8/17 Are You Concerned About Terrorism In The United States? Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, August 17th

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In his radio in the paint thirty WBA. And it's Tom Bauer Leahy in David Bellamy got its hourly and elevate on the news radio 930 W. Well it is hourly and elevate them under his radio 930 WBE. So David big concert coming up at this Yemen. Without naming names were not going to do that I happen now the guy who is making the costumes for Jay-Z M bankruptcy. Yeah you know they're talking what they say fifty tractor trailer is saying that her hair 5050. Uplifting. 50 fit accuracy though it's and I'll think about this you know I shades. Phantom of the Opera all these you know major Torre in Broadway shows come to buffalo all the time. Miss Saigon has a helicopter that comes from it rises. That the chandelier all these kids hanging off of it and up and crashes just light up but the point is there's all these Broadway shows that come through buffalo. None of them. True maybe late may is maybe. Two tractor trailers. There are fifty tractor trailers for a one at one time today. It's okay to me that's absolutely insane but you know what you know who else has that same kind of rig is Pink Floyd. Any of these massive massive groups bring it's a Jay-Z Pink Floyd I don't think you know what even with Pink Floyd I don't think that there's any way they occupy fifty tractor trailers course they're not they're not touring currently you know you'll see Gilmore or a Roger Waters on the road but I think we've probably seen the last of Pink Floyd together. Probably several years ago. Only allowed to play one now from Pink Floyd lives he can't do any of the other oil right so if you wanna see pay if you love Pink Floyd in. You're into watching an anti semites thing Roger Waters would be your ticket. But the idea here is that he can only do one pay Puerto Ol David he's not really anti Semitic you're totally misinterpreting the pigs with the stars of David flying you're totally misinterpreting them but. If you're gonna go out and see beyoncé. And Jay-Z. This out there who opens for who I mean I would think that easy would be the bigger draw I have no idea. I mean there ought to know beyoncé is the bigger while some beyoncé is where she was in Austin Powers Torre. Why she's got a huge following and you know that but but the idea that fifty tractor trailers he's got to be you know pyrotechnics. In. Different costume changes in you name it but how many. I mean that's like a Super Bowl halftime I was going to be a thousand people in the era of the fifty tractor trailers are high and you know that they may all the recording ours they make their money on the road this is where they. They cash and you kept it out because with the date digital music has changed everything nobody cares I mean I would download albums maverick and making albums anymore it's just. Individual singles they throw up on. I'm now you know 99 cents a dollar tan whatever it is and it's lucky people actually pay it right they are lucky right met Longo was it at 99. That where Taiwan Napster and music lives why is right everything was downloaded free and then Metallica's Lars ruined all that. Well I looked. As to where the artists are coming from it's look I mean if it obviously takes a lot of skill takes a lot of time takes effort a lot of energy lot of creativity to put yourself out there and you just can't have people downloading it for free. Unless of course that your business model which I think more and more people are realizing. It better to leave your videos up on YouTube vivid is to have the lawyers immediately issue the season this is to get them down. And in some bands like the Eagles for example they are absolutely anal about their stuff being live. Unless they personally if sanction it. They are evil about an eagle performance is being YouTube. There are still a bunch of Eagles. Performances live that you can watch on YouTube like there's the capitals center 11970s. With. Ready miser stunning version of take it to the limit. But the Eagles are among the bands that are very very serious about making sure that copyright infringement is guarded against and also believe it or not Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan's positively anal about his stuff especially is born again Christians though being out there pretty but he did just peruse it will. We don't you know and so and a wrote that the that the trailers are all full of issues. Also in other words it's like every woman everywhere. So it's not your usual. About that doorway you know just the setting it up like wrestling for example when that Debbie Debbie comes to buffalo they construct a ring. There's the ropes there's a whole process and an if there's a hockey game you know maybe the day before. You know it takes a tremendous amount of effort and man power to turn that hockey rink into. You know basketball court into a wrestling ring but they don't take fifty tractor trailer though. But I wonder what security is going to be electric original like concert attending life but I know that we're gonna get into this later on a Bauerle ability of it in my concert attending life. I've noticed any increase overall in security and beat some artists are a lot more evil than other artists about security for example. You go to C Ringo Starr and I it was the first time in my life David and this was our park maybe five