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Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, August 18th

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This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WV yen I'm Randy bush over the show is designed to shine a spotlight on local business has a driving force in our lives and if there's a local business or service you'd like to see or hear featured on the program. Send me an email at Randy dot bushel for @entercom.com. With president Jim supreme irony of systems personnel for the segment and Jim welcome thanks for coming in thanks ever erratic. What can you tell me about systems personnel who are you what he'd do systems personnel is a leading staffing recruiting company in buffalo were. In the business of getting people jobs would be air mission is improving lives through employment. I'm. People pay us fees because we confine them talent that other people camp. And is there a particular group that seems to be lacking currently in buffalo this as a certain section of the labor force that your trying to fill. Yeah our specialty is in net technology financing human resources field so were filling more of the professional services role for our major clients in the area. But as we talk but the labor shortage of course there's so shortage across the board. And what kind of qualifications to people need for these things is that one of the first things that you guys kind of look better help outlets that's instinct thing in the. Clients are always coming to us. Looking for a laundry list of skills and qualifications. And in the tight labor market it is becoming more and more difficult to find this laundry list. So our advice our clients is to try and identify. Minimum skill set is necessary and then to try and look awfully hard at. The personality traits and cultural fit of the individual because in the end. That that's for the sit really comes from the adage is that we hire people for what they know when we talk to them for who they are. And the smarter employers in any market let alone they started labor market. Are those who are not trying to hired just necessarily for skills. But for those people who blessed him with the culture in my arm. And on that point it seems like that would be very important for you guys to make sure that you do because you need that success rate team to keep generating more business for yourself yeah absolutely or we stand behind our placements someone hire somebody from. Systems personally don't work out refunding that are finding a replacement form and that's not good business for. And he wants are trying to do it right the first time around. Is what it's all up. Now typically walk me through what had scenario would be again a company comes to you or individual. Would come to you looking to fill a spot or spots. The former so most often the NYNEX and at the time. The organizations are coming to us because they're having trouble finding some of the camp for. Our companies are either large companies have their own human resources department who. They're just too busy or there's a specialty niche sort of a position that needs filled and they come to us because were expert findings people that other people can't. Then we deploy our proprietary Smart sourcing. Methodology which is our way of finding people put a team of people on that and work to bring in. An adequate number of candidates to to work through the process and that it really just becomes a large funnel. We try and star with a hundred people who either can't do the job or lead us to somebody can do the job. Then we screen downed fifty people who can we bring in we face to face interview twelve of them and then our clients my T two or three. That are the choices of those that we've gone through for them. And what's the difference between the staffing and recruiting ends of which do I mean it should be pretty self evident but explain for people yeah for the folks out there that staffing part of it is when a client will use us to find. In employee that they hire as a direct tire of their company. And they'll pay us a one time fee for doing it that's that that's the recruiting side of things the staffing side of it is when we do. Temporary or contract work force our businesses divided 5050 we do. About half of our revenue from folks who are using us to recruit and find people for them selves as the director of their. Company or the other half of it as people who come to us we'll find folks will put him on as our employee he Peter salary perhaps to act as all the insurance. And benefits and then lease them out to our clients and it'll be done either for a project or for some sort of temp to hire scenario but that's the difference between recruiting staff. Talking with Jim sip riady was president of systems personnel on buffalo means business here on news radio 930 WB and and probably should debt stepped back a second and go over how long you guys have been in business. Yeah we've been in business for 22 years in buffalo. My father and I quit our jobs simultaneously. In 1996. In order to start systems personnel. We've I've grown to be one of the leaders in the area. And so you have certainly seen some changes over the years when you first started out what kind of jobs replacing and how does that compare with now yup. So old when we first started out 1996. We anticipated a need for information technology professionals based upon Y two K which was. Actually a number of digits in the year problem that needed to be solved in computer systems across the land or they are predicted to shut down. On January 1 2000. And that really turn out to be quite a bust but we the foreign ourselves on the very beginning parts of the technology boom in the and the Internet boom. And so we ran long and hard and an avenue and technology placements ever since. And then our practice began to broaden the we saw the need. For finance professionals in our clients so we quickly began placing finance professionals Varnado leading placement agency. And at least three of the largest finance departments in the city of buffalo. We saw the boom in health care spending. And the the so therefore our healthcare practice restarted them and we place people across the country now in the health care field. And of course we're always calling and human resources professional so will place a number of human resource has professionals and more and more engineers and were out doing supply chain now in procurement and other general management skills so. What started as a specialty is kind of broadened into. A company that can help people find people they can't find on their own and no matter what the skills. Well that is I either out of those three areas listed on finance professionals health care human resources or something else. Which one of those jobs is job types is generally more difficult for you to fill. I think the most difficult for. Anyone to fill these days are probably that technology positions. So who data is running organizations more and more whether you're manufacturing organization or service organization or health care organization. And there's just a tremendous command in a shortage for qualified information technology professionals as you've