8/11 Bauerle and Bellavia: Bills Press Conference Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, August 11th

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All of my interactions with more great great man. Good football players obviously and I wish the best this is this is not easy this is a I'm an emotional personal guy and I wanna get that all these guys personally and that's the hard part of business is business when you have to call these young men and affect their lives. That's not easy and Sean did that earlier today. Is day is they move forward their journeys to LA to Philadelphia respectively. So again I wish those guys the best and appreciate what they do for both bills. Thought it would be. What prompted them who's who they were two separate moves even though. Fortunately the timing worked out the way I wanted it to happen. I was not shop and these guys. Had calls from multiple teams about Sammy all the way back in June shortly after took over the job and so. You know those things happen all the time people think I mentioned before people asked about different players all the time around this week you never know what serious or what's just based. Again I was not in week. We're not actively shopping you either of these guys are not actively shop and anybody but it became. LA got very serious. About Sammy and Philadelphia got very serious about Ronald and the timing. Worked out and as I realize the time it worked out I was able to shoot. Acquired Jordan to help fill in for for Sammy and EG gains helped villain for losing wrong. He's really feels pain how's the another meeting which have made more good maple. It's hard to say if I wouldn't of it's funny both of whom were getting similar traction similar momentum the last couple days. And once I saw both of on this Ford on the road as they were getting. I kind of set up I wanna do own together if I can. If somebody had backed out I don't know because. The discussion I had the first time I really set down in late. This out first on and Terry was after the game last night. They want to be a distraction. So. I laid it out what was potentially nothing had been agreed upon but where things were very close. And you know that's kind of where was. Nobody backed out at that point we finalize them this morning. A eight. Everything's a week we talk and everything is that we we all through everything around the people the players the men what they've done. Who the opposite is the players that we are requiring. The draft picks everything went there and listen this was not an easy decision. Again business is business there's also emotional these two fine men. Yes does this. Published we're. What. I'm always said it was a day we've signing Kwan I'm always gonna try to win today and one tomorrow. And that's that's that's the nature that's how I'm wired that's how I think he went in this league. So again if I come off a fourteen and two season. If someone offers me something that I think is good capital and as a worthy investment I have to consider and that's what happened. There. For like for the 2017 season. You know you could make arguments either way. I'm thrilled that. Lose and a guy like Sammy we were able to acquire a guy with Jordan Matthews canceled all. EJ has started 25 games in this week. He was on the air so rook all rookie team. So he's got some pedigree he's not walking in here. Not knowing what to expect he'll compete with the other corners you know not guaranteed a spot that. They'll come in and we'll see where it goes. It. Yes they both. Actively ask me about these two guys I was not shop. There. Are. They cannot you know they can all playoffs. As well. That may be where they've been news Jordan on that team filling the way they use a lot of sloppy you can see it went outside again. I'll leave where they go and how they line up with richt change on those guys. He's another great addition port. Oh. These cute it was. Work of the work. It. Well you have to consider everything you have to consider reached on ability. The draft value. A lot of things went into this it wasn't one single thing. And you know you balance at all and make it you know the best decision. Yeah and didn't injuries comfortable victory fact that it is very well. That's. EEU. You do have to consider everything again it's. What he's done in his career over three seasons. Not much he's played you do consider all that and again he's going to us last year of his deal. And you know sign ability cap situation. Everything honestly went into this decision it was not looking at one factor or another. We'll he. Certain assets. It. Well you know. I'm not have been around Jordan Walden draft process on the Islam that I don't know aegis as well. You know that'll just be getting them here compete and seen how they fit. When you silence my future that's got to be a mutual they gotta wanna be here we got to see how they fit in the locker. The locker room in the culture of coaching. All that goes into it so we got time on first thing as justice. If we're gonna do these news won the duel now so that we still have three exhibition games a lot of training camp left to figure out how these guys bitten. Paul eight. It. It. Well it's hard because. You know these guys are talented players. But there's that human element and you obviously. Nobody wants to see your friend walkout would or even no matter what you thought this talent. And