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Thursday, August 9th

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I. It's our dividend is funny VA the UPE and 1000 dollar cash code word is. Bull little ball there's a sentence I'd like to use but Irish and I'm going to use right now. Hey fellows. Have you ever. Noticed. That's the flag of the United States is red white and blue beat LUT. Beat L you either color blue. You can text that is 72881. That is 72881. Of the worker is blue BL UE. Text that upward to 72881. That's what I'm glad we spelled and used in a sentence that's all I'm gonna say. Anyway could when you thousand dollars from news radio 930 WB Ian thanks to Sean Murphy and Joseph Kennedy by the wherever fine work so far today we expect in the screwed up in the next hour. But only after we screwed up first of course so you're just joining us now we've been talking about what you're about to hear which is the statement that we can't really called a news conference it is a statement that was made by congressman Chris Collins and frankly. We're gonna interrupt the statement to offer our two cents worth of various points during the statement. And I'll give him my synopsis of last night. And it is so what's cattle logical and I hope you're gonna forgive me but to me this was Chris Collins doing to the public what veto sped up four junior did in the shower at his school. After his father got clipped. It was just it was it was a collective. Views all over the voters of NY 27. And also the subtext to me was I'm Chris Collins and I don't care how much money neighbor Maria gets from the I'm gonna just write a check if you get three million dollars already checked for six billion beget six million dollars already check for twelve million. I just got the sense that this is guy who isn't going anywhere now let me also add this. If you do live in and like 27. Even if you think Chris Collins is guilty. Vote for Chris Collins that is my advice because if you vote for. Nate McMurray you're gonna be voting for Democrat what chance do you think Betsy has of going red ever again or in your lifetime once these people get them there is the power of the incumbency although it Kathy local lost it. But the long story short is look. If you vote for Chris Collins he go there and let's say he's convicted and he goes to jail there would be a special. Election but you with the problem with 2020 that you've got another census and thanks to Andrew Cuomo in this wonderful New York economy. We're losing a congressman every ten years because we're losing population. And so that means that. If this is really district did and you know we've seen the way the courts work in the past. You're gonna find that this is going to be. And more advantageous to Democrats if you have an incumbent that the Democrats can you do by the way if you live in Bryant hit. Ins district you have a very very strong. Trumps supporter running against Brian Higgins her name is Renee Zito ZENO. That is her name very pro Donald Trump and full disclosure. Renee and I've been very close friends now for about fifteen years so it is what it is. It's just it's weird though David a bit of work review you've run for congress have though and Rene for a long long time she's running for congress it's just it's it's bizarre I just never would have expected these things and a million years but it. Without to have further Rubin dating on how bizarre life can be sometimes they'll let us go to yesterday. And were gonna interrupt this I periodically because we each had strong thoughts as we were listening just as you probably had when you were listening. Ladies and gentlemen we present to you after a ninety minute excruciating. Delay. Congressman Chris Collins and what he had to say after it was wheels down and. Thank you offer coming today before I get started most of you here know my wife Mary of over thirty years thanks for being here. National press may not know Mary sue. As well as our local press. So over the years I've often talked about the American dream. I'm extremely fortunate. In that I have lived it. It started for me when I borrowed and started scraping together every dollar write could. To buy the Westinghouse gear division here in buffalo. And move it to Niagara Falls under a new name. Not all year. I'm proud that we put hundreds of people who work who are still working there today. After selling out of here in 1997. I ran for congress in 1998. Up in the Niagara Falls area. Knowing that my business experience would benefit the citizens of New York in offer a new perspective. In congress. After being humbled in that race I spent the next ten years as a not for the door. Investing in and helping to stabilize. Doesn't. A bankrupt and financially distressed companies. Saving and creating hundreds of jobs here in Western New York. In 2007. I was recruited to run for Erie county executive. To turn around the effective bankrupt county. I was elected and by applying the principles of lean six sigma. Turned around the county finances and eighteen short months all the while honoring my campaign pledge. To work for one dollar a month. One of the many companies I invested in was a small drug development company and they immunize therapeutics. It was working on a unique cure for HIV patients suffering with aids. Ultimately that focus shifted to a treatment for secondary progressive. Multiple sclerosis. Which is one of the deadliest autoimmune diseases known to mankind. My affiliation this company is why we are here today. I've been an avid an unwavering supporter of innate in you