8/18 Buffalo Means Business w/ Penn Dixie

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, August 18th

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You're listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yet this is where we hear from the businesses and services available in the buffalo area. If you'd like to be on the program send me an email at Randy dot bush over @entercom.com. Pleased to be joined once again by Dr. Phil stokes executive director at Penn Dixie doctor stokes welcome to monitor any thank you army again. And let's start off with the again to remind people who may not have heard the last time you were on a little bit about the history appendix. I was so we carrying fossil park around me are the number one fossil park in the US and we earn that ranking because we are very accessible. To folks at different mobility is serious we have trained educators on site or will help our visitors locate identify fossils. And then we allow our visitors to keep all the fossils that they signed. Our history is that in the 1960s. We had a cement pouring. In in Hamburg and says basically the Corey a company appendix. They abandon the land and roughly and is on 1970 or so roughly Tony years later group in the community came together to clean up the Korean. And open it for science education and here we are now and Tony eighteen and with about 151000 visitors each year. And why is it that Penn Dixie happens to be the site where you have this treasure trove of fossils what is it about the lay of the land so to speak. That's a very question Randy is so since you logically speaking the rocks appendix here are pretty much the same rocks all through southwestern New York State. I'm unfortunately most of those rocks are either covered by development. I've covered by soil in rural areas or have never been exposed and so because we are Korean. Four record in that stripped all of this oil off. And then was never filled back in. We have I guess the luxury of of having those rocks exposed right at the surface. And I know that are being and and Orleans county guys that Lake Ontario a lot of people know there's that big ridge open Akron which used to be the old lake shore once upon a time for Lake Ontario. Similarly similarly with the eerie is that always find that a further in when you go there might be little ridge where Lake Erie was actually a little bit bigger back in the day. Yeah actually that's a that's a great observation and I always think about that when I'm driving out your way. You know driving on this instantly turn that was probably you know maybe 20000 years ago. That was where it late you're it would have been so I'm so Lake Ontario Lake Erie both have instantly chores that you can travel long. And I believe on the south and Lake Ontario it's even called old lakeshore road. Minutes and noticeable read so you can actually when you're driving along in for going from west to east on your left you can look down. And see sort of where the old beach would have been and then to hear rated B up and then that's sort of where the highlands would have been. OK so that now we got that little better cemented in my mind for us when I'm driving around. As far as when when you guys became a fossil park you mentioned it was it was say in the seventies the quarry shuts down about twenty years later you guys did in their kind of start doing some asks excavating is that when you discovered that it was such a placed the big find. For fossils what that time and really interesting question and this little before my time but from what I gathered our play's actually was like. My multi purpose and not in a legal sense. I'm there were a lot of folks have come at a party to shoot guns to burn tires. And it you know some people are fixing fishing and hiking and things really. I'm and we became known as I can illegal dump. Where if you had a some cans of paint Arnold tire that you didn't wanna deal with any longer you brought it to the former Koreatown to somewhere muffed it. And so I'm at the same time all this was going on there's a group of fossil collectors from around the country somehow had heard that there were a tremendous trial might fossils that. The former appendix. And now leaving the old tires they dug fossils. That's it. And I see you brought a very prime example of a I believe it's a trial by right to that correctly identified that alcohol. Absolutely nailed it so since elevates I would say they're not as popular as dinosaurs maybe they're numbered two. Favorite. An extinct animal but yet how elements are at the concert just gently related to horseshoe cramps. They have segments they have hands which are columns upon. Middle part which is a thorax in the tail which was on the podium and have two highest. I'm entitlements are notable because there worthy first animals to really have complex compound eyes. And that improved vision allowed them to survive and thrive for much much longer than the dinosaurs were of around and his animals lived way before the dinosaurs to. And what type of rock is it enclosed in an is that the type of rocky would normally find this particular fossil. So suits helmets are the done motion Clark and any Iraq where you have sentiments that were deposited in them marine environment. You might find trial by its as long as it's from the time period when they were round. And today. Good to bring up this point because you are attempting something with fossils that's a pretty big deal coming up Saturday August 25 starting at 9 in the morning. Yeah houses. Our Big Dig is to set the Guinness world record for world's largest files a day. And the former at and exe cement pouring in Hamburg. We are going to welcome somewhere between 501000. Guests. We're him meet all of the Guinness requirements they have made a few rules. Including our visitors have to collect fossils for at least thirty minutes using tools. Fossils that to be verified by a paleontologist. But this is your opportunity to make history. Be a part of a Guinness world record and keep some cool fossils such a fine. And it is there and a number that you have that did you have to have in terms of people. Yasser isn't the cool thing is I'm this is a new record category forgiveness they created it. I'm just because we badgered them and said hey do you have a record more. Fossil collecting and they said no and so. I'm the minimum is 500 and so we're. About 80% of the way there and we expect to that I'm in the days before the event will probably reach capacity and so we would encourage anyone who's interested. To sign up early so that we can guarantee them spots. And it and just doing the quick math literacy at 500 