8-16 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4: Indoctrination or Education?

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, August 16th

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Big word of the decade VWE. Experiment. Cash code word maybe we should of David's all this one cares I didn't do so well with the last hours. Well and indeed low end like all of it that Trout you really get a good job when you brought that thing to land. You're a boat you're sailing with Christopher Columbus last. The whole. And then somebody slaps you percent how dare you say that about the life and it's LA and the land it. Is the word text that the 72881. That's 72881. Again the word is land LA and the so our friend daisy you know by the way is running for congress I told you yesterday that the guy who played Johnny sack is now following -- you know. And relays Twitter feed that's. ZEM oh she's running against Brian Higgins. And I asked Rene if she would ask the guy who played Johnny sat on The Sopranos to do an appearance and hourly and Albion haven't heard back from running yet but hopefully yes hopefully we'll get him. Would you like to an interview. Yeah when did we have someone from that we had yet we were going to. We were gonna have the guy at The Sopranos but that one of the school shootings took place couldn't right guy who played big pussy right right yeah yeah yeah that'll lined up and then there was I think you're right it was breaking news and we we have a surprise guest for you guys the guy who played big proceed bump and Cerro on The Sopranos but we had the bomb the interviews so. Here's the thing if we booked Jonny sack. Are we basically dooming people because every time we booking guests a major news story usually terrific comes. Moment that you that there's his name's Vince and current Tola. And he's the guy that is so were. And actually. What's what we want to talk to him while I'd like to talk to him about is the fact that woody actually did his reading for the parts he went in there are so low key. Andy read just like he played the character in The Sopranos and it really worked it worked well when my favorite characters in The Sopranos is Johnny sack. Eight and as you know David and I think you might you might just be finding this out during this whole congressional situation. The reason I love that shell and deadwood so much and the godfather movies is because. I'm convinced that those movies and those TV shows gave me as good a business education as they would have gotten at Wharton. Through this guy a plea dissect huge conservative. Huge I mean is that Twitter pages this fall he's in the process right now of mourning the loss of Aretha Franklin and destroying Andrew Cuomo for me this thing and an equal parts. All right well good for relate to at least celebrity lets us in williams' heels and thank you for holding her at WB EM at long last. You gotta gonna rewind back to the problem worsens. Product and red such go to. I've heard him and one of them are so public. Early which should get public school I really don't see. The release any more. It ultra loose with the ball girls are all or. But I kept saying that that support public school. In danger or injured comparing apples and oranges. And I think I'd chosen predict public school over private schools. And that's you know that's my position. So say that one more time the last part of which is a kind of cut out my headphones. I'd chose currency who drove around. This child. To use school person's private school. It looked you know what it's hard to go wrong with the Williams eagle school because there are some districts that are very high very highly regarded Williams bill Clarence Orchard Park come to mind. Absolutely and there's really except urban and cultural differences. I don't release it a different sort of income. You know American in an awful lot of pride it's still be such an apple may have been religious. Overtones to it that they can openers cultural differences. And right you know I just don't release we've we. Different instruments. An academic course. You know what I I think pitch I think that you're onto something and I think again I just get back to a very long held belief of mine that a proper education is really based on a Triad it involves quality teachers quality parents and students who want to succeed. Any one of those legs coming off the stool is gonna screw up the apple cart. And I don't think that if the kid is an able to learn that it's always the teacher's fault work up bad teacher. It. There. All right well let thank you very much glad you called in Sam. Oh thank you let's say here's a text David and David babysit mrs. mattered to her. Actually I believe David babies at one of mrs. nerds friends growing up. He's a great guy actually hasn't worked that far away from us right here at WB EE Emmys. But at the point if you're just joining us the point being I don't think that this would be the case anymore but way back in the 1990s we backed them when my little kids were young. One other babysitters was a gay man named David. And they used to call them aunt David and he was their favorite babies are well one of their favorite babysitters because he would always bring the presence he'd always bring them gifts and he'd always have on the activities for them to do great great guy. And I hopefully in 28 team. You know fight have their kids or if I had kids all over again I went on the air and I said hey my son's babysitters -- game and I wouldn't take the kind of abuse that I took back in the early 1990s my god you would have thought that I brought in Charles Manson to watch the kids and obviously I think the world of and David and so does mrs. nerd and frankly so does everybody who meets David he's just one of those. Great guys he's always been a great guy he'll always be a great guy eleven dearly. It is a sixteen minutes after six at WB EM let's go to Eric in that Cheektowaga. Eric you were on hello. So. I wanted to chime in a little bit I know you guys are talking about public and private but you brought up the pre K. Being instructed a boxer and vendors. I wanted to I wanted to get my point out and it three years old. What a