8-10 SPCA Segment - Gina Browning


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Gina Browning is here from the SP CA's during Erie county hygiene thing in morning calorie rate we have a beautiful music with a patch over her eye it looks like Natasha non cash or five years old people care airmen and right now as we talked about last week we have per ransacked mark going man. Which means that not only your cats when you're an older available pretend Mallory adoption fee. A pit bull terriers and a couple terrier mixes like net cash are available for heart off their adoption fees. This week girls one of those girls who came in and near the reviewing their best. And we have to really start with game we have to determine the root of the cats Strasser of innocent nervousness we don't know what it's just from being an cannot and a strange environment. Is it in your patents what what's causing it. So. She was and Matt in his office purple thing and this girl talk about content this is one of those girls who her stress level is lowered tremendously chest when she's around people. He unelected interacting company was able to work and she just crawled up slapped an opt she was so com we need an ocean Donald. And boy that is scratching just compliance to be a companion you don't harp too into each with her for fat ours donate to take a prolonged lots you know some of our animals are very athletic and energetic. And it difficult for long lots and attach it is just a girl who needs some exercise it cheese on there that's anxious month to beat parted you're quite low maintenance. You might I think you know I think well yeah we can say about any dogs I know that but the non cash is one of those. Perfect site and the looks of Russia. She's like gay yeah a mix between a sweet dog and a pirate I yeah I pay she's got a smile on face that so many people carrier's hand and she got really does have symbol and inner tube you know Gary it's funny how did the difference between pit bull terriers and bulldogs the perception is different. We talked about French bulldogs and it's one of the most popular breached right now. And that Mac frank from the pit bull T carriers who are genetically makes a bunch of different pretty. How is this forensic park and forensic perk going into it's going fantastic and they restarted it as per basic power with just can't specials. And it went so well and I think that those first three or four days we tapped now more than seventy camps in any each group's self. That's why we decided let's extend and remembering over the dunce as well. And so pupils a light Natasha you account for half off hands on it must be going up pretty well because I saw the Jurassic Park movie. And there were no pupils or cats in the morning nice seeding ask how are so they're just flying into harm's efforts and and you know it's interesting because we are seeing different perception of the street with a younger generation. It's something house timing now I think some of those myths about people terriers X time being put to rest with a different generation more open mind. Choose this street and positive things about this very OK because stereotypes are really hard to break that's right it's rainy mornings started in 1990 it was German shepherds and governments in my hammers people were Patrick I can really seems like every decade changes that pit bull terriers this this is an around pal while so it's so wonderful to see that I am in touch us you know great to see him go to a loving home to pay up pause in the park to people need to kind of and heads up about that they're wanting to participate is well it is they're 25 anniversary do you believe everything tacking about Posner park 25 years we started in 93. And we have a lack of teens are seeing a lot of teams this year we can always use more. It doesn't have to be a corporation can be family could be some kind of family reunion a couple people to register family reunion. The camp social groups that scout groups on different social groups commends T 23 ratify and sign up online and and get some pledges right and it's right now when heavy fundraising lottery now for. All love to hear about a ponson who love to hear about it's Russia the evening news radio at 930 and Twitter page. She'll be available for adoption after 11 o'clock this morning and more on Pozen a park when you go to you your SP CA dot org. Gene have a great weekend you tip Gina Browning from the SP CA serving Erie county.