8/11 Bauerle and Bellavia: Bills Trades Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, August 11th

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News radio 930 WBA. And bricks are the one thing you can't pack. Hillary's copious backside into skinny jeans. Hourly I gotta tell you I couldn't be more excited. Just jump when people including me describing it over the radio they are going to remember and AM radio is them. Modern source for news and entertainment indeed fidelity yeah. I used to be number one in this town for people who listen to AM like they used to. Seem like it's more about FM technology. Stupid shirt denim it's the hourly and they'll be this is the big one mourns. This is the one that brings us back. Soon AM radio Lorraine king once more. I thought. A news radio 930 W. And it it is our ability. A different the united thirty WB ET and the very interesting huge Tuesday massive trade. In the world has that are has treated me to citadel in exchange for each round draft pick. Man yes and a minority it's it's really bizarre. Anyway it's. It is about our ability under is ready in my thirty WB BMI. I've I've wondered. How life would be if the rest of us can get treated. Like you get traded in your job west tour has announced the trade sending three of its top executives were too. Ford which orders. And a late model Toyota that that. That's admirable personally drive it to the anyway and David were gonna get into that story coming up. On the thirty WB yet there is obviously important news. Via Kmart. Which used up we have a guest who's gonna talk about. That for you as we get into the meat of the day. Right this is the founder. He KIA memorial march you can go to the website KI AA. Memorial march dot com August 19 2017. We're joined in the phone now by sergeant major Jason jazz gala. Is that right guys whether it. Jason. Hello. This is going well Jason there. Apple Jason is well. Well suddenly you're just Gillis started. Became a moral road march it was what 2012. He lost to a body a staff sergeant Chris dale. Was a friend of his that was killed in action in 2005. Indy Al province staff sergeant Jill was a member of the buffalo fire department and was an army reservists. He lost his life and the health problems that actually the exact same area. That that I served in for every year so it's kind of weird how chairs yet visible fire fighter and softball team is my dad small world and that to try to get try to get him back on site I I heard nothing on the line whatsoever now I didn't either so. But anyway the so what we joined again all right so we find the remains porous and that is up it's a seven Rochester we also traded three of our phone lines to the LA rams four. For two ATT throwing food and the rams immediately threw them back so they were defective or there so we're all on the phone we're joined. By sergeant major. Jason Jack still how you doing. Trader for that. It's a measure calls it hired Polly these electronics these days. And approach Euro. That is. So August 19 2017. The the website is KIA. Memorial march dot com Telus did this whole thing started because you lost him but he. Staff sergeant in the the army against the reservists. His name is Chris dale could you tell us what. What about Chris still is something that we need no. Are well into the bubble firefighter is fatherhood side in this special forces and also off a firefighter. Then it was apparently it was by it was when my best friend and battle but he. Now what we talk about battle buddy in a best friend it's it's it's a little bit different when your. You know hearing garrison in the past there's no war going on you guys drill on the weekend all of a sudden you know you're told you're going to combat you go from. You know whatever job you're currently holding two. You know immediately in the active duty military. And did you guys stay separated what you went to Iraq or was this something you guys got the served together at the same time. All excellent mirror all ex security and then joined the reserves summary we already know vote duty and that whale life. And then now when we met we about it inaugural school while we went over cataract and we were separated. For the first two weeks and we ended up by the same local and and team. Now if you remember in 2005 the Iraq War. Was completely it was one of the first times where the entire combat operation was turned over to the New York State National Guard that the National Guard in New York. A lot of these units and our own backyard they were used in and pretty much every high profile kinetic operation. Our reservists are local guys from Western New York. With the tip of the spear in what was called Operation Iraqi Freedom through Ricky. And in Gallup Robinson 2005 I've you know DL was a really rough area I spent some time out there I can tell you that first hand. I could start a staff Sargent Gil was training Iraqi soldiers or police. Don't waiver we are advisors for the Cherokee our forces which. You know we're told over and over their train training meant that we were just take emirate in the so loose. Sanitary. So off the road more than any trade out we'd just that there are battalion and we went out on patrols. So you know where we we look we lose I hero this affects you personally this affect you professionally. And so you know what. We hear all the stories about you know negative things that people do when. When they go through the loss. And your story to me the assault lifting about it is that. It sure you get home after are horrible you know deployment when you losing friends and you're seeing combat. You're immediately back to just. You know trying to get involved between the buffalo veterans' court. I've