more minutes until remark had connection you know what so ridiculous. This April dissent that to me that's as. All we have to use featured that's his make New York great again and get rid of Cuomo. That's next teacher lectured him I love that by the way we are going to hang out. A separate connection our website and hopefully be up this week will have some of the stuff. And the purpose of it is not only to have these funny shirts and bumper stickers but also to maybe help raise some money for some charities so. That will be look for that on the page. All but he backed influence. You couple lines like I get back this article because I think that is. You know in regards to these days as Porter can assess it then again set the stakes are just so great one this is real little bit of this this piece from Wayne Dupree. Only Ephraim line it follows her. You know for the millionth time he writes a scientific fact has been improvement liberalism as a mental disorder and he's actually right. They come out of school brainwashed so brainwashed and actually got these 2 October. Now this guy you know I'm. That they were going on a trip to prove a point that quote evil what some may believe. I thought well they'll learn the hard way it's adds some people were excellent LE. Like pursue their blog believe it or not they were being encouraged all along my friends and family this level of unity. Is beyond comprehension no doubt they were both failed. By their parents and the education among others and he's actually right I mean what are we doing to raise folks that have no understanding. Of the evil exists in the world and just go back on these books. A Jay Austin and more and good at Colgate and maybe close both 29 years old quit their jobs last year or to make their trip. Austin was a V you know who were the US Department of Housing and Urban Development are awed. Who gave him a vegetarian who worked in the Georgetown University admissions officers shocker. Austin had a personal blog which you wrote in June 2017. Quote. I've grown tired of spending the past is apparently prefer them glowing rectangle. Of coloring the best years of my life laws of Graham page. I missed two birdies on that one back was turned to meet thunderstorms once a lot to me gentle breeze on nose while. That's one Austin it's called adulthood you don't have to work to your idols it's called making a living doing so productive it got one. If you don't like discrete you're looking at a needle like the job you're doing. Get a new novel like that's the best part about it and they didn't ask you what makes America they were sold brainwashed he didn't recognize the evil that they want straightens. This he wrote it fairly members could you imagine your kids all we should take a bike trip would near where licenses they want to chin open a right to write that your kids. Ride your bike through to like Susan fast a terror right I'm sure he'll be fine all you'll be buying your loving. Your loving that I just coexist man towards the just put that coaches sticker Hideki sadly they were stabbed to death else. They want blown up there are too quickly right they were stabbed. It and their ignorance and those. Ignorance of the people around them. Cause you know honestly whether it was liberal indoctrination of little university. Or just simply watching CNN MSNBC. Which gave them 000 a view the world absolutely false India sat there and not camped prop and all of their their time or was cut short 29 years. Because of just flat out and I you know would have little while also want to what animals London life gone by our ninth buyback program capture the the the ice and that word I can remember the lives could be added a lot of things this could not just discuss it or not recognize that they're not recognized that there was somebody texted and that you're halfway through Bolivia's book. How's the house and if you have not read that book you do yourself a huge favorite it's like seven or eight box online you buy it because it is. But really it is the greatest reads you'll ever go through trust me and he he faced evil yet true Ida I've. Face to face and its it's really amazing evil does exist in the world beat Wednesday just resting places. About racist number I think somewhere in the country. That was brought another refugee program thanks now. And thanks heave to keep them all about it in April to Mexican authorities that unfairly discriminated against the Muslims training for GO. And starting them young kids is that's that a lot. It's sold it found the remains that or boy yet another boost customer murder suspect's murder of a judge. They'd just let them all signature of requiring the issue was the play of the defendants that salute the fate of the defendants was being used as a reason to view them as a threat to the community she thought that yeah exactly right that's correct yes Ethiopia. We have a cloud hi I'm sorry we have solve a lot of Catholic church's starving children and teaching them how to shoot people's right now it doesn't seem to be that type of rat so they're not out there