years ago Ringo Starr used to be drummer for The Beatles. Just in case you don't know that. I actually saw a bomb sniffing dogs at the Ringo Starr shell and they were just around the stage they were everywhere and our partner even up in the box. The the bomb sniffing dogs. And then of course everybody who is holding something on them immediately turned around and walked in the other direction for some reason and debated wanna get near the dogs it was kind of funny to watch every time you see somebody looking at one of the shepherds of them. Crap and then you see like turn around and walk in the other direction they could have a bomb on them but they did have something about them they were concerned the dog might detect because those canines are really really good at sniffing out contraband. To you don't wanna mess around and we even at the bills game you all and now. You know cell phone whatever it is you pull on your pocket there's. You know Erie county on the Erie county's DOT bomb disposal unit there at every sabres bills game everything but you know that's that's the price we pay David because one of the things we're gonna talk about today via a sleeper cells in the United States and Iran is starting to talk big again. Right or Iran what they've always talked big I think now what we know the difference between the old days and today. Is that they have a 150. Billion dollars. Of our money. Because I mean that money was seized and there they're gonna make the argument that it was a rainy and money that was seized but it was seized because they are state sponsor of international terror. And you know one of the things that the Bush Administration cut off you don't see 101000 katyushas rockets raining down on Israel every day. There was a situation in Yemen you didn't have about the problems that you have in Libya today that you had. Before and now that they took that money what do they do they they put it into. What the gross domestic product of Iran is terrorism. That's what it is and the people of Iran are. Every day you don't see this because it's it's clamped down by the regime in Iran but the people are actively trying to overthrow. They're Peters them Lewis well that is the title that's the share of it David in the about the pile on Barack Obama but the Obama ahead an opportune. Ready to make some statements and shows some real tangible support when the movement actually looked as though it might bear fruit against the Islamic fundamentalists who run the nation of Iran. You remember those days where there were actually organized groups there were actually organize protests and all they wanted was some encouragement all they wanted was some moral support them may be some material support but they could even get worse they couldn't get moral support from the Obama administration I suspect. If the same movement happened today in Iran the response former White House might be a little bit different in terms of tangible support and in terms of moral support. If you went back you know if we had a time machine and you look at the Bush Administration. 2002. If there was a country to invade and it was about that to the war on terrorism. Iran was certainly. I think that the choice over Iraq only because the fact that you would have been able to marginalize Saddam. Hopefully get him on your side. But. That was the problem in Iraq came from our it was the interior minister of department that was bringing in. Or Indian nationals in revolutionary guard and you know the idea that you could you know give a fire fight in Iraq and and be shooting at. A rein in soldiers that were actually carry ID cards and dog tags from Iran. It was pretty brazen and and it it is done nothing but Yemen is is on fire Iraq you have all the problems they have there. With the crisis in and everything else they're all being the only the vacuum that was created was was great Byron I think people care about. You wanna go to WB EN dot com through August 26 and get him to win a gutter system from leaf guard of Lake Erie the number one choice in Western New York for protecting your. Gutters so are you who. Concerned. About terrorism you get the sense that most Americans are concerned about terrorism now when I use the word terrorism. There's all different kinds of terrorism but for the purposes of our discussion today because Iran is rattling its sabres once again. And not the Buffalo Sabres. We're talking about Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. So that is not to say that there isn't other terrorism in the world David because the guy in Las Vegas for whom we're never gonna know the exact motive why he killed all those innocent people in my view he was a terrorist this school shooting people they are also terrorist though they may not be acting to advance a political or religious belief cause or agenda but in their heart they are trying to. De facto to cause terror and of course are succeeding when they do. They are and the other thing is that you know you realize how easy it is especially feared insane. And you wanna make a difference you wanna go out and take as many innocent people with you. Terrorists are created a pretty good blueprint of how to do that and you know you talk about wallets guns it's bombs that we've seen knife attacks all over Europe London. Car tax exile with them Ford Fiesta. Well again it it just shows that if you have that hate your heart that your intent to hurt you're gonna do with that what they