know therapeutics for more than fifteen years. Long before I came to congress or was elected county executive here in Erie county. Over this time my affiliation with the innate immunity therapeutics is prompted attacks on me. My integrity. And my investment by my political opponents. I believe in the company and still do. And in the potential of a drug that had the real possibility. Of improving the treatment option. For secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Patience. Which is about the most debilitating disease known to mankind. And something that I saw firsthand. Affect a close family member. Over the years I invested heavily in an eight became the company's largest shareholder. And in uncompensated. Member of its board of directors. Without my investments instead fast financial support the company would have gone under. Bringing with it a premature end to a drug. I truly thought would revolutionize treatment options for secondary progressive MS. Of all the things I wanted to accomplish in my life. Finding a cure for secondary progressive MS was at the top of the list. After years of blood sweat and tears we firmly believed we were on the verge of a medical breakthrough. Sadly despite showing great initial promise the drug was ultimately shown to be unsuccessful. Which is a setback for all of those suffering from this deadly disease. Many have speculated about my relationship with a me here at the simple facts. My connections with a company are well known. I believe I acted properly and within the law at all times with regard to my affiliation with a Nate. Throughout my tenure in congress I have followed all rules and all ethical guidelines. When it comes to my personal investments including those. With an eight. When it became clear that the drug guy and others believed him. Fell short of our hopes and expectations. I held on to my shares rather than sell them. As a result of the significant investment I made in the company worth millions of dollars. Were wiped out. That's okay. That's the risk I talk. My real concern lies with the millions of people suffering from secondary progressive MS who to this day struggle. Without lifesaving treatments for their deadly disease. I've said it before and I'll say it again I am proud of my affiliation with a Nate. I may have lost most of the money that I invested in the company but I took the chance to bring relief. To those who deal with the dreadful disease. A secondary progressive and mass everyday. The charges that have been levied against me are meritless. And I will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. I look forward to being fully vindicated. And exonerate. Ending any and all questions relating to my affiliation. With an eight. I've spent the last ten years in public service as the Erie county executive and as a member of congress. I've also spent many years volunteering to give back to my community. Whether it was a member of the Federal Reserve bank's small Business Advisory Council. Member of the board of trustees of Ted Maher mercy hospital. Or is a long time enter the small businesses at the center for entrepreneurial leadership at SUNY UB. The public knows my dedication. To Western New York. Because my focus is to defeat the charges in court after today. I will not address any issues related to an aid and you know therapeutics. Outside of the courtroom. As I fight to clear my name rest assured I will continue to work hard for the people and constituents for the 27 congressional district. A new York and I will remain on the ballot running for reelection. This November. Thank you very much and have a great night. Right. Right. We didn't interact as we thought we're going to do because actually David. Are busy tallying up the number of times I heard by me or mine in a six and a half minute news conference what do you think the total was huh. I don't know. Okay. Not probably do the same thing but. I don't craft my words in advance the total I came up with. 68 times. Me or mine 68 times. There's things I noticed it listen to this the fourteenth that. First he's he's very nervous in the very beginning you can you can imagine and we don't really know. You know what the circumstances. What he's got what's going into his head you look at that picture that the court. Artist. You know drew of Tim's son his himself and his son and and his son's future father in law. And it obviously appears they're very close to a judge in their faces. I can totally understand if there's or if you're going to be scared when the federal government or the US attorney you face a judge. That is it absolutely appropriate time to have fear. And there was this. That was not a typical Chris Collins address it was an awkward introduction for those with the wife and then we went right into a speech that really nothing to do with the wife like why are you introducing her. Unless you're gonna talk about her like. They were there for thirty years in this is what we've done together there's no real mention of her it's more of a your buyout ever here's the thing that I take away from it though. I don't lost millions of dollars and that's okay. That's okay because I knew what I was doing. Well it's okay for the people that. You've got into the scheme we we need to take a break or else people would think there were scheming to defraud them valuable time getting drive home so let's find out what's yours Erich. Eric Clapton here is Allan Harris. At news radio 930 WBE. And David the one thing and I was listening to this. At home doing some stuff. Around my house while I was waiting