somewhere on Colorado or out there but. Guess why it doesn't matter what the religion was the fact is is that they were training kids they were starving kids were abusing cases they killed. And buried the remains on the property discussed rein them to to perpetrate an analyst at this school shooting. Now opted not to transition abruptly but. This past week of but the school started back up 40. This past Monday or Tuesday depending on the area in these kids went back to Stoneman Douglas high school in park Florida. Unfortunately went back and sketch sheriffs got Israel is still there. He is still the Broward County chair of how could that operating cash change legend run in the company you're still there after that disgusting is ridiculous right. They haven't done it damn thing in this county sheriff's department tweeted out this garbage about low and do. The fact that he Stoller. When do we find out I'll remind everybody again where do we find out with the FBI took the phone calls from the people that Collins said this kid is going issued a preschool. Who took the calls now who. What are we why is that. Not a single person and he asked about totally being cool at the FBI took the calls why is of Broward county sheriff's guys Israel's why if there was really any real journalism may be calling this out day after day accidentally got some answers let's. That's a sneak in raider before the break hear about it Michaels though the financial guys. Eight it would koskie studio with us has ever millennial divisions the younger folks out there that need to put together a monthly plan. And I'm telling you somebody actually texted recently communities that sort of before you know it. It's loses. Some lawyers says something like AG no clue as to how fast some kid is going to be saying that to use that as true. Before you know what are you will be 45 o'clock and people tell me up but but to your point and you're saying that yourself you're looking out in my twenties I spent time on Wall Street I wanted to move back to buffalo I ran a division I get. You you know you've got all the degree as you've got the economic mind. But now. We you know you need a tree and what you're doing is transferring that energy is some of these other folks are saying look at put together a monthly plan and you know as a firm we sort of neglect that we haven't. The resource as you know it's been it's been you know our our bread buttered still is this 55 to 75 retirement planning but. There is a huge need out theater to get these kids putting together a plan they have the biggest asset amber. Which is the power of time me and and then they need to commend NCA AJ 6331515. For free consultation and these are one thing it's proactive not reactive. Yeah you don't wanna do it when it's already done you wanted to airports yet so. He's you know proactive for street absolutely and so for you than you parents out there force on the go and I mean. You know tires just knock off occurred just. Actually doing it that's let's talk about fifty bucks a mother you know I I've been pretty fortune in my life I got a lot of good buddies that I still talked to from high school. And a lot of them started to put together plans when they were in their twenties. And I am looking at their money now on I'm thinking. Awesome you know they owned real estate in the field all kinds of good stuff. But it's because they did one thing that was when they went in the early twenties mid 20s30s. They kept you know with a plan that they started with. On let's analysts think it re real quick he's been waiting for Robert Ray and Amber's thanks for holding money. How are erase our hysteria general for salon appreciate you stimulus. That's okay. You know I would they are social democratic quit the Democratic Party last year. I just wanted to call in on the disgusting remark that Andrew Cuomo made here. This week about American never being great. And and I with a Democrat. Margaret Ray they quit you you didn't quit them. Really truly mean you look at the old school Democrat party now and it was it they were they were before the working class math writing a woman's right they were for you put your boots we're the union guys route we're gonna work hard we're gonna support you. Now they are for a welfare and food stamps. Legal and illegal aliens into. Being around calling every white person racist they want a starter race war yet their last vestige. Of any hope of power is to create a race war and it gender war between. Males and females like I gotta I gotta relative that we shut out of the sky and World War II. My great grandfather would shut off his horse in the civil war. And Cuomo's remarks trample on the memory of my relatives up. That's right absolutely tree yes and you know it's a really disgusting. It's the Democratic Party and become an. A Communist anti American party Nancy from beating up on herself. Yep it's back player in the body it's backfiring country is geographically moving more and more conservative. You see it would states you know the only liberal states left will be New Jersey new York and