dramatic thing you did it that. You bring them away from Miami eighty. Put them someplace would have brought to strangers. And I have a Brooklyn Bridge put the Aussie there was cried all time but wait come home. Three years that you say that the the actual just pre K itself is not always beneficial to kids. Oh via. I. I mean let's be honest though that this really majority of these programs across the country are necessarily. To get kids ready for school but. You know it also becomes a program just to maybe get them out of their circumstances. Yeah. I mean that really the school breakfast program and all these other programs in school. You know one of the reasons why you see a lot of districts wanting to extend the amount of time that the kids were in school because. Depending on you know the district independent where these neighborhoods that these kids are from. That might only be the safe you know time that those kids have during the day that's where they're getting fed that's where there. Around adult supervision and going home you know who knows when they're gonna get food and when they're gonna -- care. Yeah that's another yet another angle on it but you know. Dead it's going to be a predominant factor in determining. No no it shouldn't but it it when you when you look and that's one of the other reasons why you know what are we asking it's easy to pylon teachers and public school systems. The amount of what we ask the public schools to do it's not anywhere in their mission statement. I mean in the old days you went to school you went home and and that was it. You had lunch you've played jam you learn some lessons and went home to do your homework. You know there's. Art do you have a jacket to go to school do you have any of the supplies that you need for school. Do you have the support you have an adult at home it completed do your homework. Now these teachers are you know their surrogate parents. That an insult it's a heavy responsibility. Apparently to get more Bobble this school system as well not by not directly oh what they teach you today wait a minute. You know they're not in one bit they're reacting from a trial probably what. The order old school I heard those stories so. Look I I think that when when you look at. You know as whether it's pre K your K. You know kindergarten. Or any of these other programs at these schools when you take the aggregate of American public school students and you throw them in the standardized testing. And then you can you take that number and you compared against the world it's really an unfair comparison. Because you know right now that China is not go there are periods of chatted don't have electricity your food. And there there's areas of China those kids aren't. Going any education and if they do have an education their test scores are certainly not be compared on the global stage and we're really have no evidence. In some of these you know countries it if there even at the same level. It's a number that's out there based on the standardized test by Al these UN different. Data collection groups. There and always makes the United States look like. You know we're not doing a good enough job with the math and science and and our languages stats are skewed your dealings are totally samples absolutely you have a 100% or. Close to a 100% of all these students that are taking some form. Of of standardized testing that's now being compared to the world. You rethink the population of Sweden. I'd love to be the secretary of education in Sweden I would it be David what did you like there is this a popular the population isn't that why they don't spend a tremendous amount of money and security because they have a lot of friends that will show up if things get bad the hold out for just a minute because we will get back to what we're talking about. A news radio 930 WB. Oh. Let's get back to Eric in that Cheektowaga Eric Decker if your thoughts on. American history because one of my biggest pet peeves and I'm biased because history is my favorite subject. We had a lot of favorite subjects but history is my favorite English would be my second. But I am so disturbed that American kids do not know a lot about American history now. Phil Kennedy is not a dumb guy Sean Murphy is not a dumb guy. But sometimes I'll say something that I believe they oughta know from American history and they look at me with how eyes. I mean because I don't think they were properly taught American history and we'll get Phil's input on that just a moment but. Eric do you agree that it did that history were really dropping the ball. All right. I didn't like if you went out of school and now I read a lot and I bit into alternative radio but there's a lot of information that they do not it. You're right he the gloss over to America in our history completely. But I think part of that and look this sounds like conspiracy theory tin foil hat stuff but one other one of the reasons now what what I'm gonna say goes what are the reasons I think they don't teach American history they don't do very good job teaching American history is because if kids don't know. What makes America great it makes it a lot easier to convince them that it's not that great we've got a governor of this state who just said that. Oh boy. There. I think we're we're gonna play the audio again actually because I think that you don't get away with this statement if I'm if New Yorkers. And Americans understand their history Andrew Cuomo cannot make this statement and get away with a. But the simple point is all this comes down fitness. We're not making America great again. It was never that great. We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness. When every manner. Is fully engage. We will reach greatness. When discrimination. And stereotyping. Against women at the 1% of our population. Is gone. Every woman's fall and show is realized. And on. Each and every woman is making our full contribution. When that. This nation is going to be even high. Because we have not yet fully liberated. Women in this country. And we well and New York will lead the way I. I. Erica it was never that accurate why I know is what what the hell's she been doing for the last eight years