8/12 Buffalo Means Business w/ Buffalo Materials Handling

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, August 12th

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I'm Randy bush over and you're listening to buffalo means business on news ready at 930 WB ENS is where we hear from the businesses and services that are available here in the buffalo area. If you'd like to be on the program you can send me an email at Randy dot bush over at WPN dot com. USS and Sam HO VER. At WB EN dot com. With us Peter talking who's the president and owner of buffalo materials handling and Peter tell us a little bit about the company what is it that you do. Sure awful materials handling. Work helping we've been in business in buffalo for. A little over sixty years. And how I describe the business Randy is if you picture a and eighteen Wheeler backing up to date a warehouse. We county of from the air we. Handled the dock bumpers and the docs duels that the Mueller backs up against the dock leveler. And then the forklift that rides onto the eighteen Wheeler and takes up the product that truly are cornerstone the forklifts. And we'd sell and service. Forklifts and rent them and so forth and then. Four with takes a product puts it on a Appel Iraq. And we also do that we sell and install Eller acting in early anything with moving materials and the name both overthrew him and drama handlers in conveying yours and so forth but. That's really the you know the the not too sure whereabouts are you located were in us sunny and a few New York in particular drive off of torture and we've been of that building for about six years now. I bought the the businesses seven years ago. It's a company has said over six years old on the third owner and it's sixty plus years. The previous owner bought it 1999. And then unfortunately died two years later in his Whittle decided to attempt to run the business. And down. After a couple years of struggling with that she decided to sell admin be in the right place at the right time. And bought the company in 2010 and in we've grown. We've been very blessed we've grown exponentially. And we've doubled the size of our business and one number wrong words and been very lucky in Houston it's. We'll take me back to when you first purchased the business what was the reason that you wanted to get into that. Good question. Better business owner in my past life I used to owner on the franchise for national car rental. And sold it back to corporate and start working for friend of mine and just. Found it wasn't hip because that wasn't running my own business so I start looking for business to. To purchase and needed to find something really that wasn't necessarily successful as it wouldn't be affordable necessarily so as looking for. I fixer upper if you will and in buffalo materials handling was a business that. It was an affair had type business being foreclosed and so forth so I knew that it was a stable industry. And it also had a lot of very highly qualified tenured people that it hung in there through the tough times in the previous owner. And so it figure that was a good mix and even though I had no experience in mature handling. I did have experience and rentals and trench running the business of similar size. Two can gamble and kind of a talked my wife and two putting a second mortgage on the house and and one fork and a very lucky never looked back and and we've grown has been very exciting. As gonna say this is a business where you certainly need these kind of things because I how else to things literally and figuratively get moved around. Right right and fortunately a ball falls then that a nice growth. You know these these past years and it's looking very. Very optimistic and very exciting for baffles. You know new growth in the city and and the waterfront and so forth. Right and forklifts again it's not all you do and we'll get into that. But the forklifts themselves the also do the but the ones I am familiar with a used to work in grocery. So he's dabbled a little hand crank ones that we used cart things around with the you do those as well. Oh yeah oh yeah those are these the hand pellet Jackson and we. Get into the of the electric and the I see the internal combustion on so we. Are our two brands that we represent their crown and Nissan. And we also. Represent. Tenet forced robbers in the getting getting into the more than for this but. The cornerstone again being for this crowd in the east crown is the number one. Electric forklift in the world and actually. Almost incidentally were the oldest crowned dealers in the world. And that just haven't because they got into the fourth with businessmen crown its crown is. Actually the only US made. Forklift the maid and a new Bream in Ohio so reluctant to be. Two have them as a to represent their product that should say. And there in tops in there and wegmans in there and FedEx and it's been a great product. It's. End. One to make sure to mention that it's again not specifically forklifts or to do you also deal with the storage pallets themselves. And I see on here warehouse management systems so that's not quite. But most people would think it's a kind of a little bit away from that the core job but still certainly went well within the realm of materials handling. Yup and we do kid drunk and so forth right now lower in the admits that finishing up. For Albright Knox they have made a huge mezzanine project to putting and that's over quarter million dollars. And it's. Religious mezzanine and girders and and flooring and so forth so certainly not a forklift if you will but. Dealing with mature handling that through they're gonna store all there there are pieces. We're with Peter tong keys the president and owner of buffalo materials handling which is why we're handling the subject of materials handling quite a bit here. And you see also. Going back to the far closer just a bit rentals and leases of trucks and attachments that that has nothing to do actually with a forklifts and as a gets completely separate part of the business. Well it is rentals of four listen and forced covers and so forth the other's companies that have. Highs and lows of their business it may be due season now the year and of your inventory and so forth. Or business that doesn't want