8-19 Hardline Hour 1

Sunday, August 19th

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Time to time. Takes its hard line on news radio nine. And welcome to the program Kevin Hardwick here we'll get to our featured guest for this hour former congressman Tom Reynolds of course with everything going on in New York 27 Hampshire he'll have a lot to say about that. Before that however oil welcome back the studio my co host in my colleague the chairman of the Erie county legislature. Peter savage Peter welcome back good morning Kevin. It should be noted for the record that you're not only the calls but you were the official booking agent for the show now last week you got me John Flynn VA this week he would use landed Tom Reynolds. You know everybody's politically connected and Erie county and learn a long time ago was good to have a wide variety of of scales and maybe have to think very mutual both sides of the political political aisle there. Also I think a lever listeners one Indo is softball season over I mean how did the girls may go we want our house championship. We did while and that's the end of it there's no you don't me further. That's in there may be some travel so. They're probably a plethora of games there were more popular than employer okay. There we go. Anyway. Let's let's too weird to lower our featured guest Tom Reynolds down thank you for for coming in today. Just just get a little background for listeners than only were you two congressman from from the areas affected by this whole silencing. The prior to that you were the minority leader of the state assembly. You were also lame minority leader in the Yuri and the legislature correct. Yes. And along the way somewhere along the way you're Erie county Republican chair that's that's quite a political life that you miss it. I know what effect that I. You know politics is always in your blood but when you're elected 35 years in both of you were young in the ten year compared in my 35 years thank you for saying it was. For me personally a good time to move on and I have no regrets from that loved every minute of it but it's also fun to be on the sideline so now watch and so what you do and now. I'm with our home the night is a senior policy advisor and I live in buffalo or Clarence where my home is with my wife Donna my son mark and I get on a plane commute to Washington fairly heavily. Where that is that global law firm has elections so. So you still residing your old district in New York when he sat right in the middle of Clarence. Community yes were you shocked as everyone when the indictment came down against congressman tells that you. Did you have any. I mean you you go to Washington all the time was this like common knowledge an open secret there and. My surprise I was seen tonight you know. I think everybody tour of the words. Saw the indictment is kind of shocking thing. There was an ethics review and both of you is county legislators know that one. And ethics committees can be into theirs is standing committee and I know that chair in the house. And the ranking member of they. They have been reviewing another segment of this which was having members of congress when the price was going up and everybody was by insult. That I saw that I was aware of and a you know like it's like everything else she kinda hoped they would move along but they seem to be. Steady but quiet pace out of sight but but this indictment about it was it was something about. Completely related but different because it right let's go back now saying hey you dump stock that are what his charges were reversed is different from his son Somalis I think that was shock to. Two to most everyone and I would say that I'm concerned watch Sheen. Both the FBI. And the Justice Department within a ninety day range from election. Doing indictment world raider the perp walk just because. What kind of an unwritten thing that yeah it's crowding they election within three months. Stay clear of it until lap birds do it before I let that doesn't change the fact that they did an indictment are based on what they saw as as a former. Erie county Republican chair you have sympathy for what nick playing where the end the other chairs are going through. I'm sure everybody thinks what a great opportunity I think chairman lying worthy and his seven other counterparts have. A lot of agony here because they've got to kind of sort through it. And just from what I'm reading in conversations that that. What is lost here is congressman Collins is a very important role here. And that is his willingness to somehow get off the ticket. All is said and I've seen that people seem to be reporting. Is he suspended his campaign. New York law says he will be on the ballot. And so he's on there unless something happens. And so these guys are armed cut to pieces. What could happen to give often will that be lawsuits. And what that all means and on the other side how idea how do you find the right. And in the meantime however you've got some infighting I suppose among the Republicans. I mean this is created problems mean that. The mole most notable one of course was a Carl Paladino and stuff on my height little bit of a dust up earlier and in the in the week. But you also get I mean if your name playing where the if your