for half an hour which means 250 man hours of work. But you have to have because they have to commit to a half an hour search yeah yeah it's it's it's quite complex is actually there must. Complicated and challenging event that we've planned yet. And there's there's a lot of moving parts that we calculated a severing gets a shirt and a member of shirt and fossil collecting bag and some sort of tool. Our staff has to do about one shirt every seven seconds. And once we open on 9 AM on Saturday the 25 so we can get everyone through the line quick enough to begin the fossil collecting. And admission is relatively easy right Yasser osu I'm you can sign up on our website we've reduced our mission to five dollars thank you to several generous sponsors. Time and if once your registered on our website your dad's ago. We probably won't have the ability to accept late arrivals though or or last minute guests who register. Talking with Dr. Phil stokes executive director appendix C this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 double BP and and again for those who are actually participating in the day you get to keep what you find drank. Absolutely so our guests will be out there I'm for at least thirty minutes and then once the official date time is over we're gonna allow everyone to go. Everywhere we have a 54 acre park there's a lot of fossils. I am and anything that he finds our staff will be happy to help you identify and then you can keep free on collection. And when you include that things like the commemorative shared a fossil collecting bagged. You also give them the tools the actual physical nearly chipping tools or whatever you would neither brushing tools to. To get in there and find these fossils and then make sure you preserve him. Yes so I'm really the most important that we find is actually just a garden trowel. And the reason is that rocks are really soft and pretty much every time it rains. The rocks break apart is a little bit more and so there's actually taught apostles right at the surface and all you have to do is turn a few stones over. And you'll find something new in. Now when you say really need and and nothing wrong with a traveled by minute day to day is especially this one because it seems to be like a nearly perfect specimen. What is that the coolest find that we've had that during dates here and Dixie. Well because we we have a lot of stuff I'm just like a modern coral reef has a lot of biodiversity so did our inch and coral reefs appendix C and so we find animals like bracket odds horn corals. I'm we have a creature called a Brazoban much looks a lot like a coral it's an important reason builder but is actually different type of animal we have another feature column crying right. Which is and a kind of germ related to receive star corner two and I'm and then we have a lot of rare stuff that may be Amber's found once or twice a year by visitors. But has really really exciting in one apartment big examples as there's an animal constantly us dias. It was an armored finished Kong plaque and Arum. To ammonium period 380 million years ago is known as the age of fishes and definitely honesty is was a large very large fish about the size. Maybe an SUV. And so this animal had a huge bony plate a farce a series of bony plates of meat up its head. And it it's snapped its mouth shut and the like like a mouse trap. And it was a big predator that apex predator of its time. I'm unfortunately we don't find many other apostles because you probably know the animals at the bottom of the food chain of very upon the fold animals of the top are pretty rare. But typically gaseous is probably the coolest fossil that we do fines on occasion. And all of these again indicative of the fact that you are talking about a watery environments that which is pretty much why you're gonna find what you're going to find it. Just citizen during that of onion paying into Western Europe was actually one degrees south of the equator it was warm tropical waters. I assume imagine you know you're here maybe in the Bahamas or something. And of the animals we find it would be represented of that ecosystem. And what else do you have this turn into it was a special events not that this one isn't big enough and get out of you you wanna get people out there for this on Saturday August 25 at 9 o'clock. Yeah well the first Saturday in October October 6 were actually planning something really exciting. That's or 21. Earth science state program and this year because there are signs is turning 21. We're gonna have wine tasting. Provide about 101000 vines in Hamburg our guests are welcome to. A simple little bit of wind Mo they did for fossils. In the coping is because of you're academy which. Is a major supporter appendix. Erie county earth science date is free to the public and then we mono encourage as many folks to come out if I'm here interested in learning more about organization and also. Many organizations will be there we have a big exhibit are tenth I'm in previous years we've had the buffalo zoo both the Museum of Science. Ramstein woods and and pretty much any science and nature of you can imagine in the regional will be there. Yeah you mention the county a big supporter and earlier you mentioned that the five dollar admission fee for a of the big doings on August when he says. Are because you have a people who are big benefactors are you guys funded. So about a third of our funds come from local government. There's funding source called Erie county cultural funding that funds also. Mike buffalo zoo and science museum. And Albright Knox I'm and so are very very fortunate to be included in that funding stream. I'm and then the rest of our funds are generated by visitor fears. My program expenses we do a lot of school field trips we do our out in the community programs we do astronomy ninths. I'm a number of very thankful for donations and sponsorships as well. So Penn Dixie lot of things going on the Guinness world records. Attempt for the world's largest fossil dig on Saturday August 25 day at 9 o'clock you mentioned. In October there's some dealings going on what would be the best way phone number perhaps for a people get a hold of the. So our office on a 7166274560. We also recommend a website and exceed out ORG. Has always the most up to date information and that's pan with two Wentz yes Dixie standard spelling I I would assume people know how to spell Dixie by an appendix seat outdoor das yes all right perfect. Phil always a pleasure to have you on thanks for stopping by I think is a much Randy Dr. Phil stokes executive director of Penn Dixie this is buffalo means business on news radio 930. WB yen.