animation he's been bringing New York to that level already in the what one more itself. We elected you would still stop discrimination and stereotypes against women David do you know if women in Cuomo's office are paid the same as men do we know about how many women he is working for him and at what rate of pay and furthermore if Andrew Cuomo really believes that women need a shot at the Helm maybe Andrew Cuomo ought to resign so Cynthia Nixon can take his job. You know it's funny because we don't even pay people and Kohl's office because he of them paid through all of the different agencies that have nothing to do with his office. He's got people on his payroll that work at the DMV that don't work of the DMZ because he wants to show the people of New York. That he is fiscally you know responsible when it comes to how much money he paces that. But the fact here is it Andrew Cuomo what more can we do but I'll let you if you're the greatest politician of your generation. What more can we do but bring Andrew Cuomo at the Helm of the date of the governor's mansion in Albany to. Do just that you're supposed to solve all the problems and make New York great. So based nobody said today was there yesterday was and Marc Molinaro. Should be the governor of the State of New York. Because Andrew Cuomo is not. He's not white or he doesn't have via the makeup to make New York great. I love it absolutely love it 26 minutes after six news radio 930 WBM. It is hourly and elevate 803 on I thirty start at 3180616. WB he'd end. Maverick Aretha Franklin who live from the age of about two to about five years old right here in Buffalo, New York mayor brown of course issuing a statement. And Aretha Franklin the queen of soul is milk or she had been obviously gravely ill for several days and Chad are mortal coil. Earlier today leaving behind a legacy of bad you know what there's a twelve year old mom way back when I don't think she ever could imagine how big she would be. Her dad was that what you business levered as a select yes very little wait until now know her father was a minister in started and she was born in Tennessee came to buffalo had a church. And then they spent I think the first she was born actually in Detroit but that he was from Tennessee. He took he found a church in Detroit and that's where she was born and raised. And yeah I mean she had every reason. To not be a superstar you have a baby at twelve we have a baby at fourteen. You know a lot of people in that generation. But she had dreams and ambitions and and and a family to help particular her kids which is a huge plus. And she was able to become. A superstar. Are at the phone number with some calls coming in their fell 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Starlet thirty and 180616. WBM as we talk about the education in America. And Phil before we are goal over there. You were giving us some thoughts during the break and some thoughts through the glass Jews. I I've maintained that I think it's a great tragedy that American history is not being taught. The way it was when I was going to school back in the 1970s. In particular in the early 1980s which seems like it might as will be back in the you know placed a scene error. So fill in terms of American history they were where do you think the public schools you what the public school right I did go to public school. In the middle of the state. Yet Rochester OK so do you believe that you got a good education or would you got a better education in a private school. Obviously I've I think that I had a pretty good education. I didn't. Looking back out of his guys to talk about this for a couple days now. I've really did ebony. Teachers ahead diocese or tried to indoctrinate us that I could tell. And he basically did is filed their curriculum into the textbook whenever it's that said. Of course there are systemic bias he's as well like BP which are part of the curriculum what they don't teach who has opposed to what they do teach you. Are there subjects were you believe that they excelled and subjects were you believe they let you down and if you're calling and let the phone ring Phil's gonna answer Wendy's off the year with us. What would buy school that is they had separate classes for us for separate stuff so like you had an American history class Regis that American history. And you had European history native American history black history. And I feel like that they never really did great in one thing. But they never did awful and any of them it was probably it was a time problem because you wanna put like one unit is basically ten weeks. Based on one class until you wanna spread that out throughout a year basically via a castle like tenth grade you had more global studies that need to do you knew exactly yet things. See you know I've got to tell you that it when I went to school. I I have nothing but the honest thing is to say about become more Telecom won the public schools I think we did a tremendous job there are some teachers there. That greatly impacted and influenced my life that a positive way. And I are actually Trace my love of history and my hopefully ability to. Memorize history and bring history to life to some very excellent theater teachers and some very excellent history teachers along the way it's a great. The great great great great English teachers but you know I looked through my kids textbooks and they went to school obviously in the nineties and the early offs. I gotta tell you that those textbooks did not do a good job at all in terms of teaching American history so I'm not sure when the indoctrination. Began. I really think they can gloss over a lot of stuff that's true they don't really don't know what to detail uncertain situations. And I feel like as high schooler you can go to certain. More detail about something that you can someone who's an eighth grade of course though with that it goes the other way too though I mean I grew up with the Spanish American war. Thinking that that was a just you know this is. We had no choice but it. And then you find out throughout time that. What it all the media had a lot to do that newspapers had a lot to do yellow journalism so I mean there's there's ways