think have. But we didn't think about these things and we would you argue that the world. You know back in 2001. We had you know that members of the airplane that crashed in New York City after it was a month after it was like in the borrows what was going to the Dominican Republicans right and it was just a plane crash landed in populated. Area but. That was everywhere in the NTSB rule that that particular flight hit wake turbulence from a previous flight and so obviously that lost its aerodynamic stability went down and so now we're thinking automatically that they're back here come the terrorist. And so. For awhile we were inspecting planes and making sure that. You know there wasn't a possibility of of luggage blowing now important in the things that we've seen maybe in. In you know with the Russian situation over the Ukraine where there was a plane shot down it was a bomb that one off we have the mission flight over the Indian Ocean. But in the United States Richard Reid 2003. Was it when he had the shoe bomber. He was on a flight from Detroit there was the underwear bomber there was you know the reason he can't bring any beverage on to into the airport one you don't buy after you go through security. Is because all of the threats why don't we open up our laptops while we show our electronic. Intelligence comes out that. You know they're working on putting some sort of explosive final laptop all the sudden it changes the entire. Trajectory of what TSA Homeland Security have to worry about. We kick off our shoes because one idiot tried Ladish you know blow up a plane with the shadows. You know and you've got the the underwear that's how we got the fool you know scale. You know what is it through forty do you walk and you put your hands up that that all comes down to two. Attempted. Attacks and intelligence that leads us to believe that. That these these terrorists are constantly evolving. Our telephone number. Is 803. On I thirty that's 803 on 930 stop at 930 is for himself on 180616. WBE. And we do winner of those tickets to see a fifth dimension more than other pretenders to give away later on a news radio 930 WBBM. But Howell. How old concerned are you about terrorism. In the United States. And generally of course we think about terrorism we think about that militant Islamic terrorism. But again as I said between September 11 2001. And August of 28 team David. We've seen terrorists but they have had nothing to do with Islam they practice and about the United States and the passion in particular typically these are crazed American individuals. Who I think have one common denominator actually too common denominator is number one is mental illness number two is just absolute evil. Which we of course can never list as a cause because it's just too it's too nebulous for a lot of people to wrap their fingers their hands of their minds around the idea that something could be evil. A lot a lot of great work was done during the Iraq War and identify what causes a person. To have you know put an idea on the side of the road a lot of it as an important to be totally honest there were reluctant people that we're just taking money dead. Dig a hole place a battery near. Artillery round. And then of course you have the extremists. But you know the thing that that the problem with the once a vacuum is created and you start to see. How you can take the US Miller tour and the US military. And put them in a position whether they're constantly you know looking out for what's on the side of the road every time your your thinking about a threat level. You have less time to focus on the mission this is a distraction of course. You know Vietnam that the helicopter in Vietnam was a huge asset it could take you from place to place in movie around. And the reason why we stuck to the ground was because of the threat of surface to air missiles and taking down those helicopters like we saw and in Mogadishu in 93. But again Blackhawk down black hawk down any. The if you are disgruntled or your pro environment carriers some radical and any stretch. You know al-Qaeda in crisis in Iran and they've given a blueprint of how you can you know completely terrorize. Population in this this either David week despite the best interest in him despite acrimony despite the paper but we have got. I would think night in some sense against a common enemy you know even the most bitter enemies David can manage to put down their weapons against each other and unite against a common fault. You know back in the Chinese before the Chinese Communists were in power there was a civil war in China and you are the forces of Chang Kai Shek. And the forces of mount such tong the Communists and the Chinese Nationalists okay. The Japanese invaded Manchuria. And despite the fact that the comedies and the chink I shut people were going at each other tooth and nail they're going after each other in the most vicious ways possible once the Japanese got into the picture those two sides that were a lot further apart on the Trappist on the never trumpets were actually able to unite against the common follow now unfortunately it didn't work out very well because the Japanese were juggernaut at this point. But all of us as Americans need to be vigilant against terrorism and we've got to obviously put America first. Well okay you did the big problem that we face today are these former terrorist organizations like Hamas that become political organizations. They they