been a mentor out there at the welcome home troops program how do you get to realize is that something that we all hate do we like our road march. That we can actually turn that towards raising money and doing good. I don't know much the browse it like it is all we need a and the older than yours and nobody seriously. He. Ought it is smaller Marcella and known bill where what. Became known it was the goal for our families and well yes purses and the only. And started and summary surge indoors. And quickly realize at that time and I've looked at it there's 296. Just from your state. And you know. Six and below one and you looked at nationwide in late. Well you know is it going to somber and it's always this sort. The poet and summer break up. To be. I want to change it wanted you yes we respect and an honor well why does it need to be set let's remember. Some want to want it shall and we. You know we're not gonna ever brigade you're son or daughter. Or anybody there it was opting out and we're gonna. You know make it out of there's going to be around and we're gonna do some good. And you know rate some repercussions. So our audience what would you like our audience to do what is involved that we've put a link up to the KIA. Memorial road march on the Bauerle ability FaceBook management. People listening right now what would you like from the. Well let's see it last year me and for martyrdom or people register our brand and Bentley is a total 20000 palms. So if you're barking dog and register they get all Lotto. But not for their money they bring in public angered. They get Labatt beer they get imperial pizza and wings figure sure. They get a wet rag bag and we've been had they are so there's literally no excuse the armed David Kessler reg. And I'd join the law is going to have carried a Booth they don't even have a walk if they don't want to. That's a true drill sergeant he's prepared for every contingency possible there's no excuse Saturday August 19. 11 AM is the start but they're asking you to check in at 08. You like 930 it's at chestnut ridge park Orchard Park and if you get to kill a memorial march before the eighteenth of August. You can save seventy dollars. Brother and showing up on the day of the march. They got there right. You. Well they. For registration at seven yes. Right but but if they they can save ten bucks if they register before August 18. The day before. Now it's seventy dollars. Right okay got it but that's okay that's not a problem but here it is it's got the nineteenth of August 11 AM start I want you to check in. From 08 to 930 and got chestnut ridge park they website is came memorial march dot com and I got to tell you. You know we we hear all these stories a lot of times there stories are veterans as victims. There's a lot of people that that try to look at you know the actions over the air can edit connected some out of politics or parties. And you're getting right to the basis of you know when you're serving your country or there you're here are taking care of our own. And that's a beautiful thing I wish you the best of luck. Thank you very much I really appreciate you guys have a Rihanna and everybody there on Saturday. Absolutely thank you very much and we will. Of course we have posted the information for the KR IAA memorial wrote march of the hourly albeit FaceBook page just savior surfing around the Internet. And try to drag it up yourself a lot of made reference to the fact that there right before me for a news report o'clock news here on his radio I'm thirty WBBM. Well at the WB. And cash code it will hurt. Penalties right before war and right before 5 o'clock news you will let tax that workers we tell you to text because you live earth is a 2721. That is 72881. And just once I'd like the were to be out of there just because I was like there were some rhythm to her music that I was enjoyed so what David. We don't usually get this kind of step but that you know iPod an interesting because. Well there's several things going and somehow they all together. Point number one. In Europe. Annually your kid played. You know football are you guilty of child abuse that's what do doctors that earlier this week. And it turns out the other day some kid. Practicing the exercise. Ends up in law fall on his head. And he is dead. You know all. Walter Davis. You know I don't like we just got through talking about the IAA memorial road march and you see the names on the wall for example of of western New Yorkers downtown at Villa at the park. And it really brings a whole when you see they've deal there and his dad played softball with my dad and you see the name or contentment and eight of the sisters were buying kids' babysitters and it's really it it personalized as a warrior and it really brings home the the tragedy. And I don't know that the global Warren. On terror has left Anthony family or friend unscathed because no doubt you know somebody. Whose young man or young woman died in the global war on terror or maybe one step away from that person is Western New York that. It is continuing to keep that there in memory but getting back to the story as far as the as part is a beat the kid dying during football practice. It's it's the same kind of it's the same kind of thing because how many of you remember the tragic case this happens maybe twenty or thirty years ago. It was playing lacrosse. Got hit with the lacrosse thing in the chest went into cardiac arrest and died. And the same thing happens in hockey the same thing happens is. Name any sport you can imagine how much of aspects. You know it will Wilson doctor about the state. If you take gymnastics as a child it you'll let your parents Stewart guilty of child abuse because