8/11 Bauerle and Bellavia: Buffalo Bills Trades Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, August 11th

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News radio 930 WBA. And. So as I said earlier I I wanna Donald Fagan for Steely Dan. Some some of them the message got confused and end up where. Donald Trump. Mr. trump thanks as nice talking to you again. It's great to do it here again I'm. Just up front I think it is important that you know my biases there are times I think you're the greatest band in the world and there are times I think you or your own worst enemy. OK I understand that number much. You do business or cougar or. You know they'll do Reno we can not your home river deeper than David Bellamy. At least I'm house broken its hourly and Olivia what makes for men. To come about he. Is it being prepared to do the right thing. Whatever the cause. That's what my command. And sure that occurred festivals on news radio 930 W. I got a lot of and we actually hurt they have quit about a few reference earlier in the week with as some serious shall we did it is eleven minutes after five it is ready at 930 WBM it is hourly ability ended David for those people who may have been locked in a cage all day you as the ardent. Bills and sabres fan. You get the task of the. Delightful short of telling our audience exactly what happened at a dual drive today. So we got a trade the first trade and actually Ronald Darby defensive back. Who was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for Jordan Matthews who's an NFL number one wide receiver. He was also tray along with the third round pick for the bills to Jordan Matthews wide receiver and a third round then the bills traded Sammy Watkins. Through the apple rams. The rams got Sammy Watkins and the Buffalo Bills 20086 round pick. The bills get EJ dangers faced starting. Cornerback in the and I fell. Again not as good as Darby but. Definitely can start to any I would say Joseph Mathews. Is maybe a step back from Sammy but the bills get a second round pick. In this and lock in straight against the bills to first round to second rounds and 23 rounds. Now the bills are cut some free agents that we signed this year. The wide receiver homes. Some of the other guys that we brought in as kind of second and third stringers the bills would get an additional pick from the NFL. A compensatory pick so the bills could theoretically have seven picks in the eighty picks overall to the of making a veteran groups of two epic as opposed to punitive right. So my point is. We would have sick right now six picks in the top eighty. That's great for starting a franchise over. And you know what it's are we competitive Camellia still go 500 it was ago pending in six. And I'll say look I you know what if any cure is worthy dichotomy. Is the host of your favorite radio show for your drive all the afternoon comes at. David isn't absolute ardent junior oil and fan of the bills the sabres and pro sports in general. I on the other hand. I have been told that I don't stand too eager and it still might may have noticed taking a pounding and I walked right into it for publicly admitting that there. You know I just enough that much into pro sports and I've got to wonder and you know guys. It in my the only one because I know I will not hear the others either stat I've opened a kettle of fish or is it can't weren't. I've opened perhaps something I should open but I think it's a great way to make this more than just its porch all but did I just wanted this is so important to note. I don't root against the bills. Unless of course I'm thinking about the future draft choices and I don't root against the sabres I don't I don't wanna be that I'm not the contrary. Right. And if the bills are playing the patriots despite my unnatural respect for Tom Brady and admiration for his talents and computing ability and everything. It despite all of that if Tom Brady is going up against the Buffalo Bills I will always go with the Buffalo Bills beat cause. If the bill succeed it's good PR for Buffalo Sabres succeed it's good PR for work the sabres now to bring money into the koppers I got in the way you know. But if if the pro sports teams are seen as winners it reflects on the community in some small way shape or form. I'm wondering exactly how many points you lose for your man card now. In my defense I did put us on FaceBook it buys that B seventeen flying overhead when I'm on the drive home. I've become highly excited. If I still see every now we get a flying box are from World War II over it and he used to see it all the time in and out of Niagara Falls for rear now. But I do get very excited. And I'm I achieve you know what occasionally with the eight hands live at the greater buffalo Niagara Falls international airport. I am at full attention when it right here and then seed the 810 report awed. So that is at least indicative that there may be some genuine testosterone left of my system. You know I again I I don't judge the thing about the other the patriots think it's far more egregious. If you don't ever have to go to bill's game where or where any camera view yet again. But as solo on its hands. You know and Tom Brady forty years old and again have been that guy and were hoping it. Her coach it's. They've offered did say that he did notice that at least once a month ago the water weight and mood swings it's really bizarre is that we're entirely a conflict. There is adopt an Erie Pennsylvania. Stop serious thoughts on pro sports or are you kind of liked I am a translation not a real men. Well I had seen tickets to its papers for many years so yeah. It actually costs pushed out of our side I have no problem sports. But the ears every light here for national sports. Mike were I think we like to bread circuses. I I think that this community