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Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, August 12th

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On news radio 930 WB EM this is buffalo means business where local businesses and services tell their stories. I'm Randy bush over and if you have one of those stories to share you can send me an email at Randy dot bush over at double BB EN dot com. Was now doctor Jack Bernal Leo with smooth solutions medical aesthetics. And wanted to talk first about your background how did you get into this a business as a where you didn't just start out willingness. No no India didn't. I had a medical practice for about eighteen years at the Lewiston area. And was in ER physician in for about 22 years and did time. The last part of my of that part of my career in urgent care so I've really. Was. A true practicing physician. And added mostly what you deal with now. It would be referred to as feminine issues but it's not exclusively women that you work when you work with men as well. Exactly. I am a cosmetic physician and a functional medicine doctor. That. Believes in quality of life. Something that's been forgotten over the years in Madison. And I was the first in this region to two bio identical hormone replacement therapy for men and women. As they go in two men applause and Andrew applause. And you give them back their quality of life. And then build from there. On their external appearances. And make them happy. And. Curious what was it that was there a specific incident or just day. Kind of a general progression for you that made you make that switch to what you do now. That's an excellent question. There was a couple of things that steered me this way. I think the cosmetic part was. Truly accidental. Because I really did know that it was out there and it was available. For physicians who were interested. With regards to hormone replacement. I have my own story because when I realized I was and proposal ten years ago. And had a low testosterone I couldn't get any help from anybody. In the medical community. And when I finally did. The treatments. Didn't work. So why didn't get back when I needed. It wasn't until I delved into functional medicine and learned about the bio identical hormones. And the novel way of giving them to men and women which is through pellet insertion. That. By became more proficient in this so I actually became the first patient with regards to that. In this area ten years ago and it's. Skip back and give people a little frame of reference when used talk about Andhra Pozen being an apostle what exactly are what what terminology what does that mean. When I started medical school in 1979. There was no such thing it's male menopause. A man's change of life was an affair and a sports car. In those days. But men truly do you change as a man we'd weepy. With respect to our testosterone at age twenty. We decline on average 2% a year for the rest of our lives some men more some endless. Bob. When you start to realize this. The first thing that a patient will tell you and they used to tell me years ago when practice was I just can't get up off the couch. Well I never knew what that meant. So you can dance around that and I guess in the yen you have to give the patient. And an answer. And the answer was typically what you must be depressed he must be anxious. You probably could sell them on that. But the truth is until I became that person. And discovered. That. Eight low testosterone level. Not only leads to a low libido which is what everybody concentrates on but it leads to depression that it leads to. Mental fatigue. Which is a big thing was for me. That vitality. That you had. Had an end to a degree combat. It can help you if you want to work longer in your life like I do it can help you be more productive. It can help your bone structure your muscle mass. It's truly a wonderful. Rejuvenation. Of the mind and body. And menopause I think most people are kind of familiar with that you're referring to the biological changes for women mainly. And it's gonna be different for each of them and is gonna come at a different time to write is that fair to say is that preside over generalize. Now. Menopause of course we've talked about that for years and again when I started school menopause was. A woman who had no period for twelve months and had a hot flashes well I can tell you met applauses. A lot more than that. Menopause again is the brain menopausal women is sleep which they lose. Menopause is irritability. That a pauses anxiety meta pauses lack of libido. It is true that when a woman. Gets to that stage in loses certain hormones. She does it develop feminine issues. And those issues or also compound that by the fact. That she might have had two or three children. Naturally and that distorts a lot of the two issues. That can in life then course or problems. And you mentioned the bio identical hormones how old does that fit in four is it from both men and women yes. We are all human. We as men obviously need what testosterone but it woman does need a degree of testosterone for brain. For her bones for a muscle. We as men also have an estrogen that we have to be cognizant about. Because if that female hormone in us rises to lie it would play Havoc with our prostate. So you really have to understand hormones women have three estrogens men have won women have progesterone. Men don't. Women have a degree of testosterone and men have. Obviously a bigger need. Let women will come