California all three of them go bankrupt at some point. But the country's shifting. And dull fortunately those pictures of those more more votes yet I feel like part of the country shifting directly parts like for mine to you know they just had a a transgender person I'm not sure which is he has. Had no I had no idea what the policies are this person to talk about any of her platform all talk about issues and yet. Maybe that wins yeah. Yeah so I just wanted to say you know there's millions of people quitting the Democratic Party you know commit the blue wave in December I agree. And you know I'm I'm a trump the quarter. He's doing everything for the working man that Democrats were supposed to do he's defending the countries putting up tariffs against unfair trade practices. And trying to correct the trade imbalance that's what the Democrats were supposed to do. Yeah well that's funny ashtray you know it's funny rate just now that we trade because for years they were saying. Look at these straight you know. We're not getting a fair shake and so somebody's actually stepping up and trying to make it fair nominal like it as well the funny thing is they're talking about things like partner platform is give a stitch. Put it back in power will lower your premiums like Whitman now. It's like deja Vu like you that you you point in New York you're your your health care policy. Do you said it was going to do in fact the opposite it raised. Everything at face that they were going to do in the last election to election cycles was the the the actual outcome was the opposite of what they promised. And yet here are. That again during election season talk about give it power bat and we will do all those things free and we just went through this. A manner that was the Democrat party and I heard of guys that it was doctor Epstein and Olivia shows I'm spent. He said the dollar forget that this is so important is so true he said Democrats live and then now they don't they're asked for. There's no future for that does not have to be live in the now things that they said. Vetoed a year ago yet. That doesn't matter right the fact that they all were against illegal immigration eight years ago now at all for that doesn't matter the fact that Barney Frank was on the floor of the house floor of the senate going. The problem with homes and we need to have more alternative Shipley forgot all about it now than ten years later I thought I would talk about. There was a movement by the Republicans in congress to push for homeowners about. Pushing for raping you what are all the Obama. You know about it Obama and the clintons we just can't when we walk across that into our country. They're good players from tweet is Obama saying. Legal immigration hasn't started yet but I think that they get so they live in the now where they live and now they're all running on the same platform of free you know free healthcare free educated. Let us fiction how the fuel lacked a possible long were your health care cost I really and you can choose to act that. Before no regrets that's good hey ray we got to go Etzioni draperies out we blow off the public offering because we just I guess it's too late anyway sorry about that. We've only show here in the union that blows up the brakes which I absolutely loved. That might just to not so much because I think it's just. Just sitting here right enormous AJ Rick housekeepers shall by the way breaking him literally AJ heading up leading up or millennial division. And what did what they saw it Texas what they want to indicate now aluminum that app. The awesome. Put in advocates capable in the home wondering and then we'll take a picture. Just hitting it again Michael was that legal financial guys this is the place for money meat politics and he just about the week's vote 6331550. Let's just welcome Carl Paladino I'm assuming it's Carol quality you know because who also OP. Mr. I appreciate Colin body to help. Well I. The last speaker. The division out of crap about it shut off the horse civil war. Debilitated from a ball I'll force myself but hearts of bit yeah. The Democratic Party. It without question split right down. I agree he gets crazy and and you can be. The the working man. Scriptures. And or they'll go to this party via people. These people don't think that would've been Andrew Cuomo all the people here. Or whatever. And rescue making no doubt that these people are still part of that party. And it's not going to be it's not that it's not going that way. And yeah. And hopefully they continue to buried in all which and and we we we need we need. We need to bail outs parties in our country they have to speak reality. It starts speaking about getting rid by doing that's practical things. Actually that press legitimate sites that buy even given it any credibility whatsoever you know there yet. Yeah it just out. Unfortunately we have oppressed it would have to live with for a few years until the until they finally get it people. People start turning them off and because they've gotten so ridiculous careless. That's happening now