in general need to spend more time on an airport. In sports and that actual. As a life. I think are way too much energy and money is spent. On distraction. You know you've got an average of. Let me just get her up and I'm gonna make the counterpoint you might be surprised that I'm going to take people crave distraction. Meet my distraction is watching live ammunition at music because if every minute of every day ice but worried North Korea were thinking about Donald Trump. I think I'd be missing out a lot of life so I I don't agree with you bet it is them pre planned you know bread and circus distraction from what they're really doing to screw us in the government go ahead. I think for the most part it is about. Individuals making money. But wait when you see how the government banned over backwards. You make AD for these franchises they're getting something out of it is well I'm I'm a lot and know how many people in the bills' game. Have gone into. School board meeting in the last year. I think their numbers are gonna be. Yet it down let's be fair I mean of all the things that. It as far as civic responsibility goes how many Americans vote. I mean that where were apathetic across the board I don't it's fair to bring you know the bills fans into it but you're right. Listen there's every. Dom every day I get depressed over the bills I go through your voices in my head absolutely. You're the voice every isn't your 100% correct. We should not care what other grown men do wearing helmets on their heads that'll match. It shouldn't effect but you're also talking to a kid who after you know Super Bowl I called in sick I was physically unable to go to school because I was so depressed. Over four straight Super Bowls. So oh. Of those other interests of the poll deals that are just only live and die hard bills fans only care about one of the reasons for the show's most immediate success is the fact that David is interest in its college race is amazing and it goes way beyond the military's purposes but. Honestly they're there. There are lots of people in your what your saying. Fundamentally cannot be argued if you're 100% correct. We can't it wait Q seriously it should not identified the region. We shouldn't be judged by our franchises that what kind of people we are. But unfortunately. The only time people see. But Buffalo, New York is a Sunday afternoon when a drone was flying downtown. And really it's the truth of the the nation sees buffalo on Sundays and no depending on what they like in hockey. That's that's an opportunity to audition for the rest of the country. And I tell you gentlemen that I. I really excited when I near buffalo got slam which not all because athletically is I'm not going to. There we go wild hair that's the relationship we agreed to have world. All of Mike's Erica and you got chick fool myself onto fantastic except on Sundays. All right thank you let them for the phone call more up pouring yet now is ID you know I think the next thing we will announce is that I'll be the next Caitlin Jenner. They don't realize thirty start at 3180616. WB EN. And then give them with my thoughts about pro sports perhaps authority there email. How many X chromosomes do you have. Let's go to bed and it will it was bill as my manhood is well I knew this was coming up a big boy I can handle it bad your WB and hello. I'm Dave how are you guys don't longtime listener and I just want and one litre you've got. Thank you guys are evident I ran into one of our listeners I wrecked and his wife last night and that Rick is a four hour a day a listener and he always liked the show but now he's Lou loves the show with David on boards who he is a man of good taste and discernment. Yes David W London bad impression on the court. Go at a sports issue I'm right in the single Tokyo. It's the same thing every single year with the bill how can even waste your time watching them like. We're never handicap be on. Well let me ask your question before we go down this road where the bills were perennial Super Bowl performers. Dan. Were you interested because I feel like one of those really to polish fair weather fans. Actually I'm not I'm only when he thought and so I I didn't get to enjoy the super ball here as I suddenly feel old little preview this of the. To the program OK but I. I'm gonna tell you this though being Buffalo Bills and bad and prepares you for life. Better than any organization. Any experience you can never have if you're going to do business in your truck apply for college. If you're trying to do whatever and you need to do how you deal with the with the adversity how do you deal with getting you know knowing you're up against the odds in your bills fan. I tip my prior my eyes expectations extremely well. And if I exceed those expectations. I feel like I've won the Super Bowl. IMAX like that can blow also but. They're still going and seemed in reach then. A tale we make up of the of the playoffs. You argun see those golf balls go down. That people act like we literally just got the Pan American tax position again there will be more excitement in buffalo the scene for very long time. If we make the playoffs I want be surprise that the fans. Toward on the Ralph I'm sorry you where stayed. We won't do that but we might go to the train station while you're ever. I do and you know it's funny because despite the fact that I lost touch with them have lost interest in pro sports and out of buffalo approach worth which is in general there are moments because I used to be here to it that I will never forget one of those moments of course was. Growth now forget the details but it wasn't even like. A huge game but David it was like the first time the bills beat the dolphins in years and people rushed the field teetered on the goal posts. Or my hallucinating that. Not it was