let's face it a lot of bad things can happen. Because we don't live in bubbles and ironically that are maybe it exactly right word. One of the most injury fraud life altering injury the activities that you couldn't get agent at a yup it is sheer theater eight. It's listen cheerleading is very dangerous and you know you look at I. That the people that run across the maps in it that Tumblr or whatnot all there's no and that they don't they don't work on core urged that this is all. I mean you know these budgets of these schools are going to be able to provide a gravity free environment while these kids are rehearsing. I mean it would be cool but it's not the way it is and you know but it's again. How much of the things that we do you are because we just just what we know and what our parents do you play. Football you know we heard this argument you're talking about staff sergeant dale a guy never had them the fortunate to meet. But his father served his father was a firefighter he was a firefighter this is part of the family. You know this is what they do and when it comes to the sports we play here the activities we do a lot of times it's part. Of the culture that we grow up in it and if you have a football teams you grow up idolize him that the kids on the team it's it's a way for you to get a little bit of a social standing by joining the team rejoice in the marching band. He's marching bands. Are incredible they're going all over the country it's not just the football program. It's the prided brings to the community all the different would who would ever watch cheerleaders. I'm I'm grass in an open area doing showing all their gifted talents if there wasn't at halftime show. Does the marching band is just for the fourth of July unless there's halftime shows so I think it affects more than just that that the kids in the family played football. And cheerleaders on grass by the way means these surface upon which they are doing their thing not what they might be doing in the locker room we need to make it very clear and 27 team Jersey you know. But it is volley at television news radio 930 WBBM. We made it to Friday a couple of raindrops of the windshield of the drive and and remember we've got the victory Johnny fares still going so you afternoon commute may be something of a pain in the it can be a pox so if you didn't see any traffic issues about which we need to know you definitely. Text is at 30930. It's 309. Threes or threes are 30 and I'll let us know what you see our Travers reports commands that at 330 here these were at 930 W. BB. So. Speaking of things to these towns gosh these bills the season corporal list. What a difference what age difference at him they the F first preceding game which yesterday we got to see the first team about vehicles. You know some some problems on the offensive line I think left tackle. Shot Charles Henderson had a difficult day he was up against a pro bowler Minnesota. But still he looked pretty weak however Sammy was pretty much the only guy catching balls for the bills. And now we saw John Williams running around looking really good as a back up let. For the most part if you would have told me this morning it's hemlock and was going to be traded to the Los Angeles rams and by the way. The guy's got to feel bad for Robert Woods. He was number tuna salmon walk kids when he played in buffalo in the freeze in the offseason as a free agent goes over the LA rams. Many people are thinking this is his shop to be number one receiver. And they trade for the very guy. That he was number 22 in night in buffalo but. I've listed the bills have two picks in the first round. Two picks in the second round. And two picks in the third round in 28 team that basically means that there's anyone on the board from one to five no matter how the bills finish this year. We are going to have legitimate chance to put together a trade package to get. If there is a Peyton Manning. In this class next year as a quarterback we will be able to put a package together and get whatever is at the very top if we needed. But if you wanna build the team I gotta give Gerri we'll go a lot of credit here because he's been bashed repeatedly I feel bad for the people about the stimulus pictures well I think they're gonna do well what I a needle exchange with the same block and securities you can bring into this stadium and. We need to we need to break to continue this thought here is ready at thirty WB yet your thoughts the massive. Major shake up on one bills drive and does it mean to you yet do you think you're ever gonna see the bills in your lifetime in your lifetime are they going to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Will the sabres for that matter. There are some people whose lives revolve around this stuff I don't happen to do one of them but you probably are may be. Power they can that elevate them so. Yeah Buffalo Bills. Are you for or against it getting rid service at Watkins I just don't know it's him he's gonna sprain an ankle on the flight to California walking to the restroom. Look at shame. Amy Watkins is one of the most talent wide receivers I've got to bills and you know should I as I can remember it was a big Jerry Butler guy Andre reed. But I've never seen a Buffalo Bills wide receiver with a hand seeming lock and that all there's no doubt they traded our Ronald Darby. To the Philadelphia Eagles for. I Matthews. Who is their number one receiver in Philly but make no mistake Matthews he's not as good as Sammy Watkins. And I would argue that the guy that they got from the rams. The EJ was his name EJ gains. And a second round pick out of the EJ Gaines is better than that gave the rookie that we got all better than Darby