they shed blood the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that sort of you know was the grandfather of Hamas we've seen it now. With the Farc rebels in Colombia they were at war. That was the Havoc they created Venezuela and Colombia now they wanna put out guns and they want elect an all too. Two to congress essentially. We're seeing over the Taliban and the Taliban wants to become a political move in Afghanistan. Do you allow former terrorists to just put their arms down and say OK we'd like to represent the people now. There seems like keep you if you're gonna have a peace accord with a former terrorist group stage had just forgive the bloodshed today you know inflicted on the people for. Ten ya there's precedent for up a hit to bring it up while we get to the breaker and news radio 930 WB yet it is hourly and Columbia. Are you still concerned about terrorism some of us still remember that day September 11 2001 as a watershed moment in our lives. They have a are you still concerned about terrorism do you believe there are sleeper cells the United States are poised to strike. We need also to get him to mayor mayor governor Cuomo's quote unquote in our full comments about Americans not being great. Those are going away David and let's go to Michael in buffalo WB Ian Michael York on both hourly and Olivia. Yeah I just thought yeah I worry about terrorism but I I think it's US government that one of the greatest terrorist planner so. But I want to worry about the most. In what sets. Well in every sense of the word date so if you go to any city especially inner city in this country they're not American anymore. The the stores are owned by people around America and the people that shop at those doors are not American but they're paying for it and are many ways where are you not about money. I'm. You're you're saying domestic terrorism as opposed to foreign foreign terrorism if there might be influenced by foreigners which are worried about. People who live in the United States that want to you know use the ideology. Of foreign terrorists here. Lying to you have to people trying not to be in the top in the city about well I happen at the university at buffalo and I feel otherwise and I grew about project whether our. It's not our fault. Kandahar. Or something Somalia are not apple. And look at why not emerge. And it might terrorist government. Rod exhaust that because everything under the articles for free. Well is it is at the terrorist government or is that the people that I support the politicians who want things like a Sanctuary Cities there is that the people who want politicians who don't believe in borders. Further studies with foreigners that you're gonna get. And if you eat if he keeps selling. You know it's a Demi violates separation of church and state that they are because it's the chargers job to provide charity. Not the state. So you know the bottom line is I consider a US government the greatest terrorist on earth in I hate them. Its side no doubt that foreign countries were meddling in other players that they hate and so. Do you think that it is the current administration or do you Trace it only back to previous administrations. And I treat it really backed you really Khalid early nineteen hundreds when our country was was pretty much ransacked by international bankers. Well it's. By its side just progressed since then and did we invited destruction and all the nations are lining up to do so. And I just think it's sad because. You know because we have arguments about oh. About you know somebody's right to murder a baby we invent arguments about stuff like that you know instead of you know all my right to walk and a right to our. Would you think you think that's an invented argument whether or not life begins at the moment of conception and then what becomes what is the legal standing of the fetus. No I don't I don't think that that's a valid argument to have I think that's a foolish argument because it's that because. It's argument we have a right to whites and America feel like the light from our creator. Isn't that worth fighting for isn't that worth debating. It's important work as well you're you're more to it sounds like you're more concerned about seven elevens and you're human life to be honest. It's it's worked for me. To see Russia just beat people like that because I don't care to be on the side of them are no matter there. There's a lot here and I'm I'm I'm so you're saying that the United States government is responsible. For meddling in other people's countries. And then the other side of the argument is that they bring people. Some are running at stake every time you attacked on trump. Column. That does. Let's tackle ball where we're getting confused you let's focus back on what we're talking about that we're from a terrorist act. So if the United States goes and it goes on a foreign adventure and finds itself in Libya trying to overthrow Qaddafi a vacuum is created. Al-Qaeda ice this Islamic extremists they fill that vacuum. We then bring. Folks in the civil war whether it's in Libya Somalia. Syria we bring them to the United States because. You know they're they're they're fleeing that conflict. You're saying that that makes us more susceptible there's. Right now we are the real money in your debt slavery. Well let terrorists. And. I about it I I don't wanna just following I mean there's a legitimate argument to make that. You know American adventurism. Creates