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Yeah and it's a financial guys' radio program and in all probability that way and I don't know. I wish I could tell your. Global financial expert is Glenn wiggle my former. Drive our suvs. And we. Got great. Yeah. Live from them don't. DN studios. Welcome back rated. But he felt he had like robust political financial guys. In with you each and every Saturday from 1 until 3 o'clock. Before we indicated they showed us what the thing and anger we filled in for seen the beach the rates in the beach yesterday awesome time was as a blast and I'm like oh my phone again muted so much fun yet it's just the way. And again with that button San Diego at. They let us that the plot and we head back to yesterday it was like a thousand ultimately tool actually I didn't lie and we'll get right but I do you. He had put it on mute so wouldn't have any outside now if background noise and I forget that it's on mute I go to start to actually goes yup yesterday was a great time. Talking about the DMB and sandy beaches show really appreciate again and captured Dylan. Always a fun time we get just a little bit different not that we don't. Kind of bounce all over the place on the show of course but. You know it's always nice to not have to worry about you know doing anything financially or even China related together a boisterous which I took a lot of people to pretend they don't know who we are too like I didn't know you guys run the station equipment an overnight success for the last eighteen years on the operator. We are live luckily they live on remote with that John have a coach it's not shield forfeit these other. Which is our divisions that helps police officers and firefighters. And we are live at the premium coffee roasters these are friends of yours right yeah. Or are there pretending to be for the how. That might think of him in buffalo but. I heard that you go over in heeded their house that Sunday sauce so Sunday's us and now my part of the family. Where's all. Wishes he'd yes Mike here and visit. Election is that SO or both as a quick so we're down in the terribly effect and amber road so prima conferences Maria the turnpike but aliens reply through drive yeah I've only been here 42 years I have no idea that this was called with her yeah I mean that's the first I've heard from. It's sad to say so we got eighties DiMarco. It just it gives us a pregame coffee. Each person. Just cut him off. They want to say cyclists in those places here it's smiles it's awesome that the officer got it smiles but smiles much better than the studio. I have no idea what happens in the studio Monday through Friday it is getting went. The so this place is cool. And by the way so what we're doing is an appreciation day what you're doing job as an appreciation day for police officers by a month or so cup run a couple of promotions today. And post doughnuts we've had by the way on eight years of we should hate police officers because they're all that right so you're we opener yeah we love honor. And so today aside a couple of notes so. Call it done this visited topic half fresh cup coffee post office. Feet Conficker spring issue with yet. Say hello that's got months giveaways so that oh by the way it's another if you're a police officer injured near your on route five lack a wanna. Yeah our fire when you gotta stop by because the first eight to stop by you get a coffee mug. That looks like gone with the loss when he announces all chrome down yet look at real. Promise kept it here covered I did I by the way it promised Rus Thompson last round and once I get a bus. He did I did stuff I forgot that meant to last them so so if you wanna stop by and after police officer firefighter we asked the question that it by the way it will. Have a lot of fun with the show you most of you know that we needed money Monday through Friday. Today's questions going to be what's it going to take to clean up the east side of buffalo it looks like a war zone I would say they root but that's an insult to Beirut. It's it's it's really disgusting and I took a ride up Genesee street accidentally a few months ago. And I literally turned around but the timing at the daily because I thought this is just Wednesday. And that's not cool and so what's it gonna take to turn that around and clean it up. And you know eight years. Basically attacking. The police department. Saying it's your fault and you know sixties he could not believe in the criminals. We're haven't an appreciation day here's a picture of your player for the police officer your swing by here stop by have a donut cup of coffee. To Monica. You're holding hearings that are now I am. A cup I'm I'm I'm clear I don't hearings I errant. If I hop on board by the way 8030930. Start regional on a cell phone 180616236. What's it gonna take to clean up the east side of buffalo. And glad what are your thoughts by the way well. I can tell you that and when opener rollicking and office. Yeah the background sites on your end up getting some but it back like are. Not playing Monica. Or zones you know frank do what you can clean it up. I'm Obama came in office lets you know that got out there to eight years ago and when the very first into the it was in the first six months. The police officers of Massachusetts you maverick amounts of acted stupidly. For arresting the guy was crawling through window while the north is that it's within Iraq had a good film held on it. Then harassed on the didn't beat a mop mean it was a Dave based optimist crawl on the window. They made a mistake that I end up owning on me just happened to be. Locked himself out yet to be African Americans of course Obama just assumes while must be racist right. It's got to be racist so right out of the gate he is blasting the police say you act as Google you may remember that he had the beer saw a man while have a beer. And then of course all about marketing thing wrong. He had done none of course tree in my mind thing happened but look at my son that that could have done that it looked like me in an. Could the nurse I'm a leader sun was beating up somebody asked why he was killed said the same correct it's still sad I mean nobody wants to see a 7161718. Year old kid. I killed but the fact of the matter is he was on top of the other guy you know ground pounding on they report so that but it does every single case. Whether it be. Law enforcement and criminals or whether the our allies vs our enemies Obama for eight years consistently picked the wrong side he picked the criminals like Michael Brown. Over the police officers he picked. I ran over Israel right ME every time Obama had the choice to pick the right vs wrong he picked wrong look at sure that. I write Cuba we have a recent articles do justice last couple days. We had duke obviously bring back our ambassadors that we're over in the US embassy we just reopened US embassy two years ago. When Obama decided unilaterally lift all the sanctions we got nothing in return. What is Castro do. Well he he attacks of with in audible sounds and damages their hearing I mean that's that's serious stuff and he attacked the he's surrounded. Our embassy with the with. You know some sort of a damaging. Inaudible sound device that damaged eardrums of our our diplomats that were over and our embassy in Cuba. That's outrageous. But again could decide what he side with the with the Cuban dictator as oppose the American people he signed with the Cuban dictator as supposedly. Thousands of of Cubans have risked her life to get here in every case when he came to criminals in law enforcement he sided with the criminals Michael brown and Ferguson. Another classic example he sent a delegation from the White House a couple of high ranking officials of the funeral why. The Dallas at two bit criminal right unfortunately the police officer who it now has to live with that shooting for the rest of his life. Lost his house lost his career at the move lot of talent I mean. Unfortunately he should have been exonerated and and our executed. Yeah yeah that are added just upside down in the world does it. I know were not polluting our life at risk by running the financial firms like impersonal the police officers but to look at the years and Obama. And we were told his business owners you know you built that business unit do that and the police officers were told well it's your fault that it. Write your race or some eleven beating somebody up in and he should. Take a quick break here to want to hop on board look at their thoughts what's it take to clean up the east side 8030930. Start at 30. Michael was a little guy have mr. woods studio we are live from premium coffee roasters on route five if you happen to be a police officer of or a firefighter. And years your your replies stop by we've got some free coffee. Apollo donuts by the post him. And the oval talked to these folks owners of a pretty cool coffee shop room thrives 08030930. Start and reserve ground assault on them 10616926. Rout at the area real quick break here in his radio and thirty. WB Ian. Welcome back. Welcome back is rated at thirty WB in Mike Lowell was volatile financial guys this is where but he meets politics always an open Mike session folks. Do not wait until we have the double hop bomb orderly if you need to ask us about money. 