to be honest with. But still. You've got eight at an owner in Jerry Bogle who was essentially its head. We might need a stadium downtown and I'm gonna give you the best product we could possibly give you an what does one thing that bills franchise have had never done. What have we ever had six picks in the top eighty and actually use them for guys. Did that made the team better long term. I mean your goal Sammy Watkins is going to get fifteen to eighteen million dollars is he worth that no he's probably gonna walk in free agency anyway. The bill's been a big deal in the off season by not extending. I his. The clause in his contract at the option they did extend the option. So he could theoretically walk for nothing we're not gonna sign him for 1518. That's ridiculous. So even if he has the best year ever the best of luck he's a great human being and we love having him in buffalo but. I love the idea of the GM. Thinking about the future building. You know those six draft choices and 2018 if we if we're gonna keep all of them are gonna be six starters. And what was the thing he remembered about the build in the ninety's their line was amazing the reserves were amazing. They built from the draft and they took that your transfer credit Super Bowl when it by half. There was there was some of that are ripping came from nowhere it went into oblivion right to destroy the Buffalo Bills are able to mark Griffin looked like the elf in or shoppers are very. But they aren't bad memories it does but I do own two threes and block injured and a little upset about that. Look at how accurate because it got Bobby Chandler about Chandler went back in the day yet don't Bobby Chandler was incredible possession receiver I think of the real issue with Sally Hawkins is. He's never going to be all three potential. On offense the doesn't value of the past as much as they do the run game. I mean you solid Jonathan Williams did yesterday he. He looked great but what is with the mccoys gonna do behind that line. Is it worth paying and a guy eighteen million dollars for run first offense now can he can he be a hall of Famer with the with the team wants to throw the all make me. But the bills are are dead team but I I would says Jamie's hands or he's a very every he's really special pick I was. Electrifying McKee is he he's healthy can he stay healthy to their quarterback think they can get him the ball an important. There was a game last year against the chiefs were Sammy Watkins had two touchdowns in the first half what he had 200 yards receiving. And he was targeted five times and say I have been like woody go. You got a guy with 200 yards the first avid two touchdowns for. The show me. They never did so what are you gonna do it's over now EJ gains. We got a wide receiver from the Eagles but luck the future is now. And you know that's why he brought a whole new front office. What does it say though about the old regime deluge is pretty much. I mean you you took their Rex Ryan legacy and the. Only dog wailing got that statement we've seen this before with the Buffalo Sabres were there today it was basically with me up this year era and unfortunately it took a group of regular at 21 to wake up at one that is this respect with the rough. In any way shape or form but I think sometimes people can be one place to walk and you know the culture just isn't right things just don't work out. And obviously in this situation that David. You know if things fix it to be with a lot faster for the bills that you for the Buffalo Sabres. Like they did produce papers mr. A lot of people around the league are using the T word they're saying that the bills are tanking. And I'm not sure you say that I mean yes we we downgraded. The wide receiver notably but I I think they'd die Anquan Boldin is is. You know he's gonna be serviceable as a number two this does give a great opportunity to guys like rod Streeter and AJ I was pollution are the bills tag team. Hey. You know the sabres tanked ever won. You know Edmonton ended up tagging the sabres were tanking Arizona was tanking the jets made it very clear this year in the offseason that they weren't trying to win. The dolphins they had an injury but they're not really look at all that great. If the bills are to get a top five pick with six so and by the way we also want Kansas City dabble normalcy eggs we have their number 120. We give it a shot at potentially getting a real franchise quarterback the Buffalo Bills have. Have haven't had since EJ Manuel. All right up there in August back EJ Manuel will the pain is up. You know playing with the raiders and actually looking pretty good all right we're at 330. We're going to be hearing Google news conference live at 4 o'clock in 0330 start at 3180616. WB yeah Antony totally unrelated development something that was overnight I did not get the couple but the media has started to refer to the North Korean leader is. Here Jong. Instead of Q John. So I didn't get the memo but it is in the media now. Yes it's cute. Let's go to the on a couple of Thursday it is buffalo WB and hello. He got to speak up about that Alger where your ball accurately. Oh yeah go ahead. This city this is this year acreage position here or a rebuilding year. That's great question and I think the bills are gonna tell you that he really loaded today. I. I mean. A. Why don't I think it's legitimate question though because I think the bills are gonna tell you at 4 o'clock that day that they are are looking to make the playoffs this year in and everything is. Mission first they had an opportunity they got rid of two people would probably we're gonna sign. But by the way what this does for the bill's cap. Going to get free agency next gives them