8-17 SPCA Segment - Gina Browning


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Gina Browning is here from the SP CA serving Erie county and by the way this segment is brought to buy. That dog lovers at national fuel who want to protect your pact so when their employees are on your property help eliminate the risk of bites by keeping your dog in a safe enclosed area until the employee leaves. National fuel part of the solution and hygiene. Malone we've got beautiful Sammy to take a look at today I had to act to be truthful about the Stein and this is wonderful Labrador Retriever pit Bull Terrier mix either result. CME is incredible once he get a Mac at the kennel and the only way I can see this to be completely honest is that he doesn't show well. And Aladdin animals experience different levels of shelters Strasser and panel stressed. And CME is not happy being confined. When people want I will see this larger dog jumped up on the wind knowing they're intimidated not back away and long pants and we tell people you know to get an out ten minutes. It takes any ten minutes and he counts and you see the real Sammy. He's not good around other dogs you can imagine how in the south to stress is Shasta and author chats from. Effort as much basis they have there I mean they're still a shelter with other dogs and he's absolutely it can be now the best environment for every single well you know every single decision that we made right count two of the door he handles on the scandals and everything was designed and created it's the attack on the line. It's time. As far as. Lowering national distress for animals when you don't see the cagey match firm recently UC tempered glass or black glanced. It's for reasons different things have been proven to eliminate shelter stressed that any shelter. He can completely eliminated especially if it's a dog like Sammy here who. Is very nervous around other animals he does not like being confirmed he just doesn't show well. He began Malick and with and ten minutes he CD in the east and on this I mean he's beautiful is that part black lab mix and pit Bull Terrier and he's he's my longest residency and asked you know we we really have to face head and in and say this this is what you gonna see when you command in the coming in the little time. Make him a little time you'll enjoy Sammy and you'll once check at the pictures too and these regular nine to yes he's wearing a Bandana looks like he could Rocca bolo ties to I I think he excellent I think he's got Nat coral Avalon burn on Myers insist Justin Timberlake wages. You know Mars doable time and we he kind. I don't know if he does but I and we are you said he got to be a certain level of cool. Certain level quote here let me show you a picture that's when I it's think bolo tie I think of like Ernest Tubb. He wears a bullets on his tail like Marty Robbins. Every old country singer and I think at that. You've never seen true detected I have known that you now and Ferrell on that show. Were you rocked a long time rock that must. Agree I I don't even if he can. Without an active role that I I say. You don't do a better job that's easy and then that show was terrible the only reason I watchers because whose horrible always. Tonight you looked so cool for the record I know it to them put them Christmas list. For the record. Bruno Mars did Wear a bolo ties accepting a Grammy in a certain pitcher not short hair but he has worn a bulletin Gary Gina and yeah Alan Meyers wants people you know where my. I am I. The San Bruno Mars or days and on the bolo tie term but it's Batman it's going to remember Elena it's friends I would love to where I would Wear one right now yeah. Hawaiian pineapple shirt I don't know if that's the typical. Thing you're most I think Phillip and Susan's face just said that I am I'd like you know Susan next week. Moving a kid in the college to have a gas so and piling on and so I'm gonna end of time did try out some new low wardrobe and you just. He's Al great that he mainly I Ngo here so maybe bolo tie Fridays don't you think. And wait and see about that he'll be the judge next right that's right yes yes. Often I feel like I'm the only show. Flying off the shelves it's going to be tough to find great these are you know fashion trends things and right here yet and some like that Gina thanks so much usually Sammy is setting the fashion trends he is the star check him out at news radio nine entered. He is definitely worth taking a look at and making sure that you just don't get that first look at me in your first impression on the kennel. Get enough for about ten minutes and NC.