8030930. Start I mean zero we're asking the question it what's gonna take to clean up the east side we're live from premium coffee roasters route five. In that John had this for a little psyche I I obviously disrupt the show in the studio we're obviously but I also has studio's best not to have it that it. It that spells great here but he DiMarco actually older it's it is fair to say is that we will visit the general business is premium coffee roasters on republic Peter police officer of firefighters went by its high. Stop we'll get a free cup of coffee Paulus donuts here. And does them some pretty cool blogs that look like guns move on interest when he announced that chrome and a coffee. The fact that apple went after the I don't I can because they've won for a tops of those we'll stop by and say I've won a hop aboard you know real real star and 30 look at you look like us on FaceBook by the way. At that guys follow us on Twitter and that the financial guys dot com if you have a specific financial questions. And don't be pretty do you balance these financial guys dot com they'll put it that THE the end. Trying to think what else to play follow us on Twitter guys FaceBook and I think us us on Twitter at at Jews and of course and number 63315156. Treatment 1515. But the phone line tier the second by the way of Muslim woman was awarded 85000 dollars by the city of Long Beach Tuesday after she sued the city police. For removing her Muslim headgear against her will then we're like beauty migrant that they are gobbling yankees. Yes well here's the thing she was actually. She was pulled over another car that was latest tool of the ground whenever. And sure enough it turned option three misdemeanor warrants outlook are matched and so the with a war and all the other. The other award for just because of the hat here that's what they Diaz said it was the target the wars were for resisting arrest. Car theft and petty sucked until they picked her up they took her to jail isolating. And guess what. You get to go in jail clothes and that doesn't include amnesia literally took a couple of eject and I guess not able to Long Beach though the 85 grant is a great way to address cops don't. Yes that's right exactly don't have wards off the rest of messed how to steal a car to begin with and then guess what. Your PGM would have never been taken off your patsy. This is the issue though we're trying to figure out for out of prison where he's yet to Asia he. This is a problem though is that you know we rewards to relate to listen in now you know of of it today it is more ammunition look here's the deal if you're Muslim. A woman. And you wanna keep your your your head stuff scarf on the docudrama. Just hit jackpot just don't commit a crime is just etc. I don't go out and dole out a car those two car. The different officers. And that's it that's familiar wrestle it means that they'll look at that she would have had her Q. She wouldn't had if he's yet removed had she not been arrested tested tonight she was without other Asia for 24 hours all my god. It ridiculous I mean if she wasn't sitting in jail cell she wouldn't of had the issue and I don't understand why they're older company it. It's nice in company in her home and or been run over player plays whether he Javon Accenture not that it criminal. Right that's correct yup in definitely by the way part of them but would think that number one reason why you ended up starting shield or that piece of it. It helped police officers your family is at least in that third refuses to lose it at your brother to. No no. Relative posts Mimi. Publicly you can look like now it's definitely. Such such a generation through what was military kinda broke the streak. I I pretend that I still and a and a steal them Mike Fisher here and it. I get suvs demonstrate generations and you failed that we're agent respect. That's not Tug of severe by the way just tuning in we are live from premium coffee roasters on route five. What the turnpike. That's my iPad hammered term so many DiMarco instead instantly. Get. At the in the coffee shops in this that is able. Make sure by the later a police officer firefighters were mines oh we got to donuts coffee and Fremont where yet. How better we better for five years we have roast and now grossed out coffee trader site it roasting plant back. I'm open Monday through Friday from this except that you guys distribute this coffee everywhere right this is not just here. Because I think polls don't actually yes we yet we do lead the supplier cost of wholesale accounts media have a local partner who work with to shift the car fields country. Law school. And a lot of cool awful stuff here and sludge candy it a local news editor yet also coloring books so really cool stuff scriptwriter south I'm the awful team in buffalo items here. Her staples article and let's plug your phone number one time. 7168242085. And premium coffee roasters back. Cool. But it was six of them for the fourth. Well I just you know as far as. The is that the folks in those communities have. They really have a desire to bring back lawn mower and I think in buffalo that the buffalo police officers do an extraordinarily. Fantastic job by I would say more so than and a lot of other places like Baltimore literally struggling Chicago places like that. But it I think to be honest I think it really starts with the education and when you're when you're failing half of the year kids late. When only for a you know 50% is graduating if you don't graduate high school degree. If you can get a high school degree where you've got everywhere what career are you moving into at some point I don't know why you know what you're all in all circles education. Where one out of every four. And up the federal prison at some point right I'd write it in the answers let's cops that's right to go Opsound crackers and incomes and jobs jobs throughout text and is he home opener. Yeah that's not the answer. To yeah Chicago as we have it real. 803 all right trio started regional assault on what 806169236. I am not sure how to bring this up. Because we are live on remote canyon do that frank can you bring up Rochester. Against some things up your cubicle Eagles realize real stuck between zero Johnny with a but the. Yeah I Guatemala again the hail as reasons. These inner city areas that are deteriorating as. Eight years so Obama in a while listeners out there. When you get to. These. Black white men are groups instigating police. Violence against police etc. The police are gonna bigger deterrent to go into these areas because of at all let alone the fact that a lot of these lobsters judges and allowed the city courts are up perpetuated. By leftist judges and I don't Rochester weekend number chasers thrown. Against criminals. Because of alleged police brutality. And once they do that. These are officers are subject see these huge lawsuits. And in the civil courts and crew and actual criminal churches and dismissals so that's one of the reasons these inner city areas are getting worse. Or. About what that big props. To. Stop it. I think what. Ours is like you take the Baltimore situation with Freddie gray and now you have. A corrupt mayor you have a corrupt prosecutor. That decides that she's gonna prosecute these six police officers for racism. Now the interesting thing is is that the police captain was black. The prosecutor was black mayors like three out of the civil police officers were black is clearly not racist. I got neighboring. Would appoint one the other things too is that the hardest thing of some of these communities as to prosecute people because they'll become forward right in order ran out the bodies Taylor ran up the friends I don't want to come back around them so. The hardest problems finding people to testify in court to say yup it was Johnny he did it. Well whenever its final father hot. But to call Leo how do you need inner city neighborhoods. It deteriorated quite a bit and I think collapse has to do list government Turkey winners and losers but when when not. Welfare has been the biggest problem right the biggest problem communities. Yeah out of that the government intervention in the free no doubt about it. 18 point eight only subsidized projects. For low income people. Unit. I'm talking apartments. That our side is 250. To 400000 dollars a unit. Now yeah a lot of extra protection way to play these tragic labor agreements the outlet to the plate so and I have a house. You know that words may be a 190 and it's fast. I mean it that low income equality for 300000 unit give me a break. That's right it thanks for the call buddy are right people but I. Thanks all right see some calls coming in here 8030930. Start I've regional assault on 106169236. Mike Lomas volatile financial as John have a stroll in the studio that stimulus we're live from premium coffee roasters. On route five that lack of one of your police officer fireman's stop by and say hi we've got so much populist Maria. Some coffee and doughnuts and that's cool place balls goods those top guys they idealists here. At premium coffee roasters on route five. It is throughout the week folks we do manage money 6331515. Hop aboard 803 on 930 start at regionals awful today. I. Yeah. Welcome back rate of thirty felt. Moments. When two guys. Live premium coffee roasters on route five stopped by say hi. We. Police officer firefighter appreciation. Day here's donuts coffee mugs. Out. It's for coffee. In. Just you know Aussie thank you police officers and firemen that we really it for years have been passed just like that's heated. To. Access that works. They've agreed to beauty or you do this it's it's not your fault you robbed of its ups and all of them. She'll keep that in a bistro with us here. And again live off it goes to hop on board oatmeal. Real. Regional office of 10616236. Rest of the question what's it going to take to clean up the east of buffalo. We talked about the failing schools system. And that's it was a 60% graduation rates 50%. The numbers are. Yeah numbers are pretty alarming and we have had curled a lot of these but even those. Portions of these kids through that. That really don't deserve to go through the system. It's at the welfare. Massive amounts of wealth of continued to jail time and time again. You know let you talked about earlier in the show about you look at some these communities. And they really do there's a huge group that these folks that you want to places around they get it's that they give it to us. Yet there's a huge group that don't want to do. The vast majority of now sorry John I just as the vast majority when you look at the poll numbers of people on like the east side or any inner city community. A really have a high level respect for the police officers of the one they're keeping them safe and they're really had a desire to move back to the rule law I think what happens a lot of times is these gains are still strong and some of these communities that. There's a fear of retribution so a lot of the witnesses to crimes things like that. They just figure wanted to keep my mouth shut my head down for for fear that they end up being that but the right answer I think is what the buffalo. Police force is doing and that's. You know flooding the zone a few well and then you know being the president being visible and being out in the community. But we're not gonna really begin to change things until we faced a factor are. In my opinion our schools are failing and we're not educating inner city kids yeah I need to take a stuffed hit a stance on crime I mean you can't recycle look. We and number years ago I'll never forget there was a shooting outside of the city place with the right across from the HSBC building. Basically right on main street where we are working at the time or eight people were shot four were killed. And I've ever reading the about the the perpetrators. And the rap sheet that this guy had he was out for like that is yet to Pryor a weapons charges luck if you're caught with a illegal weapon. And not a mistake I think that's the problem Y times things happen as. You know we get these laws in place now. A law abiding citizen has one too many rounds and her daughters alternate. Now I'm talking to gang bangers and have no license are not caught on a technicality