yeah I agree. You know you look at injured though he opens up as miles and to me if it is here and there's no secret I don't think that he wants to run for president I mean. I think if you're Republican you just a lot of talk. That's the that is sort of talked. Yeah you know I mean if you're an immigrant and you came here and you give it our way. You don't is suppressed question make up especially if we're Hispanic. You you earned it. You work hard to get there. I don't believe an illegal immigration. The press want to make it out that people believe in illegal. Immigration actually control. And abiding camera about hardware specs endeavor they put an end and and good fortunate that it. To have this opportunity for the American dream yet and I mean that immigration thing to be settled at some point it's got to get around to. And and that the only way to really gonna happen is if it's it's. But the Republicans control in November and the the other more we can explain to the people all important ad motives. But the bottom will be thinking getting stuff like that addressed let's just go on for years and years and years. I agree you know Dow collier mentioned ice and you know the left is out there are calling for it including Cynthia Nixon right here. You know about just the absolute abolition of lice and getting them all together. Here's some 2017 figures a 140 threes out a 143000. Arrest 226000. Removals. Almost 161000. Dangerous individuals prevent that from country to country 3101000. Apprehensions along the border. 38000 aliens of federal prison for drug trafficking fraud rape etc. I mean. The numbers are staggering when over 12100. And that's thirteen gang members have been convicted just this year. MS thirteen gang members are the worst of the worse yet 12100 of them are no longer walking our streets because of ice skate. Carl you've got to stick with us for a few minutes here all right sounds good it's the hour break here Michael almost illegal financial guys Israeli and thirty double Libya holder effect. Hi welcome back he's ready at 930 WB and Mike Lomas volatile financial guidance agent Murkowski in studio with us. This is the place where money meets politics if you need us roughly folks extra 31515. Like us on FaceBook. While most of the talk about we post to our FaceBook page follow us on Twitter at thin guys. And it website financial NASDAQ. And if you have any specific financial questions all we have to get to the L lobbing. National liberal love letters liberal love letters specifically with the TV show what do they really they are just all loathing in the caring. I'm Carol quality don't wanna hold you don't mind let them discuss. Speak in my sister's she wanted to plug some things that the working with the adoption agency. Cheryl slick. I don't know I don't. In some children my sister for those of you know my children should be abide by tonight my sister she always says that. At least ten or fifteen children that are it's simple. I actually dropped mine up and she doesn't know what I just pick them up. A ma and hit it hit Cyril tell us before we go go back to Carol Opel deal that would did you apply. Iron I added that few other it. You Culpepper look flat at. Yeah our order of Lancaster all in in hey look we're pretty sure. And why is it collects gently bring you clone our people at gunpoint. And Pierre hit back at you children are there. Or hot in here. Yet. 10:17 am it's becoming well. Look I'll eat clothing. We also have other of the I think that's accurate after high chair diaper I youth oh and that they. It absolutely no I. Bet that they like you're papered it or delight you with that so that we could yet prove that they're there there. So you're looking for people to donate stuff. They're looking for people are fairly. Families to shop as well what's the address there again and is there a phone number of the people and in touch with you that helped out. Yeah actor is a Latin if you know nine pounds minor relatives are in. They can find it and they are iron that they haven't they need to share on I thought what are alarmed. Or. 9847642. Oscar's corner you talk in the corner of Broadway and in town it. Right Erica that's my kids ones who have pre school mrs. spokesman. You might actually mean wrapped up in our report. Back to Florida we're talking about yet. And I guess very good idea of assistance that's a great creatures are fresher awesome folks nice job you know and I based on 984764. To beacon ultimately. Give back to the children and me a lot of when you. I think it is I. Yet banks. Analyst what a solo assortment of the slings up your Q call an 80309 real star nine threes on assault ball. 1806169236. We'll bring up. Carl Paladino Carl final thoughts here. All of it well. I am a candidate for only 27. And I'd very much. Believe that I can be really really expect that got him or in this atmosphere especially. Yeah. At any news that is us on the you can comment on about I know on my understanding is Colin steps to be off the ballot which means he needs to move. Or. Or run for something else right is that