the other tears again when he people want the job. And assuming they do find a way to get him off the bill you can only give it a one which which means he gets people upset with the. Our message out county chairman now the elected legislators silence we're trying to make little while Leno the other chairman and chairman of the Erie county legislature who had similar problems. It is dockets ask that question of just. Just you know from a national perspective being I think you know just in our community obviously this was seismic but you know you spend a lot of time though it would it would this would this news mean from a from Nash well first. Volume. What. Some in the media and you know shark attack I saw the other day called this ain't movie very. Public registry. If this is the best seat in the state. I've never had a seat like this. Even on the conquered town board and all of that and assets. And so it's it's a slam don't normally so now the national party has. Campaigns going the field. They're trying to contain so it's not that additional types of competitive races is based on trying to hold a majority in the mid term election. Which the party in power almost always loses seats. So they're watching and and then the question is why can it get fixed or does it. And so it's a little less. Personal there is this C should be ours is a slam dunk do these guys get it right don't day. And remember punishment conferences had all these problems while they've been in recess. And now while he has indicated he continues. The wanna serve until his term is over. He's still got to go back among the colleagues. Of the congress. In that dynamic but you can that Washington is watching to see how is his skating worked through. Well here it is if you are the head. Of the Republican campaign committee does is that was one of your jobs. Are getting Republicans. In the majority. You've got to be awfully upset with this because because this was a slam dunk. Now your your fighting for your life there's talk this blue wave and whether it exists or not it is the you know you don't want to dump a bunch of money in this race because it's SEC you may have to. And it it brings just another. I mean this is congressman indicted in its before an election. And it just causes problems. Yeah in the image of congress as a whole. Listen we have to take a a quick break when we return now appears savage chairman of the Erie county legislature will continue to be Michael OC did well that segment Peter and Tom Reynolds of former congressman and then that former GOP chair locally and former some imminent county legislator. We'll also be here I'm Kevin Hardwicke you're listening to hard line on news radio 930 WBE end. And welcome back to the program Kevin Hardwick here we did my cohost Peter savage chair of the hearing any legislature and Tom Reynolds former congressman. Congressman during the break again text from former student of mine now a legislative staffer in the hurricane legislature. Ross instead he says don't forget and Ian mentioned that you were county legislator. Assembly minority leader and of course that congressman. But he says you most positions chair are not here clerk of the Erie county legislature. It was a great. Outlook in fact I got there I don't know let's see what I. Number yeah Peter would give us a every time I was city the cheapest that. The the office a few months waiting to they see around and and he went with the became the first. Assistant county attorney. Under the Murkowski administration. So much experience Willis and based on all your experience. In and out of government. And and also that your your bureau. Acknowledged to be a master strategist and tactician. Weird give us some insight where do you think this thing is going with a 27 right now. I'm surprised they haven't ripped gotten Collins off the bell and replaced him already. Might indicate they're having some some trouble I would think you wanna do that as quickly as possible. Where do you think it's going and you've any favorites what are the considerations for a successor if they are able to get him off the ballot. I think that if this is important yet. So. We were reading hey we're gonna get them offer to do some one of these guys out of the fifteen known people you've taken your name often boomlet county chairs and a pit one. I think we've got to go back to the beginning of what this might mean on on. Of the vacancy. It takes full cooperation of congressmen collars to run for another office and define an office in kind of an inch your piece. And that's so. Let's bar at whatever he's eligible for and and so why could it be in a township while there's no residency requirement until the date of election that you must be and so. There're there are potential vehicles but this is murky. So the three ways that innate county legislature that Peter would see that it. His body would fill vacancies and that's why it's all different and why let's just focus on the federal. Because it's a much different. And that is he can diet. What are your office and that was that the mechanism. In this in this state legislature you can move publish date or locally you could move out of state and it's pretty clear. It's murky based on case law on Soledad comes right from here recount anyway