have a completely illegal gun with a serial number filed off. They need to spend some time in jail. Not released Brent. His answer and that's a huge problem we keep Rio on had to release program. Yeah that's that's I'm gases that huge frustration for a lot of these please share. Continue to put the same people back in jail there right Beckham streak of missing there but again. Then Bobby Bonilla hit the bouncer. Yeah industrials like what was that legal financial guys giant atom are shield for 57 specifically open. Police officers and firefighters we've got chill in the area on deck this equipment. These these folks face different challenges come to retire in two groups and you know. We've set for a long time some peoples that while they've got big pensions at. I think that the number one problem in this state is not the pensions yet others their liberty property sometimes in the in that pretty well. There's no secret to that right. However and we we all know that the little added at the end and plot the biggest problem to me is before we attacked once the tension we attacked the welfare problem there comes to their intentions of their. Retirement planning. They face different challenges to edit the thing that the symptoms it's taxes right we told a lot of myths about taxes archer. So security committee ended. Differed cup counts take away. On mortgage interest deduction often think that speeches kids orchids and any tease loans. And then I don't tax brackets that is of great things that they can do and attacks access point with the rough option that bird count. That's a partial to be a penchant northern deplore that what it really comes out of Texas person and it looked like what investments that's sexy thing but. But we're gonna save them tons of money it's not tax it's just a taxpayers. Now to make that the work to keep it quote from pastor leads the taxpayers. That's typical also Brittany DeMarco is dealer at real business here premium coffee roasters. Really cool place and make the cloth use the public coffee and government. The government Conficker Oscar half I had been to some breweries of my lifetime I've sampled here. And I've I've forgotten exactly Catholic. So. Well I'd also got that it DiMarco with a smaller more about premium coffee roasters and five. Let's go to the full strength I need to help me here because I know qualities of our Raleigh that's helpful up on deck burst Al Lori Ehrlich. I'm just during great out during their today. Wonderful. Guy I've fueled up on this is six is about right so ormat shaking them long to test spot good for him. Some if for some reason I would ever to win needed super ball edit to the powerball. Or Mega Millions. And what they acted over a hundred million Dow. Detectors have already been eight. What do I do it Martin. I don't want to invest it because I wrote yeah it's a action any. And profits I'm. Or to lose everything out of that they want the money. What I'd do it I like it. I. Like it outdoor going to panic and cash check for a hundred million dollar. What would you do with that I mean I you know overly bury your backyard her watcher I've known him a question I guess. I got all the money I I order a lot it would need to invest it and it won't need to make any more money. What's your question I'm confused he could put it in the bank account your eyes off from a check for a hundred million dollars. What Ari what. Who who checked that much rhetoric and that I gases I want to do a liar is likely via. My guess is you're state lotteries there's a similar system blanket up once the glory of the delegates as victim votes expert to said. Yeah. Thanks for the cholera let's go to joy at east of the kill site chill in the east or jail Holler at but he alive but he's rated thirty Ian. And after the think it was thirty treat 140. I doubt doubt the hi guys. Jill lollar and I always enjoy your show that economists are big change from Britain are all from yesterday but you talk about the DMV. The volcanic tell everybody loves loves the of these. My wife and even Lisa raw image you'd be retarded DM behalf of us. And the sub total to go to Warsaw witches and I hit my drive about twenty miles from here. And up. I've never been no one knows more than two people waiting to be taken care of and if you have deformed or login correctly they throw it out Korea very they're very polite and friendly and courteous. I've never been no more than ten minutes while. There are just does that bring everybody up to speed we've filled in for sandy beach yesterday and we've talked about. Glad to experience with the DMZ. And we showed up to us in the show with about fifteen different things that we could possibly talk about we didn't get away from the via the story goes that was hilarious. The DMV these journals ball. The subject was how miserable could you be and a scale on the Tampa I think eastern hills mall actually ranked about a fifteen. So. Glad to experience was glad you have that you definitely guys video do you buy ten and at that I'll find it. I don't have enough login with 915. For thirty minutes and then need to be able to qualify for Lyme Disease which will still stay in line for 55 mormons that. To be able to finally get a ticket pillar which he did you cannot thanks for the call like that that we are one of the things we found out from yesterday's show though is if you're going to go to the DMV don't do it. Recount that's right and done so we don't do these hills mall site got a lot of great as moral hazard lateral to appreciate will be stopping at the immunity deal of the Warsaw. What about all the anyways us now it's just it's like half dozen 16 the other when an imitator noted that the odds of these you know bobbled. It's our offices right their main entrances like try to slip out in the morning. There is no slipping in and out of the medium the in the Erie county it's at least not that occasion you know it is. It's slipping in and you're in line for you know computers because. Of that I had the key to be the problem I've missed on number. Let me see an Atlanta guy got to the I finally leave it or use the restroom that it call lineup recommend its Oral Roberts sorry sir you. Gotta start the process all over again idiot back in mining and number. But it. Let's go back up pitiful that something's up your cue to call it we're live from premium coffee roasters on route five. Cops in coffee we had a police officers stopped by got this first bug. And that we have John has bugs with handle that looks like it got really sleep chrome out of that your police officer firefighter -- let's say hi Douglas. Premium coffee roasters on route five. By the witnesses were money. Meets politics we do manage money for living if you need us throughout the week vote 6331515. Follow us on where ya been guys. Like us on FaceBook a lot of the stuff we talk about post or FaceBook page if you want it would lawyer liberal front alternative munition out there. So posted on FaceBook and that the financial guys that come built for it THE on her website 8030930. Start and threes or we're asking the question today. Now what's it going to take to clean up the east side of buffalo. In its amounts outplay I went up the I've made the mistake going up Genesee street for union a few months ago I literally turned around I was so I've actually Acadia. And I'm not want to get scared really easily I'll put the windows up and keep driving a little nervous so. It's a mass what's it gonna take to clean it up you know we talked about the school system we talked about welfare would love to hear your pit by the later police officer out there. And you are protecting their community I would love to hear from you. If you need to change your name do it 8030930. Start at 30 a cellphone 106169236. John have a thrill out of our shields or 57. With us live. Shield for that he summoned help and police officers and firefighters specifically would you'll retirement plan to welcome Geary in William's girlfriend could be to break area but I appreciate it. They guy lightly. Things. I don't want to go for it get to these out of buffalo. The country Venezuela which is the richest oil country in the world which turned socialists. Dollar went to zero. For those that do it well. And understanding what you'll means. That the entity who light up under our bill won't fire. To light up a cigarette. Cigarette is worth more than a hundred dollar bill. Outs. It's desperate times down that's for sure it's there it's really sad to see what was once a really great country and turn into a socialist gospels loses they actually bragged about that Wright's thing look at socialism does work look at what's happening in the week urged tweezers. With it before. He's gone while that's you know it's amazing you know we we talk about the think about this right Maxine Waters who is now pretty much leave the voice of the Democrat party you know for all intents and purposes it's those out there years ago. Saying we should national bicycle up to this liberal I want to nationalize all the oil companies and make the government own them well that's exactly Venezuela dead. So attuned to our point of the government can't do anything it to outside analysts say the military much better than the private sector. What happened is a Venezuela and Hugo Chavez nationalize all the oil companies took all of the assets the oil rigs. The refineries everything is confiscated from from other companies and as a result they ran into the ground. The other than the bureaucrats in India and the Chavez government couldn't even produced gasoline. In enough supplies to meet the demand for their cars on their own rose this is John you pointed out the richest oil country. In the world is now completely and totally bankrupt their currency is zero. But when the government takes over I don't care if it's oil and gas or god forbid our medical area as sector of the economy. Things don't handle well which is why were so adamant about private sector solutions and when that when the Republicans can't talk about repeal and replacement will allow. Would be replaced probably start with you repeal that and much repeal more. And repeal more and repeal more mandates the mandates need to go way the private sector need to take over because when the government gets involved I don't care that's a socialist Chavez. Government for the Obama socialist government when the government takes over private sector business or private sector at all. It it screws it up and it and it makes it worse and and I don't think you can point to a country our situation where there's not the case. It doesn't suit with your company's died a legal. The problem is I think it is a little factored in 1873. Reverend Humphries at Bernstein. Started Americus first share important that they and society in