8/12 Buffalo Means Business w/ Natale Development

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, August 12th

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This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and I'm Randy bush over at the show is designed to shine a spotlight on local business has a driving force in our lives and if there's a local business or service you'd like to see featured on the program you can send me an email. At Randy dot bush over at WB and dot com when us and the Coleman Cousteau director of property operations metallic development. And at first question is probably going to be about the easiest well ask you not that there are all going to be article but. As director of property operations what do you do. Randy it's good to be here as director of property operations but he could save my job is pretty multifaceted. I oversee everything from compliance and liability to leasing in marketing. And even a little bit of graphic design here and there. I'm also solely responsible for sales. Outside that's quite a wide range there how did you get into the business originally. I got into the business I was probably about nineteen or twenty years old rate here in Western New York. Property managing and leasing apartments for a smaller landlord that owned scattered amount of two debt six unit buildings. All throughout buffalo and the surrounding suburbs. And what you work an hour. Properties that are a little bit more substantial in size a ticket you could say that yes. And we'll definitely get into that. On the tell development of fact just opening up the plush crescendo lofts on Niagara street in buffalo talk a little bit about that project what what's in included in that. So the crescendo what it can effort can I just say what a great way to make their introduction into the multi residential world. It was a fantastic project. Buffalo's first text centric building. The only brass Kia can say he'll have well living there is your mailbox ski everything else is done and actively through keep. All the common area and she weighs even your apartment car. As well you are Internet your own private network is included. Not just in your apartment but anywhere you are and that building whether you are in the onsite Tenet fitness center down in the lobbying. Sitting with the friends or even in the parking garage that's attached. You're still connected to your own network just as if he never left her apartment. What was it is the push behind that it was just the idea that you could or was there something the necessitated that whole idea. So. Angela in the tally really wanted to feature a product to. Connect to buffalo living. He wanted to promote local business growth in and to really showcase all the different features that hour raid in our own backyard. That week that may be well hidden secrets. An urge to do that we have. Preloaded in unit ipads. That feature interactive applications for shopping dining. Entertainment transportation just name a few so that you don't miss a thing. We our a 100% leased. That crescendo with the waiting list on select units. Impressive and not only that but you have an impressive development going up in Lancaster the Belvedere talk a little bit about that we deal Belvedere. Is 55 an elder senior housing community financial community. It's located at 375 Harris till broad. And it is a fantastic and unique project that we are very very excited about we think that it's. Our residents are going to be even more excited and we act that's possible. We act it is a unique project. For a lot of different reasons. There are a lot of 55 and older senior housing communities in this area as everybody knows. The I'll feature things that. Statistically have shown that seniors are looking for. Beauty salons. Amenities such as in house movie theaters shuttle buses. What we have found is that there's also a need for active independent adult living folks are looking to do is downsize. And still have a lot of the luxuries. Of that they have their own home. However they're just not at the point where they need to shuttle bus. They still enjoy going out the movies. And they're still not ready to ever leave the hit they hairdresser or that the stylus that I ever they've been going to for so many years. With that in mind retailer to project. With a heavy emphasis on easing the transition of moving from a home into an apartment. We have unique amenities. A Fuller planes and I only luxurious or some of the most spacious floor plans you'll find an area they started. A 1050 square feet for our smallest unit and they go up from there. And no retail involved in this particular project because as you mentioned that the situation is a little different than a standard 55 plus setting would be correct. Now I'd do without a lot of these great features other album also things like cash in the units themselves high ceilings open floor plans. We have. Stainless steel appliances granite counter taps gourmet kitchens but as you said the the high ceilings and nine foot ceilings open Fuller plans. Them. I designed specifically is this transition. From moving from home into an apartment. Some are Fuller planes even feature large storage classes for all those items that are residents are not yet ready department. Rate and walk in showers too which is a good thing too yes every unit features walk in showers are Fuller plans at feature two full deaths. Do also have a touch our company's. And if somebody whereas had an interest and they're still openings there because you mentioned there weren't any at the crescendo. We are releasing we are still under construction. Me estimate construction to be completed and residents to be able to move in the early part of 2018. Airing any unforeseeable construction is of course so that is it