so you get you got to humans out of this well with these with these guys. Hopefully they'll understand you know they don't necessarily know Jordan you know Sean normal little that I know from Philly but most guys don't know Jordan or are EJ. Salute you know hopefully they'll reserve judgment to those guys get and it strap that's all men and jump and movement and we'll see where those that are. Oh. I don't I don't like the word untouchable. You know I'm not actively shopping outselling guys like that's the honest to god truth. It's just. You're always looking in this business to help yourself now in tomorrow and that's. That's the facts and so. I can't stand up and say I would never trade another guy in the next three weeks but I'm not actively shop and. Yeah. He. My. Is he. Yes. And and how. You. Well you know again I'm just walking in the door so it's not fair for me to totally assess. All that there's various reasons why the guys are the fourteen that's the exact number that are still here and you know the guys that are gone again it's not a it's not an indictment is not you know if that's what you're trying to get it's just it's the nature of the beast rosters change over to new regime so to speak. And we're trying to do everything. That we can't. To build the right team the right way sustained success is the word I use that took this job. And that's that's format today. There I. He's a tough kid. I think he's one of five. First juror in the first three years of his career to have 65 receptions they earn yours it's pretty good group he's and so. He knows how to play he's a tough he would. He's kind of a self made man was not recruited heavily. Played at Vanderbilt. Which is in the SEC that nobody realizes there and that's CO. He's a tough kid he's gonna work hard. It's marketed he knows the game. You know my understanding and news wasn't college my understanding is he's that same young man in Philly that knock out work him. He's numbering leadership toughness and our pentagon. If you received an age. It didn't work either. Through that process beauty it. Maybe he passed away I want people. Here he was it was that partners. You know all that this. That. This is still contention on physicals all fours four players involved in both of our. Transactions so yes if someone does not pass a physical then betrayed when the players would revert back. Your first question. I had no inkling what you know where Sammy was. You know want to be in all that you honestly and to be fair to him and never have to matter nobody directly told me. How much. You know I believe in our scout staff and if we do and we are and what work the manner in which they just left last week the college guys and you have to draft well this week to win. That's the financial model you know those players are the most affordable. So that helps us to have that kind of currency. In the first three rounds at the prices that you play those guys verses giving him in free agency and other avenues to players. Here is. Worthless. It. It. Yeah I'm not trying to I'm not one that believes I didn't draft him so he I don't care about it. That is zero if they're good players and they can help us win a game today. Then. All of a law tightly every time. So it's not about giving the guys only that show I'm brought in here first the regime before we got here. There's a lot of guys that have. Jumped right on board doing the things that show on his staff at best. And we look forward to continue to work when those guys. It I wouldn't comment on. You know we have lots of course. You know. Going to who's just hours. Just say anything and we get hurt by its forget we signing Kwon last week. This is not a throw in the towel thing at all and this might mention some might say that out there now. Quite honestly that's annoying me that's that's not you don't know me if you think opponent now would rather play ping pong or whatever London Owens out. But for opponents now and trying to start receiver back so. To your question on Tyrod is nothing we've probably got Anquan and we added who is. I told you on that leaves all fairness to still playing asleep and Jordan Matthews is starting receiver and you look at his numbers what he's done. Those are you know. Shortly after the success of Tyrod will get every opportunity to lead this team and we're all rooting for us in our best actress. You know we have different guys that can run streeters and Ron Paul Powell and you know we have some different guys. Who knows there's other ways to and more speed we're always looking for talent. We play in a month so. The main thing is to have our rosters set post suggests. It. You know what I've not spoken Tyrod. Shawna spoke to the of the players involved in children teen. He probably better is that he spoke directly. It is. Yeah I mean again I'm taken this year one of the time it doesn't mean that we cannot extend. Any of these guys you know. And while lost key plan he's a good fear that here and he likes it here we can always extant and Tyrod is that is the number one quarterback on this team right now. And won't let that play out before we decide how it goes in the twenties and thank you yes. Appreciate. All right we are anticipating additional news and sound from one bills drive we'll keep you posted on news radio 930 WB EM. So I think David. I'm in an unenviable position bigger. Because not only by working next to a bonafide. War