a vacuum. In that vacuum when America leaves that fought for and more extremists will fill it. And when you bring a population over you don't let them we don't know what their intentions are you could possibly have. Individuals are still hold animosity towards the united UK Poland cart strategy well. It's you've lot of Republicans support that as well it's it's it's frightening because you don't really know what you're getting but. What what I'm trying to get that is is you know the to apply the United States is doing intentionally. To bring terrorists here to kill us. You know I think that's a little for that I don't think. Mean it in the great scheme of things. The the idea that it's about eight up debate you know between. The so called right to life and the so called right for a woman to do anything she wants to her body I don't think that's a made up argument I don't think that that is something that here's. And artificially created debate. Yeah I. I don't even how abortion got got into the side you know we're not we talking about aborting terrorists were where we've but what's worked well that's of interest ethical dilemma if you do that it was it gonna be a terrorist would you support a portion of Osama bin Laden. Now listen I don't blow the deer did that we have individuals. That have been taught one thing their entire lives. And it's not the responsibility. Of the American government to go into these communities and cultures in the Middle East. And remind them that you know were not a threat we actually have to put skin in the game you have to put investments. And when you look at these areas like Pakistan and and Syria and everything else. Do they need the Department of Defense they do but they also need the department of education and the department of agriculture and all the other assets of the foreign government the biggest problem we made. Is we made the war on terror 100%. The responsibility of the State Department and the Department of Defense. And if we would have gone into Afghanistan. And again how many of these individuals and Afghanistan. Just wanna support the poppy crop because that is what's making them money you've got an old the only guy crisis across the globe. And these guys are getting money for their crop that they're not advocate for corn they're not in Egypt for soy. They're not gonna get for any other crop they could grow in that in that terrain so you don't know how many of these folks are reluctant. Reluctantly helping the enemy on the battlefield. Because they're tried to feed their family. Those are the people you leverage away those of the folks you wedge away from extremists and how do you wish them away for extremists you give briefcases. Well again you know look look at what happened in Iraq when you when you saw the the sons of of Anbar that the folks that work literally fight. Understand what we asked of our military in 2006. Could you imagine going into the Pacific campaign. In 1943. And telling our men and women who were over there fighting going island hopping. Yesterday you were fighting against the imperial Japanese today there your ally we're going after the Nazis. Well wait a second these guys kill my friends I don't trust them you're just asked me to block shields with these guys and fight win them that's exactly what. The US military asked Marines and sailors and soldiers. In 2006 to 2011. I should they 2010. When we locked together in Anbar Province we chiseled away. Al qaeda's hold of Anbar by telling these guys we're gonna pay you a salary got you can't trust a government. The Iraqi Government can pay one time there's going to be some corrupt guys and take all your money. And what was happening with the general. You know would would would be paid a 100000 dollars he pays guys twenty bucks and he'd take the rest of Britain and and run off. So we stood in between those guys we paid them directly. We put them in our military we featuring them some of them still had allegiance to the enemy killed us on the I'm. Situations. But the vast majority of that success that we had before. You know Obama pull this out was because we have these guys in the payroll. They were on our side against al-Qaeda and we turned the tide that way it's a lot of this happens to do with security feeding your family and realizing. That America has to be looked at when you go into a tribal society you don't get. Parliament that's the most confusing government in the world if if you're in a tribal culture you become the strongest tribe. And and that counter insurgency was all about it's was successful and in areas of Vietnam it was successful in in Iraq and Afghanistan. The problem is that as a law mission. You are you that you broke that you are there until it's fixed. I think the American people just don't wanna be an endless wars they don't want you know send their sons and daughters two generations removed into an economist. Are you concerned about terror. And in the United States still 8030930. Start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WBE. And the 803 all right thirty as the land lines start my putting is the cell phone and the toll free number from anywhere is 180616. WB UN weather is as we're talking about this today David is. DHS is concerned about so rainy and back sleeper cells that are in the United States and they are poised to attack targets at the border with them and decrease of their over ports in mastered in Iraq. I don't know how you can I mean