too early to apply are you accepting applications for. Not at all we're absolutely accepting applications in fact we have. Some pretty enticing and specials that we are rolling out. In the spirit of this being a 55 and older. Community we are offering our first 55 friends national. And what that. What that will give our residents. Is approximately eight A half percent. Often there entire first years rents which is a substantial savings. They'll also get a flat screen TV. And entry into a drawing with the other 55 applicants. For 151000 dollars as a one and that the iChat winning. Actually that activity and the first 25 to sign up also received. A hundred dollar gift certificates. To their choice of wegmans. Opt in moving expenses or to wrestle statements. Talking with Nicole Mancuso director of property operations or net tally development this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WPE and are you far enough along where there's something like an open house either available or planned for this. Absolutely we have open houses every Saturday and every Sunday from 11 AM to 3 PM we have three model apartments. That. Folks can walk through we have 22 bedroom apartments and one bedroom apartment. They'll be able to get an idea of our oversized balconies. Outdoor space we have a beautiful courtyard that this situated directly in the middle of the building. So whether you want to be in the mix of everything or you want the tranquility of a beautiful wooded. View. You had your choice preferences. And I think we kind of worried. Touched on this advantages to pre reserving a Belvedere apartment early that would be those things that you talked about that you could then be entered in for absolutely and as well they get. To hand pick their exact department. Now what do file listeners can't come during the open house times any other recourse for them. Absolutely. Please reach out to myself. Directly. They can. Call us at 7163294566. We'd be happy to accommodate their schedules and set up a time for them to to their perfect home. And we've focused mostly on the crescendo laughs and the Belvedere which is going up in Lancaster as we've discussed. What are some of the maybe not so large scale projects that people don't know that metallic development and involved him. Well we have Ben primarily. In commercial. Yet for retail buildings this is our our introduction into the multi residential world we do have some exciting projects coming up. That I'll definitely talk more about at a later time. That we are very excited about that are in the area. One thing you can. Definitely count on is that anything gotten a tally development does rollout will be a very unique project. And one that there is. A need for in the area. And I hesitate to go here but I think my wife should. It it always intrigues me when we have female heads of something. Has that brought you any challenges specifically in the job that you do. I would say not so much because I'm female. I'm very proud to be working. Four visionary like Angela in a tally. He. Hires people for a reason he recognizes talent he brings it then and he utilized. He welcomes new ideas I strongly believe that the success of these two projects. Is a collaboration of many different ideas coming together. We function as a team. At a tally and the points in the benefits. Over the course of my career. I used to work downstate New York City I call that the shark that absolutely I've seen my fair share challenges. And yes. Being a female you definitely have to have a strong place. Yeah and in terms. What you do we have going back to where we started you talked about compliance and leases and sales there any one area that's the most. Difficult to deal with the or. Maybe you would prefer to have some males under you handled it as opposed to have you would be hands on with a. I think in the property management world the most. Difficult part of our job. Is when me have to tell folks that. You know when we have to go through eviction process is no nobody likes to evict somebody from their home. But the benefits. And the positive things by far outweigh. That part of the job but if I had to hand up to a part of the job of definitely be that pack. Iowa it may you mentioned the positives. What what is top of the list for her for what you get the most enjoyment out of doing. Creating. Having a hand in creating a perfect. Home for somebody did to see you look on their face when they. Walk in the door and you can just tell that they they feel at home they feel at ease that they are happy creating helping having helping hand in creating. This happiness for somebody else. I would say is the greatest reward. And we talked a lot about you here at the end what about the company as a whole anything we've left out that you wanted to bring to people's attention about metallic development. Just that we are excited to have now be in the game here in buffalo. Running full speed we have a lot of exciting projects that are coming up. People can. Always refer to our website at tally development dot com. To get a sneak peek at some of these projects. As well they wanna take care better look at sit it into crescendo. They can go into crescendo buffalo that come everything is did you elect crescendo they can even apply every line. And pre leased for crescendo. And done as far as Belvedere goes like that Belvedere that come because after all this is a lifestyle choice it's a Renaissance and active adult living. Sounds that challenging sounds like it Sarah also rewarding as well. Nicole appreciate the time in nine just sad that I got to wait three years before I can apply at bat well I made entry and appreciate that. Michael Mancuso director of property operations with a tally development this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WP EN.