that you can go the other way just. Completely pile on here that I remember there used it like World War II vets that would show off to school and and and that's probably not. You know that's certainly a bias to pitch him if you colored about the Pacific campaign from a guy who is that you would you about that is so cool we didn't have that. The odd little bill it was great they would bring in someone would tell storage but you would think to yourself wait a minute you're not gonna get the other side of this well. You know it's it's funny you mention that because I'm a little older than you so I actually had some World War II veterans as my teacher in fact I feel terrible about something I've mentioned this on the year but. When I was in elementary school I at a gym teacher that I I I never thought like me. And I thought that he was the meanest nasty just guy in the world. Well he died not all that long ago and it turns out that this guy. Was actually a World War II Euro. And in his formative years David let forget whether it was Iwo or Guadalcanal but he was in some of the most intense fighting of the Pacific campaign and had I know that when he was still alive and had I known that when I was a student of his. I would've been a totally different view. On the guy and I would have asked them a lot of questions I think about that this the Second World War not what he did and how many people did you kill but. Geez what was it deep did you sign up where you drafted well the thing. About it though that generation. Because every able bodied male was involved in some aspect of the war. They it was just you just went back to life just shut it off. You know. Every person she'd probably had. Some war experienced no matter you know I'm sure that we're levels of it but everyone kind of knew what it was like to be under the burdens of of how long. Yelling at ten years and then he had career and how many of the Korean war veterans were actually World War II veterans as well oh yeah yeah I mean so it's like he Dick. One of seven year plus six year pause. Go back to your life and then your bureau and keep the Korean War but. It's its interest in because looking back at the teachers at the old now. Demolished Brighton elementary school and Ben Franklin junior high school well Ben Franklin middle income more peace in a particular bright elementary off the top my head I can think of five teachers who were actually World War II veterans. Mean and you know Lotta Lotta the guys they serve they came back they earned their teaching qualifications. Are masters degree and then they influenced generations of us in the public schools and make him more time upon Wanda. They used to be over or check if it's still the law that they're used to be a any veteran that was over the rank of staff sergeant. Could get a substitute teaching. Certificate. Really yet that they used to be a I think that I'm here they used to do I don't know if they still do it but I was pretty cool but it's pretty cool and teachers used to carry handguns in school. A lot of these guys would be packing. Thirty eights in their belt and that was something that they are on. Well you view you here in Canton and oversaw the it didn't happen daughters saw you have a back in the day it was if school shootings. Do you just carry your gun to school and that's what they did. Let's go live in buffalo on WBM lives you were on hourly and I'll be a welcome to the show talking about education where we're doing well where would drop the ball your experience with private vs public schools and indoctrination vs education. And then have a lot. Actually Andre Powell the woman who called earlier saying that there wasn't really an up and transgender education and PKK. I think he can pull out now I have a little bit about the current or active on what that. Basically. The day in the beanie. Especially in new York at her that it was stated as. You can expect that their. Policy there is how the in the deck. Anchorage and goal on the web site and look into that exactly but that. But and the Arab. How not to go. We are. We're told that we need to. A duck the issue for sharp and that he'd do any quote age appropriate way so basically what he. Let me interrupt you for just one moment I'd really like to know an explanation for what an age appropriate way is to bring up transgender. Is Emma to a four or five year old. I'll give you an example. That the book called I have Garrett. At unpublished. And that is the fourth of major controversy and for example one school at California where. A teacher that it can and they went home track I had not knowing what candidate are or what they should want to be. Felt it important candidate based on real life transgender. Involved I don't get Jack. So. I'm not arguing that it be appropriate I'm arguing actually the apple that. It can come Lauren eaten a very subtle way. And it it. Based on these. The question of the chair how much they're covering the topics and to what degree with what expletive. So if you got an LG BT and they had a life that are epic he chair your child is going to be exposed to a lot more than somebody who's. Typically are not being forced to. To teach that subject right now you can get away not public yet I'm you can do more with David. Boy which which is that you can get away with not covering it or you're ordered to talk about it but in the age appropriate way. Well if we discussed things like open to differences. I suppose at this point. Billions nobody breathing down accidentally haven't adequately covered. On the subject or followed policy okay great things that are probably going to become the case. And what is this. Because we got traditional party is going on in some kindergarten we drag queens sorry Howard going out of library didn't work. Oh. Need to educate themselves I'm looking at the policy does distract. I walked in their children what they learned in school and I had nothing fishy at all because that is not going the way. You don't bump districts like for example I'll allow. How do you how do you deal with the Liz without going crazy because that mrs. nerd believe it or not has a master's degree in education and was a teacher for awhile and she actually