that the first time that happened in the modern air it was when threads were it was blocked a pat Leahy field goal. The bills clinched we went to home for the whole day he toward on the ovals and that was the year we went through the AFC championship game. And we got beat by the Bengals and if you remember was the bickering bills again a huge fight. In the locker room too bold ruler on each other bills Derek Burroughs a bunch of by defenders in offense and we'll fight. And that 89 we have the big let down in Cleveland with the Ronnie Harmon dropped. And at that Clayton Matthews interceptions Jim Kelly last played the game and then not only. Was just. It was it was utopia was the perfect it will be early nineties that we have a nice clear idea of steer that team dismantled because of that salary and let the fifteen under three victory AFC championship against the Oakland Raiders LA raiders what are they were at that time. Again the it would all we need to buffalo swagger. And so we need a little competence and and and looked out Utica here we come well. And you know David the other thing too antsy this is why I understand. The psychology and why it may be I'm guilty of being the fair weather fan of the Irish bank. Because I think back I might have been a Monday night or Thursday night game is living in Saint Louis at the time between San Francisco in its prime and Jim Kelly in his prime and it was a shootout and the Buffalo Bills ended up victorious. That was yes I mean look there's a ton of the no punt game against him since. Listen this was great stuff but. Again the heartbreak of you remember the 2004 or 2005 it was 2004 we had to play the Pittsburgh Steelers. They sat everybody they played Charlie Batch and quarterback. We had our starters against their third string all we added to his home game in December. At this stadium and were in the playoffs. And what happened we got beat by the third stringers it was horrible but again. Back and talk I thought. But yet but then what happened to you can argue all guilty are you as guilty as high of these I think I think I just analyze myself of being a fair weather fan in other words against a real thing. Honestly I actually apparently consider myself a fair weather friends do. But we're the bill especially and it's just it's clearly insanity at the same thing every. High expectations. Following by withering depression. President well I'll take what if nothing in this life can prepare you for a mortar attack but being a bills fan is the closest thing in the world. You don't have a lot of options you hug the earth had faith. And surround yourself with people you love and that's pretty much what it takes to be bills fan after the around love. Yeah for those who don't know David's bio before Issa that complaint email. David is 88 highly decorated combat veteran and one of America's all time 100 most beloved veterans he as been there so just in case you're about ready to fire off a complaint email that's David's background so he gets to save it. Thank you very much of them appreciate the call. 803 go to thirty start at 3180616. WB eat and buy hourly and Olivia and we are the show that hopefully doesn't let you down hopefully we're not the pills or the sabres hope you come here with expectations and we come close to meeting them almost every day. Certainly the response I must use been beyond both of our wildest expectations very reason. The earth. We did. And fire and it's going to be great shows special guests Sheikh. And Kevin or is it in the next room highly excited as well he should be because if your go to that show I'm kind of obvious I'm not gonna be able to go to the show. But what great performers and Kevin. Is that Kevin is gonna add to the program Kevin. I'm so often it's gonna ambling out directly to. And that earth wind and fire has kept likes to college taco Tuesday. Or at north buffalo purple underwear. With the I don't get it. Purple underwear Friday or for our viewers in our. Way these are cultural references that I don't get. Now now it is and I just give joke on loan capital yet. I don't get it because they don't respect it Hume. Obviously we're excited to hear it when players. But he is going to. Going to be one new one amid defeated them well you know what. I McKinley you back don't they that's Shockey Kennedy's well you know what he did but I must do this because I really stupid but. I kind of feel like I've seen earth wind and fired because my buddies demurred gone wild do like a tribute to a songs to earth wind and fire and for by two white guys the Arab League really good at it. And believe it or not the nerds will actually do the first burst of Grandmaster Flash amateur is buyers white lights at school and yet it does. I'm like saying that you went to Vegas and saw the you know service delay Beatles and now we don't have. Paul McCartney. Well Hamas unless there's like a front door and try to rationalize why I did not get tickets okay let's there's nine people on stage and not earth wind fire on of people that are going to be up there due army in the zone for a. You know Kevin keeps asking me about the first female Navy SEALs she's involved right now and she drops dust that these navy seal training she dropped. Well she gave an pride that you are a lot of respect and a lot of guys dropped out through I'm sure you don't hear about the guys who drop out. What well now that's true but she's the first female they should have probably gone public when she's in the final stage. That would have you know there's less chance for tap and out at the end and in the beginning you know what I I have sure women are. Two other women are potential next class to the ones well I certainly wish them success but frankly tapping out of the navy seal program or agreed parade or. I mean any of the special forces