Buffalo, New York. We have been fighting the war on poverty for 144. Years. And look where we're at. Besides he'll. Euphoric system and stop paying people to have children. That they can not afford to take care of or don't have the mental capacity to take care. Blaming everything that happened on the side on the other residents of Erie county who worked for Olympic. There isn't enough money there is no not trying to fix the east side and and so you'll realize that it won't do it six. Yeah wolf but Gary got take a quick break but he. We've talked him. Let that and silver creek Europe on deck first we get back 8030930. Start at 30 assault on a point 106169236. Financial guys money meets politics 6331515. To appeal like miss Unita throughout the week. If you think like us use us as a resource real quick break John have a screw with us live from premium coffee roasters op route five. And lack of Wallace would buy its. Would go through though. We are alive for premium coffee roasters that we are having a police player and appreciation day we just let the police officers stopped by awesome. Cool as they think you know these these folks that are really the true heroes. In our opinions we've gone through eight years. President Obama attacking them just like they attack does business owners John habits drove us here alive. John had a buyer's shield for 57 program are investment that specifically helps police officers and firefighters. If yours in the area on route five. The turnpike. Also guys that it's there. That is our code here the owner of premium hobby I had no clue that route five was called the third places. But it dies though is stop wives say hi we've got some really cool lines if you look last year here police officer firefighter. They are chrome doubt. Audiences coffee. We're gonna handle Texas. At Texas that of course that he's got to Texas that are made in Texas of course there. Of course there. But if you wanna stop I would love to have Peter premium coffee roasters will talk more the next dollar but he DiMarco well the business model here. It's of ruairidh of coffee. Factor. How cool cool here that's cool gotta get our office. Yeah. So you basically get to. The list that we did approve read to her last years to accept them with the officer and that's not what you have to stop by the way back in for little a lot of efforts at least not wired. That's all right I'll leave that out of you know this will be the last fast or maybe the first bundle which. You hop on board eagle three on three of starting regional of the soulful 106169236. This is where money meat politics. They have a lot of fun with the show. The rest of the question what's it going to take the clean up the east side of buffalo. You've been pointing out throughout the show it's not going to be left police officer if you look at New York City by the way in mayor Julian. Giuliani. The new guy that's there now. Ozzie cigar which he has a lot CO. Not at every chance to get bashing that please often if you look at how your city up they put them. Everywhere. And re scum bag stuffed on street tour there was somebody there to say you were watching it. We're and I just want what they committed a crime you are put in jail they were prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And they were put behind bars and that's the problem we have today is we've got this catcher release program. Where he got this turns out what could've done in California refuted beside a buffalo for a second. Two years ago they passed what they can't they've got to referendums in the state. The passer referendum and a state called something like you know the the better policing and and state prisons actors some stupid thing. What do basically did is it it it released a whole bunch of violent factors so what were normally felonies were reclassified misdemeanors. And they released thousands thousands. Of violent criminals back on the streets. What do you think the results are that's community. Not good my little Billy I'm sure he'll be saved now. Unreal it's craziness. And by the way Muslim woman was awarded 85000 dollars by the city of Long Beach Tuesday and it should city to city police removing. Herb Muslim headgear. Against her will. After she had been arrested because she had a track record they were looking for she stole a car right she was what I'm stating its mail. It was not have removed her head to her head down amnesia had she not been put under arrest for prior. Of warrants and eloquently how that works just obvious scumbag of a year ago we're sorry using 5000. You know. I guess maybe a fair defense and charges they ultimately get her on the other in Lawrence and put in jail. Telling us and if so what let's say that they do listed that they do prosecutors and they do with in the case right. And now she's gonna go to jail until women's prison did she get to where her own clothing. Because. I don't know I mean is that how Ohio second worked on and on I don't understand how that works I don't. Not that I've spent a lot of time in women's presence but I don't think that they are able to Wear anything other than the prison outfit set their given right to me can't. Come in with your own Hanson had scars or whatever you want right ride collect our. The could expect a fault. Let's welcome Linda in silver creek for a doubles that the studio so weak dollar. I know throughout his own interest to move into your program. In effect because I like it medium power over the plate and keep me active. I have a question and you the New York I I have a few of the Pimco the PYN. You know at the post and I have a long long time men who get the tax free thing that I I yelled. I got from I bought it because they make it my parents gave me the money but I do it. Anyway if I'm. You know it did in that interest has got out a lot and now I'm down here like a little over five now. So and I just don't know if his company to keep holding on with these State of New York in the condition that is definitely I think it's added. It got Ralitsa financial close it out we actually get a French lesson. I almost got there at that apple. That the U that it what do you think shields at Pimco. About the the Pimco mutual fund expert about. Out that it which equip our list. Question your view when he's tired of it you're not happy to yield and I know I'd like to buy it if we ultimately the goal right. It was and it might have mechanical or. I think we're getting to me I put it in it I indefinite commitment to open cup and Ed track got actually part of my portfolio. Yen down. And then there for about 21 years. And I did like him and I think we'll is that something that and I keep. Eight and here's here's what I would tell Palin a few things number one as those bonds fun you know it's a bond mutual fund and as it now. As an inverse relationship to interest rates so of interest rates start to go off. That could get hurt. So the first thing I would be doing is looking through that mutual fund to find out what the maturity is because I would make sure that it's a shorter term bond fund as opposed to a longer term because they'll. The Lou will be left in less interest rate sensitive as rates start to go the other way. OK if you have enough money you might wanna consider owning individual tax free bonds as opposed to a mutual fund. Because you won't be subject to as much of the interest rate volatility. If you haven't launched pictures but it counts of tax pools diary where civic in the traditions its. Yeah I do. Then they had a direct your personal you know I can't. I had you know if you want to do this we have a separate arm called it at the solutions that are opposite he calls on Monday. We've got some Morningstar software we can run that particular file through wickedly all the numbers on. Collar ranks that compares that reveals that when it's at now. I risk is at risk is not so much to fault as the rising interest rates I mean that's right Chris you have a mutual fund you've got you know probably a couple hundred holdings and there. I will market headed in Generale. And down and I don't think does the rest though I think you're looking at the progress to be put you don't quite honest I don't I don't. Look when you're gonna mutual fund you've got hundreds of them maybe at least a hundred individual bonds inside of that will one go out of business because they go bankrupt certainly but. For the most part the risk is the interest rates not so much the fault of the actual odds of York. That makes sense and I'd be worried more polarizing interstate that's a long bond funds that's a longer maturity. So I'd be is going to be more affected by increasing interest rates or anything else and that's what I think you've got to be more word. Yeah we ebony do you do with their boring borrowing our capabilities are ranking. While he could but that's not the biggest risk I think when that's Oakland won out is that there's certainly always could be issues live with it look at New York State dysfunctional right you California Illinois New York. And over our lives for being pricked that's a strict mutual funds that deters it opens. It turns. Out but interest rate risk is it is probably the bigger concern really let the world but if it were up against Andre topping our calls Monday's 633 fifteenths out. Well I wouldn't and got a bunch reports on it. We appreciate your call we've got Kevin Nelson frank and Diana bond act. We've got to take a break but stick with a sort of promised will it for the full until we get back we're live from premium coffee roasters Mike Lomas well wiggle John had to throw at us. And double talk more next hour of but he DiMarco order of premium coffee roasters is pretty cool place if you're police officer firefighters went by we've got some really cool while the job about some. Some gun mugs and this donuts coffee of course they'll he need a struggle X 631515. For those available stick with us here on his radio and I'm thirty he'll Libyan. The following is paid programming security's effort to pick brokerage LLC member for a SIPC investment advisory services offered through independent solutions wealth management the financial guys an independent solutions are not an affiliate to pick brokerage services LLC the political views and should not reflect the views of peak reports the show was not intended to provide specific legal tax investment or other professional advice please consult a professional for your specific situation this radio shows for informational purposes only and is not intended to solicit or recommend any particular security information discusses obtained from sources believed to be reliable but its accuracy and completeness or not guaranteed. It's time to talk. What you've just. I've ever. Incoherent responses. Even posting anything. It's tough financial