and when they start to feel those hot flashes. We fortunately don't get that. And you mentioned off the topic quality of life is in essence a lot of what you do. For both men and women and for the women's. Specifically after childbirth you offer libel sculpture I think. Most people would understand what that means what for those who don't. Both men and women. Our bodies change as we age. Or fat planes shift. Women of course have. More of a body image problem after childbirth so we or able in most people men and women. To sculpt. The sub cutaneous that plane. And in. Many instances create a more dynamic. Anatomical look. It's not merely just getting rid of fat it's trying to. Rebuild somebody cosmetic lead to make them look more anatomically pleasing. This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and we're speaking with doctor Jack bird only know of smooth solutions medical aesthetics. And among the other items that you offer for women who may be struggling with it. Intimacy physical issues there's something called the amoeba treatments maybe talk about that. Guess I'd be happy to. I was the first one to bring their meat to the Western New York area about two years ago. It made sense it fits in nicely with my hormone program because it's fixing the mechanical problems that a woman has. Where's the hormones will fix more of the brain and skeleton. So through me very is a radio frequency. Treatment. And years ago we used radio frequency and we still do for. Skin tightening for sell your league rule these other. Female issues. What we found in those days is radio frequency was very painful and I was very leery about taking on something that you know people wouldn't tolerate. But. Technology has changed in the platforms are different now and third I mean there is pain less. So what it does. Is it that external treatment 'cause medically. To take the place possibly heavily B of lastly it is a internal treatment. That gives. Radio frequency waves which course heat heat ten. Establish. Number one of blood supply. It's NG at Janet so what that means is when a woman ages and if she said multiple vaginal deliveries. What will happen is the tissue than me close in the vaginal canal will start to collect blood supply. When it lacks blood supply. There is no moisture. And that is a big problem. For intimacy. So what the me that does it it creates bullets. It creates moisture it tightens the can now. It also. Gives a very nice. Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. And this is where the real quality of life comes and lots of women. In life develop. Incontinence some worse than last some worse than others but. From evil will strengthen the pelvic floor. So if you've had multiple children and you're now in menopause and you leak and you are embarrassed and you cannot go out. Without having to Wear some kind of an appliance. This treatment will strengthen. You muscles. And give you back that quality of life that you seek. And I think we've got delayed and putting this out here long enough if people are interested in this at the at this point. How would they contact you where you located. I'm located in the part of Williams Phil on main street. My address is 5839. Maine and I mean suite 102. And it's very accessible. From. Rochester or most of Western New York sun Ontario we have. Tentacles that go out probably be about five hours especially with our. By mechanical hormone program and somebody other stuff we do because we are the only ones who do it. So we have people who seek or services. That spend the day driving driving to us. And 6336100. That's number to call yes. And you offer consultation or you have is that just beat somebody has to actually make an appointment for that you don't you don't discuss things over the phone. Well there's a lot of things you can't discuss over the phone because in my business you have to see the person if it's cosmetic issue number one if it's a hormone no issue yes. We can give you some information but you do have to have some laboratory screening. We do have to know the levels and we do have to monitor these levels so it's not that you can just come in. Give me your symptoms and get treated there has to be some documentation. That you are or truly suffering. And have literally state of the art equipment that you used that you would normally find in a bigger city you have on premise. Yes I do I have all the bells and whistles. We are also big with us some Nicole PRP which is platelet rich plasma. Which is using your war. Platelets you rich growth factors for. Cosmetic procedures from. Thinning hair and hair restoration to was score reductions. Stretch from softening stretch marks. And coming soon. There will be something that plays in to. The problems mills have as the age. With using platelet rich plasma to help them. With their intimacy but I can't say more about that at this point so full mind and body for both men and women Canada summit. Perfect yes it's a quality of life mind body mind and body by. Really truly getting the brain getting good sleep. Feeling. Feeling feeling young again maybe not being young again but feeling young again and feeling. That vitality. Is is worth it it's worked for me over the last ten years. Doctor important stuff to get out there and appreciate your taking the time Randy thank you very much had a great time as doctor Jack Bernal you know he's with smooth solutions medical aesthetics and you've been listening to buffalo means business here on news radio 930 WBE and.