hero. But I'm also working next were real man a man who follows ardently the fortunes of the Buffalo Bills the Buffalo Sabres. I need to know something from view and from our audience and I don't know I may be the only guy in all I think the only person in all of Western New York. How many points to lose from the card. Or from the buffalo card if I really don't care about the bills were the sabres are pro sports all that much. Like on a Sunday given a choice between watching both football games and a documentary of the valued tapestry I'd rather watch the fight the tapestry. But if he's. If ICB seventeen. Flying box currently are my manhood moves. So. David. I just need to note do do you respect me any less. Don't know what I. I don't really care if you like sports or not what I do care about are the people that are like you don't export. But then they just burn reflexively against the sabres in the battles all that's and that just annoys me if things you don't let Schwartz that's cool but don't root for the patriots. Can you know. It broke my heart. Doubts that the bulk of the guy with them well they're playing the Buffalo Bills at route. They preach to the Super Bowl because I like I'm pretty. Yeah but that's not like if you're playing the bill I want the Eagles to win because I want to smoke this wiped off Tom Brady's face but I'll. The total hypocrite because that's in this pulpit. I've always Brady's side. I. I always tell people hey you know what if I don't hit it high thirty points the patriots advocate would come back with him because I do love Tom Brady's excellence if there if there was that as a car fire and Tom Brady was in the car fire hit a high I was I would check the stocks that. Well and I now. Well I'd I'd probably you know call the newsroom top pocket yet I think it doesn't. All I. I'm not I'm not Heidi this thing failing that you bet I just lost today but leaders of bread. 8030 thirty start at 31806. Wants XWB yeah right hey guys am I the only one. Do you subjects feel like hold out of touch with the sports crowd. And ladies is that are hot and sports are you. And would you rather have. What would you ever have a like a real men like David. Or a guy who'd rather watch a documentary of tapestries. Let's go to the very latest in traffic and you realize I may have just ended my career David just what those words let me I could drop bombs all day be fine it's what I just said look out look out for the proof store. Let's get back to the stadium. Well I know this and we've got overlooked in Addis is. Quality. Still a quality group of receivers. When you talk about green guy like Jordan Matthews. And you add into who's already here with Anquan. Who was riding on the field last night. And and stay in the rest the guys that are just saw last night so. I know that which we go with that. We're bringing a corner. With this with a steel. That is starting gains. Started a number of gains. In Oakland right inning compete and earned his right to be on this football team and start so. I think we're moving in the right direction. You. Right you know let me first loose service is a heck of a football player and he's a tough decisions really are and last night coming off my first game that was. Trying to digest some of that and then and then they had me these conversations late into the night. Not a lot of sleep last night so difficult decision. One that we spent a lot of time discussing. And so. These are the types of conversations that have to be had. Some conversations or read your summer summer more difficult like this. The loss. Of that you've got. It was those thoughts. But also the what what it means. Well let me address that. Two separate ways I could the first one is getting the players. That we were able to get back. That's important. That that. We got those players back Jordan Matthews is easily. A wide receiver with a long resume already in a three year career. And he's had great production with multiple quarterbacks. And then we DJ what he's done in his career we thought that he would give us a chance as well at the corner position. And then you add into to the next that we are you had to keep on. Injuries and the list goes on like you saw last night so. In addition to that address the second part of your question really with the draft picks. That is as we talk about short term and long term. That's that's a big part of with with planning for the future. We believe that you build through the draft. And in order to get. Us into a situation where we can achieve success and and sustain it go into the draft is it is that we ago. Correct me in the it is it is useful. It was very patient application that maybe wasn't going to stay mobile. And I did this for. You know not really that those were that was a separate. Entire conversation. Really what the goal of that conversation. Was to was to have a healthy Sammy and he worked extremely hard to get there and credited descending into the training staff medical staff. That was entirely separate conversation. And then obviously this this came so. You know we dealt with those situations that. I. That's realistic. Yeah. Right weather's let's take one step at a time they still have to get in. Given talent and take the physical pass the physical and we'll take it from their really. Division at this point is to get in an effort for us to get to speed on on terminology that's really where it starts. And the