true. Well there's there's three ways seek. Off the ballot so. Obvious one this depth but not the second one is that he relocate from the state as residents. And the third one that. It he'd run for another office. You can't run for two offices apparently had that time. And at that format the bail for another office which would automatically pick off. Now those new boxes of all of go at it sound easy but there's no watches that each. Each opportunity. And noble lawyers are trying to figure out now and I expect that the Democrats will file suit. If anything they want to they want to give me worried about possible chance to take a Republican district here. Yeah right they've already has already said they're going this unit to go to court who tried to keep him on the ballot. I actually said lastly I think your dog duke duke has more name recognition than Nate does Ausmus says. Yeah that's true on the ballot even if he's not actively running he still wins against it at night thinking. If I set up as we kept at duke has more name recognition is a strip mr. No doubt. Well I I think with that name recognition the the it would. People don't think they know about it on lighter note that there won't be an idol moment there. It held them responsible person in this area and I'll do everything I can make the area battered bring the bacon all. Might excellence that president ran. I think would be invaluable. You. Think this opportunity. It's not by ballot. I don't know reluctance of either for one term on bill. They'll have somebody else. I think I can be very successful at this and I looked at the rail. Of other people that are running. The only one that I feel. Could be affected will be David Bell. It is brilliant guy is rated elect enough. And a great a great sense of responsibility for the series you know just a couple things that I think he better. 01. You know we like to administration and and all. And that's this myself. Has the local Republican leadership and open and welcoming you heard from mean and I don't know irony the other ones I amended it means you specifically obviously it. Have they then do you think they're giving everybody a fair shot. Yeah and my suggestion. All in conduct yeah hole will be revealing about the fall of twenty summit watt. They're represented yeah novel idea early county chairs of the Alger. But what order people feel good that represent that. And I think that's the better way to do what are we willing to go along but also yeah. Very yeah I think it's clear it and novel ideas actually listen to the voters district would Nicholas awesome perfect are all get in touch fields that we need to feel and so we can play hooky here's. It in the next few week I'll reach out to arrest him. At a weekend I have I have a great weekend take care. Next all right so just sitting and Mike Lomas brown legal age you accounts Keyon studio and we are these financial guys this is where money meets politics. And I need its front we folks 6315156331515. AJ you know new part to the team new member of the team. Really I'm focused on trying to get some of these young folks to build the planned. And you know we were talking early and she'll you know power in time the biggest asset that these people have this time. And somebody jokingly said the EU and the tax line before you know like. You know you'll have gray hair like Mike and did you really don't have a lot of gray area I have economize he hit it hit hello. Guys if you if it regulate our body lets you have something that if you can cut them out you don't have like air. I get my hair cut and it is all wrecked if there ever so the only way I caught out by gray hairs to shave my head ball so. Yet but soon. So a easier you know but but the goal is to put together a plan of these folks and you know when you talk about double your money we have a lot of folks don't realize that she could use the rules of the two whenever interest rate you earn. He divided in the seventy to a show you how many years ago. Simply put 10% in the 727. Point two years to your money the biggest thing though is having those doubles in the future. The east are the better it is to get that double later. You build a strategy at the beginning and follow it and you never I mean it's never. You just don't see and we don't see you're not using you're not spending yes and that's the big thing as us build the strategy follow the strategy. Let it work for you yet it's funny because somebody wrote in the 42 in the tax line they said but I can't leave my kids a million dollars but I can teach them. How to save a million bucks over time. You know fine you're so as I told my kids accurately be a million dollars but I can teach you how to save a million dollars so far it's working and that's offs right in the desert are about it. As a parent you know if you're a mom or dad out there you're in your fifties your in your sixties you know you've got good kids you know the working hard. Give them when they're young exile my my knees actually my Kapler is a good job whose timing is nieces and receive their work and hire the workings