urged you've still got more for the country. I don't. I had to lose and it's it's incredible but it just shows that it's. It's difficult to do. You know so she can get through listing standards got bluster but. One thing before we leave that subject altogether is that you told me bit the average height of the successful navy seal candidate is like five foot nine generally they're the six foot four power houses there the smaller guys and I take some comfort that while I was registering more about the delta force guys. Our guys but but there are that these seals tend to be larger guys just because of of what they're asked to do. But if you look at the the army mar sock it with a Marine Corps and everything else. Those are not just. Barrel chested guys that run around in the arms. These guys are doing a lot of car audio and it's really really hard to keep muscle in weight on when you're running around deployed in desert jungle you name it. That they'd they're really not ripping lawful heads that they do that when you see like out. You know that you saw American sniper Chris couch those sniper guise of a totally different regiment. And the guys that are kick in doors around. On the field. He did not know that yet they have more time off to kind of Chilton. Well and if you look at the real life. Guy from a hacksaw ridge the medal of honor winner and how long we've we've post at all budget stuff on him a couple of weeks ago. He was a scrimmage he's been he's kind of like one of those gangly guy is a kind of scrawny but the feat he accomplished in saving lives. Absolutely. On real bull. And you know the did not exactly didn't look like a weight lifter put it that way. It is up 543 it was revealed that thirty WBM Bauerle ability a huge news out of one bills drive David is going to recap it for us because he is our resident sports fanatic. I wanted to federal court I think the bravest Americans relive the man by the name of Melvin brown nineteen years old died in Korea. Literally sat on a rooftop hitting shying Chinese Communist with a shovel. And lost his life hitting people with a shovel that is the bravest thing any American has done this country is right as it was nineteen years old guy. Bare foot probably five to may be 110 pounds. So is nothing to do with the size of the dog in the fight but rather Tom. The size of the fight in the dog. That was said once by very famous person who I don't remember. But it's also the ocean in the ocean crackers out. Federation every lock into his traders there is no woman ever the first trade was actually yeah Ronald Darby humor Grammy was second round pick he was looked at to be the defensive about rookie of the year one point at a bad season in the second year. There's going to a third year Ronald Darby trade to the Eagles who are dying for secondary help there to release struggling. They give up. Jordan Matthews who is a starting NFL wide receiver actually better numbers and Sammy. But the talent just isn't there but the bill's also the third round pick and trade. Then they trade Sammy Watkins to the LA rams for a starting. Cornerback in the NF LJ very talented guy not better than Darby in my opinion but still good. A second round draft pick in 2008 team get the bill's two for first two seconds two thirds eight picks in the top. Sixty pitch that's really impressive. And it is our earlier Bellamy is so I'll say Texans and how big a role that is pro sport play you're about life and in particular you know when you hear about big news from one bills drive do you say to yourself friction deals not my life. Or do you say. Only crap I think I need to call mom and tell her. And I am like I I feel like maybe I'm not a man because of just that isn't a sport. June journalistic your phone though people you tell breaking news to. I guess suck if you found out about something happening that was you know 9/11 epic. Who did that everyone has a list of three people call wolf personal stuff. My mom. And this is heard are always first and then. Anything else is is just up on FaceBook and play it whether it's a professional page where private page upon rendered pages as they go up there. So if it's the sabres tried that trade deadline day. Or the bills make a big deal like that LeSean McCoy yeah you've got your people you go to that was a huge trade. But you know at the time a linebacker that was a rookie of the year people thought it was great. We trade him for LeSean McCoy it was like wow the bills are moving to shake it. This is a cataclysmic I mean you literally have taken the Doug Whaley air and just said Doug cool shower was that guy. Mail it in a related note I did mention Bobby Chandler before and a little known fact he asked my sister out. In my sister had a boyfriend answered no of while. She could have been mrs. Bobby Sheehan he passed away yet tragic death very tragic with the cancer. I believe it was and unfortunately it was one of those cancers for which there still is not a cure of a double check but very very tragic loss let's go to let Kevin in penalties on WB. The and but I had to put a real cool brother La named Joseph who's got a viper. Anyway Kevin you're WB and welcome. Know about the car he keeps a pets liquor on just to kill my sister when you're forty and that's the path it's evident WVU. Kevin if all sleep it's. You'd get it. I got back when this cabin one free ticket to see The Rolling Stones. They worked to get the rulings and the only wakes up here British model British rock. Wow he really does have an arc and he really die and it's and I think he's got an app anything Q it might be sent to me issued. A concern for Kevin. If you know Kevin could you please like text at worst outbreak kept it. Ever picture opening Hoover card to. Targeting these are narco left. And nice twelve driving in Kevin and probably all. Robert