the interminable ninety minutes for Chris Collins to finally break his. Appearance in downtown buffalo. The idea that we were all gathered here today. Because of Chris Collins is affiliation. With innate is absolutely ludicrous nobody could care less. About Chris Collins is affiliation. With innate and it's about not just his affiliation it is about. Did you pass on illegally information to a family member to prevent your family member from getting socked in getting stuck with the stock that was gonna plunged in value. And save your son's seven or 800000 dollars spray. It's so clumsy words Smith. Of this separate you know this. Well known to call press congress is congress whatever was just really clumsy words meant the a lot of you know I. I'm here to talk about it couple issues but the first one is puppy mills you know I know you are here to talk about puppy mill were all against puppy mills and David but nobody is here to talk about and that's. That we don't consider it to be. An important disease that we questioning Chris Collins and his dedication to fighting them this or that anything by the way the company. Has done no wrong here the company is now under investigation. It only appears the only connection to this company that's under investigation have a big Chris Collins. There's nobody else that is on the board that has been look at. But Chris Collins that's where these charges have been filed this is what caused a sitting member of congress to be arrested. And again it's just kind of like you know let me just start out with telling you where I come from you know in case you don't know this is how I made my money. Why did my opponents are attacking me over all this. And again I don't know maybe you could say the ethics committee your own speaker Paul Ryan. Took committee away from you without any. That there hasn't been a trial. We have not had a conviction. He's innocent until proven guilty yet Paul ride to the committee away why not make a statement as to why that happened. I mean I would be outraged if I was being railroaded a political conspiracy in the next thing you know I don't have the energy committee. And what committee could have if you are found so at the point where he starts going to trial and you know I have to clear my good name. I'm sorry I like to clear her good name on the recess. Clear your good name on vacation. Right when your selling stocks to give other people stocky from. I don't like the idea that your on the floor congress tell everyone about two great ideas. That all these people are looking that you when your success and saying this is a good stock Chris Collins recommends that let me do it. And they lose that degrade and they lose a hundred grand army do you have any idea of the damage that can be done if I hit five of those people lost money. And you put him and a democratic. And you get that close room in the tear from the elderly woman's face to write it crawls I lost 80000 dollars a meaning cat food because Chris count and that will tell me. And we'll cheer of beat the hell out of this guy it's been nonstop and it won't matter even if he'd. Comes through the election wins the race. Everyone New York 27 is now looking for new congressman. Pete is kept in the event that he goes to jail gets convicted he can't hold the seat anyway. Well Libya Fella. It's it's to feel as he'll pistol permit to. It again. I think he's ever coming back to Western New York if he gets put away for this this marketers via a probation type of thing to having an ample. It is it to be do you realize is we sit here today. That Chris Collins is is looking at a very real possibility. Of maybe going to prison for the rest of his life. I don't know I'm sixty years old right listen I I part of Tom Reynolds beacons that you know for the longest time Tom Reynolds. Was our congressman what was New York 26. Came from Albany you know. A powerful guy third most powerful guy in the House of Representatives at. I can't think of a time that I've ever had a conversation with the Democrat or Republican where they tried to sell stock or car. Or an investment or I mean it's all apps can you imagine in the military your sergeant major. Take you aside and tells you a really good investment strategy. Our policies against that. The fact that there isn't a written law in the House of Representatives of these should be selling stocks. But for the love of god you sure you certainly don't go to your. Constituents. And try to sell them on a business that you're connected to it that is absolutely debt to meet. Is bright dairy should be kicked out congress for selling business to his constituents stupid we have to break the news radio 930 WB and actually David we want calls from people you're if you're trying to get through before but couldn't this is your opportunity 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB Ian David I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure that my sergeant major would be more concerned with the link the money here that might come up first before we stock deal. Our. Eight all. That. One of the great guitar solos the late 1970s. Actually. Our German teacher way back when mr. Paul rabbit and outstanding. Teachers I know is an outstanding pitcher because I for one year and everything he taught me every vocabulary word he taught me. I still remember and we all mocked mr. Arabic for coming in with Jerry properties baker street. And he was he bristled at that and as it turns out we eat the younger people you know we are all about kiss and stuff like that. And Paul Revere was right Gerri rapper in