left the teaching profession because. She was basically the only conservative in the school that she felt like a total social outcast of life. She just didn't feel comfortable it was a hostile work environment for conservative. How do you do it. Well actually. It's interesting because a lot of people assume that all teachers are liberals and I think that's. Argued the case and a lot of suburban that gap by. In the school I teach and I. A lot of them are actually conservative and you ask you. You must you be very careful because even though eat. Progressives and liberals say that that conservatives are the police. Actually obviously quite the opposite aren't conservative tech hide and and had kept secret meetings to find out where the other conservatives are the bloodshed you and I can't I know where the other conservatives aren't building. And we we talked and we support each other and down there are actually quite you know so I think it I think it Luke in a way because could be. The demographic of the collect each and I won't mention that because of people I. But. They're happy to be more political conservative and that building is still the other thing too is that. About anyone you talk to the ingredient that they agree about the problem. They just. When they get there sometimes is you know you start to get in Q probably as. And if you've mentioned as a conservative solution you lose them. So you don't Wear and pretty much together out. The problems that entitlement mentality have Barak excited about. They can we can't we can't talk to them in terms of what what practical solutions are are I don't know what teaching you're looking. At that. They don't nobody I mean obviously lives nobody wants our kids to be taught to mock anybody nobody wants her kids to be taught. You know nobody wants proselytizing. One way or the other in a classroom all we I think really want is parents and you you may be apparent as well. All we want as parents is for the teachers to teach the subject material. And to not editorialize. Even if the editorializing and happens to agree with our political positions. We don't believe that school is a place for editorials it's a place to learn basic facts basic information and the other three arts. The problem with is that. Political agendas go to my hand and hand out with the way the public what it. I'm a bit too much government funding at high in two BL UV he can export apple amongst other things okay. And a lot of a lot of fun day a lot of political spotlight. For example our our policy transgender a degree heat policy was would it not rained in collaboration with electing our pride factor. Now. It also tied into the hole. The start and that he he dot. Shouldn't that Egypt are required to have now it would be solved it and detonator actually care about about not bullying and not discriminating against LT ET event. That's all well and got no one wants anybody believe. But what but it's poisonous and tactic is me. The waves that bet on the think tank could come up with to look at these things back in starting out the discipline. Well you know we have to have now. The restorative practices. The deal went out evil thing that I had everything else and what you know that. You've got people like Nicholas burns and Florida school I don't record because of the sort of practice mentality. And I thought I got. What is restored to practice for those of us who do not understand the nomenclature of education in 28 team what is. Ari. It's gonna practice is that you outweigh its dealing with bad behavior. That's basically. We shouldn't have anything punitive. That it trump trauma patented it and because they're there will be investigating essentially because they've been given the ad break in my because they're trop ties and we will he had the trauma. And I think. Borrow dealing with that you think you natively so we have to instead. I direct the the bad behavior. With media and Gerri at your peers or something confront the person who's who's got you. Tried to have warm one but these feelings. On it like we do understand part of this is okay because. No retribution and or or making opt for the Hertz is included in past. But the the other pieces on the fact that have to be after it mister mister Pratt to work. They cause there could be. Basically. We think the discipline and punishment suspension overall network. You can't try to deal with what oh pre criminal behavior. So glad you called in to this program before correct. Yes I remember you and here's this question I have for you as a teacher. Are you able to have this dialogue with your peers or your administrators without feeling that your point of view. Is is going to it is there were. The reason why you have to I have some bubble teams like Colin with fake names don't have a voice just order ones because they're they're so afraid of backlash. And what's so ironic to me is why you wanna teach kids about alternative lifestyles. You're not even have able to have an alternative point of view. Yet the irony material. How do I well. I can speak was elect. Colleague in arms about thirty seconds I can be a select colleague but I have to carefully it is it like being in and you know what a the idea that about the terms aren't as you've got to be careful we cocktail. Well our I mean I'm a lot of calls and a soft totalitarianism. In religious getting harder every day we have teachers in the caddick homes because of the way they see the world that is that's ridiculous we certainly both David and I have a great deal of respect for teachers for educators especially those of you who are teaching in an economically disadvantaged districts because you are presented with a whole different set of problems of which may Q. Social workers substitute parents as well as educators and we certainly appreciate what you do very much. It thanks Liz. And I know there's another addition about hourly enveloping. In the camera and you can check out anything in my domestic WBN dot com the audio on demand including our number 13 to four were we talked about the possibility of capability or congressman. Thanks to Sean Murphy thanks to Bill Kennedy Bauerle and they'll be back tomorrow three to seven and WB EEN.