Robert Gordon affair. Hillary the one who's getting she is a student we that was talked aviation level huge it was absolutely fabulous to drive all lives in black rock Riverside she is Holler and apt. And that's great experiences except the one last week we spoke a word of English but we you know it's funny because I've had like awesome who were spared the buffalo in Iran you know. But I had a recent over experience where the guy wouldn't stop talking. And the subject matter was subject of the talk about so like I basically just said listen. Let's just get to our destination here. There's no need to discuss how to read the follow your drive and you got to re through the same thing is a passenger sometimes a driver with a lot on his or her mind like I don't know driving safely and how to say. I don't know let's go to Q. Bob a cell phone WB. Bob tells us is. Sports. I don't know but blog post or. Go over the country and I'll just development well not a bill go about this paper. Or that or if only thing because it might. Trickle there. Yeah knowledge it's almost like OK sure up the brick so. Little so I only got 30 look at it and so that's. Hey Bob did you ever had the experience of the bills fan where you were put a spot where did you had to like deny. The bills three times like Peter and like light you you're you're around people wouldn't go but on the bills and you're like you know what I should probably stand at the same from buffalo and I like the bills but you know what it's really not worth it these guys are drawn where you know what the second time I can't do it anymore. Bills fan. And and you put yourself imperiled by Dina bills fan around Boston fans I told them please do not. Falsely modest but I think we need to continue and interrogation further because. People are gonna say wait a minute you cannot be a die hard fan of them say they have to show you something because that you fall into my terrible category of potential fair weather fans so. Hold on. If you would. And I Kevin and peddle them please let us know your okay. Because I would hate first. To hear that's up happily and you know not a bad summer but I I could stand a little more sunshine on the weekends and maybe a little less than a million Tuesday not once have evidently used the hourly estates blow up pool. True fact blow up pool. Live at large in Bauerle Palin are back to Bob and a cellphone so Bob. I know people are gonna say like meet the bills have you doubt your last threads they got to show you something and people no doubt because they take the bill's very seriously. Would be likely to call you. A fair weather fan and how would allowed you to report what would you Zack. I ran through the warriors aren't spoiled. Shot approach that this count at the upper. And they. That no drug could never did you know since a seventeen years and hop on the wagon. I'd like to go back and aren't just a little while yet before the report calls home. While at the sabres that there in the news today but. That's Saber again he worked well record if you're a book or really. It's in your book. You're just absolutely of the bill below the sabres aren't. I could I could watch hockey 24 hours a day that it could be good putter out there and it just intimate. Well my son is like a walking talking encyclopedias. On hockey and it's almost frightening he should probably get a job with the NHL he's that good witness that he lives breathes eats and sleeps hockey I'll tell you what though don't underestimate the memory of the True Blue Buffalo Bills fans because when we finally get this thing right we fix it and circle the wagons and take on the Vince Lombardi Trophy we're looking over our shoulders for all of you guys. There are gonna show up at the parade. You're all gonna throw the confetti where they're sure it's run around town if flags and your cars. Liggett 2006 and seven with the sabres were in the everybody else sabre fans all the sudden they're gone in two years if the guys like Bob that keep this institution together these bills fans good for you Bob. Our pop up thank you very much but he put conditions of his life they got to show so well you know whatever and says that that's a typical but it's like it if you reconcile. With the self defense mechanism for Bob okay policy maybe myself defense mechanism is saying yet you really don't care here because wide right. Ed bill goal and these 75 Stanley Cup finals against the politically wired that that's all the media hype if you look at that Super Bowl game that game all came down. To a bunch of third downs in long that we allowed. Baker and guys should not have been running missed tackles how our Bruce Smith has his hand and Jeff hostetler hand. In the end zone that ball should come loose it didn't for some reason. So we just said you don't keep going back to the same restaurant if you keep getting bad food service and maybe you haven't been a Western New York in the last 35 years absolutely we do. All real hot. And don't get. Your favorite pizza or we sometimes restaurants have bad days well bad service waitresses Ahmadabad. I give a like if if I get one. Answer okay our customer restaurant and I get to bed meals in a row I'm likely to give them a try a little bit later but it might get a hat trick that natural Patrick. Deborah list but if you go to a restaurant it's bad one time. You know it's it's one of those things happen. Look at the Ali on the big Yankee game as well the New York Yankees have built that franchise with young studs. And that's what the bill are gonna do that brought an all new leadership of open and by the way. You can't root against the bills. Pulling cars like the pills. That even the guys from milk it for Michael threats I support it happen many to many fans in buffalo of the bills. All right it is ability that we must break.