the late jury wrap pretty one of the agreed to talent square stealers wheel. Baker street is just a great time lists on sax solo and a guitar solos that I can't play. It's 639 news radio 930 WB a were obviously talking about the Chris Collins situation even though like you probably best camp for another ten minutes and jury wrap pretty stealers wheel baker street and the sex solo. That would probably be wrong. David Bell via Tom Bauerle together we are Bauer Lian bell Libya and by the way we kinda like the fact that we get away with the opens for the hour because it gives us more time with you. And it just it you know it's like we go right from the news to the cash code word Ellen right to contest so I think that works out better than the long intro is featuring stuff that we said weeks ago that we used to think was funny that we just don't find that funny anymore. So anyway thank you for tuning in we are truly appreciative let's say get back to the calls. And if you've been want to talk about Chris Collins but you couldn't get through. You may now one liners 02 lines are open 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBE and the let's go to bill in Eden on WBE and bill I know what you're gonna ask can we do not know if they do allow sag weighs into the Erie county fair. As sick I looked last year town and they. Did not an issue had a medical need for it. I think that you could probably proven medical need for everything. I saw veteran mentioned that had won but I am grateful for you and David in WB Yemen despite the event like this morning listening to the interview with. Jill Schlesinger from Jill on money for the I was wondering what insider trading laws and a good way to define it. And I learned from Jill that insider trading is. The dissemination of material information. Of a public company that is not already in the public domain. And that's something that it seems kind of apparent that mr. count unfortunately dead. You know I got to tell yourself that I've worked here as you know for very very long time and it. You know when you work at a place you've got to get jaded and you know everybody goes right no matter what you do for a living you're if you're at one place long and offering one business long enough you know you tend to see the negatives more than you do depositors are just it's part of human nature but. This radio station yesterday which had such a lock on this story. That I actually wrote a note to our boss to say while just everybody today so well done. Not just yesterday when the story broke and we broke it here at WB Ian thanks to our favorite reporter Eric deters you from ABC. But you know we have Michael Capote go on from noon until three and we've also own the story today with Buffalo's early news get some of the background information and like you said Joel's messenger being on and sandy beach I mean we've. I think we've got a very good job and I think we've got a very fair job with this story. And on some other things they'll learn from Jill to. I can put them into this statement here and I thought we could do that true or false or are necessary since we're dealing with Chris Collins let's play. True or merit list. Wolf I okay truer meritless. Cameron talent all the big black other thinly traded stacked right B. Before that companies failed fraud trial results are released to the public. Would be true. 00. There are allegedly according to the government's indictment. Okay OK here we go to second second one of true or meritless. It would already be highly improper. For anyone on the board of directors. To buy or sell shares without disclosing it around any event that Whitaker. That would be. I if if I'm understanding the definition of all of your words correctly I would say true. Right so encrypt that data and actually though I think we could say illegal old favorite that's what was thrown me about the question right. So when Chris was saying like well I never sold any stock. From this particular thing I mean they're not really supposed to be doing that anyway. That and that and I should point out if you read the indictment and use bill like I'm I'm sure you have read the indictment to probably memorized the indictment itself specifically states that Chris Collins himself did not sell any stock. Right. It did enough of other things unfortunately that are pretty well without it how to play god wrote the indictment because of that well at such and such a time McSorley did this. Telephone call and as such and such time here. Simon's father not to be noted these text messages. So. Well speaking of right out of maybe Chris could learn some tactics from the clintons. You know if he doesn't want to say anything out maybe could this get up one more time he could stand at the podium he could shake his. Right finger and you could say I'm going to say that again I want you to listen to me I did not have textual relations with that man. All that. I was hoping that we're gonna continue true or meritless commit really liked the concept. How much bigger I get you guys more opportunity to come up with some of those students using on your own slacker. Anyone have any for them. You don't wanna do our preparation for a program but you know it's important for people who never heard you'd call a calling in before to note that that you. On the issues and this is the tragedy. On the issues I typically agree with Chris Collins I agree with the support of president trop so does David I think on most issues absolutely you agree with Chris Collins and you know it it's it's very very sad to bat. This this is this is an