a lot more leverage. Obviously six picks in the top 88 but it's hard argued gave that they're not. They're not saying that this year really isn't that important. Well what do you think. Days oh got what do you think. Well I I was trying to make it joke nobody seems to get that joke. Did the same thing a transition year and have rebuilt a year ago. If we're gonna throw and reach a Newsweek certainly can't forget hey we're a young team and we're trying to what's about what the work. You start to the G-8 second letter. Chicago job that was that was that was build a culture that these were the Buffalo Bills you know what they're building a culture and there's a British news story that is interesting for the Marine Corps the comet on the record has grounded all 24 hours of all operational aircraft. There's was obviously a pretty high profile crash that killed three Marines this last week. Outside of Australia. That all aircraft by the Marine Corps has been non grounded. Because of the wanna make sure that they've got everything locked down so there are no more accidents that just happened. But how we are awaiting a 4 PM press coverage were expected to hear from Brandon being. The big trade this is really the first official stamp you could say. He trading card Al Jones. To the cardinal George what to what the chargers have beliefs of the LA chargers. That was what two weeks ago. And now he gets traded pretty much whatever I would argue about the franchise Sammy Watkins was the fourth pick overall Sammy Watkins. That slot was owned by the Cleveland Browns we gave the browns not only are exchanged our picks that year but we gave them a first round pick the next year. It took two years to outlive the the that this can be locked in extra aid and now we trade him essentially for. A starting cornerback. Who has an upside but not as how I as I would think Ronald Arby's upside was and we trade Darby for or again a starting and failed. Number one wide receiver just not as good as the upside of same Lockett. It is developing big doings at one bills drive today what you call us on a scale of one to eight days in terms of cataclysmic effect for the Buffalo Bills David I would yes absolutely nobody I. Nobody saw this coming into the just look at the the tweets I thought it was a joke it's like Tom Brady and you wake up and you find out that Tom Brady's injury to the bills you say now it's impossible Sammy Watkins was untouchable. In. It was a matter of days you've ever great year this year we're gonna resigning before your deal and he was gonna retire with a statue. And all the bills single season receiving records but that that's not gonna happen and but cooler has basically done what George W. Bush did which is say. And needed new strategies is a work in. He brought new people in what way you size it up the whole law is going to be before bill's fans can start taking real pride and achievement maybe got a bit expect the place of parents. What you did there was a different coaching job performance yesterday than I'd ever that we've seen in a very long time in buffalo. And this is the guy that really has command of the sidelines he understands. Well I mean he's he's a stickler to the you know it appears he's well organized. And any knows what he's doing. He's rehearsing themes in the preached peace and that you don't normally see coaches practicing. I was impressed early life like hail marys. Well I guess he was doing that a practice but he. You know they went on fourth down a couple of times that they probably it wasn't obvious that he was coaching the game he was coaching situation for young people. And it's neat to see that. I just I feel more confident with the direction of the bills now old and a year from today. Idea try to distract now what exactly what Kansas and anything honest quarter now. That we need to repeat. I'm trying desperately failing him by equipped to. Catch up with any luck and uses Twitter account. Three all right thirty is that people forced himself or 106 point six WB and eight days of monumental change which for the Buffalo Bills. Give Joseph and has threatened to watch it nuclear strike against the Buffalo Bills I don't know why that's a lot of stories today but there. It is also talked that block may actually be competing to get the Buffalo Bills to move to law. I'm just trying to make this. It shows that people don't complain about. 8030 there is restore thirtieth the cellphone 1616. WB and so these anyone can steal your first reaction was. Yes or your first reaction was holy crap what are they do. I Hope Davis as somebody who really care much about football for sports that though I've heard it's concentrated. The doubles. Why. I think that was possible but it may be this could be a bit of hyperbole. But it's almost like hearing that. The glory days of the French connection the Joker Perot or Rick Barton were going so we go way way way back when. All right we're glad tech's third. Egypt will not be starting over Garrick car but I would never told you that you GMAC it was a number two court wreck the NFL the fact he's backing up and he's starting quarterback Jimmy speeds miles to buddy Emanuel but. I tell you here's a tweet that sums up a lot of what you're seeing right now a social media. The New York Jets may arguably be the worst team in the AFC east. The Buffalo Bills hold my dear we're just ribbons every blog and Ronald Darby. Many people across the the Internet are art are saying that this is the bills and we want that kid from USC we want a quarterback and we'll do whatever we Candice to sacrifice the season. But I mean look towards the records tell people he's gonna have a 2000 yard season this year. That may well be and only sixteen