and then John powers an eye candy try to move on the second circuit said now. I would counsel anyone on that don't count on him just being able to use to Naples. Residents and I haven't seen any indication. So that gets us to cash and you fill the vacancy now. I don't know what party chieftains are saying here but I can tell you from Washington side. People are saying we're going to court on the democratic side were not about who's had this happen. In some slick move that we have been vetted every possible way. We keep congressman Collins on the ballot like the law has salt. This is going to be as much in the legal domains so somebody that everybody agrees on or the majority agree on an eight point. And they've vacated their own office they may find that port will flip that from happening just based on the unknown jet. Here's here's a scenario that makes sense to me though if you have someone. In whose district he lives now resign. Say Ed wrath who. Who represents him in the county legislature. He could run effort at wreaths district and at draft could either run for congress or ransom offer could run for congress and it could run for senate. Does that make sense well here's a consent as I want to just as MI output though. As a legislative leader and as a an all party cheat and then that is. Sleep book Collins and establish that you could blow that you put it in the county legislature you could blow that. And so you're saying we're going to win the the congressional if it works hand and now. Well in the case of you may have assembly and I I was using the assembly's it'll let you get oil they I mean I think it's the same thing at the state to see accounting for Republican. What is it safe if Chris Collins is rather well well it may remain happy but if you lose it so one. Oh we're down here we're down we're down 65 in the legislature we'd be down 74 but only till next year. I mean this I mean personally I think that's very responsible the other thing but the other thing that happens if if that were to be initiated IC Ed raft. Resigning or someone else. What happens if the Democrats win in court all of a sudden you've resigned your C Euro Nicole that's exactly what many people don't sell cars okay let me ask with all these problems that you bring up is there a chance that talents will on suspend his campaign. I don't round I haven't talked well I think it's unlikely. Com you know. I just personally think at this point. He he came back from. New York City when he was indicted he did a press conference he was very clear he intended to run couple days go by and he chose that he was going to. Suspend his campaign suspend means I'm just gonna stop for now. But. My head start up again he could start up I I just think that's unlikely. I'm just in terms of you know the mechanism you're talking about there's absolutely going to be legal challenges that can I've spoken with. Party leaders have spoken with congressional leaders locally. They see this as an actual legal fight you mention the power to sample but. Back up just the optics of this whole thing and mean just put the the gymnastics that would have to take place. Two if we were you could get him off the ballot. That candidate that replaces they're not gonna they're going to be saddled with with. But the columns no problems because you know and don't undoubtedly it's going involved some sort of deal. With all those parties took to put that personal ballot. Which I can tell you from the blue side we're very excited to get them in the ring on and those terms would resurrection of the just the general optics of running a campaign rebels there and. Peter I've watched it Democratic Party over forty years do a lot of mass nations in the city of buffalo Cheektowaga. Sometimes now tunnel one does campus beginning to see. I believe when you have a Republican seat the most Republican in the state and also where trump just blew it out. That there will be latitude. Of the chairs to do what they have to do. In order to put a viable candidate to hold and win that seat which matters to the eight counties in Western New York at least on the rear. But in terms of of the enough. Two months ago thirty days ago nobody was talking about this race nobody you know there's a candy. Don't look. And since that time the enthusiasm has picked up I know I've spoken Carson Higgins and his people they've engaged engaged the national. To help you know get mr. McMurray and from the. That blue program so is still what he should bring attention to the fact the sublime scene from the ground. I would tell you I know full well that some of these party chairs. Are certainly having dialogue both with the national. Structure of the NR CC with the White House. And so this is kind of lit up a little bit here's the beauty of this McMurray doesn't live in this seat. Doesn't matter whether there is others on the Republican side went to ask. But Murray who's got less money and it's always had a couple days of bring in a few dollars. Believe me when this gets on if there's a viable candidate. The Republicans will weigh in. On this race but it starts with what this congressman Collins bill. How Smart they ate county chairs are selecting their best candidate. Can I make that stick and supports pointed out that review it and