to put the capital to answer purchase a forklift. So we rent quite a lot of four clips from in the small pellet checks your mentioning to ones that are 20000 ton. Cab forklift that are no lift up lumber and then the attachments. It's it's interesting the industry does. Handling. Pellets but also of these big paper clips go to. The big round attachment to put and or what slipped she port something that grips boxes. So it's all sorts of different attachments that go on for us. And not only have to do the repair and service work on these things. Yeah that's a big part of our business are area that we cover as fourteen counties we go. Was shipped to the Niagara frontier but legal Easter Rochester and down to Erie Pennsylvania. And we service every brand literally of forklifts. And we have twelve technicians that are on the road driving all over and repairing and we pride ourselves on that we've actually have been fortunate to win. Put a number of awards we won what's called the platinum award which is the highest recognition for service. And it's based on a a number of metrics for two male porn. As far as the first time fixed ratio. Response time the amount of training investing your technicians. So in winning this award it helps to. Really credit our technicians and how good they are and every time before that but yet we of those twelve technicians and then if we can't fix a truck. Onsite at that that the customers that we call back in and fix it shop as well. Yeah I forgot to mention you mentioned that the fact you have twelve tax but I mean how many people overall working for buffalo materials handling. Now we have 31 employees right now so via. Have a doubled in size and golden employees. And sell the lion's share of the technicians and then we have force tells people. And some clerical people and people who do art dispatch and renal cord nation and so forth so. But I it was a quite a surprised on how complex and and how many different things we do around the city of buffalo when I got into this mature handling this. He and what the other things that fascinates me is the that the machines that actually keep all of the stuff on the pallets the stretch wrap machines out of those things work. Yeah mom so if you're checking a bunch of boxes you can imagine palette and getting high that's not a very stable. Environment you to wrap up with plastic so sometimes oldest walk around somewhere walker all plastic and Rhett but up but. With a stretcher up machine what it does as. That that plastic is expensive and heads up. And being a petroleum based product and so with a stretch wrapper machine. In not only speeds up their process but it actually stretches that plastic to its. Maximum thickness if you will so you two and get 45 times as much. Product rapid decision rule so we sell those and that's usually for the larger companies. And also I understand that you have training and certification through OSHA for our working on these machines to. Yeah it's it's by law ocean that you have to be certified to drive a forklift. As well as a scissor lift or and man up machine that we we also trained for and sell. But they would do the training for one person to. Complete companies and we do an on site after at their business or we also have classes. At our facility we run those a weekly. And I know that again talking about the forklifts you mentioned electrical and the internal combustion version so necessarily have chargers and batteries have to deal with two. That's very good I Segway and we do we do so. With the electric forklifts. Of us either be electric run on batteries down along extension court. And these batteries used industrial batteries are are huge and not only to give it a lot of power for an extended time but also is currently being led based. And these batteries are very expensive they can run three hit 8000 dollars so it's important that you. Take care of that battery and and and it's a full life on it and so. We sell our own brands of batteries and we service them and repair them and also teach people how to take care ever better because you'd be surprised. It's really a science to what they call. Equalizing the battery besides watering it and so forth and actually get to 56 years out of like father battery and they also want to make sure they get their full 67 hours of use during the day that'd be nothing more frustrating than trying to. Move product onto a truck and also in your truck rental power. And you mentioned is at the top and I wanted to make sure we covered this too before we ended up. The dock liberal and dock level leaders and doc seals I kind of know what those are good explain that to people who don't. Short. So when they Q Wheeler backs up to that building. You might have a product that you wanna keep refrigerated. And through and make sure that you don't lose any refrigeration. Antsy like make sure it's shield against that building. They also wanna make sure even if you're not having refrigerator product. In that damaging the building and so that eighteen Wheeler. Doing its best to back up carefully in that act on the wall. Requires those dot seals and dot bumpers to make sure that. There's a smooth and comfortable connection to the building and then to finalize a connection would be what's called the dock leveler. Which is. A usually a steel plate that lifted up and extended out to connect the building. To the truck because the height of the truck in the distance of the truck to the building. I'm not always exact and seeing the stock level or two Emeka. Global connection and allow that for the truck to build a drive off the truck and pick the product without. Having kind of bombs. Before we drive off or might not we ought to get out the number for people who might be your companies might be interest in your service. Well thank you yes so our number we do have local number 7168946370. And our website is. Awful materials handling dot com and we also heavily shorted version. BMH and Y Susan B buffalo and the euros each. Handling and NY New York dot com and leave at 800 number 8777419555. Think that wraps it up very nicely Peter thanks for coming and thank your time appreciate Peter talkie to president and owner of buffalo materials handling this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yet.