unforced error. It's a it's a potential career crippling un force there. As a congressman I mean is it is wonderful things for the district. And I he should've known better about this. He's not gonna be doing anything wonderful for the district in terms of bringing home the bacon because he's not on committees. Yeah that's true true. They do the other thing it could have tape from. Hillary Clinton is available at different at this point does it makes it but I'm just because baby clothes here. Other look you know you bring up bill and and I know that you know you're trying to be funny but you do bring up something that annoys me and it annoys the hell out of a lot of our listeners and that is. The double standard between Republicans and Democrats the coverage they get as well as frankly. Let's face it when people go after Democrats what do the Democrats do they circle the wagon and it's like we don't care if there's a movie of our guys shooting JFK from the grassy Knoll we're going to stand behind our guy because he's our guy. But Republicans were Republican sympathizers typically will look at a set of facts and say you know what. Because we are I think rational most times and we are logical and we do most and believe in laws designed to protect the public. If we don't even if we don't support laws on victimless crimes in my case. You won't we tend to be I think a little bit. I think we tend to be a little bit more. A little bit less team oriented in other words. As a Republican you don't get to do anything you want and have other Republicans just automatically lockstep support chew. And I think that's the difference between emotion and rationality. I was still surprised tell. If you recruit talent was doing so would purchase signaling there with especially the people that suffer from and that's. Well he was wrapping himself in the in the mantle of MS and Heidi my question and and I would like to know bill what you would have bass Chris Collins I would have asked him since you have such a passion it seems for multiple sclerosis. Can you please tell us approximately how much money you've donated over the years to various research organizations or charities to wipe out this malevolent. Auto immune disease now I don't know how much Chris Collins is donated to MS it might be significant and substantial but you know what I would have mentioned that in the course of yesterday's statement I would have said not only am I involved in this company as a member of the board who is not compensated. But just so you know I've donated. Two million dollars over the last ten years to multiple sclerosis so it's not just the one way profit street. Yeah on the not to leave David out of the conversation either remember yesterday he was mentioning how. Like even with Richard Nixon you need someone to stand up and they elect you know I'm not a crook. But when I heard Chris Allen speaking and I didn't see it in northern you that the video of it until later. And reelect him and his wife has any extra it was reminding me when I heard that I can think of as Richard Nixon's final speech before he resigned. I don't remember the I mean I could go back and watch it remember it but what specifically about Richard Nixon's final speech before he resigned did it remind you. Just like I told him that I mean like David was expecting that he'd come out with guns blazing if he was innocent of these charges but. It was kind of like you know are reassigned to what was going to happen that's the way that he was speaking just his whole. Bill I know what it is like to be falsely accused or he wrote initially reported upon. And it is one of the most humiliating. And it. As a human being in the public. It really is annoying and it's bothersome and I will tell you that in that situation if I knew that I was 100%. Innocent. I would have been vitriolic. In coming out in my own defense. Absolutely. Ought to kind of close here I was thinking like you know how you he had done I'm not as good as Joseph beamer with I mean the right music construct. But I thought maybe if we haven't seen that Chris could use. It would be something like. That's from Dan Hanley and the words in the song that kind of makes sense there when happily ever after failed and we've been poisoned by these fairy tale. The lawyers claim a faulty tail instead he kept alive but this is the end this is the end of the end. Well. It is an interest thing take all of though I find it not to be in harmony with what we've been stressing all day which is of course you know what I'm gonna say next and our system Chris Collins is 100%. Innocent of everything he didn't even speed on the way to the news conference. And don't confuse that with the fact that you still. Should have the privilege of serving. Constituents just because you're has until proven guilty. I mean there's a whole lot of decision making that goes into finding yourself in a position where your cues to begin with and and understand. What what Chris Collins has been indicted and arrested on and the 31 count indictment by US attorney in the southern district in New York. He was under investigation. Since January of 2017. And. In those six months wherever we're looking at you ever want to accuse you of doing this stuff. You went did anyway. I mean that is just there is there something that. Is disconnected here. And I just think that if it can be explained now's prop pretty much the the perfect time to do it. I thought yesterday was the perfect time to do what I please call it the train the train has already left the station he talking about his resign and