then finally. Do they win and I just don't. Why you know why why don't you think they made a move yet is it because they can't figure out how to get them off the Baylor they're really don't know more than they they don't know who the the best candidate. They have a little time it don't have time in the county or all three of us now. That is election a move back or so the only he can't control is that well as and other date is September 19 yes so in the end the war why. They've got. They've got to. Figure out that thing to first happened vacancy in September 19 is that. It is somewhat more term to resigning the eighty video in them that they can be put on the LPOs can be put. Or else there's a lot of time what that. Tom I think also with eight shares it's can we build a consensus. Lang worthy is not fool you she knows that himself. Along with a one other county chair can do that that's not the way to build this there's always the strongest candidate we can put on the field. And can we get a reasonable consensus here. And I think they have time to do that because the real question is do they have the vacancy so. So are you planning to come out of retirement you know I don't know that's so you're you're taking yourself well. I have certainly never put myself in or let anybody considerably and so we'll I would happily retired are applicable we only have a couple minutes before the break let me get back and then and imaginations of of the Democrats you know we talk about. How sleazy this might look if if talents runs for god knows what the net but you know the same thing may happen after the primary would Cynthia Nixon or lieutenant governor candidate on the Democrat. So having served in the assembly. I saw and I knew exactly where she was working families party is going through their own for dealers to witty. Perpetually. Eliminate ourselves with this governor or do we figure out what to do with Cynthia Nixon ship we have primary. So the one rumor I saw what order on the working families line in New York City in his seat held by Berkeley since 1990. She is a liberal Manhattan. That experience assemblywoman. And it was a piece where they can put that what you went apoplectic Epstein who she started writing and of the line so she can open it up for herself. It registers some people this is Deborah glad that real though that Nixon wouldn't necessarily get there on primary day because it would be built. And so yes. It happens all the time let's look at Carl Paladino Lazio at the stateside rip was on the Conservative Party. He was a lawyer so it more flexibility to it was like a bronze John death and Kyle got the nomination but but it. And on don't know. No but because L there sustain any staring at me from across the way he's here with the bottom of the hour news headlines these guys. You guys are gonna have to take it off there man Peter my guest host this beaters damage chairman and the you're getting legislature my guest is Tom Reynolds former congressman. I'm Kevin Hardwicke Allan Harris is standing by with the news you're listening hard line on his radio 930. Hello America hardline Kevin Hardwick here my cohost is Peter savage chair of the year and the legislature also ours I mentioned earlier our booking agent for at least show. Tom Reynolds congressman former congressman is our featured guest. We will take begin to take some calls in the next segment the final segment this hour. So if you wanna get in line 8030930. The number to call time. We talked about the New York 27 race we've talked at the death. Let's talk a little bit more about though it is our party Peter is a Democrat you and I are Republicans. I am I guess you would call me basic Republican. Is is the Republican Party today the same party that it was when when you left office. No I think it's. And ever evolving story is not just changed from the time years ago. It is today that trump party. The party the president. Leads our our party and I think there's. Certainly. Going back to Jack Kemp. And and pianist. Disciple of is that many word in this area. On the he had a conservative type viewpoint that was different than Bob Dole vs Buchanan it was a protection is version it was a Reagan that kinda had an umbrella dull moment it was communism and then each wing of the party add. This thing saying hey you're not really in my party. A bomb. Couple facts need to come in here this president. Now has higher. Popular standing among Republicans. Then want Obama had with Democrats at this point in time war. What bush had. When he was present either op bush so. He enjoys. A strong. Structure within me the Republican Party and so this party is now. In many respects a party trop there are certainly disagreements are part you have disagreements is becoming more of that. But let's look Kevin where. It it seemed mind boggling to me that anything below the Mason Dixon line is now red republic. West Virginia the last state to fall from democratic ranks. And so yes and northeast yup permissive west and me out west are. Our blue areas if you look at the the states that elected him and he like all college. Those close were a week but the Great Lakes you know I never what's gonna put that close to Minnesota win Wisconsin. Went in Michigan obviously Hillary didn't shoot it well enough