seen with a lot of data and security breaches there's a tremendous demand for information security professionals that is just. Prolific it's all over and people can't find them. Did a scientist data governance. So IT and an engineering is probably what our clients are finding the most difficult and probably what they're. Turning more and more to agencies to try to find for them. But that doesn't mean that in the general population there's not a shortage across the board so. You know whether you are looking at the skills trades or truck drivers. Or finance professional health care home care even general managers there's a general shortage across the board. And one of the things I've noted is that. Buffalo as a city has changed into more of a public that with the financials and being at the big part of what's going on here. With a all the other changes. So maybe a little bit on the impact this is having an area businesses. Yet the labor shortage is having a major impact on this I mean it's not too hard to imagine that if you can't get people. You can't either push your product or service out the door so. If you're not producing product to the level that you need to or if you're not satisfying customers to what you need to. You're gonna have major revenue impact to either delay or lose revenue. And so you know if you can't find your people it is really crippling thing for a business they may lose their competitive advantage. A competitor meat beat them to market on a product or service. There are companies that we work with in the banking healthcare industry that are highly regulated. And if they're not hitting regulatory deadlines there are financial and other ramifications for them. Your company can invest in research and develop Henry can't create a new product or new servers you're gonna find yourself and a major disadvantage to this is a big problem. And necessarily and you have to stay on top of those regulations you know. Exactly how to place to place that is it is perpetually dynamic and what we need to kind of keep our eyes and ears open for. In terms of trends is important for our business. What we really find ourselves at the pinnacle of he is those skill sets that are the hardest to find. So people will most readily use as well and they have the most difficulty. Fining the individuals themselves and so of trying to figure out where the trends are and what those areas of specialty aren't stay out in front of them has a big part of how we run systems person. And it pretty much set answers we're where I was gonna go next because we talked about the the impact on area businesses from all that's going on. And then the next thing I was gonna say is what guy what you guys can do about it. You know I mean it's it's not just what systems personnel can do about it but what our community at large can be done about it that's the million dollar question right what what is it that can be darn. To find good people in a short labor market and and did talk to the operative word there is good people right it's not just people and. You know too often these days with unemployment being so low it's at about four point 5% in buffalo right now. Clients are settling for the best of what they confide so it's the best of the unemployed a warm body that kind of thing and and hiring poorly is often a bigger more costly problem enough heart and the hole. So you know when you take a look at what's happening in the economy with the unemployment rate so low. With jobless claims at the lowest it's been in 44 years you've got this kind of micro economic climate that's. Creating this shortage which is affecting everyone but there's kind of the bigger macro picture. That the demographics of the retiring baby boomers which is exasperating it's problem. So there are 101000. Baby boomers retiring hitting the age of 65 which is retirement age every single day. And all this of the baby boomers started hitting 65 years old in 2011. So we're only in the seventh year of an eighteen year problem. Which is a larger long term picture of a labor shortage so. Employers had better have a solid plan for it. And and I believe that in any problem that's that's bigger endemic like this it's important to look both long term shark. So in the long turn on. Organizations are in should be looking toward automation and the use of technology to reduce the number of people that they need. So whether it be robotics and manufacturing organization or using a self service web. Presents to be able to take care of your clients are to be able to help part of your business the the idea of using technology to need fewer people is important. Outsourcing is another thing that we see our clients doing all the time if I can't build the team largest tire vendor to do it go offshore and trying to get it done. And although that can be somewhat of a help it creates issues of its own. So anybody who is using offshore resource is probably any sort of outsourcing. Our clients are experiencing quality issues are communication issues. And whether you're actually Manning an announcer out of house it still takes leadership and effort to manager vendors. Sold there are some long term things that can't be done but in the short run I think that what but employers should be looking to do. Is to figure out a way to appeal better to the one strip. So these more ideals for instance are attached to their phone 72% of them are using the phone to try to look for their jobs. So old you had better have a U mobile web presence and a mobile job board. I think that's important. You need to be branding your organization as a mission driven organization that's gonna provide the autonomy that this upcoming upcoming generation is looking for. So. And and you need to be looking closely at your social reputation as a client in this social reputation management. Is a concept that I believe employers should be looking at more Morant. When I mean by that is just take a look at what people are saying about you on glass door which is a website that people provide feedback on how well the company treats it's employees there. You know make make a point of driving your Google refused because these. Upping coming when he was in the younger generation are looking closely at your organizations. Before they even decide supplier com. So I think that those of the things that can be done. And and I mentioned earlier that it's important to start to look to hire the personality traits of the person that you need so. I think organizations need to be able to consider. Hiring the right kind of person for personality and fit and begin to build a train that was skill sets they need in the long run because. In the end I think that's a good long term strategy. And of course if all else fails and I'm gonna recommend that the come assistance personnel so we can find some make you fight another. Perfect that was where I was gonna go next is how long do people get in touch with you what's the best way to contact you I think systems personnel dot com SY ST he ever ask PER ask though an anti Al dot com. Fair enough Jim thank you very much for the time appreciate it accurate that's Jim sip Rihanna president of systems personnel to assist buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yet.