guys' radio program. From the yeah so you know talking about a lot of vengeance you know right now opened fire I. Before pulling him. That's a strong. Took quite strong it's that would global financial expert Glen waigel and Michael elements it's. Now live from the W. You've BEN studios here is Glynn waigel and Mike Lowell. Already welcome back he's ready at 930 WBBM Mike Lomas of legal financial guys John have a throw with us how to Wear a shield for 57 program specifically helping police officers and firefighters. We are live from premium coffee roasters on route five. Ian does stop if you're police officer firefighter were having an appreciation day here John has Paulo's donuts. And we've got some really cool coffee mugs talent it's only two left only two processed crow about with gone handles really sweet. And then but he DiMarco. At night at Odyssey in studio because of so used to say that but we're on location I okay world live from your coffee shop here. This is a cool place it's a brewery of coffee. Nestle Quincy foods is here assembled catering trucks cool so we host I'm hearing Earl Stahl a cough fever for the trucks. And we sell a different construction sites in different businesses in all throughout the day early morning until after. And as coffee is actually really good and I'm calling your honor get black not drag not this is garbage at that stump I would tonight. Had a stimulus that's cut and I do drink a black that that I'm on the outer bands men yes aren't and it got a story. At a couple may have. So that tells a little bit how you is if you wanna get coffee at the business they organized line doesn't want him out. Get the business you can reach out rate out cholera at the office said 7168242085. Or online at premium coffee roasters dot com. You can just send us an employer or through email and we'll get your office coffee sat up. If you're looking for mobile truck for your construction site are free or break where queen city foods that topic or that same number 82420. Glad that's what you and I need our old coffee add egg like that is right it's just all right about park are not botnets at the Pentagon tonight I just stood up a copy ID guys like you you Tikrit set up and how's that worked so hard copy service we didn't provide the equipment Sony equipment that the restaurant office will need. Provide as part of the service Carrey. So people admittedly an article this political party ready to call feature absolutely. It is actually doing that's for a copy track witches prepackaged foods eat baked goods donuts. Pound cakes. Stick figures subs stingers. Hope so that's. It's nice it's nice business and it's and coffee. Chicken fingers pizza it's every I'll different variety of world what I want you got exactly come right here operate your office. So if that's what. You've had in personally that's like exciting and I don't think audio. I don't know next Saturday in studio movie for a threat to our guys you have to be at the trade forgot my. That it's. The good of the Japanese anarchy Colin we are having a police officer appreciation party here. And number of police officers stopped by. The way a just got to cut taxes for our our closet listener one of our biggest fans they've as outlined in Washington. You know he says he's not a stand they have reached Saturday he should accept that he has the closet but he took guys and on line and David. Easy ultimately ratings we need yet so thank you very much you are today extremely just all the way. Keep your computer. Keep us even if you re Acosta San Diego Boston people all over the place so I'm not to switch gears but some breaking news Fox News is reporting that others these massive protests this weight. Nationalist rally reminisces in Charlottesville Virginia. And a car has just running into the crowd during the protests of several people injured is. What Fox News is reporting here so looks pretty ugly it's this has been a dud does that mean this is a disaster is of a rally you've got these white Nationalists. You know. Supremacist or you wanna colony have a whole bunch of other life folks that are there to. Basically. Shut them down and it's it's been nothing but a you talk about police officers and firefighters really having to. You know will put their put their their thoughts on the line and all that stuff we ugly down in Charlottesville Virginia and I get Fox News just reported car just. Ran into a crowd during the ice shelves though protests on the yours we'll bring more to Eli and I have a claim rate eight. Here's a few in the race flatness in his sexual health assessments. By the way the question today is what's gonna what's it gonna take to clean up the east side he has looked at your thoughts. 8030930. Start 30 we talked about the failing buffalo school system talked about. The fact that these police officers continue to round up these scum bags in the get right back out on the streets. We can talk about the drug problem big drug problem and the international back to part of it comes back to you know shoring up our borders it also comes back to. You know I think also giving the police officers the resources. To do their job allowing them to do their job. And to me I do think it's one of one of the I guess you'd say fails look of the police system. And the police department is you know that I think police officers are. They're ultimately that is too often times we see them out there giving people traffic tickets or we've seen them you have your seatbelt dot. Are you on your cellphone. And I think they're talent should be enough what they join the pull forced forced to block roundup scumbag deserved a lot of them out there let them do what they do vast. And that's what dat people in jail with the so well but if you hop aboard 8030930. Start 30. And I'm going to try to some in the board myself here for the first I would put it Diana Buffalo's chicks who lives on the east side's only give her. Put her right after the top list diet you with us. Out. The uncanny things for that your call appreciate it more like the 11130. I just got. I think black. Would help a lot. I'm in central terminal and I've been here about 1718. Years. Ellison real isolated up and there was nobody here is just a few older white people that you know they're they're so here's some of them are nursing homes that. But at the London landmark brought up some of this property and their old house may be bishop to bend to balance but they rent out. And and you know again. A lot of what will move end. And you know whoever it really don't keep them I'll could a lot of those they have racked. And and you know the dialogue not cut it deadlock could be fifteen feet high in the backyard. I think that deck I suppose I really think should walk around. Didn't really know what's going and we do have a lot of games. And it wasn't like this. 1520 years without it it's gotten worse it's got me. Yeah I think he you know it's amazing to me is when you say twenty years ago I remember that besides being at twelve years ago. I don't read I don't remember being. Remembered I am. It's that. And and the more people in an act that everybody gets a lot of you know people that are sure. But there's you know but they don't call out harmful they don't know about the neighborhood we don't eat when you don't own anything. You'd end annually into that even about the cut Greg you know the limits about the cottage and that meant a bit from another state. And they got wrecked under the house and you know about them you know they can't do anything about the limit a particular stuff like that. You know I've been well there's no self responsibility yes the problem is that they're not even paying rent the rest being paid for by section eight housing assistance and other welfare and so. There is zero incentive for them to keep up with the house floor. Oh you know or or had any sort of pride at all and again at Ottawa comes back to the welfare when he talked about the games the games are huge product of the drug problem and you mentioned drug problem earlier. You know it's a turf war it's not it's not so much that I think that. There are taking the drugs as opposed to selling them and and had you know and and having the tour for type issues to think that drug problems are more of at a suburban issue really. He shot there. You know it's my command prompt rebound it like you know ideal that may be right guys got I got what you got to walk around and enjoyed it you know. The company you know have that the game comp. You know a lot of that's ultimately they're Canada through it's that certainly out of poverty rate that's the way to catch up you know that's their family that's exactly low yes Adam has said says it has but you know who's it's as their family dad's not around mom's gotten out around and saying that's answers Tuesday at my schools. The white. Some of the white where they don't do our babies you know quite got the working apparently they got a couple Kemp and an incumbent apartment. Only but the exact five hit. I've been a white dot olive in the bedroom. Little house. Yet people are able to a good idea vehicles and an iPhone. That's right now people are poor because they don't work but the problem is if you don't have a high school degree if you're coming out of high school. And you can't even read the application. Or write your name on. Where you're going and I like I bring it back to that I mean. Well yeah we're graduating 5060% of the kids kind of but only half of those can actually read or write opera efficiently are at an anywhere near grade level that Carla a couple of so he talked about one of them would have the I know K through five or K through six schools a primary education schools. None of them passed a proficiency test not of that 0%. Now I want to cast. Why just want my shot down we cannot continue. I to have these schools the way they at a school should be shut down. Who put police tape around it and that's tickets go somewhere else is clearly it's not working their but we aren't dressed as a police unit flights that. For the called aunt and we got to we will let you go oral and that's the and that's the cart here we got to take a quick break if you're just tuning in Michael was the legal financial guys in his rating of thirty W be yet. John have a throw with us we're live from premium coffee roasters on route five. And we're having media firefighter police officer appreciation party or socially by grab a hot cup of coffee. And that say hi to list appeared near route five premium coffee roasters. A buffalo companies a lot of buffalo stuff but here really cool place and I'd I did not know this was here until we you know we're asked to do a lot remote so really cool place and your police officers firefighters went by it but don't let her couple cop who does say hi. Grab