there have been. What were you surprised is well the rest of us will especially Wisconsin and Michigan well Pennsylvania you can change. OK you don't see but I was I take it down that lane remember I've done some of this stuff where I'm always look at hey maybe this is a time we're gonna win Pennsylvania we never do. This time. Trial winning Pennsylvania help Pat Toomey secure an election in a tough race for a US senate. So. When you look at some of the others he had an impact in the senate but also low enough in the house so. Com the the same instance we saw land. We did not agree wit many liberal policies of President Obama. I fully expect that. The laughed and particularly the far left which is just as. Powell as far right. Odd to not seeing and they're going to agree on non Donald Trump. The the fact is in our party. The president has helped if you win and if they crossed them on. And a guy in Arizona that I shared with in the house was kind of that never trump a voice that I'm not talking about McCain. Com and so as that occurred it cost him the ability cool wind of. You're right you're a guy who for years whether it was when you were with county legislature whether you're Erie county GOP chair. Certainly minority leader of the new York state assembly a a a very tough job or your job as a congressman you're a numbers guy you were always looking in and trying to train him. That figure out what was gonna go there. A couple of predictions number one and the mid term elections everybody talks about the blue wave do you think it's. Do you think that the Republicans are gonna lose out and then look at the 21 in the presidential contest. Well let's take what the 2018 election and I do believe that history can teaches something and historically. The mid term elections the party in power loses each spot. This president enjoys more popularity than we think now we're always looking at what the New York Times the Washington Post we'll say well he's only got 4344. When asked about world analysts in his first term and I can value was. With George Bush so he's actually stronger than. So when you look at the economy a look at unemployment. Usually. You want that. Com harming. In order to have the strength to to offset those type of pot so. I believe this is kind of like World War I trench warfare and I'm gonna tell you why. Because I can tell you the house Republicans are going to lose seats. We just don't know how many. Two Democrats are going to win seats we don't know exactly how many. Beat Democrats are trying to hey we're right in this this is a hunch it's hard right in the 27 district at the hot everywhere. And it's coming because it's a mid term and look at all these groups. The Republicans where they'd look at this and yet we have exposure. But people are living better their film it from the economies like some of the things they're seeing out of trump. The question is who gets that vote out and that's that World War I trench fight that the Democrats get 218 plus or don't. And Peter and you saw that accounting legislature we're down to one seat we wondered all. Eight Peter let me just ask you for for first up Peters this current or fair World War I great analogy I mean it means I haven't heard yet. But for the benefit of all of our listeners who connect seat them as he's answering. You've been here three times have you ever seen a more animated guests were talk of politics they. They're going to edit and and I think he's just out of his chair even time this thing I don't like politics and you're gonna get you're gonna get is the seeds. He's excited about this that this is this novel and anybody that tells you they definitely know the outcome I don't care either side of it as well OK talk to me about 21. Early you know distant early warning I think. Prizes. Certainly certainly intends to Ronnie took three million dollars in fundraising last Friday and now found itself. The Democrats are gonna have the same start up that the Republicans and that is. Or fourteen or fifteen presidential hopefuls you're in case it goes I served with them great admiration for. And so weeks we saw that this time the Democrats are I don't know line up and there's going to be fifteen look at some walls usually there are some brand new faces. And now they're gonna have to sort it out. But I will say this IE. And an oil marketing major. Never seen any one brand people like this prizes did over those Republican candidates. War. As he got into the one on one with Hillary's so. This will be a heck of a when he when he and I think it's to be seen now the. No argument that trump is running the party Republicans are running on the track agenda. It. You know I don't dispute the popular within the Republican Party but what we have seen. From the Democratic Party is that. Those independent voters. Those tone and temperament voters the suburban voters. You know maybe you know they're appreciative some of the changes on the. Economy may be but in our crowd that president and yet. I know we attend a tie them around like you Brusca of fact in 20062008. The independent voters of this company and of the nation had made up their mind and almost six was opposition to the Iraq War. In all eight it was plain bullish for key. So the independent blank voters that I'm out of