adept. And their opening up retirement accounts and of course now they're gone able uncle Mike I'm. You Klein of the financial guys firms that you need to treat me a whole different line. It's on the hunt or gifting rules and he got it okay if that's. Not we care. If. Absolutely but but it's funny that's the key is to get these folks who you know putting together a plan went beyond. And then sticking to it to and then a lot of people whom I guess my my generation. They just don't even notice it's invest in his day so you start with the budgeting plan and budget but a McEntire to spend money. But to save and when you start seeing content parents. You know there's a series count of course but. Investigate getting compound interest is huge debt and like you said earlier. Time yet at even the risk tolerance is funny is Leo that's one of the first things that we always talk about in the the first meeting this folks commence whether you're sixty. I've 75. 5525. Understand your tolerance for risk then you know that has crossed a lot of plants. But it's also avoided. A lot of aggravation. This this local insider trading case look if you actually sat down as to Glenn's point in the beginning of the show if somebody sat down with a good advice. And they went to arrest talks. And that missed ours came back as being more middle of the road. And you don't buy penny stocks it's not fit its not in the plan it's not in your blueprint. Right exactly and and that avoids a lot of that kind of garbage happening right. The other thing it doesn't when markets are crummy. You can go back as a team and say look number you said you're gonna panic we're gonna buy more stuff remember this is what it looks like but it keeps them focused on the plan. They're doing it together working together as team. You're attacking the problem together yet understand your talks risk lets us again and Kevin in Jamestown salary Kevin. Kevin you us. I'm gonna put Kevin on holes he we can find him again let's sneak in Dolores in Hamburg Telerate Dolores. Hi I won I was there were a couple questions number one if if we if I think Carol Gilligan who was the best man for the jets because we had thrown off William Bennett. Who has such tremendous credentials and tried this staff this. Federally centralize the education stuff and tell would be one that could. Maybe where was just pocket get the education bit to where it belongs to appearance in the local districts. The hostile work. If she's taller that's yeah. Oh that is exactly. That's it about it if he had done nothing yet but it Gloria I think all issues at all donor I thought you measure on the payroll yes yes she done zero and Z is the that party position. That's an important position. It's kind of day again. Record crop is down the ballot. And we all both form and pushed evolved form and then he didn't rule out later he went to different primary residence. I'd like I don't know how that war but I mean you know Chris needs to do whatever he can to. Make sure he gets off that ballot if he needs to move temporarily he's got the resources to do that I think not a bad idea to say I'm relocating them like I don't fla or whatever for a little bit. This change this. All the name of the person who he has been indicted is being charged in this saving at trial and you're serving in that anger. There's the name of somebody and I can't get his name. And we innocent until proven guilty at his trial is still going Nat. Well he's innocent until proven no doubt about that but you know the fact of the matter is you know he did the right thing by stepping down right I mean how in the world do you say I'm going to go to Washington and going to have I'm gonna bring back the bacon nominee do all the stuff at all by the women defend myself. It's not like he's defending himself from some speeding tickets is does it mean this is a felony offense I would ask Bob Menendez it. It. Well I I'm looking at treason and sedition. And traders that Internet and getting anything done to them this is sort of a. So your your vote Delores is mr. Paladino. Yes of course stayed at the Ascot talent data on the ballot I would certainly vote for him and and and say we need to get him in there we need to get a bit and then let's. Let's you know get so live out of the mouse for the Democrats that their own front. And then let him make a decision to move. The work jacket and get if TV these days in the office for six months. If I'm telling you my prediction right now is if he's on the ballot. He wins. What we wins without doing a thing because nobody knows who they'd make Maria wide popularity candy can one of these other candidates winner and the the independent line and I think he answers yes. I'm talking ice I've been saying this from day one duke Paladino has more name recognition and name. About the paso but if duke Paladino has an. If you Paladino has and I behind his name I don't know he's got this that's the question that's the difference. Thanks forest and duke for congress agree with. If if an agreement that the. You wanted to get that of course are