yourself Leah pretty cool while with the handle that looks like it got. If you want to hop on board 8030930. Start I'm 30 we've got frank Olson to have an up on deck and promised to be accurate after the break real quick break its rating of thirty WB. The back. Thirty he's like well let's club would open if you guys live for premium coffee roasters. He and you'll also have a food truck. What all the way Vinnie DeMarco fast order of premium coffee roasters. Did that John have this drill had a are shield for 57 where we help police officers firefighters. But this isn't just about coffee years about food as well. Yes yes that queen city foods that we offer large guardian called hot sandwiches drinks coffee. Drinks too. On the different construction sites different. Is that since its overture to say that successor. Queen city food itself if you look at have a party consider these guys to beat this that the user number of targets assets 8242. Early. Cordless isn't really cool operation them. Tell. It's like a brewery a cough that as a brewery of cop. As it did that it you can do to urge that you want a really neat place rate here on route five. Or the turnpike at that the 42 years of living here found out. But premium coffee roasters if you're police officer firefighter. Swing by having a little bit of appreciation party here we've got some doughnuts and coffee mug this does it serve retail is it that comes with Kris Caron yet. Can have a cup of coffee in the tables here it's been a Starbucks and you'd think we need to educate crazy end. Yesterday actually make our own. Yes which this year and so you have one of those machines secure machine your office or must support a local company as opposed to murdering you know on Amazon forever and it comes from wherever you know. At this place is cool if you also during the holiday season you know the packages together it's yeah it is custom gift baskets for different businesses. So in the business that you won. To 34 gift baskets first your clients beat me make that we deliver and we do fools Serbs with do we dare ask why we color crazy care. That's after the show activate at Taylor and okay the FCC doesn't want to hear up here this. Like public illegal thing took as if it is throughout the week folks we do manage money for living we have a ton of fun with that he'll. Monday through Friday we pay that money use this as a resource 6331515. Your police officer firefighter of course shields or 57. If you have a moral Kate whether they're business owner out there we actually have a department just fine manages where we specifically help business owners with the world Kapler. Bryant jacket Medicare we have an independent Medicare route so you don't need to shop and find out what little company. That's the best company out there let Brian do euphoria and it's free consultation all of us as a free consultation retirement planning college planning with that Jeff Bora. In this department solidly support planning on Einstein. Ron Moscow mental midget now wealth management attorney absolutely so use us as a resource limited investing. It that you while one of our professionals to swing out to your business and do they but a lot to learn would be happy to do that as well but use us as a resource 6331515. Like us on FaceBook a lot of stuff we talk about we post or FaceBook page. Twitter at Fitch guys of course the website the financial guys dot com we've been asking the question in what's it going to take to clean up the east side of buffalo. And I'm just gonna continue in order here let's go back out to Nelson and all our and also have a news radio thirty WB. They're. In my passport and I who are big in the armed soldiers are brought alive and and promise that each side just a mental thing up and whatever part. Of all of the money money money. Going to be a cultural problem. But their groups and sort of Americans indians' most homes you name it crops abort that's that's what people and power to some degree. And they all rut. Quality of reality quality of values but which you've got a net be sent community which is just accelerated over. And so produce when I grew up area. A complete dirt deterioration of the family. And also or lack of which you called responsibility. Just maintaining you could be poor could be renting. But that does not mean paper in front on. It got stuff. There's there's some level of an effective for troop probably call again that you work across the line. When people would tune German command post should incorporate what it would in the country daily area where air and here between torch actually. These key tripled home two shall place a no long or as smokers so. And then we're pizza workers were there are no preference steel river might be along with many of the actual American. However if somebody moved them that was now to write that word and I apologize for this program moderation. But it was a complete deterioration of debt their own interest. Match match that up also with welfare right yeah he's gonna say taking over his daddy and yup it's not the fifties. It was there's there's a look out their COLT that actually won plaudits for me for Christmas it's called stop helping us and it happens to be a black gentleman who wrote it. That says your your hurting us with you while these spots awesome stop hull house took him what was his name but he wrote. Jason Riley is the easing by a Wall Street Journal twenty year. Buffalo guy was a twenty year veteran plots of the Wall Street Journal is a Wall Street Journal. Writer a great guy a great writer and that's great book. I'm but Lyndon Johnson was the difference Lyndon Johnson and his war on poverty is really what began to. Jesus this. Deterioration. Of the family because. Yielded good base with a government Kaman and and what was in a lot of these policies were really well intentioned I don't think that. You know that the lead to liberals and Democrats from fifty years ago. You know set out to specifically destroy the black family I think what they meant to do was help single mothers and things like that on force that would happen is. Is the end result was an and a force that we need to be looking at these policies and based on the result and judging them by the results not by their intentions. Because the results have done. The the base of with a break up of the of black families in the 1920s. You had an out of wedlock birth rate among whites that was higher than that blacks right so. More African American families we're we're having kids that were were married it was higher than. Than the white community. Rob post 1960. That begins to change dramatically and now you have an out of wedlock birth rate that is somewhere in this in the seventies or eighties if not higher in those communities. This 51% of white racists and blacks. When he was 20% since that's right so big that it doesn't matter Butler racial thing it's a cultural thing when you think any person Easter to widgets and to work. You beastly act responsibly this happens it's but at some point we have were they were there's. We have to be honest about this at some point at some point liberals have to stop this you know. Victimization and and sit down with Republicans and we need to take a hard look at Americans. And say this that the results of these policies the cars. And the fact. The effect has been bad. And I'll and I'll and a whole host of ways and we need to reverse those that the cause of that which is the welfare. Government intervention and and you know. On our cause and effect straight into these vehicles and our auditorium hole for 12 of back up right after the break okay progression are your. But it'll. Political locked yeah I hope it. It right but about a whole general assign direct the helpless not chancellor real quickly here before the break you know. The guns now write them looking at your sheet here gun sales of 362%. To give some growth the issue you. The 60% interest in the stores so that but there's deputy 2000. Fire sale today at four times. Right so that was the result. The government getting to bouncing route that they comes up the treatment a huge on a real live unbelievable increasing guns at them over the last seven months 70% decreased you want yeah. A we take a quick break here will continue their phone calls. Michael was a little financial guys live for premium coffee roasters on route five. A little bit of luck club appreciation party for police officers player and accurate the areas when biopic. Newsreader at 930 don't Libyans don't have enough. Thirty WPM Mike Lomas a legal financial guys. And this is where money meets politics John have a stroll with us here live from premium coffee roasters on route five in Queens the food so was swing by if you wanna say hi. Will be here for another 25 minutes yourself renting a police officer. Firefighter appreciation party here we've got some donuts coffee mugs. He and coffee house drink coffee cups and got awesome coffee from premium coffee roasters. And coffee mug and there's one left with the but got a handle on so police officers firefighters and you're in the area. They're women swing by say hi and grab a cup of coffee grab a gun. Grab a gun club. You got. Rephrase that declare that Vince and I know you guys these guys go to air repeatedly we've gotten. So stop by here that's for the week folks we demanded money for living if you think like us we have a lot of fun with the show Monday through Friday we monies extreme 31515. 6331515. Like us on FaceBook. Follow us on Twitter app in guys in of course be funny to guys that on the vehicles Pacific financial question though that he she. The financial guys that. If you want to pop up port here you don't real real started trees hero let's bring Olson back up and all in the final word here also hear back from. They began content just to some well on the public disgust while hurt retry him. We're sure fullest debt hole Walter. And the effect it's had all these that separate is beginning to migrating to. Quote met the white population. Our restaurant on the southern tier and I can see it. Employees that we have they're they're every one front food stamps are getting that how can help them out yet they don't need. But they've got like two adults who have been in the same household each grabbed her and her court and it took from both sides. Because we're incentivizing the wrong thing right so what we're we're providing incentives by by giving them monetary welfare to stay single to get divorced and not get married. Mettler were were set of eyes in all the wrong things. Where are we honoring your. Problem by the late Nelson many of these people very motivated to make financial decisions eyes and look at it can earn 30000 dollars. 