timing of this. These are never eat the tunnels never exactly how you want it to be. That's that if we were gonna do it had happened sooner than later because. Just what you mentioned Chris with the timing. And getting acclimated to what we do the passing game. As it relates to Jordan quarterback. And the terminology on defense for Egypt so that is that is of most ports. I didn't passing physicals. A couple reports out of Philadelphia through events like these helmet what you know love and very tough for everybody so it was. Well Dobson spoke with their Dachshund and at the present time we are hopeful but that said that it. Get a coach of the process that this nation so. It. It. But you know take a step further and how do you sell its entirety. Might buy your stance with our football team. And the leaders of our football team as you mentioned Tyre being one of them is is to be honest and and and fro with these guys. And they know that we're doing everything possible. And make every decision that's in the death sentences football team's short and long term. And and that's a responsibility. And so. Not believing clear concise communication. And and you know developing trust and that's. When a Pope has developed over the course of the first six months that have monthly job. Ripken junior worker tails off but this football team this organization. In a position to win. And a sustained success. No. Because. There's. Through. One thing you keep them what to do what really good. I think that well or what it felt that it was. I love the first thing they have already addressed the team that's the first thing I'd it was we did. Was. Acknowledge. The human element of this of this. Transaction and there's relationships. And got a lot of respect for those two football players that literally in this building as as players as people. That's nineties and it's not easy for the players that. That's that we have to continue to move forward we are going in the direction. And and we've got to continue to move forward and that's what you do in this business. But once step forward for on the other excuse me and we move ball so. Highest than you can trust. Need in our decisions in terms of what we're doing. And you know we need we need to be focused on what's in front of us and that's a practice for about fifteen minutes. Oh don't worry about it we'll move this attitude. I mean what were the different kind of waves of emotion from last night considering it would be for the decision what was that. All of that tipping point words and thought this sport that. Well it was I mean we've we've gone back and forth we looked at this situation. These two deals in a lot of different ways. Or is out of Berkeley and in every way and we've had meeting after meeting and circled back in. That's another follow so like I said not a lot of sleep last night ran the gamut of emotions with the game. Obviously. And just a note on that I was extremely impressive how hard our players played last night. Just you know like I said now a lot of rest. That that goes with the job and that's that's part of our process. Cover your form this idea when it was presented to you mortgage people. These events. Well you know. Number one of most analysts and do you know the voice of the bills coach Sean in Germany they go out and Nate. On WB nine players and and so on WB I got to develop those players. So as a football coach and it's my job. Brad and approaches me with a potential situation. To listen. And let's not protecting our players and very protective of our players. It's got to be the right deal W Wright situation. For us to do something like this and I feel like we're moving in the right direction announced that believe that. So. I'll end by saying this I have ultimate trust in and Brandon that. We have I addressed the shortly after meeting with standing. Ronald I just via. The leaders of the flu. First and one of them to know about first and then initially thereafter about five minutes after that. And most met with the team. An independent. Yeah I I kid I absolutely yeah that's why it's the last night. Because he says he's a tough decisions as I said before. On the part of that. I'd like when I signed. My name to got a lot of became a part of that seventeen year. Time here and I see the RVs pulled out here re every game I was I heard about it and then two nights ago I experienced and saw in the last night though. You know I'm invested in I know life and I feel. What they feel and we're on the football recruit building a football team that's we want to compete in the short in the long term and it because for a long time. So sometimes it. That's a day to day process and sometimes those are not easy things. Easy decisions from a leadership standpoint. And and I understand where they're coming from. That said we're compete like crazy we're not going out there I think you guys know me well now. You know that's not so they'll go out there he. When every game and focus on the practice for a few minutes. You. Yeah really just just what I share with you last night. And just Taiwan additional at this time. With. The car Rambo has it will be a hamstring tweak at this point. So at this point he's each week to week. He expects Ira. And are we expecting more style from the Buffalo Bills hierarchy you're does that pretty much I guess all we need and kill to have aren't sure absolutely want. I mean have we properly