realistic coming up next after the break all that's promise you. Yes liberal love notes to the funny it's yes and les don't miss this last fifteen minutes Mike Wallace the legal age genachowski and stimulus we the financial guys these 1000030. WB yeah. Save some thing mom is seen. I'm ready welcome back. If they get real serious here shortly. And mr. illegals gotta music that we're gonna set the tone to but that's the frank that's the that is a great start. Liberal love notes from the left. And though we're gonna try to do at least incitement months but you know we'll see you need some you liberals have been pretty active in the Mormon took it literally give us about her up. The better off we are at making sure liberal notes from the left the segment continues so. We appreciate that I've just sitting in my world is going to we have the financial guys. Indy AG with cal ski in studio with a set of our millennial department is looking for a new name for the departments from home if you are a millennial. And you wanna get some input give assurance that we'd love to hear from you at 6331515. If it'll be if you're a mom dad out there doing H parents and kids involved. Encourage them to reach out to Agee case extreme treat 1515. Before we get too liberal love notes from the left I did want to string of shell here. The shelters are all part of our marketing team had a car mark team won of that adds endeavor shells been patiently waiting Rochelle how Loria. Perry if he did an awesome job by the way I am multiples. My cat one of these days I get the timing great meraz. Nothing better than when people think there are complementing me but than they say all that Rachal is really good voice she really overshadows GOP. And yeah yeah yeah that's that's good and it's. Yeah that's that's that's good I think she'd really do a better job hosting well okay who didn't affect that at Atlanta. Yes legs yeah so Rachelle. False about teaching academy that's been your baby even godmother. They got another key a key academy and now it's our armed. It's our new monthly art I monthly workshops that we're gonna have a great afternoon Lott says that if I then get. Like months and that the net new and a landscaper and has Arab works at educational except that translate each of our department and or services. People can come and and our tour professionals. And get a lot of great information on all of these important op ex. There's in the Medicare Monday through loudly and how many get on your Medicare information especially during. The annual enrollment season and that's very important. And so you can go rate and view our web site the financial guy that comes. And that click and academy and you can see it all Lister all of the workshop coming up through the end of 2018. And he and you can also download. Actual schedule you can print it up and and big and your fridge so you and I know what's coming up so not only hair that department and the services they offer but in such as writers security things like that things that are just. That might impact you are and dealing and our clients and and the public can come Reagan into Iraq and then and learn. And that'll get information and let straight and then. The first one coming up on September well. At noon rate at the knot that he economic update our markets it let John Tanner chartered financial analyst. And I battle's going to be really interesting question and he said that he's gonna have a bout. What's been happening in the market over the past few months but coming up in the market and another upcoming months. And then just the risk involved and fishing positioning your portfolio based fan I nod to national Catholic yes I'll still be really very good information. Yeah awesome opportunity by the ways to you know John there's been a friend of the show ahead of one of the heads of our investment team that he for a long time chartered financial analyst and as literally says smartest guy in the room so great opportunity September 12. To spend an hour your time and sort of get his vision as to where he sees things going and you know and today and that type of leadership economic advice is really often times priceless for you know. Really start to get an understanding of of what's happening so you know it go to our website the financial best icon right Michelle and then register. Yet registered to feel pretty give us the opposite 633 on five and I then will be happy to read here that play as well let. I'm we're really very healing that web site it says the good school pretty obsessed they'll feel great I'm here. I'm looking around take a look at our thing we have going Hanna what eight and of course it certainly kept me. Yeah perfect awesome positive we'll see you Monday anxious definitely takes some time off and the fact thanks. I write them before we go back to the phones just tuning in Michael almost only the financial guys AG would count schemes to deal without a cent of our millennial department. Looking for new name for that department we need your help 631515. Wilson yeah the financial guys teacher. In as long as