I'll say he's pulling this in the polls are going out there they're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Did you find out every single person that's in this district what their thinking. What is chances are and any decision he'll make it if he does make one is going to be based off pole I mean did. That's that's just a foregone conclusion everyone is trying to see. Is there away that this guy a mug shot could come out that there's if there's such a photo of him getting fingerprint what does that do. You know will you not vote for someone because of all this negativity. And but again. He's done again and anything outside of this. I don't know if you can live in Western New York after that rallies at least build it and suggest jailhouse rock answered but you can't back pedal on the one thing is that. Crack houses painted himself into a corner and there's no way out of that corner you got to fight your way out so they'll come and the fear tomorrow. Yeah I try to make it there haven't been there yet so. All right I'll make sure mark. All right bill thanks very much. All right there's a bill from Eden who obviously puts a lot of thought into his calls. Let's go to Joseph in north tunnel Wanda I'm WBD and Joseph thank you for your patience and holding and long last year on WB and buy hourly in bella beer here at your service. Too much. All they're worried that our local column in a local weicker make you see and I put out the idea up. Our situation is exactly that that's what kind of let workers keep their network weren't that much judgment for now but actually get convicted and goes to jail. And then it lady came to predict the re appoint somebody to take its place. I think it's real simple almost like mr. mayor prepared you can't carry on with doing the crowd the runner up to your job. And then I'll let you know these guys to walk the straight and narrow because they wouldn't want to risk losing that she took the opposing party. You know the nation was founded that's how we got to vice president yup your right the second runner runner up at the BBP. Can you imagine working together like you would have Hillary and trumpet in the same administration Joseph here's the thing Joseph I'd I'd like your innovative approach to this and I love creative thinking and people who think outside the box the one problem I see with that is. That a lot of times the people who do not win the election they go on to other jobs and you might find a situation where somebody has wanna be a congress person any more because they're making 400000 dollars is General Counsel for bank. While you give them the option and look at this guy who isn't out. You wanna come back in the Arctic I would give it you know 2838. That your org or London who's number three Libertarian Party Green Party candidate. Just the word I can't you. Jerusalem warden be well Nokia you've got. You are are up over and it lecture or are you put somebody else they are in place it should be a penalty should be like you know playing shorthanded in hockey. They are population whether he's got power play. And yeah. That's that's a very interesting idea of July I'm not you know what I cannot dismiss your idea out of hand. At least I mean. I type the word you're going with this exactly is if somebody spending billions of dollars to be elected to congress and the note that if they kept up the person basement all that money could be is gonna take the job right from them that might actually encourage better behavior like the way you think I'm trying to I'm trying to think of outlaw and it. The odds that the people don't watch. That's the be it if you if you win a race by forty points. And the person that comes in second the most repugnant human being in the world and for whatever reason you know you get caught up in some stupid. Now all of a sudden the district has to be served by you know a man in him but on the other hand though if they are served by Manson family member at least the congressional term is only two years. OK but I would say that six weeks would probably be two back with squeaky from from the those urging more congresswoman. When I read an immediate I thought immediately rattle off somebody's name from the press that yeah I am good for two man something. Joseph thank you very much for the call and you're sick you're getting good response and that I'd I'd like to put to support bought that leverages commend you. Four out of the box thinking. It's it's very refreshing to have somebody from the audience calling news that an outside of the box make you all right good stuff and what biker magazine it is for which he writes that I talked to guys like patent. It makes me wanna buy a motorcycle in the net realized I do look by a motorcycle I will be single again so there's that to consider. David another very fine radio program filled with information factoid opinions a little bit of humor and everything else. That's what we do. The only reason we were here today was because of our affiliation with innate just so you know and watch out for inmate McMurray that's what he should really be. And. That was innately funny. So we'd like to thank Sean Murphy and we'd like to thank Phil Kennedy for another job well done we will be tomorrow broadcasting live from the Erie county fear from three until seven we're going to be weird David. Will be at the event center right across from the casino entrance is is out thanks to bat fetters. Will look for you tomorrow at the fair three to seven they'd better not let me hear the poultry because I've got some one liners settles in you go bills.