here I'm voting Democrat. In this race the independent voters are not locked and loaded that you can't find one do to help you when they're split. There are certainly suburban women and others with an intensity to polls. It's I think suburban seats around the country Philadelphia and others other places look. We'll have some vulnerability that. But the independent voters is up to the Republicans to go or go out and we've certainly seen that in our county you guys like Chris Jacobs is one. Votes by appealing to it depends Kevin Hart if you look closely as she is appealing in and it some Democrats and keep in a Republican. Peter are part as a student politics yourself are now loving this I mean here we are the fetus that's breaking everything down. I mean it's it's it's just look at it and I'm getting writer's cramp writing all these notes what I need to do we need more we need what people like Tom Reynolds today serving that's Galley or your what your battery well we have this we have to take a break when we return when we return. Peter and I are gonna take stepped back Tom Reynolds is gonna be fielding phone calls from listeners for the rest of the time. The phone banks are jammed right now you know at the beginning until someone hangs up but when they do 8030930. Will get as many here calls. As we can I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hardliner on news radio 930 WP he. And welcome back hardline Kevin hardly hear my cohost Peter savage and I will be staying over for the next hour will be joined by a couple of other doctors doctor Brian pollan their doctor Tim Cahill and we'll be talking about New York point seven the will be fielding your phone calls but right now. We're gonna go to phone calls for former congressman Tom Reynolds. Let's start with another Tom Tom thank you for holding you around with Tom Reynolds. I don't generally I don't count very good. Add a little back up to this song cosmonaut hotel and Asbury Park futures. I'm overlooking an 850000. Dollar condominium. That belongs to Christopher can't decide where it illegal trading complex. Some 25 year old will thank you context. So it and I'm I'm gonna if you think and I'll take the answer out there. An initiative districts especially recent history that can't get ignorance as crisply to onlookers waited. And even going back as far as to the Mark Foley scandal which wasn't spawned in our district but was not here like candle. Very well shall not be a lesson books are great optics. The only person who has embarrassed the district is a Democrat at a local at what point will get GOP say an opposite now. Okay come thanks will take times answers for you off the air. Are on the air not take it on the air look Gary titled your opinions. Get the local I consider a friend of mine at the trade both when she was a local government and congress and I talked to order times and congress. I think that Chris Lee did many things well unfortunately. He had a very bad judgment that the cost him his seat as he resigned. He was. Impact full member of the Ways and Means Committee. When you're citing mine now fully had a national implication alike Democrat or are hoping it will be with Chris Collins and that. Republicans have been around remember. I just wanna remind you that I sat before the ethics committee at the house and you'll see starting on page 86 of that report. I was completely cleared of that which was also made evident after. On some of the media particularly the national media frenzy couldn't get to the speaker and they could get to me much easier and access of my district. On ensure there's all sorts of kinds of things when that. I think I served in great distinction in the ten years I was in congress and I think the 25 years before let's let's. Move on to path in Lancaster pat welcome to the program thank you for holding. Thank you can't put that. I'm saying don't don't don't. Because they got the goods that are good. Men in a system or particular. What are Arab world it secure short. Should. Expect that we're willing to roll. It down. That violate. That principle. And and a sister I think I'd rather. Both a quick on the ballot. Yeah you know in. And let alone. Oh. Think what. All right all right pat thank you thank you for banana tell you it brings up an interesting point I mean it. My eight people in the base the Republicans. Like path I assume pan as a Republican. Beat turned off if anybody but Collins runs. Well I guess that's going to be history when we see what happens on Election Day and no matter who's on the ballot we don't know. I think journalists certainly entitled whose opinion and I think I opened up this program by making it very clear. There is no vacancy until Chris Collins makes a vacancy so he will be a full partner. In making some of the decision on who is going to be on that ballot in November. All right let's move on to Tony in Clarence Tony welcome to the program. Well I couldn't really get Chris Allen who had to be seeing you not tell us. As late as 66 million dollars or 66 million dollars. Couldn't have more prone to panic. In the new entity like a lot of ground to make those are all. He could have taken a million not bad 66 million. Only 69 billion what he could pay back the people who are running out of those. And never