it's an appropriate attempt at an opportunity to re name Ned to visit. This 6331515. But I can we can't blame him if any further. Liberal and from the laughter. At the right it's going pulling out her slower. I really got. And now. It's time for liberal left notes. Into the financial news. Yeah. Caught your show this morning and do seem. Smooth when a disaster. Talk to me and you honestly guys at this as an amateur hour. It's a money manager who. I'm assuming you're better at that and you are broadcasting. With the you couldn't viewers if. Analysis. Another episode he liberal loved them from the left. Do you continue with that marketplace as we think you. For including us. In your daily. Office. Song suggestions by the way I've only got to have got to have an idea I've played it was no I think that might be that was perfect yeah. Yeah. Man to lead I guess so you can now you can send us your liberal I love notes the of the web's accorsi and two guys icon you can you can like it's on FaceBook person that is on FaceBook or. You can follow us on Twitter and send them to us there as well and I would be happy to. A mix and read them on the air Wikipedia we you know we've really do appreciate the materials so we used to say Alan I can read them but it does them slightly weak and we do. Let's welcome William in buffalo William hollers there. I think Joseph. I'd like to see Chris Jacobs on the ballot I I think he's an outstanding person. I think Chris didn't he say didn't want there was an interest is that right. From runway that. I think Chris and he was an interest in red America that are now. And it. You're just saying as a person you think he's a good good guy and as a standup guy seems there's an added I don't know Chris firstly we. We should probably try to get in my own radio but it does seem like a standup act. Saw as a veteran I think he's not a whole lot of right crook county as county what was. It. You know I just think it's. Spilled person you know and one more question. If this kind. This. Balance. Yeah. Which I could opt not operas are trading at. I Angel or that we can't now that wouldn't. What the outcome of the trial let me ask let me let me answer that is ultimately what way am I Chris has been on the show he's been a friend Visio. And I've always respected about Chris is when we've disagreed with them he actually would call us and they can c'mon talk right. And I think I am much more respect for people like that that people like Brian Higgins. And poll in Paris who don't have the stones to come out. And tell us why they're liberal progressive policies work right defendant that's all we're asking you to do were not that we don't like a month fight we just went and what are you thinking. And why do you think these policies are gonna work they've failed everywhere else in the world why do you think the work here. He's never been afraid to defend himself I don't think he did this when any ill intentions I don't I'll grant to hurt anybody. You know he was very foolish yet but let me say this in all seriousness. It is too to be at least an investment professionals you have to have a clean so. A lot would be in all seriousness it would depend on the outcome of the trial if you have a felony conviction. Then that's an automatic strike places however. If you have a felony conviction it has something to do with trading lower money laundering fraud. Or anything like that. Does the likelihood is that you're going to be on able to obtain new places to eat the regulators yes EC infinera. Are probably not going to allow you to become an approved in about professional needn't need the last exam to be able offers election so. In seriousness you know if he does and getting convicted and everybody's innocent until proven guilty. Then that conviction was likely preclude him from and prevent him from being eight investment professional if for any form so we would even have to make the decision. That's exactly at the politically correct answer Rula thanks for the company utility and violent nation AJ thanks for joining us. Penalty minutes and a host adapter fortunately thanks I'd like this that's they said that helical break into the firm like the right way which is that talk in front of a few viewpoint thirty whatever. And guys have 20000 people on diesels kidney. As a way more popular here right the fifth day that giving credit where credits to. The good another great show like hey look if you need us folks whether it's Medicare plan and don't forget that independent medical care reps in our office. Retirement planning estate planning if your I younger out there you're you're in your 20s30s you're looking to build the plan. We now colonial division lead agent here use him as a resource that you would cow ski. 6331550. Look at apple might well let's Glenn legal. The with a bit of those guys. And we'll see you next week by the way somebody decides that's it I'm disappointed that's not good enough to make a little love notes from the left it's just. It battered financial mess you. Make America great again the financial guys was accurate.