this is what this is what Hezbollah does this is what Iran has done for years. You know you can look at the you know that the film Spielberg made Munich. You know what once you've traded a terrorist vacuum these guys they go. Wherever they can go to hide out. And you're chasing someone who did one mission one time and there's fifty other guys behind him that are rated the same thing. But look immediate if you're living in the United States. And you know there's an opportunity to make money there's an opportunity to. You know you feel that you still have an allegiance towards another country another flag or or it's a religious fervor. You're telling me that it's an apostle where are these terrorists coming from if they're not directly trained in the old days they go to Somalia and they get their Torre. There is it's so easy to look at someone's passport and where they're traveling and just simply asked them. What was your business you lived in Minnesota you were you moved to Minnesota we were six years old why are you traveling to Pakistan Somalia. I mean that's a legitimate question that the Obama administration would not allow our government to ask me you're talking about vetting as if here. You know going through DNA or you're doing facial recognition you're simply asking. I've seen you've traveled to three other countries that are in the middle of a civil war can I just simply ask what you're doing is there someone that could verify what you're doing and he can't answer those questions you're not allowed to come back in the country. Seems like makes a lot of sense seems like common sense to me but then again that's me. Are you concerned about terrorism in the United States said DH just concerned that the Iranians relief Purcell. In the United States that are ready to do damage against us you know they've I have to believe we're in all honesty that would Donald Trump in the White House. Iran if they can be traced directly to any terror attack that takes place in the United States. It's going to be an altogether different and dare I say he's an electrical response to something Iran does that might have been under George Bush were under Barack Obama. Writer wrong apps while I hope that that's the whole reason why we elected Donald Trump to be honest with the I think that. Even though we don't talk about terrorism every single day when you peel back this onion of the Iran and deal. Tom there's so many things about this means the banks that were asked to launder money why are you sending pallets of cash. There's never a logical reason why you have to send pallets of cash and a C 130. Into Iraq into Iran and late night and early in the morning the way that this thing was kept secret you still see. John Brennan all the folks that were connected to this deal John Kerry Hillary Clinton Barack Obama. Today he would when we learn more and more information was kept from the American people similar to when Obama care was forced upon us. We peel back the onion and realize all these other deals that were involved with a nobody is going to the most liberal elected official in Washington DC. Is going to look at Iran and be able to tell you that this is a state sponsor of terror there's nothing good. That didn't regime in Iran is doing on the global stage. And yet why you think that there are going to be. A good stewards in an ideal like this I mean it's it it boggles your mind it again there's a mindset on the left. That if if we equals the playing field were not aggressive it if we don't interfere in in foreign. Entanglements. Everything will be okay if I don't bother you you won't bother us what was the reason why 9/11 happened to begin. Al-Qaeda was upset that we were in sell Saudi Arabia. In the gulf war we were protecting the kingdom. We were protecting religious areas in America in Riyadh in Medina this was all about what Saddam Hussein wanted to launch. You know scud rockets and hit these. These religious centers that's the only reason why we had a presence in Saudi Arabia was to protect the kingdom. From Iraq. Iraqi aggression. We are at 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB. David I've got to believe I mean the Iranians are not stupid and I've got to believe that they know that if these sleeper cells are activated on orders from Iran or they can be traced back to take Iran for any funding inspiration or any connection what so that. Iran is gonna face I'll I'll paraphrase what trump said to a North Korea. A death and destruction and the likes of which the world has never seen before firing destruction. The likes of which the world has never seen before I just don't think trop is gonna tolerate Iran engaging in terror acts in the United States even by proxy. Well we've had in in Iraq and these are twelve or she is okay these are this year is that believe that the sciele will come back. That whole well story and Andy you can look that up in and talk about yourself. But you have a Shia you know sect of Islam that is running. The the regime in Iran and and we know that the Wahabi speed of the radical so it's. Are the basis of what you see al-Qaeda and crisis. How are you tour because if you ask al-Qaeda what is you know we wanna kill Americans we wanted to do they also want until she gets. Yet Iran find a way to work with basis. To kill Americans and Jews they're the the arrangement there is is very convoluted and crazy and he did say wahhabi not was so obvious so look at all excited about food.