team. Will be all right I don't I don't think we're gonna win the division I I think I think will be respectful. But what is it respectable do you think this is your drought ends and you see any sign of that human again. Obviously we'll do should we call it corporate culture yet structure look at our schedule this year or not is not good it's not a good schedule for team that is hoping to get through playoffs if we had maybe that the fits the Ryan Fitzpatrick schedule. You know that your that we went like six and know that played teams or horrible that we earlier darlings of the NFL about Iraq. We would be okay but where were on the road and we're gonna against some some tough tee and it. 798. Is responsible for things that happen it's always an inch but truth is in fact stranger than fiction whoever we're about the Chicago Cubs in our lifetime would win the World Series that line looks out in about the Minnesota Vikings starting first team defense those guys are no joke. There's all pros and and a defense line in. You bring according Glenn Beck left tackle and you got a pretty good line we need to Brittany is ready at 930 WE and we will carry east of Buffalo Bills news conference live just after four and that. You know unfortunately we've seen this happen. All too often during the summer with the days if you know Monday Tuesday Wednesday great days but just in time for the weekend the clouds start to roll and reminds me kind of of the summer of the 1990 to 1993 maybe the same kind of deal but this is actually better than Matt summer because we are seeing some bourse on unfortunately. It seems to be concentrated. Around the time most of you are working along with that so sorry about that which we could control and unfortunately. You know power of the hourly and Olivia Alter egos so far and we don't have about the ability whether Rasheed but we are working in conjunction with DARPA an RIT. It is at 353. And is ready at 930 WB yet. Our inability a big shakeup in bills live that it that they that when you first heard the news being the art sports that you are. Your wild factor was just off the charts. I really really really. Loves him to parkinson's. And I was pretty devastated because likes me and I like am I some outstanding in Sammy is kind of like you know for me that was -- you read my dad and Jim Kelly and that was kind of going to be our. Tyrod and Sammy were. He was gonna grow up when those guys as Buffalo Bills staples and that's gone now but. You know what. It no matter what whether or not Tyrod stays in this franchise. Someone is there's plus side to Tyrod there's downside. There's going to have to be a young quarterback that steps up whether he's on the roster now or you know maybe it's figure to the way. Someone's gonna have to fill it in the best way to rebuild the franchise is through the draft easily. And we have people really think are making good choices David is it necessary for team at eight great quarterback marquee quarterback in order to win the championship. Finally she got there just are written earlier well won't rip it had a great and there was a debt free agent class that the Redskins had a lot of veterans that were pretty good defense too but. Yet listen here's the thing it makes it easier makes facilities are with a team like the bills. You know it literally look at how many years ago about the playoffs it would help to have different let's look at this what the guy that we could have gotten for the Houston Texans. The shop watch and he looks amazing. The guys that de cock teaser that's playing for the eyebrows he literally get so there are people out there that they could have helped the bills this year but. Maybe they're not the right type of a quarterback that this coaching staff why. Like you know two attitude and charisma meal lot as well that was one of the good things as somebody who was alive and well meant when Jim Kelly was signed by the Buffalo Bills of course. You know before he came to buffalo or Barbara Jim Kelly album going to be a Buffalo Bill about playing for that team but legally he was bound he kind of came here kicking and screaming and yet -- is all these years later still western new Yorker which just goes to show never trust your first danced well right sometimes addressed your first thing but sometimes your first instinct that it is wrong but Arab over the Joseph Ferguson Europe and the disrespect intended to Joseph Ferguson but when Joseph would make a -- a pass and maybe he get picked off you know he would almost hanging his head -- Chaman you know kind of live and stagger off the field if budget through bad pass the capital but it happened and it got picked off he picked himself right up and that he would clap and he would run to the sidelines and it is you know with the the next offensive series he was gonna what I'll report it probably would. Be successful in so doing as the bills quarterback so you know whoever the bills eventually get as the franchise quarterback that whole attitude I guess of general ship is over Avery important yeah it is a 356 is ready at 930 WB yen. And there's no need to send me the story anymore I'm well aware that Matt Drudge. As a problem with that obsession with sex robot he does he has at least one more story. For the week I'm sex robots on today's Drudge Report and it is definitely time for intervention for Matt Drudge I genuinely concerned about the guy. You start counting the number of stories on sex robots at a start considering that not like the rest of the world of sex robots. If that affects 100 of 1% of people I'd be stunned. And yet on the Drudge Report you think he was as important is North Korean missed -- a news radio 930 WB Ian Matt please get a grip.