informed our audience as to the goings on the that at one bills drive. I'm meant to say I think were all set we heard everything we need to hear that. Right now I get there there's a few things here that we're gonna get into account and I'm well aware that we got to get to a break I hear you broke let's say. David is an ardent sports man especially a Buffalo Bills and sabres fans make no mistake about it I am not. And sometimes. I'll give you insight into my dark little world. Sometimes I kind of feel embarrassed to admit that but I can't fake it can't be simply a not so. I wanna know like where you work where pro sports and even today is. Is where does this fit into your scale of importance in your life. I'm gonna take a mrs. nerd chic is following the story much more closely the lie she is the one who's likely to say honey. Could you please get a seats for the bills game as she is the one who has to initiate all football stuff and you'll be happy to know miss this nerd hates Tom Brady. I'd love Tom Brady as long as he's not playing the Buffalo Bills and that I have to root for the hometown team okay. But. During the super doubles. Let's just say that I'm mrs. Garrett and I must watch the games far apart from one of America's a couple of dollars and self defense stuff and her throw punches. Are very very effective. So I'm gonna do something like where argue we're we're pro sports is fit into your life seriously that would elicit listen to all other radio admit you know what I hate this doesn't really affect the Al Franken. Do you think tool. Or are you say wow I'm glad somebody else actually admitted what I wanna say. It'll three old I'm thirty start at 318066. WBBM. And the beautiful thing is if you think of a total to blow because of a viewpoints on this. Salvia is gonna gang up on me OK so it's gonna be 211 easily and you'll win. Good thing. Area. And others. This is what other uses for cannabis can minority ethnic when he quietly decides to leave this. But Gore's ticket master control frank. 3093030930. And that phone call 18030930. Start at thirty is the cell number for number like anybody's newspaper poll call the past twenty years is 180616. WBE and it stay tuned because the WB Ian Entercom national match code word is coming up right before 5 o'clock it's your chance to win. 1000. Dollars so you know we left here we got calls kind of service. Does. I guarantee you any time we talk sports in anyway shape or form David related albeit we get like I would say at least twenty text from people saying. If I wanted sports I'd listen to WG RR sports station but this it is one of those stories that even I as a non sports guys recognize is important to our audience our listeners and without you guys like Rick and his lovely wife last night at music in the and it's stunning performance has always my boys have a tremendous attitude after two different reality of it as well. But I did this show is for you guys is not about what I like the talk about it is all about. I like to talk about we go polls show the value tapestry we do we show on the under rated Shakespeare play Richard the second. But it's about you guys. And it's great work with David because see if it sometimes feels that these gaps in my knowledge is the stuff about which I don't know. And it's very hard for me to do this because he is or collector but. I sometimes every now again filling gaps with stuff that David does not now. And here we have. Conflict on Bauer into all of that. Because Dave did it is like this is a huge huge story for David and it's it's a huge story for most of western new York and I want it all honesty I feel like the odd man out whenever we do anything related to sports peak as I worry that you guys gonna think I've gone out of evidence and a -- I'd like to think of an alpha male it anyways I alpha male I like the issue. A really good. And I enjoyed. Women won what was in particular and exclusively. But. I'm just saying and that. I kind of feel like the odd man out and try to think about win ice but I'm not. That guy David that roots against the bills or roots against the sabres because I'm a western new Yorker no matter where I live I will always be it western new Yorker in my heart as willing to. And if Brady is playing the Buffalo Bills up corpus I'm gonna root for buffalo but in Super Bowl. Where do you vote do you root for him to rupture a burst of some credit for their. He confessed to rock a booed booed out of time Tom Brady and put our boots on it. That and a poke it. The and it's. It is vertebrae that's what I did OK here's what I remember David about the last season of the Buffalo Bills but only moment I remember is when somebody threw Deep Purple marital aid for the field captivity flight. On the runway. Of the entire plane robot that was started erupting in giggles before somebody finally will be all of gee look what happened at the stadium. Yeah I idea. The bills are are huge part of its neighbors as well but but I think in my life I don't think and it timeline I think as the bills' season. And I mean that's that's that's how important it is and what they were for gallon yeah you know when they were moved to saint John Fisher training camp what that means that something's happening I calendar and thinking okay. It's two seasons that the Muslim it's going to be during the draft and a I got a plan or on the path I did that that's that's just what it's a part of