got it could be indicted. Okay thank you thank you firm making that point I Tom I assume your neck Chris jones' financial advisor. Well I'd I'd the gentleman's title those opinion. Obviously it was an error in judgment if law. What mr. Collins is accused of bears out by is jury appears. OK let's let's move on let's go to. Jim in north out of London Jim welcome the program. Deck guys that we get straight to where there are. Recently dropped I don't know exactly where yours but he went to order one of its corporate. MD. Auditorium as you're Reno whatever you call it would only hope right thousand people are some strange coincidence. They estimated the total number of people that Cho for at are twelve reality at between 2526000. That we're seeing your course the country. Where every go. And would blow my mind in 2006 the right Old Republic rats in the left wing Democrat although it. The number of people the door up appropriately. It's totally irrelevant Specter. You know people underestimated. Trumpet 2000 XP now gonna come back to keep your body and 2000. I felt like oh thanks thanks thanks for that Boeing's Jim thank you. Mike Morris day and yeah yeah outing of Tom I don't know what accounts tied and see I noise as standing room only and they still got people on drugs Hillary televisions where he's going easily certainly. Do alone the rally business and quite frankly I'm not sure that the Hamburg fair count this week will be is his act artists they're estimating I don't know doesn't match. All right if you if you're just tuning in that's former congressman Tom Reynolds weighing in then the eureka any fair. Let's go to Kevin in Pendleton Kevin what thank you for holding. Good morning in the morning fellow traveler please do not further than you are already currency used aren't informed. Population of supporters who don't know the difference between an independent. Like myself. And the independence. Partly because if you work. Independent like me you do not been known to be independence party which you don't of course scriptural. Political brigade Niagara and an eerie calm peace. By the GOP no I just wanna say. The Republican brand is very very much damage you right now in this region and especially with the history that we've. So therefore. The bench are also like no reason Sheila Bair I live right here in the twenties so aren't. And indeed ten then. Who will definitely represent everyone this is you only answer right now. Okay thank you for that point given an independent in the 27 well I'm hoping some of the county chairs are listed in the near the gentleman's in the eyes okay. Let's I think we have time for another call let's go to Indian block port in the welcome to the program. I thank you just artists like comics great to hear from you again appreciate everything you did for us and you were in congress. I'm I'm just curious as senator Menendez charged with the same. Offenses yet he let it through asses they'll serving the state of New Jersey. Not sure it's worth creating all of C. Wildness right now I believe that Christian Nate just. Older with a victory and is there any benefit to that strategy I'll hang up and listen thank you and I'll come maybe you'd like to take that seat against. We've we've already establishing that right but thank you for the call Andy Andy thanks for years your comments. I'm not a lawyer but I would tell you that the Mendez. Menendez. Was more of the accepting gifts. That he told from a very close personal friend who was an odd position. And the Justice Department determined that he crossed the line on what is acceptable as a federal. Elected official perfect federal official and taking those tubes and in that court trial he was acquitted. What congressman Collins is standing. Under indictment and is attempting to clear his name is on insider trading where they believe they can show proof that he tipped off. On his son relative to. A stock investment on nov. Something that he thought was going to become very viable and they did not pass the tests for. The the medical procedure of what they medical treatment was going to do. And so therefore he urged people to dump the stock. At least dishonest I understand it so that insider trading has balls SEC civil. But also where the Justice Department brought criminal. Time time we're almost out of time we have about thirty seconds left anyway thank you for coming here but I. I also. Hope you could clear up one thing for me how come Peter savage is able to get a hold of you so quickly I mean is he had some assert control over your what's your relationship with the Democrats. Well right. I'm old school politician much like you are which means that I talked to everybody. Both sides of the Alan Peter was a brilliant young lawyer for several mayors of the stadium buffalo. When I represented people in congress should state legislature I took care of buffalo has the largest city in our region as well as my deal. I guess happy now that because. Kind of the owners rate for the news that Peter Glover Scott Peters blessing the what we commit dot com thank you for being here when we come back at Peter will be here will be joined by a couple others we're gonna stay on the New York 27 I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hardliner news radio 930.