20000 dollars at a job for 30000 listing. All. Right like the other thing. Carl Carl Paladino. When he ran for governor wanna thank you wanted to do Amish school programs is great social and portray effect where he would take urban community students. And allow them to stay in a facility. Whether they're learning school's official learned all how to brush or keep Telecom Kirk who knew O'Donnell in these communities right now. Many of them don't look like your employer tree just they do know that camps. Other item level that it ought to read it right it a try though and I don't care let's try to figure out and think outside the rock box him break the cycle right but we're doing is now working of course the mainstream media pack them Friday's all these people and close the door at the ridiculous. He was trying to think outside the box and think different rate because the way the city of buffalo specifically this local school districts have been thinking. It hasn't changed things by the results of continued worst worst worst batter batter batter Eric gonna get worse. OK gentlemen iron warrior and he's for the cult like. Those embers of a couple of good points I really do appreciate your comment there are more. White Americans on well for the NR African Americans a while for when you look at the map cross country. It is. It attracts most. As any and he he's right it's is starting to affect all communities you can't pay less people not to work. The more people you pay to be pour the more port people you happen. People are poor because they don't go to work it's not for any other reason or single they have kids they don't go to work those of the reasons and we need to break that cycle by encouraging me you know marriages together. By encouraging people to work when you Mike you're right we you know the equivalents of all the wealth for that you can collect in the State of New York. Is like 60000 dollars pretax the net you'd have to make 60000 dollars. Is a gross salary to net the 42 to 45 so some odd thousand dollars that you can make by collecting all different things. So yeah that's an economic decision if you're if you're if you're a single parent and your decision is go to work to make thirty. Or stay home and make forty we've probably is still make forty the sad thing is what you don't realize is that by going to work of making thirty. Eventually the make 35 eventually make forty in the midst of a 45 and fifty and so on. And they can move themselves up as socioeconomic ladder. But that's not happening you know there's an oftentimes what we've done in this state especially. Is to buy by utilizing minimum wage are pushing at the fifteenth we saw off the bottom rung of that latter so people can't even take just first out in Medicare and. We have places jacket terrible even worse sporadic efforts like that. Capsule dating him break through the cycle just ready in my glove with a little financial guys John have a stroke with us out of our shield for 57 department. I should also mention we have made department for veterans like Jay Blanchard hero veteran and he served during that time a war you actually call flat part of the state planning needs so. Make sure you reach out used in resource. A 6331515. And we continue with the fault lines here John any point you wanna talk but as far as. Managing money for police officers firefighters. Mean you know obviously these are folks are heroes you know. Little boys little girls they want to be fireman's player women police officers and but they face different challenges right and that there really is you know you're gonna get it that the police or should be in the player department. You've got to make sure your life insurance is up today your wheels up today right and no it's not I'm not that every but he shouldn't be doing now. Now but certainly you know you're putting your life on the line every single day that's got to. Priority that we we do a lot of work with eap office Wednesday was commitments that were really active patriots team. Is off duty. It can't retire its receipt. We don't wilt after crux archery few bucks here sir predicts network and notes. Fox talk about but got it done. It if you're a quick shot. She'll get it via human teams to your tax techsters Forrest Don Robinson so which taxes hurt guys scales not so well Don Adams. Doesn't tax as we have in house attorney as well that can do little to trust attorneys counts gets up there. Where one stop shop for so the votes yet absolutely needed in Dinara in her office at different terrorism pastor who is tax service rated PG TX of course extreme to disseminated since investors. I'd like before I go back to you. So aren't via not a good. I ask is it before it's on the phone on a course you wanna call you know three or ninth film star 930 just a quick update Virginia's governors to declared a state of emergency. In it was a Charlottesville Virginia. Via a car plowed in the protesters as violence continues at the wait nationalist rally in on the counter protest apparently. Is being reported a counter protestor had allegedly thrown Iraq in a car causing the driver to swivel around and run in the people on the sidewalk. Local police are reporting multiple injuries and three vehicles involved in that crash so. Keep models people injured now this the kind of thing whether it blacker it's like this happens to be white right white nationalist counter protesters. There should be hundreds. If not thousands of arrests I mean I'm watching violence that's my fault and it's ugly it's right but it's the same thing with the with the bringing together and by the way punish them right you put a partial to keep them yes right. These kids at Berkeley. Right that they were smashing windows we have on videotape throwing bricks through windows you know throwing garbage cans of looting businesses destroyed mostly to their sorrows. Funded AT and well whatever they weren't and they are all different colors right they were they or that wasn't majority any any one particular race creed or religion or. They were cut college kids mainly there and keep it. But there was like one arrest but why wasn't there dozens or should about a hundreds of arrests because that round among her told the mayor told the Sox got it well. But in this case are calling a National Guard so are we getting here tomorrow after this week and we get here on Monday that in Charlottesville Virginia there were hundreds or or even a thousand arrest probably not sadly we might hear while there was a dozen harasser or five arrest. There's hundreds if not there's thousands of people. Running through the streets and and fighting in Charlottesville Virginia right now is so bad that they declared state of emergency. And I'll be interested to see how many rats because in the old days you got 3040 years. They would uphold the paddy wagon and lawn ornament right at it if you could. Well at the Kamal app you there at the prizes physically now you know what work. We're probably going to be able to put you in front of the judge threw weaker trees are. Right let's go back to the full line just like oh let's go into the eyes and withdrew a was this. Clinton's father mistress meant to stop eyes of America mr. Smith in years. In years. You've got to have he's got to grab a gun mug. Daughter Ireland commissioners for writers will fire company editors pujols got us via then I'll lifelong player and player. For fifty years you know 4050 years on diesel. Placed we will carry Q and reduced tense. Our revenues things have to back to align them it's illegal order here. Mister Geithner he's got another of the cooler than. Let's go back to Ian the Ian let's look at it it's not awful high calorie but he. I didn't Oreo. Secrecy well. I'm. I don't opt either DiMarco actually wanted to be up to any other side is the art got hurt they have to break that. And I take it here. And I'm. I'm rock you know a lot. And wider shot and on. And the copy but it made America great copy but. Opulence in the art. They in light of we appreciate and I just kind of wanted to bring up you know all things that you know including a joke really happy if you all few months ago. There's like this unity. Amongst our country with fighting police beyond acting as an acquired similar. Is that its agenda that they continually. Drip of power from the police because they don't. The holiday there it's kind of word of golfers do their jobs in this war against Lee I think is just end up and walk around. Being so bad for our country. Armed note got to know. No doubt about that it you know I had it. I don't know there's last grass but it certainly feels like an adult the officers and I talked talked a lot please he but I think one of the frustrating things for them as. They're arresting people the just back out on the street week it does to the coach having with the unions costs of care. Currency. Massive acts it is senior it's easy your next. Here's. 200 foot please forget the health care if not I'd just minutes is for years I'm a police officer scare like the weightlessness this guy's been autonomy pilot to shoot at them I'm allowed to shoot them can tackle. But I tackle until. It now law and and that's what exactly has yet to happen and it's cameras everything he'll be everything. All as its soul it is right. You know whether it's financial planning or accurate doctor you have to mute to prevent him. Madison right you that it do 70000. Acts raised. But one of the things that the police officers that you camp practices defensive police bunker right. I mean you Keeneland and I took it the ski team enters into each are you kidding me right joking with are you kidding me that's the nature and yet it. Glad you're at a final bout for the breaker. Just it's just sad that we're at this point I mean it it's because you're right the police officers are scarred costly second guessing and and a lot of these decisions what people don't understand. When the looking at a video after the fact in their in their arm share you know quarterbacking things is that. When you're in the and that the situation you have a split second and you don't know an effective just a video released just this week in the incident happened a couple of years ago. But the police officer pulled up to engaging guy who was on a cellphone he wasn't responding he wasn't partisan B wasn't cooperating with the commands the guy pulled out of taser. On foot of the please don't apply to is unfortunately probably should have pulled out of service weapon. And the guy turned and and and had a nine millimeter gun shot him several times and like I lipped. But he was shot several times he almost died he was shot and Jackie broke both his arms are broken and meet you just don't know. The split second decision you have to make and guess what here's the deal guys while they're not always gonna be right. Mistakes are gonna happen that's part of the