of a lot of people Western New York you're you're in the majority you are 97%. Of our audience I'm not. What it out is it that some people stand up to peace and people sit down things on the wrong. Well I. No I essentially that. The port of her. Don't listen sports to meet a huge difference there are a lot of people and are played football I didn't have football in high school. To me it it's sort of kind of you know like that individuals that follow what spore when you think there are moments when I'm really into football game tonight where just hit my frontal lobe. Decent grown men dressed up in tights yet pushing each other around. And I'm really involved and as that quarterback's center relationship is very interest the audible in the kind of but but but my whole thing is that it'll like this is a game and it's really. The whole thing is so stupid that millions of dollars and what wouldn't print stock up odds from starting a flag football bowl and if I got as serious. As these other 35 year old old you know professionals are giving spirit. You would think it'll do get a little life and you can't be. To gain would do and you put cartoon got that serious I would say top what would hope that are great when it's the bills. It's as serious as. Surgery the first time I saw televised live poker I thought it was a joke. I honestly thought okay this has to be a comedy thing right. I realized all know this is serious big money's at stake in there really is a skill in the art attach the poker there. And and the idea reading people know boy when is you know but but again. When I get die. There was a time when we got sport grilled you know but I remember 84 or eighty threes he's in the 85 season those were some dark days there was nothing on her eyes. But maybe you know what David it could beat Obama fair weather fan because. I was as excited as an what else were after years of the Buffalo Bills sucking at my father yelling I mean violent. At Joseph Ferguson and before that probably jacked up. Up I think how to tell if that. Somewhere I tripled off it in my appreciation for the bills and pro sports in general and in terms of the sabres I think to begin to think. Think of the end of my young Tommy love affair with the sabres was where the sabres made that trade that sent my favorite guys to Detroit and actually seeing Jim Schoenfeld in its peers being interviewed in the locker room by Rick is there. Well you are and always come back to regain people who read the whole war I remembered Rick Hayes our channels of an odd he would be the voice of the bills in the preceding. He did all the preceding amazing talent as was been alert and I must say to John Murphy because OK it is this is where I'll listen to the game sometime it when I'm outside do work I'll listen to the John Murphy. Who would want the job of filling in hopes of coming in after Ben Miller John Murphy took over flawlessly. And he is an amazing talent. There's somebody else what the New York State rocket tunnel they John Murtha. He's been around here you know the color guy for for van for years and you know I remember Chris Brown. What the bill done. Listed. Veered into part of our it's it's a cultural part it's an institution to staple you've. You show up to buffalo. They can view. You red white blue and and that's that it went out. Our hourly ability under is pretty thirty QB Kevin and ours that has just flipped me off at times it will be pick on Tom update today I'm mad I'm up for it. I'm just saying I'm well aware of what I expected to open his bar and or and a ready to take the cut its. Some people aren't and guns at the demeanor you know the powerful that the people who hate dogs hate god I've got sick I aimed at obviously for me that you approach sports does just not resonant. And you use did you want your kid we read that football yeah yeah and I played hockey. But it does. I was out I got hockey player but I I don't want but it won for the error. Carol ponytail looked today's five year old teams can whip my championship team and isn't made you know how you know it took. And and angels who are from buffalo. And now it's like there are kids come through our network. In Western New York d.s sixteenths or your own kids. They're going to be in the draft call yeah I mean they're this is a become an hockey factory he we were primitive in the 1970s and it when I play it and it's almost a harassing. Embarrassing. How awesome today's five of the six year old car compared to how we played or 1415. Well if you go back to buffalo and and how many UN FL guys we've Adam and of course Gerald Johnston who was the I was fullback. For the cowboys who report year's team from Lou Lou Puerto belief Mike Brown mullah played for the Philadelphia Eagles. And he was an H Ana FL all pro. But we had down the wide receiver from UP. Roosevelt. What was his debut of the UB wide receiver played for the building industry you're asking me I guess we have had guys in our area that have gone completely levels. And but hockey I think is going to be but the region is known for when when. Rashard or shade problem proves Burton first there coaching cow Poland and yells out. All right just want this because we've there's a lot more to come obviously more huge bills news coming up during a pocket newscast and stand by. For the WBE and cash co code word your chance to win the 1000. Dollars as at 1000 dollars from news radio 930 WB Ian.