game I mean I hate to say it but. Mistakes are going to happen and sometimes it's just that it's not racist it's not criminal it's not intentional sometimes it's just a mistake. Mistakes happen whether it's a doctor or whether it's a police officer whether it's anybody. Mistakes happen and I think we need to start giving at least up to benefit of the doubt but what we have prosecutors. Like that in and Baltimore Maryland. That prosecuted. Six police officers would no standing failed miserably by the way lost every single case if that loss sold badly. That she didn't even process he dropped the last couple cases for the last couple of officers because she got shellacked in court. But by the defense but the fact that she went capitals officers noticed your point John it would all these people retiring. Who wanted to join the police force when you have your own prosecutors going after you prefer a ready gray letter rap sheet as long as. You know the route five. It's outside it takes time experience to proceed headed yes the situation. So when you have an influx of the young officers. Solve it right improve the odds of that are actually Sony very early so. It's you can't you can't replace those years of experience of going up to that how he approaches what he'd need to look for it yet it. Let's take a quick break here Mike what was going the financial guys few minutes left erotic coming up on decade of real it's real star and 30. Well we've been accurate is rated at thirty they'll be. Thirty WP. Yet if you. You can flop The Today Show Michael lets quote of two guys to have a throw at us we are live from premium coffee roasters on route five. In Queens city boots Vinnie DeMarco and family many thanks for evidence or body it is really asked. The it's it's a cool place makes you stop by if you're looking for a food truck if you're looking for a coffee truck. Just cops quick break absolutely we're com politics and I just get this we have a new office but what we think we'd like to say that but we think we're we may have purchased the opposite way and also. We may have to have a little. A little off the lead of this little party would do little parties we just adequately treated them but. For an awesome fundraising program matches and very good for us. He actually sound coffee to issue an illegal to sell local and the charges that the organization makes. Yeah that's what we look at duke fund raiser. What a cool thing now offered up that it's different and we still talk that's felt cookies and an audience. Magazines. Fund raiser everybody knows some mailings copies. Everybody who doesn't when a helicopter to boycott next Costa be exit K cops and opt to use while on Berkshire at myself and actually physically addicted to it not okay. All right Erica took the fifth at a semblance of first up Mike. So finish fifth. For me. An element they could do it and I like it. Acts like. I needed a cute little about it let's go back and hopeful that somebody needs us throughout the week folk we demanded money for a living we have a ton of fun with the show. Monday through Friday we manage money. If you need help with. I your retirement planning we walk you through a process. Homework process uses as a resource 6331515. Whether it's up for what can put your business owner out there we had a for a OK plan this week that was. We did an analysis for real expensive plan were not getting any help. And that just fine was able to reduce the cost and give them a lot more options so use that as a resource. Medicare plan we have an independent insurance route now right genetic in the office. So that if you need help with your Medicare don't wait to all the season by the way a lot of people wait around to all the seasons don't do that divorced plan. Well it corporate retirement planning. Before college planning is trying to all the departments Social Security plan have a certified so security cleaning strategist. Explosion. Education when he put shield for 57 got had a stroke whether it's with your police officer of player with. But are woman stopped called job use it as a resource you you'll forfeit its other. If your fact he served during the time the war called Jay Blanchard so 6331515. 635050. If you could feed that you have that's mailed a copy copy it always open this. Physical the wet as it has got a guy that's cool that we're lower live call that's what happens a lot reviewed the literature let's go back to volunteer welcome. Ron a soulful and our Iran the extra hole. I don't know it well thanks for taking my call. Them but I have also been in this university and getting out. Situations not shovel right herb company around and just can't hurt to have brought out apparently I've got also. Stripped edit or Columbia. Down to this state cigarette cartons take their daughter of the University of Virginia up. It's very Smart girl got to use all of I got all my. Thank you welcome to America pretty. It. On that while out a way to stop this is to get out of that start rounding some of these people up that are causing trouble actually putting them in jail or is this is America. Speakers all for its part can be yeah that's right push isn't a seek out players. UT RT if you would talk about that at a breakfast and talk about that they're Greg. Out and a lot of ecology so liberal nobody. They've they've actually welcome that some fortunately but. Walden Ottawa though that we need to stop bailing Amal ride the need to stop bill universe. Stopped funny that's writers. A threat. That's correct I know they're excited need to stop sending their kids there by the way it's been a hundred year gap when they come out with a philosophy degree in need bella I think it was either shoes. 250000 dollars. Great great. I'm a little lighter side we pull up back era going for it yesterday. I tried calling on amber belt water tower. Yeah it could turn into yeah we've got enough money in the budget now and the state to be turning the water Tyler's eating them it's Amber's school. Well our I I'd I certainly don't need it tax reduction I would love to see a floating cheeseburger. Well they got it's I am Obama hamburger. Maybe I should spell the name right herbal water power. And I apple. All of Irwin these on Europe. And then again there's not big all of our. But he doesn't have been there or. Yeah so that's thinking outside the box like that is thinking outside the box that that's a great idea why not when I sold for a sponsorship wanted to listen you can paint it really up to try to design but you have to pay the pain it and then we'll put your advertisement there. It's great idea I'm out that. That would that would start with start saving. Us a lot night T. I can't comment turnout of up next week because you guys are also are about Niagara fall. As bad as they say they're certainly up article all of eight billion barrel on juice Betty. And I thank world wide open. All I'm not for your web what are all the local law U cities page but. Somebody got absorbed urban planning. Why don't they get done and turn them at that look project or Niagara Falls. Say. You beat Ferrari and be. What we couldn't do. Who this LE business coming error. Like the little windows the last time they want it. Make bad as summer residence but but in Canberra. Also ordered at least the but. Out there on. There's theaters there's you order a few simple things we don't need urban planning is that there's a few simple things we need thanks for the cult like. There's a few simple things we need less regulations lower taxes. Natalia people are saying lawless city of buffalo is coming back is really cool it's great there is some momentum down there. Re recount shops closed this week harbors right why. Because more people are leaving laster knew that Cummings though right so we can make all the beautiful parks we want. In lashing lower taxes. And lower regulations that allow business owners to keep their own money this place is gonna continue to fail. On January accountable for a technically up about you know please. On a police officers that we were talking about where we cut you practice it. All the media at the app gauntlet that's right but it was is that you know. One police officer. You won the police officer 900000. Police officers be curious focused data crap. That's. It outline. A time we had this is it. That's right outlets though let's welcome humid Orchard Park with a sneak him in seeking evidence while Jim Pollard. I'm glad that is rated. There or. They got a show turn on your show a little bit lately look because it was actually got to do. You know it regarding a police officer you know why don't people listening to the police officers millions. And they're both that would stop a lot of loose lol. Well yeah right yup absolutely that's right at ray and don't rob a subtitle of it and beat people up to the idea. Yeah exactly so yeah. Good work strictly occupation about you know when it comes to light these college campuses right I think that's the word starts with think about these anti for clowns right at the answer at the University of California at Berkeley. So they got away with smashing windows. They get away wood burning buildings in and starting fires of the highlights clock this was yeah I think knows a college professor with the with the blood clot that was a college professor at the problem is an element. But they got away with yeah all right they got to wheel that though that's the problem he's not a job. They got away with it so that's what the next violent rally just to showing up. Those same good kids snot nose kids from what they're showing up yet and didn't show up at every rally for the rest their lives until somebody takes them puts. A sign on and sticks him in jail. And it gives us as. Shocking. But the they've harassed her but that's to think I got you know. If there were ten arrests could be a lot and I think that's when you when they had a huge approach shots up circle. Californians there yeah but but but but let's have some let's have some some laws was some real teeth. That makes them pay for the damage that they caught you Europe at your mother wrote the causes damage you gonna pay for additional data in the yard. I know a lot of time in my so yeah you're getting Goodmail Internet if Kevin Phillips Sousa area try to go. A few new colors and it really apologized to it yet. You'll be first up on that next week. That he DiMarco thank you so much for having us free premium coffee roasters on route five check this place now really really cool place. Queen city from victory call them your number real likely 7168242. Year are right John had a stroke your firemen police officer shields for 57. Look folks at the top of the show we need to throughout the week 6331515. Well let's go with a over the footage of guys at your next week and thirty WB Ian.